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How much of the total money donated goes to the Salvation Army? Recent research indicates that 85% of donations are distributed to charitable organizations. It is essential to give money and time to nonprofits.

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization. There are numerous programs designed to aid those in need. Assisting folks who are in a bind and calling for assistance.

Greater people and people in general need to have more compassion. A sense of calm, relief from heavy burdens, and perseverance in the face of adversity are all fostered by this. By ensuring that victims of natural catastrophes or armed conflict have access to safe housing, medical care, and food.

What Is A Donation?

Donating money is a selfless way to help others. People can donate money either voluntarily or by giving someone else permission to do so with a letter of authorization. It’s crucial as a means of support and aid.

Where your donation dollars go

What Is A Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is both a Christian church and a worldwide charity that helps individuals in need. This group gives people who are struggling new opportunities and a sense of hope.

Importance Of Donating

The act of giving is a shining example of kindness and optimism to the world. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will be appreciated when it comes to soliciting gifts or making gifts of your own free choice. The results of charitable giving might vary greatly.

#1. It gives hope

With perseverance and faith, it is possible to make positive changes in one’s life. To donate is to invest one’s time, money, or other resources in the hopes that the recipient will benefit from and be supported by those efforts. When you’re working for something meaningful, you’ll have more fun along the way.

#2. It gives support

Gifts of any kind are an offer to help and a demonstration of solidarity. A person’s life and upbringing are profoundly influenced by the people and organizations that invest in them. You need a good person on your side if you want to join the movement.

#3. It inspires and motivates

Making a donation is a great way to help others and feel good about yourself at the same time. Giving to charity is a great way to improve the lives of others, and it may have a positive effect on the giver as well. Being inspired and motivated can also provide a sense of satisfaction.

#4. It saves

The situation is critical, and donations are needed. You may save lives and advance your cause at the same time. Having a selfless spirit means you can do more than simply offer assistance; you can really end up saving someone’s life.

#5. It creates smiles and laughs

Children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly who could benefit from the work of charities and other groups are usually not far out of reach. It was to their benefit that help and resources were amassed. They are thankful and happy when acknowledged.

Possible Things to Donate

Both monetary and in-kind donations are much appreciated and needed by the organizations to whom they are given. It’s not just cash that can be donated to good causes. We’ve compiled a list of items that could be useful in your search for suitable donations.

#1. Blood

I must admit that you are right. Blood donation is a trustworthy and risk-free practice. Many organizations and hospitals could benefit from this. By helping save lives, blood donors allow others to have a good time.

#2. Volunteer services

Individuals who are unable to make a monetary gift may still be able to help out in other ways, such as by volunteering their time and energy. Human capital refers to the time, energy, and skills contributed by individuals to a cause. By relying on volunteers, a business can reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality of service.

#3. Foods

We can all agree that food is crucial in times of crisis. Donations of food are frequently made to organizations and charities in order to meet the needs of individuals who are particularly vulnerable at any given time.

#4. Old clothes, old books, and old toys

You can’t afford to go hungry in a moment of crisis. Several groups and charities have given food to support those in need during this time of distress.

#5. Money

Donations of any amount are much appreciated. If they had enough money, a charity or organization could buy all they needed to help those in need. Money makes it easy to fulfill requirements. The Salvation Army’s donations are doled out based on a predetermined scale.

How Does Your Favorite Charity Measure Up?

Organizations like these can be found on Charity Navigator’s list of the most popular charities. How much does the organization actually spend on software development?

American Red Cross

Donations to the American Red Cross are put to excellent use by its dedicated volunteers. Less than five percent of revenue is spent on administration, meaning that more than ninety percent of donations go toward local initiatives. In the aftermath of a natural disaster or to educate people on CPR, the Red Cross will put your donation to good use.

World Vision

With your help, World Vision can end poverty in a hundred different nations. Their fundraising costs are still well below the industry average of 33% when compared to other highly regarded charities. If you really want to make a difference, though, World Vision is where you should put your efforts.

Doctors Without Borders

Volunteers from Doctors Without Borders go into some of the world’s worst conditions to treat the sick and injured. This is a worthwhile use of your resources. According to their website, nearly 91% of revenue goes toward funding the organization’s mission.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

The fundraising efforts of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital are legendary. In order to spread the word about the amazing work they perform, they link famous people with children who are battling cancer. The medical facility is a research center for cancer and other potentially fatal disorders affecting children. In addition to providing free care to all children whose families cannot afford it, the hospital also pays for their families’ transportation, lodging, food, and other living expenses while their children are being treated. Even more impressive is the fact that 27% of the hospital’s income goes into fundraising and management. It is remarkable that St. Jude can keep its spending at or below the industry norm of 33.3% despite the high costs associated with running such a large institution. They put the money you give them to good use.

The Nature Conservancy

The fundraising efforts of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital are widely known. They pair famous people with children who are fighting cancer to get the word out about their organization. This medical center is a research facility for the treatment of pediatric cancer and other fatal diseases. The hospital will pay for the expenses of the patient’s loved ones, including transportation, housing, meals, and medical care. It’s already shocking that 27% of the hospital’s income goes toward fundraising and management. It’s impressive that St. Jude was able to keep its operating budget below the target of 33.3%, given the high costs associated with running such a large facility. If you entrust them with your money, they will most likely not disappoint.

Charities With Low Overhead

Although some may be less well-known, the charities on this list all know how to maximize donations. The vast majority of the funds you donate will go directly toward fulfilling the organizations’ aims.

  • As its name suggests, Greater Chicago Food Depository provides food to those in need in and around Chicago. Roughly 200,000 pounds of food is distributed daily.
  • Oregon Food Bank distributes food through a variety of outlets, including conventional food pantries, supplementary meal programs, and congregate meal places. They are also teaching individuals to cultivate their own food, prepare it, and give back to their communities as part of this effort. Gifts of both money and food are gratefully received.
  • The Conservation Fund is a collaborative effort between numerous groups with the goal of preserving natural habitats and water supplies. The Fund has members from each of the fifty states.
  • Give Kids the World is a resort community in Florida that offers free one-week vacations to families with children who are seriously ill.
  • Among UNICEF’s many programs aimed at helping children is aid in the aftermath of natural disasters and education. They work in 190 different nations and territories to better the lives of children there.

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Charities With Moderate Overhead

For every dollar donated, 20-30 cents goes to cover the overhead and administrative expenditures of the following well-known organization.

  • Oxfam America’s goal is to eliminate poverty in the United States. For both immediate and long-term remedies, they focus on four areas, including public education and advocacy for social justice.
  • Oxfam The United States has set a goal of ending poverty in its own country. They’re concentrating on four areas, including public education and advocacy for social justice, as potential short- and long-term solutions.
  • The non-profit Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is dedicated to advancing the careers of living artists and exhibiting cutting-edge works of art. The museum accomplishes its goals through community engagement, education, and the creation of new works of art through partnerships with other institutions across the world.
  • In light of the universal importance of upholding basic human rights and democratic principles, the American Jewish Committee works tirelessly to that end.

Charities With High Overhead

Consider these organizations if you want to guarantee that the vast majority of your donation will go toward helping actual people. The organization described below spends at least 30 cents of every dollar donated on administrative costs, fundraising, and other similar operations.

  • The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation’s goal is to build a museum dedicated to George H.W. Bush and his presidency (not to be confused with his son, George W. Bush.) According to Charity Navigator, over 40% of all donations go toward overhead.
  • By creating accessible tools for use in the home or office, the American Printing House for the Blind aims to increase independence for those with visual impairments. About one-third of the funds generated are used for administrative costs.
  • America SCORES blends soccer with writing, artistic expression, and service learning to aid youth in urban communities. Their curriculum includes English, service-learning, and PE. More than a third of the funds they collect go toward administrative and fundraising expenses.
  • But according to Charity Navigator, the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation spends about 85% of its funding on administrative costs rather than direct services for families with autistic loved ones.

Donate Wisely

Whatever your passion, whether it is the arts or rainforest tapirs, there is a charity that would be happy to accept your donation and put it to good use. Donating to a charity is a shot in the dark if you don’t conduct your research first. Charity organizations are subject to scrutiny from several sources, but they are also required to make some records available to the general public.

Charity Watchdog Resources

Charity Navigator is just one of several charities that do nothing more than collect and provide data for potential donors. Consider these options as a jumping-off point for your charitable giving:

  • The American Institute of Philanthropy has a website that provides ratings of various charitable organizations based on their fiscal prudence and openness. Knowing the name of your organization will make your search considerably more efficient.
  • GuideStar is a group that compiles financial data from numerous charitable organizations. It has a community-focused design and allows you to comment on individual charity.
  • This is the place to go if you want to support an organization that Give Well hasn’t had a chance to investigate yet but thinks deserves your support.

Questions You Can Ask

You can look into it on your own to see if any watchdog sites have reviewed the charity in question. To help focus your philanthropic efforts, think about the following questions while you do your study.

  • Is the organization a genuine charity, or just a front for anything else? See the IRS Form 990 for more information. You can find this information through charity monitoring sites or through the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance. Churches and synagogues are exempt from filing Form 990 since they are considered religious organizations.
  • Could there be complaints about the charity’s procedures? This data is easily accessible on the Wise Giving Alliance website.
  • In order to attract donors, a charity’s promotional materials must properly outline the issue and its proposed solution. Donate elsewhere if a charity spends all of its time complaining about a problem without providing any details on how it plans to address the issue.
  • Determine how much of your contribution goes toward the actual program instead of the organization’s overhead and administrative expenditures. Be skeptical of any charity that claims to use every penny it receives to further its mission. Naturally, there will be some overhead associated with implementing this plan.

Informed Philanthropy

Making informed decisions is the best way to make sure your donations go to worthwhile organizations. If you want to make sure that the money you give to a cause you care about is being put to good use, volunteering your time is a great way to see the difference your contribution makes in the delivery of programs and services.

Nonprofit Ratings

When asked if Save the Children is a good organization, our results, financial statements, and nonprofit ratings speak for themselves.

We are one of the top charities in the country because of our commitment to helping kids. Save the Children has been deemed trustworthy by numerous sources, including prestigious magazines, consumer campaigners, and charity watchdogs.

Listed below are comments, questions, and concerns sent to us by our clients.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator has upgraded Save the Children to its highest possible four-star rating.

Since its inception in 2001, Charity Navigator has grown to become the most popular charity evaluator in the United States. The annual rating of an organization is based on several factors, including the organization’s financial health, accountability, and transparency. Charity Navigator provides an overall rating (zero-to-four stars).

Save the Children has been named one of the 100&Change Charities by the MacArthur Foundation.


In light of recent events, Save the Children has been awarded an A.

CharityWatch is a nonprofit organization that monitors and provides information about 500 of the largest and most well-known philanthropic organizations in the United States. The ratings are updated annually based on information from the audited financial statements and IRS Form 990.

CharityWatch tracks metrics including the proportion of donations going toward programs and the price tag for raising a single dollar. These metrics are what determine an organization’s overall ranking (in the form of a letter grade).

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America’s Top 100 Charities

Forbes magazine has selected Save the Children as the 31st best charity in the United States for 2021. Forbes compiles its ranking of America’s Top 100 Charities solely on the basis of private donations for the most recently reported fiscal year.

Better Business Bureau: Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Navigator’s latest review of Save the Children: Accredited

When deciding whether or not to grant an organization accreditation, the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau looks at how well it is governed and overseen, how efficiently it operates, how much money it brings in, how much it spends on fundraising, and how transparent it is about its operations. A minimum of twenty requirements must be met before a charity may be recognized on a nationwide level.

Great Nonprofits

Recognized as the Outstanding Nonprofit Organization of 2019

Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Awards was established by the people, for the people, to provide those who have benefited from charitable organizations’ services a voice and to encourage others to become involved. Save the Children, which has won a number of other awards in recent years, was named the year’s best charity.

Gender Fair

Newest grade from Save the Children: A

Save the Children is the first non-profit to receive gender-neutral certification.

Save the Children was awarded an A by Gender Fair in all four categories of certification: leadership, employee policies, advertising, and philanthropy. We are the pioneering NGO because we are non-profit (NGO). Read on to get the details.

To this day, Gender Fair stands alone as the sole market-based approach to promoting gender parity.

GuideStar Platinum

Earlier this year, Charity Navigator awarded Save the Children its highest possible Platinum rating.

GuideStar provides comprehensive data about every organization, including their goals, validity, influence, reputation, finances, and governance openness.

TrustedSite’s goal is to maintain and increase people’s trust in the online world. Seeing the TrustedSite trustmark can make users feel more at ease about sharing personal information or making purchases on specific websites. Websites that have earned the TrustedSite trustmark have been thoroughly scanned for malicious code and have been found to be free of spyware, adware, Trojan horses, and phishing scams.


Is Save the Children a good charity?

When it comes to concerns affecting children, Save the Children is unrivaled. Since we began a century ago, we have helped more than a billion kids. By the year 2020, over 197 million children will have been affected, including over 1.1 million in the United States alone.

These results validate our efficiency, effectiveness, and responsibility, so we’re really pleased with them. On the average, 85 cents of every dollar goes directly into the organization’s programs and services for disadvantaged children and their families. Reducing overhead costs allows for more money to go toward helping kids.

Where does Save the Children fall in nonprofit and charity rankings?

We are recognized as a leading charity and non-profit for kids among our peers. Included in these rankings are organizations with a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, an A rating from GenderFair, and an A- rating from CharityWatch.

What percentage of expenditures go to program services?

If you donate to Save the Children, you may be confident that the money will be well spent.

In 2020 fiscal year, eighty-five percent of the expenditures were earmarked for our designated purpose. Eighty-five cents of every dollar goes toward helping those in need through these initiatives. This page contains further details.

Who helps make Save the Children an effective charity?

Every day and especially at times of crisis, we strive to make a difference in the lives of children.

UNICEF staff and teams respond to emergencies, execute innovative development initiatives, and advocate for children’s rights all over the world so that they may have a better future. Our benevolent backers make it possible for us to achieve this.

Save the Children has received donations from millions of people around the world, including over a million Americans.


Since you have a clearer idea of how much of your contribution actually reaches the Salvation Army, you can look for other methods to help out without sacrificing your personal financial goals. Helping others in any way you can is not only a source of hope, but also a source of fulfillment.