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Here you’ll find detailed instructions for disassembling your Chicco Bravo stroller, cleaning its components, and storing its pieces in a way that won’t cause damage.

This post will help new parents learn how to take apart a Chicco Bravo stroller. The Bravo stroller is a lightweight and compact option for busy families.

It has a one-hand fold, a reclining back and footrest, and multiple reclining positions, making it convenient to transport. Stroller disassembly for cleaning or storage can be a hassle if you don’t have a manual.

What is a Stroller

Strollers are portable, folding seats used for transporting infants. It’s also known as a “pushchair” for short. Babies who are able to sit up on their own for a few months can benefit from using a stroller. Therefore, strollers are generally not appropriate for infants less than six months. Modern strollers include adjustable seats, so they can be used starting from birth. These strollers are called “convertible strollers” because of their many uses. Parents who purchase and use them are overwhelmingly satisfied. Likewise, strollers come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and dimensions. Jogging strollers, double strollers, travel systems, and lightweight strollers are only some of the most sought-after varieties.

Most strollers are collapsible and lightweight enough that one person may easily transport it. There’s a harness and a seatbelt as well. In most cars, the floor is higher than the stroller seat. Strollers are more expensive than prams due to their many features and functions.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

There is no safe way to transport a youngster in your arms. Keep in mind the importance of using a stroller. Besides shielding the infant from any danger, it also acts as a barrier. When you’re out and about with your youngster, a stroller is a terrific way to keep them occupied and secure.

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Easy Travelling

Simply explained, this is the main benefit of using a stroller for a child. Traveling with a young child might be challenging. Many parents would rather wait to take a journey with their child until after the child has mastered walking. The result is that a stroller can now serve as a peaceful means of ending conflicts. It’s a huge timesaver when out and about with a young child.


Carrying infants is just one of the many use for strollers. Correctly utilizing a baby stroller provides numerous benefits. While out and about, a child’s poncho can shield them from the sun’s rays and cold breezes alike. Several models of strollers have interchangeable changing tables.

Carries Baby Accessories

Numerous items, like as diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, toys, and so on, are purchased in preparation for the arrival of a new baby. A stroller has a dedicated compartment where you may keep these items safe and secure while you’re on the move. It can accommodate strollers and other baby necessities.


Strollers for infants are compact and simple to transport because of their modest weight. They also have the added benefits of being lightweight and compact. Inventiveness is a result of the passage of time. Modern strollers can be folded into more compact sizes, allowing parents to store them more easily.

There are a number of advantages to owning a stroller for your infant. They are plentiful. Buying one for your kid is a no-brainer because it frees you from the burden of carrying them about everywhere you go.

Who Is Chicco?

The Italian company Chicco was founded by Pietro Catelli in 1958. In the field of pharmaceuticals, Catelli was an early pioneer in the field of device development.

In preparation for the arrival of his child, he decided to start a business peddling infant necessities. As a father, he felt a responsibility to find nutritious options for his family.

This subset of the market for consumer goods quickly grew to include many more items for infants. You’ll find things like clothing, nursing accessories, diapering supplies, toys, and strollers here.

In this company, we value exploration above all else. With input from experts in the field and parents, Chicco’s “Happiness Lab” creates innovative new products.

Chicco makes use of anecdotal evidence demonstrating the product’s efficacy in promoting healthy growth and development in infants.

The company truly cares about the well-being of babies and their parents around the world.

Chicco has many connections to groups that help disadvantaged youngsters. There is also Mission Bambini, which helps sick children in countries without adequate medical facilities. The mission offers a training program in cardiac surgery to local physicians.

Chicco Today

Chicco is well-known in the US and has an international presence in over 120 countries. The current location of the company’s headquarters is just outside of Milan. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture items that meet the needs of its customers while also being on trend.

The company’s global success can be ascribed to its open approach. The company’s strollers offer great value for the money, without compromising on features or build quality. If you’re a parent seeking for an affordable and fashionable stroller, go no further than this brand.

What Parents Say About Chicco Strollers

Chicco is extremely well-liked by families. The quality and design of its strollers are much admired. The designer has paid close attention to the details by including multiple zippered compartments for securing personal items.

Folding into a compact size while maintaining a stable standing position has also been lauded by reviewers. Strollers are easily concealed because they may be placed in a closet or the trunk of a car.

The variety of products accessible also piques the curiosity of the parents. Chicco sells a variety of strollers, including those with frames and umbrellas, as well as stand-on doubles, tandems, and jogging buggies. Each family is proud of their children’s achievements.

Strollers are quite user-friendly, according to parent reviews. Due to the precision of the steering, even sharp curves are easily managed.

However, Chicco’s customer service hasn’t received widespread acclaim. Parents felt their questions and requests for replacements were not responded promptly.

Where Are Chicco’s Strollers Made?

Though it is an Italian company, most Chicco items are really made in China. That’s a big contrast to the company’s biggest rival, Peg Perego, whose strollers are made in Italy.

Despite this, Chicco has achieved a great deal of success; their infant car seats are often regarded as among the best available. The Keyfit 30 is currently considered one of the top models available in the United States.

What Strollers Work with Chicco Keyfit 30?

The Keyfit 30 infant car seat is versatile. This system is compatible with strollers from Chicco, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Mamas & Papas, UPPAbaby, BOB, and Britax. However, a car seat adaptor is necessary.

Steps on how to Disassemble a Chicco Bravo Stroller

First, unfold the stroller and remove the seat. You should remove any cushions and any canopies or cup holders that might be in the way.

The black wheel covers can be removed from the vehicle by pulling back on them until they pop out with considerable resistance. Don’t take your hands off the wheel for a second!

When you’ve taken out the four wheels, you can check out the undercarriage by flipping the seat flap over. Remove the cloth flaps from the frame by pushing the two small clamps holding them together together and then peeling them apart like a door hanger.

In order to disassemble the stroller’s two armrests, you need to locate the four screws that secure the fabric flaps on either side of the frame and unscrew them.

Be careful not to strip off the threads on these screws when you tighten them. After removing the four screws, you can flip the device over and press up on both sides while pulling back from underneath to separate the armbar joints. Don’t put too much force into it!

Finally, a couple more things need to go: First, take out any extras like water bottles and cup holders, and then turn the Bravo slowly to disassemble the leg bar joints.

How do you Clean a Chicco Bravo Stroller?

The amount of dirt and grime on your Chicco Bravo stroller will determine which of two cleaning methods is best for you to use.

One alternative is to use a vacuum attachment with a long hose or brush head to move quickly from one spot to the next while cleaning.

Any surface that merely needs to be dusted can be wiped off with a moist towel instead. If required, wipe off the carpets inside the vehicle; however, avoid spraying cleaning solutions directly onto the carpets themselves.

Instructions on Cleaning

Clean the underbelly of the stroller by turning it upside down and removing the accessories (such as the water bottles and cup holders).

Take off the seatbacks, headrests, and footrests, as well as anything else made of cloth. After you’re done, hang them up on a rack so they’re out of the way while you clean.

Next, remove the stroller’s tray, cup holder (if present), and the metal axle rods that pass through the stroller’s bottom on both sides and the baby’s feet when the stroller is pushed laterally or longitudinally. Therefore, your Chicco Bravo should be functioning much more optimally now.

It’s sufficient to use a damp towel for light dusting, but soap and water are required for more substantial cleanups, such as the removal of food spills. After dismantling the stroller for cleaning, you must reassemble it.

Seatbacks, headrests, and footrests should all be installed as well.

Include all cushioned parts like as the back and seat, plus any additional bolsters you might need for your head or feet.

How do I Remove the Cover From my Chicco Nextfit zip?

Whenever you take the cover off your Chicco Nextfit zip, remember these instructions:

To begin, unfasten all of the straps.

The second stage consists of: Pull the straps apart and around your back, then slide one of the safety buckles over your shoulders. Like in the demonstration video, both sides should end up at around waist level, with a long tail at either end for drawing up.

Each shoulder strap must have a safety buckle slipped over it and then the straps must be spread apart and tucked behind the wearer’s back. When done correctly, as shown in the video tutorial, both sides should reach to about the waist, with long tails at either end for drawing up.

Now that you’ve successfully lowered one of your legs, you can do the same with the other. Buckle the baby’s safety belt and reconnect the seat liner if it came off with the stroller (again). If you need further instruction, you can watch this video guide.

Why We Recommend Chicco Strollers

Despite being on the less expensive end of the spectrum, the quality of Chicco’s strollers is not compromised. The styles and hues in this collection span the color spectrum, from black and gray to neutrals and various shades of blue. The best variety is found on the web.

One of the main selling points of these fabrics is that they can be washed in a machine. Most Chicco strollers include detachable liners that may be washed in the washing machine. A moist towel is the only thing that will work on some brands.

Chicco’s ability to notice even the most minute details is a huge plus. The strollers produced by the company all contain a tray with cup holders, which is a nice addition for the parents. Some come with handy pockets for keeping little items safe, while others do not.

Most of the strollers include modest storage spaces with zippers. Having one of these convenient pouches is a great way to ensure that your money and phone remain safe.

If you’re only going for a walk, you can leave your handbag at home. Obviously, the lighter our load, the better.

Strollers by Chicco are so well made that they will continue to serve their owners well even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It if you’re looking to repair worn out components like your tires or seat, you may do so here.

Chicco Stroller’s Price Range

Chicco’s strollers are priced at a point where they are accessible to the vast majority of families. One of the more pricey choices is a jogger or other all-in-one travel gear. They’re more affordable than some of Chicco’s rivals, but they’re also more durable and include car seats for babies.

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The Best Chicco Stroller Reviews

We used user reviews and Chicco’s suggestions to narrow down our options. Below you can find a selection of our favorite Chicco strollers.

1. Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller

Best Chicco Stroller Frame

The first few months after giving birth are the best time to use the lightest frame stroller available from Chicco. This stroller is suitable for use with all of the click-in baby car seats from the Fit2 and KeyFit series.

A stroller frame offers all the conveniences of a travel system without the bulk. As it makes getting up and moving around much easier, many parents recommend doing this for the first six months.

The frame may be folded into a small bundle in a matter of seconds. With its parent tray, two cup holders, and ergonomic handle, this stroller is a top pick. All four wheels are lockable, but the front ones may rotate for extra safety.

The Pros

Easy to Use

Strollers and car seats, in particular, can be a source of great confusion for new parents. Easy does it when it comes to using Chicco’s photo frame.

A suitable infant car seat can be attached with a click-in mechanism. Once you get the hang of it, securing your newborn will take less than two minutes.

One-Handed Fold

The frame has a foldable handle for portability. It only takes one hand to fold up the whole frame. Then you may carry it with the handle.

When unfolded, the frame has the potential to stand on its own. The portable unit may be conveniently stashed due to its space-saving design.

Parent-Friendly Features

Chicco shown that it understands the value of the extra effort. There is a parent tray and storage pocket conveniently located on the stroller’s handle.

Large storage capacity. A number of reports have stated that the iPhone X can be placed vertically within.

The tray is equipped with two cup holders for your convenience. You can keep all of your belongings safe and sound in the large basket located below the seat. You can fit a diaper bag and a few grocery bags in there easily.

The Cons

Cup Holders Are Shallow

Some mothers found the depth of the cup holders to be annoying. Because they are so shallow, bottles are constantly falling out.

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Chicco Travel System Stroller

If money is tight, a travel system is your best bet. This method can be used as early as infancy, provided your youngster is excited about walking. The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is unparalleled in its field.

Chicco’s patented one-hand folding technology is included in this high-quality stroller. The buggy’s swiveling wheels and full suspension make it easy to steer in tight spaces.

The stroller’s KeyFit 30 baby car seat snaps in place when the backrest, seat, and canopy are removed.

The Pros

The Best Car Seat Included

Chicco’s KeyFit 30 is one of the best car seats on the market, and it’s included in an excellent travel system (3). Everything you need, from the tires to the floor pan, is included. This child safety seat will keep your kid safe in the event of an accident.

The weight range for whom the KeyFit 30 car seat is designed is 4–30 pounds. You can rest assured that it will be installed correctly because it comes with everything you need. This set comes with a RideRight Bubble level indicator and a LATCH system.

Excellent Stroller

Convertible stroller/car seat frame. The car seat’s back, seat, and canopy can be removed as a unit for straightforward installation.

The brake is easily applied with a single touch when the buggy is stopped.

Adjustable Handle and Parent Tray

The handle is ergonomically designed to accommodate the hand of any driver and can be adjusted in one of three positions. Two cup holders and a parent-friendly pocket are included.


The stroller’s seat can be used until your child reaches roughly 30 pounds in weight, at which point it will no longer be suitable for usage. The buggy comes with a broad sunshade and cup holders for the passenger.

The Cons

Stroller Feels Wobbly on Uneven Surfaces

Even while the stroller provided a somewhat stable ride, some parents found that it was unsteady when pushed over uneven surfaces.

3. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Best Chicco Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers have many more possible uses besides jogging. The Chicco TRE may be a good choice for active families who are often on the go. It has multiple applications, including use in parks, on trails, and on race day.

The aluminum frame of the buggy ensures its lightweight construction. This stroller is easy for both parents and kids to use thanks to its three wheels and large 16-inch pneumatic rear tires.

The FlexCore suspension system, a big handle, and a hand brake are all required features of the stroller. Simply unzipping the sunshade will reveal a mesh window for air circulation.

The Pros

Great for Going Fast

You may save time by using the Chicco TRE. The smooth wheel design makes maneuvering the vehicle a breeze. The dual FlexCore suspension allows you to switch modes with the push of a button, making it suitable for a wide variety of surfaces.

The ability to manually activate the front wheels is another plus. If you need to get through a crowd of people, you can swivel the front wheel by pressing a button on the handle.

Durable Frame

When it comes to the frame of a jogging stroller, aluminum is a great material to use. It’s light weight but quite strong. Knowing that the buggy can withstand increased speeds is a relief.

The TRE is only 28.5 pounds in weight. Most jogging strollers weigh over 30 pounds, making this a lightweight alternative. When not in use, it may be folded up and stored in a car trunk with ease.

Waterproof Fabrics

All components are impervious to moisture. Your youngster will remain dry and secure in the stroller, even on rainy days. The sun canopy offers complete shade for your baby when the sun comes out.

Car Seat Compatible

Available separately are the Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats, both of which can be utilized with this base. Replace the stroller’s present seat with a car seat and you can start using it right away.

Keep in Mind

Jogging while holding a baby in a car seat is not a smart idea.

The Cons

Takes up Space When Folded

Users have commented that it is bulky when folded. It’s too big for a subcompact vehicle.

4. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Best Chicco Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are convenient for urban life and commuting because they collapse into a compact, lightweight package. The Liteway Stroller’s metal frame collapses into an umbrella shape, making it convenient for public transportation.

There are three configurations for the backrest to suit a youngster whether he or she is sleeping or awake. If desired, the attached cover can be removed when the device is not in use. Having front and rear wheel swivel and suspension as options makes the ride more pleasant and easier to control.

Under the seat, you’ll find a large basket that may be used to store your belongings. Chicco also features padded handgrips and a beverage holder.

The Pros

Effortless Fold

It only takes a second to collapse the stroller. When the handle is pulled, the umbrella collapses into a compact form. The handle thus serves as a lever for easy transport and an automated latch when not in use.

Adjustable Backrest

The recline angle of the backrest can be changed to suit babies of varying sizes. The age and wakefulness level of your child will determine which of three postures is best for them. The five-point harness will keep them secure while you stroll.

Comfortable Handles and Storage Basket

When pushing a Liteway Stroller, the operator can choose from a variety of convenient modes. Cushioned handholds make hiking for extended periods more bearable. Then there’s the large basket for storing anything you need.

Rear-Wheel Suspension and Superior Steering

It’s possible to go off-road with the stroller thanks to the high-quality suspension on the back wheels. When maneuvering through tight spaces, the swiveling front wheels will provide you much greater maneuverability.

The Cons

Difficult to Assemble

Some parents have claimed that it’s tough to put together. The canopy and the cup holder can be removed after folding. Everything can be taken apart and replaced. Reattaching everything after unfolding was seen as a nuisance by many.

5. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Best Chico Stroller for All-Terrain

You may jog or stroll with ease on any surface with this stroller. The foam-filled tires and top-notch suspension will make the ride a breeze for your little one.

Chicco Bravo Le Travel System 2.0 Driftwood : Target

The FlexCore suspension may be modified using a footswitch for different riding conditions. If your child is in pain, trying a new routine may help.

Pack some food for your child if you’ll be out from home for a while. We like that the seat cushion can be taken off and washed in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

The Pros

Control Console for Parents

The handle is close to a private control panel. The ability to swivel the wheels makes it much simpler to drive on roads with sharp turns. The brake pedal is integrated into the center console.

Reclining Seat With Backrest

Your kid will no longer have any legitimate reasons to express discomfort. Customers can choose from a variety of reclining positions, from sitting to lying flat, to suit their mood and comfort.

This item has great air circulation thanks to its 3D air mesh design on the backrest. Fantastically cooling, even on the warmest of days.

Quick 1-Hand Fold

This is a great addition that parents will love. You can easily fold it up with one hand. If you find yourself alone with a fussy newborn, this is the way to go. Stress-free!

This chair is great for parents because it has a large storage basket and a handy tray.

The Cons

Plastic Parts Feel Cheap

This stroller is expensive yet of low quality. Some buyers felt the plastic construction was cheap and weak. A lot more might be expected for the price you pay.

No Tray or Cup Holder for Baby

In creating this product, Chicco took into account parental needs but not your kid’s. There is no tray or cup holder in case your child gets tired of carrying their snacks. Then they just start popping up everywhere. There’s never a good time for this.

6. Chicco Mini Bravo Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Chicco Stroller

The Mini Bravo stroller from Chicco is geared toward making your life simpler. It can recline with a single touch and can be moved about with ease. The backrest and mesh ventilation panel on the sun canopy are also adjustable.

If you have a Mini Bravo, you won’t need to worry about being lost in a crowded room. The front wheels can be turned to facilitate maneuverability in tight quarters. It’s convenient to bring it wherever you go thanks to the foldable design and the integrated carrying handle.

A plush gripping handle is a welcome addition. Chicco’s parent tray with two cup holders is also included.

The Pros

Excellent for Family Excursions

If you and your family enjoy going to the mall or the park frequently, the Chicco Mini Bravo is an excellent choice. The stroller is as lightweight and compact as an umbrella model, yet it is not an umbrella stroller.

After a hard day’s labor, it may be folded up and stowed away in the car trunk with no effort. Its small size means it can easily be maneuvered through supermarkets and shopping centers.

Extended Sun Canopy

In other words, when the weather is nice, going on a family trip is the most fun. However, this does not negate the need for further safety measures to be taken with your child. The vented visor canopy will keep the sun off your child’s head.

Three Position Recline

Most parents like that it reclines to three different angles and can be changed quickly and effortlessly with only one hand. An excellent method for calming a fussy baby or toddler.

The Cons

Front Wheels Causing Trouble

A lot of people have said they like this stroller, although others have mentioned issues with the front wheels. Some users have noticed squeaking, while others have experienced locking.

7. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Best Chicco Double Stroller

The Chicco Cortina is a great choice for families with two young children or for those expecting twins. The children sit in tandem, with one child in front of the other. Both the Fit2 and the KeyFit infant car seats can be used in both of these seats.

Each seat has extra padding and a removable cover to make the trip more pleasant. Whether the youngster is awake or asleep, he or she can have his or her chair adjusted to a comfortable posture.

The Pros

Great for Independent Babies

Nothing is set in stone; the child’s backrest and sun canopy can be adjusted to his or her liking. The front passenger seat has an advantage over the back because it features cup holders.

Superb Steering

Increased comfort for you and your passenger(s) is ensured by upgraded suspension on all four wheels. A foot pedal allows the user to turn the front wheels. If you engage the buggy, it will spin around on a dime.

Large Storage Basket

Chicco has increased the storage basket’s volume so that it can now hold the toys and necessities for two young children. It’s all locked and loaded thanks to the zipped closure.

Slim Design

It’s tandem, yet it’s not too wide to squeeze through doorways or down aisles. When traveling with two young children, the stroller’s expanded length and larger storage box underfoot are both welcome additions.

The Cons

You May Struggle on Uneven Surfaces

Some reviewers were not satisfied with the stroller’s performance over gravel or similarly uneven surfaces. The structure is wobbly and unstable. It could be due to the lengthy nature of the piece.

Chicco Stroller Accessories

You can use some Chicco goods with other Chicco products. For example:

  • Strollers with even a small food tray are always well received by kids since they give them a sense of independence. Cleaning the Chicco food tray is a breeze. Be sure the car seat is properly installed before using it.
  • If you wish to go off-road with your Bravo Stroller, Chicco sells a Rubber Wheel Kit for it. All four wheels are pre-mounted and ready to go. Each of the three different Bravo versions, as well as the BravoFor2, has its own dedicated set of accessories.

Where to Buy Chicco Strollers

Strollers made by Chicco are widely available in the United States. You can find these at many different stores, including Amazon, Target, Baby R’ Us, Toys R’ Us, Albee Baby, and Buy Buy Baby. Its wares can also be purchased online from the firm.

Chicco Website and Contact

All of the data you might possibly need is available on the company’s website. There’s a price comparison, a buyer’s guide, instructions, video tutorials, and a sign-up form.

Customer service is a major focus, therefore be prepared to include specifics when submitting a request. This includes the make, model, and production date.

Please dial our toll-free number, 1-877-424-4226. This is the contact number for the website.

Chicco Stroller Comparison Chart

Our Verdict

You can find a high-quality stroller within your price range and in your family’s Chicco’s budget. There are a variety of buggies available, such as jogging buggies, umbrella buggies, lightweight buggies, and tandem buggies.