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The stunning altar is completed with your wedding arch. With your loved one by your side, you’ll say your vows in front of your family and friends in front of the altar. With that in mind, how should one adorn their arbor? For your inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 14 ways to adorn a wedding arch. No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, you’ll be able to find arbor ideas to match your preferences. Decorate your wedding arch in a stunning way with these easy-to-follow tutorials.

Decorating With Fabric

When draped along a bridal arbor, flowing drapes add a romantic touch. To add a softer touch to any wedding theme, consider using fabric in the form of an indoor wedding arch. Make sure the fabric of your wedding arbor is well-secured if it will be shown outside, especially on a windy day. The use of white, ivory, cream, and other light-colored fabrics in your bridal arch decor is particularly lovely. Your choice of fabric has a significant impact as well.

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Based on these arbor design ideas, choose your fabric and color.

1. Drape Elegant Organza

In the course of preparing for your wedding, chances are that you’ve encountered organza. By alone, the material forms a thin, transparent layer that can be seen through, but it may also be stacked to give the impression of being more substantial. If you’re planning a wedding, organza is an excellent choice for adorning an arch in any style. Use it in conjunction with a:

  • Organza accentuates the rounded arch of a lovely arbor. Adding organza to the arch of your altar will make it more more romantic, making it even more beautiful.
  • Organza wrapped over a square frame creates a basic yet lovely design. The perfect accent to your arch is a flowing piece of cloth that is longer than the sides and the top of your arch.
  • Wedding arches with a second frame make it easier to hang organza. Layered backdrops or an altar area that is gently covered can be achieved by using this technique.

2. Get a Dramatic Design With Chiffon

Similar to organza, chiffon can be thicker and less translucent than organza. If you use it in these ways, it still provides the same exquisite effect on your wedding arch:

  • Faux curtains: With your arch, create the illusion of a giant window as your wedding backdrop. Two panels of chiffon affixed to the rear of your frame in a square or round shape creates the illusion of curtains. With a ribbon, jute, or other material that suits your wedding’s aesthetic, each panel is affixed to the sides.
  • A black chiffon paired with a lighter one in complementary colors creates a stunning effect. Pull colors from your wedding theme and use them to decorate your wedding party. With two chiffon colors around your arch, twist them in different directions to show off and mix the separate hues.
  • The back of your arch can be covered with chiffon to create a flowing fabric backdrop. The sheerness of the chiffon allows a small amount of light to pass through, giving the illusion of a glowing altar.

3. Add Volume With Tulle

Tull, which is a type of stiff netting, is usually less sheer than chiffon and organza. It’s available in both matte and glittery variants. Your arch should be made of matte or sparkly tulle for a wedding.

Your arbor will look fuller since tulle keeps its shape better than organza or chiffon. Traditionally, tulle has been used on arches, but you can use it on any shape you like.

Think about how you want the tulle to drape in the middle of the arch, how it flows down the edges, and how it gathers in areas. With those portions in place, you’ll get a lot of tulle puffs. In order to achieve a more dramatic look, use tulle that is loose down the sides of your arch and gathered at the top. In either case, the wedding altar will be awe-inspiring.

Decorating With Lights

Evening weddings or ceremonies held in dimly lit indoor locations benefit greatly from the addition of an illuminated wedding arch. You and your beloved will be the center of attention on your important day thanks to the lights provided by your altar and arbor. For a soft and romantic glow, use illuminated ornaments with cloth, or combine them with other decorating methods. Using lighting in your wedding arch can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

4. Hang and Place Lanterns

Depending on the theme of your wedding, lanterns can come in a range of shapes and sizes. For an outdoor wedding, paper lanterns are appealing, while metal lanterns are sleek and contemporary. It is entirely up to you how you want to display your lanterns. You can choose to hang or put them around your altar and arch foundation.

To create a magical atmosphere, line your ceremony’s arch with a slew of lanterns. Mix and match these light fixtures to create an eclectic look. If you wish to hang lanterns from your arbor, you can do so in a variety of ways.

5. Light the Whole Arch

If you’re looking for a spectacular way to adorn your wedding altar, use string lights. String lights can be weaved into the sheer or slightly sheer fabric, or a curtain of lights can be created. There’s a minor difference between using one light strand and using several.

When illuminated to the hilt, any arch shape looks stunning. When illuminated, a circle arbor takes on the appearance of a luminous ring, which is very striking. Lights strung across a rustic branch arch will make it even cozier, while typical square and rounded arches will be transformed into something equally enchanting with the addition of light strings.

6. Get a Gentle Glow With Candles

You may add a flickering effect to your arch by using battery-powered candles. Play with height and dimension by varying the size of your candles. Candles in shades of white, cream, or ivory are classic choices for weddings, but you have the freedom to use any color you like. There are several alternatives available to you when it comes to adorning your wedding arch with candles:

  • Candles can be placed on the ground or on the floor around the arch.
  • Display clusters of candles on pillars, pedestals, stumps, rocks, or other features.
  • Clusters of candles can be placed on any of the above-mentioned items.

7. Incorporate Other Light Fixtures

Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose the lighting for your wedding arch. Use them alone or with lanterns, string lights, or candles for a more dramatic effect; the choice is yours.

  • It’s wonderful to decorate your altar with marquee signs or illuminated three-dimensional letters in the form of you and your significant other. Using the wall behind the arch as a backdrop for smaller lights in an indoor venue is an option. If your wedding has a movie or Hollywood theme, a marquee or lit letters will look amazing. Otherwise, they’ll look great with practically any wedding design.
  • Use a chandelier above the arch of your wedding to add a dramatic flair. Outdoor wedding arch ideas with chandeliers make a stunning and unexpected accent, especially for fairytale or whimsical weddings. Gold or another metallic choice might also be stunning in place of the traditional white crystal chandeliers for a wedding.
  • A more rustic and bright look can be achieved with Edison lights or strands of larger light bulbs. At various lengths, they dangle from the top of your arch in a graceful manner. When you wish to install lights, use a bridal arch with more than one frame. To add depth to your lighted backdrop, disperse the placement along the frame’s various levels.

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Decorating With Greenery

The greenery and flowers play a major role in wedding décor. You may utilize greenery in your wedding arch in a variety of beautiful ways, whether it’s combined with cloth or lighting or simply shown on its own. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your altar in the style of nature:

8. Make a Greenery Base

Make a greenery arch using your wedding arbor as a frame. An all-green arbor can be used for any type of wedding, regardless of the venue’s shape or design. You can choose from a variety of styles when you’re looking to create an arch filled with greenery, such as:

  • The arch is adorned with full branches of greenery for a more natural appearance.
  • Hedged arbor with lots of greenery, ideal for a garden-themed party.
  • Greenery in the form of a thin garland adds a delicate touch that complements other decorations.
  • To make your arch look more like a natural part of the landscape, use greenery that spills down from it.

9. Keep It Minimal

Keep your bridal arch’s greenery to a minimum if you plan to use other decorations in it. Instead of covering the entire arbor in greenery, use it as a decorative addition with flowers or other items. Consider the following while designing with minimal greenery:

  • Eucalyptus sprigs in a corner seem simple and contemporary.
  • Monstera leaf accents can bring a tropical flair to the table.
  • An arch with vines on one or both sides is a delicate and natural-looking structure.
  • Archway drapes can be held in place by using greenery.

10. Combine Textures and Colors

Make the design textured, whether you want a lush arch filled with vegetation or just a few leafy accents. Arbors with a variety of green hues and textures are more visually appealing.

The base of your arbor can be made from a garland of circular leaves, such as eucalyptus or another type of flora. Texture is added by hiding thin branches or vines amongst the leaves. If you want to give your arch a more overgrown look, you can place a variety of little leaves in different hues on top of it. For your wedding, you can choose any combination of textures and colors that best suits your own taste.

Decorating With Flowers

Adding flowers to a wedding arch creates a beautiful background for your big day. If you select flowers from your bouquet, décor, and other accessories, it will match the rest of your floral decorations. Wedding arbors can be decorated with a combination of flowers, foliage, lights, and cloth, or they can be kept simple and beautiful with just floral arrangements.

Real or fake flowers might adorn an arbor at a wedding. Real flowers, on the other hand, have a more luxurious and high-end appearance, making them ideal for a wedding. Using these ideas, include the flowers you choose into your designs:

11. Use Flowers as a Subtle Accent

Adding a few delicate blooms to your floral wedding altar can help create an exquisite backdrop. A magnificent floral arch is still present, but it won’t overshadow the rest of your altar’s decor. With only one type of flower or one color, you may keep floral decorations to a minimum. These floral wedding arch ideas can be used regardless of the combination of hues or blossoms.

  • Flowers look great on the sides of cloth curtains that are tied back.
  • A bouquet can be placed in the corner of a square arch.
  • Scattered flowers look beautiful above a greenery archway.
  • Instead of placing floral arrangements directly on the arch, consider creating a floral wedding altar.

12. Cover Part of the Arch With Flowers

Make your arch stand out by adding blossoms to every piece of it. The outcome is a floral arbor that is both simple and stunning at the same time. You can choose to decorate your wedding arch if you merely cover a portion of it with flowers:

  • Top: A squared arbor with floral arrangements affixed to it looks stunning. To add a dramatic flair, hang some foliage from the ceiling.
  • With an asymmetrical floral accent, square and rounded arches look stunning. One side of the room should be the focal point for a floral arrangement.
  • Adding flowers to a full circle arch makes it even more stunning. The flower-woven half of the circular serves as an exquisite and enchanted backdrop.

13. Stun With a Full Flower Arch

While some arbors are partially covered in flowers, consider the charming sight of an all-flower arbor. If you want a completely covered bridal arch, you can use a variety of flowers, or you can go with a single type of flower for the entire covering. If you’re planning a complete floral wedding arch, you may want to choose one of these styles:

  • Assembled out of a shrub and embellished with flowers.
  • Arrangements of flowers in a fabric-curtain arch.

14. Make a Floral Curtain

Wedding arches can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for a slew of wacky strands of blooms. This style is ideal for fairytale weddings because of its enchanted quality, and it also makes a beautiful accent to your arbor. Floral garlands or simple strands of flowers can be used to achieve this look. For your floral wedding arch ideas, you might employ a curtain style.

  • Make a statement with a dense floral curtain that forms a wall of flowers.
  • A minimalist arrangement is ideal for a wall-mounted floral arrangement.
  • You can add a minimalist flair to your floral design by choosing just one flower in one hue.
  • Hanging plants and flowers creates a luxuriant atmosphere.

How Do You Hang Fabric On A Wedding Arch?

  1. Make a knot at the top of the arch with the length of the cloth. Then, take this fabric down to the base of the opposing pole.
  2. For a cross position, repeat the process at the opposite end and pole with the fabric.
  3. Tulle fabric can be used to provide volume to the poles.
  4. Take the material needed to cover the arch’s roof in a uniform manner.
  5. Decorate the arch in keeping with the wedding’s theme.

How much fabric do I need for a wedding arch?

A bridal arch’s total size determines how much cloth you’ll need to cover it in flowers and other decor. Since there are three feet in a yard, multiply the two arch heights and widths by three to get the total arch length.

As a result, give yourself an extra yard of fabric for drapery at the bottom of the arch, which will give it a more flowing and elegant appearance. It should be plenty to decorate the wedding arch if you round the number to the next whole digit.

What fabric do you use to drape a wedding arch?

Satin and voile can also be used to decorate the wedding arch. For increased aesthetic impact, satin drapes well without wrinkles, and voile comes in a variety of colors and textures.

The arch can be decorated with a variety of different fabrics. In addition, flame retardant textiles are recommended for safety reasons.

How To Attach Flowers To Wedding Arch

Arches can be decorated with either fresh or imitation flowers. Because fresh flowers only look good in oasis blocks to keep them hydrated, the latter is more convenient.

Make a plan for how you’ll attach the oasis blocks to the arch, and then simply place the flowers and greenery onto them. For best effect, begin with the larger plants and work your way down to the smallest.

Before connecting the fake flowers to the arch, you can bundle them together. While keeping the wedding’s color scheme in mind, this is a free-form aspect of the process.

Where to Buy Fabric for a Wedding Arch

Throughout this essay, we’ve referred to Amazon as our go-to source for economical, yet high-quality textiles. Seeing what others have to say and even getting it transported for free is why I like them. But they’re certainly not the sole choice. Look at some more examples.


In order to locate exactly what you’re looking for on Etsy, you’ll have to put in some extra effort. As soon as you locate a shoe that fits your arch perfectly, I recommend purchasing it right away. When I started writing this, I had a couple of Etsy picks for you, but they were all gone before I could finish. As a result, be mindful of that potential.

Specialty fabric stores online

Fabric.com is an excellent online alternative because it allows you to search by color, material, and even purpose. It’s also worth checking out OnlineFabricStore, which offers a wide range of fabrics at reasonable costs. They also ship to a large number of other nations. You may want to consider them if you’re not a resident of the United States of America.

Brick and Mortar retailers

It’s also possible to visit fabric merchants in person. Joann’s, Michaels, and Walmart are all fantastic places to start when looking for fabric. Even if you do your shopping online, I still encourage you to make a pit stop at one of these establishments. Seeing and feeling different materials up close will help you make an informed decision.

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There you have it. I hope you found this helpful guide on wedding arch fabric selection useful! You can’t go wrong with any fabric you choose as long as it’s one that you’re happy with! Ultimately, the day is all yours and your mate’s to enjoy. You only have to please yourself; no one else is required of you.


Did you find this article to be informative? Using fabric to adorn a bridal arch was surprisingly simple for us.

Begin by choosing the fabric and deciding how to drape it around the arch. You may then embellish the arch with flowers and other decorative elements to make it even more gorgeous and wedding-appropriate.