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You’re all set to begin your home improvement project, aren’t you? A swivel rocker mechanism replacement is explained in this how-to.

Steps on Replacing Swivel Rocker Mechanism

First and foremost, you’ll want to remove the old one.

To remove the chair, remove the screws from the bottom and then remove all of the bolts to loosen it sufficiently so that it can be removed without causing any damage.

Remove any nails or staples that may be holding things together in the third step. Simply put your new swivel rocker mechanism on after you’ve finished these instructions!

How to maintain your swivel rocker mechanism

To begin, protect the floor you’re working on by placing a protective sheet beneath the chair when performing any maintenance.

  1. Turn your swivel rocker on its side and let it rest there.
  2. Use a spanner to loosen the four bolts that hold the swivel rocker chair in place.
  3. Remove the base with care and put it aside.
  4. without dismantling the mechanism from the frame, apply spray lubricant/grease
  5. To lubricate the tilt pins, locate them and spray the lubricant on both sides of the pins.
  6. Spritz the white ring that holds the bearings with more oil.
  7. In opposite sequence of removal, reinstall the base.

swivel glider ring install video - YouTube

Removing the mechanism for replacement or maintenance

To begin, protect the floor you’re working on by placing a protective sheet beneath the chair when performing any maintenance.

Removing the mechanism

Place your swivel rocker on its side with a gentle touch.

  1. Use a spanner to loosen the four bolts under the swivel rocker chair, and make a note of the sequence of the washers.
  2. Remove the base with care and put it aside. Spray lubricant on both sides of the mechanism after finding the tilt pins. With a soft, clean cloth, remove any extra lubricant that may have formed. Spray oil on the white ring under the plate where the bearings are located..

Reattaching the mechanism

The larger springs should be at the chair’s front, while the smaller ones should be in the chair’s back. Make a mental note of the placement of the washers. The order of the washers is as follows:

  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Sprout Cleaner
  • Nut

Reattaching the base

Make a mental note of the placement of the washers.

Then, using a metal and rubber washer, secure the base unit in place with the bolts. Use a nut and a spring washer to tighten.

Top 10 Best Swivel Rocking Chair Mechanism Review:

Swivel Rocker Plate Replacement Mechanism

  • Designed for either repairing or building a new rocking chair.
  • When mounted, the holes are around 7 x 23 millimeters in size and the spacing between them is 5.5 inches by 6.25 inches.
  • Powered by three heavy duty springs, this rocking mechanism is built to last.
  • Easy installation is made possible by mounting holes on both the top and bottom of the unit.

FXJPQJD Top Grain Brown Leather Office Chair

  • The ergonomic design of this chair is enhanced by the use of skin-friendly leather and high-density sponge, which enhances the chair’s softness and comfort significantly. To keep yourself calm and pleased, you might play games or work for long periods of time.
  • The high-quality metal frame, brown retro high-quality cowhide leather, and high-density sponge make up this chair’s luxurious seat. The sturdy metal frame ensures the chair’s durability and sturdiness. In addition to being waterproof and stain-proof, this desk chair is also easier to clean. Work or play for extended periods of time will be more pleasant with this material’s increased softness and comfort.
  • Lightweight and compact, this desk chair is multifunctional. Besides being able to raise and lower the seat, it is also able to spin 360 degrees. Additionally, it has five smooth-rolling casters that are great for moving around on both hard surfaces and carpets without making a sound or scratching the surface.
  • This chair is a wonderful addition to any home’s decor. It can be used in any part of the house, including the living room, the bedroom, the study, and so on. Makes your life easier and more enjoyable by allowing you to watch TV or read books or play video games while relaxing with a cup of coffee.
  • On Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, the Retro Style Office Chair is a wonderful gift for mom and friends. We send our office chair out of the United States, and it should arrive within 5 to 10 business days.

Chairpartsonline 25″ Replacement Recliner Base

  • Three premium grade coil springs are included in this 25-inch replacement recliner rocker base with a 3-degree pitched swivel rocker box.
  • Strong, durable, and reliable — all made in the United States.
  • Full 360-degree rotation on 51 pre-lubricated 3/8-inch ball-bearings.
  • 6 5/8′′ x 8 1/2′′ x 5 3/4′′ x 8 1/2” are the mounting hole designs on the top of the rocker box.
  • A quiet, smooth, and long-lasting pivot is provided by 51 pre-lubricated 3/8″ ball bearings and a big center rivet pin housed in designed plastic bushings.

Trendler Brand ‘Hunter Douglas’ Tilt Mechanism

  • MADE IN THE USA — Chicago, IL produces high-quality, sturdy, and long-lasting bar stool swivel plates. If you have any problems with the product itself or if it doesn’t work, please return it for a full refund. We are industry leaders in furniture production and we stand by our goods.
  • Swivel tilt replacement for most kitchen and dinette set manufactures such as Douglas Furniture (tempo), Cochrane Furniture (Cochrane), US Furniture (US Furniture), Precision and Keller (Precision and Keller), Trendler (Trendler), and many others.
  • It is made of stainless steel and has a black powder coating to protect it from corrosion and wear. Designed by Hunter Douglas himself. High-quality metal springs that can sustain severe use.
  • Plate measures 7 inches by 6 1/4 inches. The mounting bolt holes are 5 1/4′′ by 5 1/4′′. A 4 7/16-inch-tall shaft with a 1′′ diameter.
  • When sat in the chair, the chair will rock back and forth with the help of this swivel tilt mechanism. This will improve the comfort of your kitchen and dining room seats. Your home furnishings stand out from the crowd when compared to items of comparable quality from commercial establishments. This is a high-end furniture update.

Chairpartsonline 25.5″ Replacement Ring Base

  • 8 preinstalled glides and a 1 inch x 1/2 inch steel cross bar foundation that is 25.5 inches wide and 3/4 inches height with four welded cross bars
  • Swivel plate with 65 3/8-inch ball bearings, 10.25-inch square flat profile
  • The mounting holes for the swivel on the chair’s underbelly are 8 inches by 8 inches. Each of the holes has a rectangular form and is around 1/4″ x 3/8″.
  • Black powder-coated painted finish – 1.75′′ overall height with swivel and slides installed
  • Please be aware that the painted finish on the swivel plate and ring is just intended to serve as a protective layer and may become scratched or marred over time. In most cases, the part is mounted in a way that hides it from view, making this finish unnecessary.

Skelang Tilt Control Mechanism Replacement, Office

  • The 0.1-inch thick steel bracket used to replace the chair’s tilt mechanism is strong and long-lasting.
  • The diameter of the gas tube hole is 1.57′′, and the tilt control mechanism has a 6-inch to 10-inch bolt pattern.
  • TILT MECHANISM: Move the cylinder up and down to adjust the chair’s height.
  • With a gas tube hole, this base is ideal for replacing your old office chair’s base and putting together in only a few minutes.
  • Replacement or repair of the original swivel chair is made easy with this chair. Enhance the durability and reusability of an antique chair

Heavy Duty Replacement Office Chair Swivel Tilt

  • Replacement tilt mechanism for heavy duty office chairs with a 10.2′′ long x 6′′ wide screw pattern
  • Up to 500 lb. weight capacity.
  • To raise the cylinder, simply pull the lever on the side of the cylinder.
  • To lock or unlock the tilt, press or pull the lever inward or outward.
  • Adjust the backward tilt tension by turning the hand wheel.

25" Replacement recliner base w/ pitched swivel rocker box plate, 5-leg w/ caps - S5510

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel

  • Dimensions: 26.5′′W x 31.5′′D x 36′′H for chair; 19.25′′W x 23.25′′D x 19.75′′H for seat; 22′′ tall for backrest; 5.5′′ thick for seat cushion
  • Gliding motion with 360-degree swivel action is whisper quiet. Bleach should not be used.
  • Sophisticated, calming movements are provided by a sturdy hardwood frame and sturdy steel gears
  • For enhanced comfort, the armrests feature substantial padding.
  • Woven fabric and a detachable cushion make it simple to clean and maintain. Spot clean with a moderate detergent and water.

Caster Chair Company Chromcraft Swivel

  • chromcraft swivel and tilt chair replacement parts
  • Swiveling 360 degrees with a pivoting and tiling mechanism
  • Parts manufactured by Chromcraft
  • All chromcraft bucket models and styles are compatible.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair With Wide

  • Wide metal frame with anti-corrosive coating coated with high-density cold curved foam padding for ultimate comfort and durability
  • Adjustable rocking function and lockable tilt positions, as well as a bespoke heavy-duty gaslift, can support up to 400 pounds.
  • The chair comes with adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for added comfort.
  • There are four ways to adjust the 4D armrests, including up and down, back and forth, in and out, and rotating to the sides.
  • The overall dimensions are 28.75–30.25′′ W x 23.25–23.25′′ L x 51.4–54′′ H

Consider These Factors Before You Buy Your First Swivel Rocking Chair Mechanism.

Amazon is a popular choice for many individuals for a good reason. However, Amazon has a wide selection of laptops and works directly with manufacturers. You buy your laptop straight from the manufacturer rather than via a store.

A third-party distributor, Amazon works with a wide range of manufacturers from around the world. Laptop buyers may find all they need on Amazon, from beginner’s guides to in-depth reviews. Each mechanism description for a swivel rocking chair has a detailed explanation. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed conclusion.

The manual provides details about the desired swivel rocking chair mechanism, such as the chair’s dimensions, function, and brand. A rocking chair swivel mechanism with special features can be found on Amazon. As soon as you start typing in the features you’re looking for, a selection of laptops will appear on your screen.

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Choosing The Right Swivel Rocking Chair Mechanism

Amazon is one of the greatest places to get swivel rocking chair mechanisms. Even if you’ve used the platform before, finding the right swivel rocking chair mechanism can be difficult.

In order to find the best swivel rocking chair mechanism on Amazon, take into account the following considerations:


One of the most crucial things to keep in mind when purchasing swivel rocking chair mechanisms from Amazon is the cost of the product. Quality goods at a fair price are desired by everyone. Compare laptop prices from various sellers on Amazon to find the best bargain.


When purchasing a swivel rocking chair mechanism from Amazon, you must also examine the brand. To make an informed decision, it is essential to know the differences between the various brands being supplied by different merchants. High-quality and well-known brands, such as Apple, typically cost more than less well-known ones.


Before purchasing a swivel rocking chair mechanism, you need also take into account its performance. The characteristics of a swivel rocking chair mechanism are a good indicator of how well it works. The more complex the specifications, the more functional the device will be.

Old Customer Reviews

Customers are happy to share their thoughts on Amazon’s top swivel rocking chair mechanisms. A new review will display on the same page as the original one every time it is submitted. There’s a product here.

The top swivel rocking chair mechanism reviews can help you determine if the mechanism is good or bad.

How do you Install a Swivel Rocker Base?

Step 1: Remove the swivel rocker arm’s bolt with an Allen wrench.

Tighten the screws on both sides of the old one before replacing it (in and out).

Screw in your new base to the screws that were already there after removing your original. Get them level before you put any of them in.

Next, put four screws in each corner of the area where your legs will rest on the floor. Slightly tighten, but be careful not to overtighten.

This can lead to swivel rocker parts breaking, which is how many people wind up needing help changing their own swivel rockers in general! If you prefer your seat to be higher or lower, you can adjust the screws accordingly.

Step 5: Replace each screw’s washer with a new one, then reinstall the screws so that they sit level again.

Reinstall the swivel rocker arm by slipping it under where your old one was and reinstalling four screws that were originally there but now tightened tightly around all corners of the chair base. These will help keep things in place while also offering some stability!

Lazboy Swivel base replacement - YouTube

How to Repair Swivel Rocking Chairs

Step 1: Determine the Problem

It’s important to check for signs of wear on the gas mechanisms if they are there, as well as if the chair lowers and raises when it is not in use, if leaning back causes it to descend, and so on. The only part that can be replaced by the do-it-yourselfer is the adjustable height cylinder. Cylinder damage may be difficult to detect. See if there are any weird noises or if the chair no longer lifts or lowers using the gas lever.

Even if you don’t have gas mechanisms, if you’re having issues similar to those described above, pay attention to the manual mechanisms. Rocker base, direct drive, and hand levers are all included in one package. If you hear squeaking in the mechanics, it’s time to replace a post, bell, or thrust washer. Removing several sections of the manual mechanisms is required to replace these washers, however there are no instructions on how to put them back together. This is a job for those who are adept at putting things together without the aid of directions.

Make sure to inspect the swivel’s races, springs, and ball bearings for signs of wear and tear. Find any missing or loose screws or broken dowels in all wooden joints before painting.

Step 2: Replace Faulty Gas Cylinder

In order to get the rocking chair to move, place it on the floor and turn it around. Loosen the clip and washer under the caster base to remove it. To remove the gas cylinder, loosen it with a pipe wrench and then pull it out. Replacing the old cylinder

Step 3: Replace Faulty Manual Mechanisms

To get to the washers, remove the base and casters with the adjustable wrench. In the event that a worn washer needs to be replaced, be sure to use the proper replacement. Take the chair apart and put it back together again. Broken plastic or metal springs or missing ball bearings can’t be re-created.

Step 4: Repair Damaged Wood

Secure any slack joints with a clamp of the proper size after applying wood glue. Before using or testing the rocker, allow it to dry completely for at least 24 to 48 hours. New dowel pins and wood glue should be used to tighten any loosened or broken ones. Replace or tighten any missing or broken fasteners.


How do you lubricate a swivel chair?

Maintaining a regular lubrication schedule for swivel bearings will extend the life of the swivel unit. Wheel Bearing Grease should be Moly EP type. It is not suggested to use any type of lubrication, including oil, silicon, or spray lubricants like WD-40.

How do you fix a squeaky swivel barstool?

Most of the squeaking on bar stools with domed bases can be traced to the central column’s connection to the base. WD40 or similar product can be squirted around the diameter of the column’s junction into the base, allowing it to pass through, to fix this issue.

How do I stop my swivel chair from turning?

You can use a little piece of rubber to help keep your chair from wobbling around on the floor. As you work your way up from the base of the chair to the pole it rests atop, use a wedge to help create a tight seal. Avoid damaging the chair by using a light touch when hammering. The chair’s range of motion will be restricted by the wedge, which will generate friction.

How do You Take Apart a Gaming Chair?

About 30 minutes is required for this procedure, but the length of time will depend on the number of additional parts that need to be removed and the amount of disassembly required before just removing this portion of the seat frame can be accomplished.

Finding a Phillips head screwdriver or a comparable type of screwdriver with an adequate size is the first step in getting started.

Rubber mallets and/or hammers will also be necessary – just ensure that adequate padding is used while pounding out the necessary loosening of various sections.

Take out the screws keeping the chair together by looking at each joint, such as where the back of the chair joins the base frame, and then removing them one at a time.

In order to avoid confusion when reassembling, you’ll need to retain all of the screws you’ve removed from their respective parts (such as bolts and nuts) in one place.

Parts that connect other components may also require considerable tweaking to ensure this one piece may be released without difficulty in Step 3. The chair’s base, for example, if there is wiring attached or if the cushion is screwed to the frame.

The next step is to gradually pull your rocker mechanism higher from the surface of the chair till it comes to clean away without any resistance!

How do you tighten a swivel rocker?

Starting with the four screws, loosen the swivel rocker. A new leveled arm should then be installed in its place. New washers should be placed on each screw before tightening them all the way around this area of the chair base. This will keep everything together while also giving support.

How to fix wobbly chairs

Uneven chair legs, a requirement for sanding and priming before painting, or a loose leg are all possibilities. When you sit down in a chair, it can wobble because of these issues.

Replace any damaged parts with new ones purchased from a nearby hardware or furniture supplier to resolve this issue. All screws should be tightened to prevent them from coming loose while you’re seated in the chair, as well. A replacement is in order if none of the previously mentioned options work for you.

How do you take apart a swivel bar stool?

To remove the chair without injuring anything else, begin by removing the screws from the bottom of the chair and then proceed to remove all of the bolts.

Afterwards, remove any nails or staples that may be keeping objects in place, as needed. Simply put your new swivel rocker mechanism on after you’ve finished these instructions!


For both physical and emotional wellbeing, a rocking chair is essential. They’re both practical and fashionable. They’re perfect for tucking away in a nook. Whether you’re reading or sipping a cup of joe, they give visual interest. Use them to calm a newborn to sleep in a nursery or to alleviate the symptoms of dementia. Having a rocker in your home will provide you with numerous health benefits. Explore the advantages of rockers today!