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Decorating your dorm is one of the most fun aspects of college. Regardless of the size of your residence hall,

How to hang curtains in a dorm room is what I’ll be focusing on in this post today. Have you ever stayed in a dorm at a university or college? Clumsy rooms are common in those who have visited or lived in one before.

You may be able to save the situation with a curtain. When you’re not in your own home, a curtain can help you create a sense of privacy and comfort.

However, there is a downside to this as well. Conventional curtain hanging methods, such as drilling or nailing into the walls, are often prohibited in dorms.

Despite this restriction, there are ways to hang a curtain in a dorm room without drilling into the wall or nailing into the wall. For the sake of this article, we shall just consider the aforementioned factors. You may count on my readiness to meet yours.

Steps on How to Hang Curtains in a Dorm Room

Despite this restriction, there are ways to hang a curtain in a dorm room without drilling into the wall or nailing into the wall. For the sake of this article, we shall just consider the aforementioned factors. You may count on my readiness to meet yours.

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Step #1: Take the Measurement of the Window

You will likely do one of the things by yourself which is decorating the room. This decoration activity will involve a lot of things, including hanging in your curtains. In this section, I will guide you on how to hang curtains in a dorm room.

It is likely that you will decorate the space on your own. In order to complete this project, you’ll need to hang your curtains. To help you hang curtains in a dorm room, I’ve put together a guide below.

Step #2: Gather all you Need for the Tasks

It’s time to gather all of the materials needed for the project. These three items are all you’ll need: hooks, drapes, and a tension rod. I recommend that you use an adjustable tension rod for the tension rod.

The adjustable tension can be adjusted to any desired length. As a result, you won’t have to drill any holes in the wall by using a Tension rod instead of Brackets.

You’ll need to use your imagination to pick a curtain that goes with the decor of the space.

It takes two people to put up a curtain. You may be able to do this on your own, but having a friend or coworker help you out will make the process easier, smoother, and faster.

Step #3: Installing the Tension Rod

Installing the curtain rod is the next step in how to hang curtains in a dorm room. Using the adjustable tension rod, place the rod between the two ends of the window and adjust it until it fits snugly between the panes.

When purchasing a tension rod, it is necessary to do so with the window’s measurement to avoid buying a tension rod that is either too long or too short for the window.

Step #4: Mount the Hooks

When purchasing a tension rod, it is necessary to do so with the window’s measurement to avoid buying a tension rod that is either too long or too short for the window.

In order to prevent purchasing a tension rod that is too long or too short for the window, one must measure the window before purchasing the tension rod.

Step #5: Hanging the Curtain

What you mustn’t forget about dorm room curtain hanging is how to really hang the curtain. Hanging the curtain is as simple as tying it to the rod directly or using a curtain clip to secure it to the tension rod below. That’s all there is to it; this is the end of the road for us.

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What are the Ideal Curtains for a Dorm Room?

In addition to learning how to install curtains in a dorm room, it’s important to consider what kind of curtains you’d like to use. When looking for a curtain, keep two things in mind: cost and quality.

Insulated hangout curtains allow you to snooze throughout the day while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your dorm room.

However, there are a plethora of creative ways to decorate your dorm room with curtains. There are a number of options to consider, such as:

Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Besides being thermal and blackout, thermal insulated blackout curtains have the added benefit of reducing noise, which is critical in a dorm room.

In your corner, you want to keep the noise down as much as possible, and this curtain kind may be just the thing to do that.

Raina Blackout Curtains

Additionally, these drapes are insulated and fashionable. For those who want a mix of flair and necessity, this is the best option for you.

How To Take Care Of Your Curtains in a Dorm Room

Read the cleaning instructions

Be aware that certain fabrics such as linen or cotton are dry clean only. The chances are that when you pull them out of the washer, they’ll be smaller if you ignore this warning and unintentionally toss them in there. In the end, shrinking drapes are completely useless.

Wash alone

Always wash curtains that can be washed in the washer on their own. Don’t forget that you don’t want your beautiful pale curtains to turn a stunning pink color because of one wayward sock. In addition, because curtains are so heavy, they require a lot of room in the washing machine’s drum to ensure complete cleaning. If you’re unclear if you should machine-wash your curtains or hand wash them in tepid water and mild detergent in your bath or sink, always go with the latter option.

Never tumble dry

When it comes to caring for your curtains, the best option is to let them air dry completely. This can be done indoors or out as long as there is adequate ventilation. Even the toughest materials can be damaged by tumble drying, so never do it. Allow them to dry naturally by wringing as much water out as possible. If your fabric is more durable, you may want to try ironing it on a low setting to remove any creases that remain. Keep an eye out, however, as they can easily catch fire.

Wash often

Curtains should be washed three times a year for optimal results. Maintaining their beauty and scent is easy with this method. Just like your carpet, it’s best not to wait until grime and discoloration become noticeable before cleaning it regularly.

Steam cleaning

Curtains often benefit from a good steam clean in addition to hand washing or dry cleaning on a regular basis. As a result, it can extend the life of your curtains by eliminating any lingering bacteria or odors that can’t be removed through standard cleaning methods. You should always bring in the experts if this is something you have never attempted before. Any reputable carpet cleaning company will offer to take care of your curtains as well, but as usual, do your research and only use a firm with a proven track record.

5 Benefits Of Curtains & Why They Are So Important

Increases privacy

You can use curtains to safeguard your privacy and keep out peeping toms. Many people find that adding a barrier between themselves and the outside world helps them feel more secure. Bedrooms benefit from thick materials in dark colors since they offer more privacy. If you don’t require as much privacy in a living room, a sheer curtain can be a better option.

Regulate sunlight and improves sleep quality

You’ll need some kind of light control in almost every area in your house, whether it’s lowering glare in the living room or entirely shutting out the light in your bedroom. With curtains, you can control how much light enters your home.

A good night’s sleep is aided by the use of blackout curtains in the bedroom, which can assist create a peaceful atmosphere. These curtains are ideal for relaxing and intimate spaces, as well as activities such as watching television.

Enhance the beauty of your home

The interior design of one’s home is unique to the individual who owns it. It’s crucial to pick curtains that match and complement the rest of the room’s decor. It is a good idea to match the curtain’s fabric color to other soft elements in the room, like the carpet or cushions.

You may achieve both a sense of style and relaxation by coordinating your bedroom curtains to your bedding. You won’t have a problem picking the appropriate curtain for your home because they come in a variety of colors and patterns!

Prevents dust

Dust can be prevented from entering your home by using curtains. It is possible for dust to infiltrate your home through open windows and doors. So, if you have curtains, they’ll help you collect the dust. You should clean your curtains on a regular basis to avoid this problem. Dry washing, vacuuming, or professional curtain cleaning services are all options for cleaning them.

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Affordable and durable

If you’re looking for a long-term investment, curtains are an excellent option. A wide range of prices and payment methods are available. With this option, you may easily change the design of your home without putting a dent in your wallet.

The quality and care you put into them will determine how long they will survive. To get the most bang for your buck, work with a reputed Singapore curtain company.


As a result of the numerous inquiries I’ve received regarding how to properly hang curtains in a dorm room, I decided to compose an article on the subject.

I’m sure you’ve learned one or more things about how to hang dorm curtains. Please leave any and all questions or comments in the comment section below, and I will do my best to answer them.

After reading this, please let us know if you were able to successfully hang a dorm curtain.