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You’ve probably seen Moroccan wedding blankets and wondered what they were if you’re a collector of vintage or odd blankets. This article provides the most comprehensive resource for learning about these fascinating works.

All About Moroccan Wedding Blankets

In Morocco, a wedding is signified by the presentation of a handira, a blanket traditionally worn by the bride and decorated with sequins in a particular pattern. It is woven from a combination of wool, linen, and cotton by Berber women in the Middle Atlas Mountains in northern Morocco.

Traditionally, the bride-to-be in most societies is responsible for creating these quilts. This process could take weeks, depending on the intricacies of the blanket attachment. Unlike any other, it serves as a unique opportunity for the bride’s family to prepare her for life as a wife by discussing the expectations and duties of marriage.

In recent years, Moroccan wedding blankets have been increasingly sought after as a one-of-a-kind accessory. This blanket can be used in a variety of settings due to its adaptable color scheme and design. Moroccan blankets are available in many different designs, from boho to industrial, and are loved by people of all ages.

What's a Moroccan wedding blanket — and why is everyone decorating with it

Ways To Decorate Using Moroccan Wedding Blanket

A Moroccan wedding blanket has several potential applications, including but not limited to:


The majority of users are adults, who put this blanket to good use while sleeping. This bed skirt has fringes and mirrored sequins, so it has the potential to add a lot of texture to the space. The best aspect is that you can easily include them into your home’s furniture and textured surfaces because they are neutral and work with a wide range of aesthetics.

Sofa throw

Those that are partial to minimalist design typically choose minimalist sofas and loveseats. On the other side, they occasionally look boring.

Throwing a Moroccan wedding blanket over a sofa is a quick and easy method to give a flat chair some depth. Its primary function is as a decorative accessory, but it can also serve as a cozy blanket for late-night movie watching.


Thrown blanket tapestries from Morocco are the perfect way to inject character into otherwise boring walls. Its flashy design and sparkling embellishments will capture the attention of everybody who visits your home. You may relax knowing that it won’t damage either your wooden or metal furnishings.

Fabric headboard

In addition to hanging it on the wall as a tapestry, you can also use a Moroccan blanket as a headboard in your bedroom. This is a fantastic option for decorating the wall over your bed’s headboard with color and texture.

You may create a swaying impression by suspending it from the ceiling with a curtain rod. Every morning I am greeted with an air of refined elegance.

Ottoman cover

Signs of use and age are inevitable in leather ottomans. It’s possible to give a discarded Moroccan blanket a second life as a sofa or chair cover.

You can make a DIY bench out of an old coffee table and a cushion. After you have fastened the blanket and cushion to the table, you can put it together. Tack the fabric down.

The fringe can be worn loose or tucked under the table, according on your preference.

Couch cover

Throwing a Moroccan bridal blanket over a couch is just as appropriate as using it to cover an ottoman or another small piece of furniture.

6 Ways To Use a Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Moroccan Style Bedspread

The soft, luxurious blankets from a Moroccan wedding are ideal for a restful night’s sleep in this serene bedroom. White wedding blankets are the norm; they typically feature fringe and dozens, if not hundreds, of mirrored sequins.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Handira WHITE With Metal - Etsy

Cozy Sofa Throw

The original intent behind the Handira was for it to be worn around the shoulders as a nighttime wrap. However, these unique, wonderfully woven textiles are a wonderful addition to any room.

On The Floor

Using a wedding blanket as flooring might be a creative way to spice up a boring room. It is recommended to place a Moroccan wedding blanket in a less frequented area of the venue due to the fact that these blankets attract and hold onto crumbs like a magnet and are a pain to clean.

As a Fabric Headboard

To give your bedroom a new look without breaking the bank, simply drape a wedding blanket over the top of your headboard. Before going shopping, measure the width of your bed’s headboard to ensure that you choose a Handira that will cover at least two-thirds of it.

Textile Wall Hanging

Instead of hanging a fragile painting or photograph over your bed, why not display a beautiful wedding quilt? In the bedroom, it’s best to choose rich, cozy materials.

Bonus Way

When you can’t afford to buy new furniture, you can make do by covering your sofa and chairs with two beautiful Moroccan bridal blankets. Use it to create a pillowcase as well.

How To Wash A Moroccan Wedding Blanket

A Moroccan bridal blanket is notoriously difficult to clean due to its rough and uneven texture. Don’t stress over the state of your one-of-a-kind blanket; there is a fix.

The following are necessities:

  • Sponge
  • Calming soap
  • We recommend using water that is at least slightly warmer than room temperature.

First, make a solution of mild soap in warm water. Apply the mixture to a small area and gently rub it in with a sponge. Don’t saturate the whole blanket or it will take forever to dry.

Any stains should be carefully scrubbed away using a sponge. To remove the stains, use a mild bleach that won’t change the color of the fabric. Do not immediately wash the blanket in soap or bleach.

Be sure to give the area a thorough rinsing after cleaning. If the blanket becomes wet by accident, you can take it outdoors and give it a good rinse to get the soap off.

Let the blanket air dry by placing it in a shady area. Keep it out of the sun, as doing so will weaken the fabric and fade the colors.

How Much Are Moroccan Wedding Blankets

A new Moroccan wedding blanket can cost between $1,700 and $2,000. It can be fairly pricey due to the way it is built. Because each blanket is made by hand, the process can take many weeks to finish.

It’s also gaining popularity as a valuable addition to people’s homes. If you’re looking for a genuine vintage Moroccan wedding blanket, you should be prepared to spend a pretty penny. With their intricate symbology and meticulously sewn on sequins, these blankets are truly one-of-a-kind.

5 Best Moroccan Blanket

Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – Royal Blue (from $79.20)

Adding a splash of rustic allure to any space, this handwoven blanket in a single hue is sure to be appreciated. It’s ultra-plush to ensure the highest levels of wearer comfort and can be easily cleaned in a flash with only a few basic procedures. These inexpensive Moroccan blankets are perfect for lengthy car rides, aircraft rides, or snuggling up on the couch. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for you.

Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – Terracotta (from $79.20)

This throw blanket is excellent for all seasons and provides a soft, cozy layer for lounging. This handwoven blanket is made of ultra-plush, machine-washable fabrics and features trendy terracotta tassels. This classic throw comes in a plethora of sizes and color options, giving consumers complete freedom to express their personal style at home.

Moroccan Blanket With Black Stripes And White Tassels (from $79.20)

This heirloom-grade blanket follows centuries-old techniques passed down through generations of local artisans and is woven from cotton of the greatest possible quality. There are black stripes on it that make it easy to spot clean, and the instructions are straightforward. This bohemian throw is versatile and may be used in a number of settings, including as a blanket on the road. One advantage of purchasing handmade blankets online is the speed with which they may be delivered to the buyer.

Moroccan Blanket With Black Tassels – Gray (from $79.20)

The high-quality cotton used to make this blanket is woven with an authentic moroccan design. This multipurpose, black-striped Moroccan accessory is the handiwork of a small group of talented Moroccan artists. Throws come in a variety of sizes and fabrics to complement any home’s aesthetic.

7 Bedrooms with Moroccan Wedding Blanket Decor - The Organized Home

Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – White And Terracotta Stripes (from $79.20)

This 100% cotton moroccan blanket is lovely and just what you’ve been looking for. This item was handwoven by local artists using traditional techniques, so it can be used in a variety of settings and when traveling great distances. This item stands out from the crowd with its eye-catching tassels and pattern, and it may offer superior comfort and convenience for the buyer. The size and color of each blanket is manufactured to order.


One must be familiar with the nature of a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket in order to appreciate its significance. These blankets are a game-changer in the world of home decor and fundamentals.