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Bringing a stroller to Disney with a small child (or even a large child) can be a lifesaver. However, the question arises: Do I bring my own stroller, or should I rent one from Disney? In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about renting strollers at Disney (including any changes to drop-off locations at the resorts) and the pros and cons of doing so vs bringing your own.

Can you take a stroller into Disneyland?

The answer is yes! Disney strives to make theme park travel as easy and convenient as possible for all visitors, especially those with young children. A fussy toddler and a ton of stuff to carry are two things you’ll almost certainly wind up with when you don’t plan ahead.

Most of Disneyland is stroller-friendly, and visitors can bring their own, rent one from Disney or an independent company, or purchase one from a park goods outlet. The advantages and disadvantages of each choice will be discussed shortly.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Stroller at Disneyland

What are the stroller restrictions at Disneyland?

You can bring your own stroller to Disneyland, but there are some restrictions on what sort and size of stroller you can use, where you can go, and how you use it. For both personal and rental strollers, the Disney stroller measurements and limits include:

  • You can’t have a stroller larger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (127 cm) (132 cm). The use of double strollers is permissible, but only if they meet the sizing requirements.
  • The use of a stroller wagon is prohibited.
  • The escalator is the only place where strollers can be used, even if there are ramps and elevators available for them. If you have a child with special needs, you may not take your stroller into any of the attractions or queuing lines.
  • Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney are all locations where strollers can be rented directly from the Disney company. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, you’ll need to leave your pets behind.
  • The parking lot tram does not allow children in strollers.
  • Because of operational and traffic flow considerations, your stroller may be relocated by a Disney Cast Member.
  • Your personal possessions should not be left unattended in a stroller while it is being used for transporting children and other goods.

Renting a Stroller at Disney World or Disneyland

A Disney stroller is a must-have if you’re traveling with small children, whether they’re newborns or toddlers. There is a lot of walking involved in visiting Disney World. Ending a lovely day with a long walk back to the hotel or parking garage can be too much for exhausted children and parents alike.

Having a stroller is a must if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World. It is not unusual to find huge resorts in Orlando, Florida. For young travelers, the distance between the bus terminal and the hotel room or the hotel room and the dining hall can be taxing. Even though Disneyland has a smaller footprint, I’ve always taken my young children there in a stroller. If you have a baby or a toddler, strollers can make it easier to go around the Disney parks, especially at the end of a long and hectic day.

When it comes to packing for my Disney travels, I’ve debated whether to bring my own stroller or hire one there, as well as which model to utilize. We’ve compiled a list of four possibilities: To avoid paying for a rental or having to wait until you get to Orlando to hire an umbrella stroller, consider either bringing your own or ordering one from Amazon, which will arrive in time for your arrival. Strollers are an important consideration when visiting Disney World.

Bringing Your Own Stroller to Disney

You can save the most money if you bring your own stroller. With its familiarity and comfortability, it can be an excellent area for your youngster to take a nap. There are numerous advantages to bringing your own stroller, but there are also a few things to keep in mind.

A jogging stroller would be a better option if you’re going to be bringing a stroller with you from home. The Disney transportation system requires you to fold your stroller before boarding the vehicle. Because of this, you’ll need something that’s quick and easy to dismantle.

Be aware that you will be transferring both your stroller and your children onto the vehicle. Strollers can only be stored between seats on Disney World buses traveling between parks and hotels (if the area is free). Keep a hold on it to make sure it doesn’t fall and hit someone.

The cost of getting to Disney World or any other theme park can have an impact on your decision as well. Getting to Disney World from Orlando International Airport is a little more difficult now that Disney’s free Magical Express service has been discontinued. A stroller can limit the size of your Uber journey, so if you’re going to use the service, you may not want one.

What Strollers are NOT Allowed at Disney?

It is a good idea to bring a gate-checked stroller while flying to Orlando or Anaheim. To begin, look into the limitations imposed by your airline. There will be some exceptions to the weight and height restrictions for strollers (particularly bigger double strollers).

Strollers are subject to weight and size restrictions in Disney parks. Due to the size of the strollers, they are not allowed. The parks do not permit the use of stroller wagons.

For those who need a stroller as a medical device, there is an exception to the regulation of stroller size and kind. Guest services can be contacted by those with specific needs. Strollers may qualify for a special pass that can be attached to the vehicle’s handlebars.

Where to Find Stroller Rentals

Many places in the Disney parks and at Disney Springs provide the option to rent strollers. No stroller rental is available at Disneyland in California’s Downtown Disney.

Use the Disney app to find stroller rental locations in both Disneyland and Disney World. Renting a stroller is easy at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot’s Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios’ Hollywood Transport. Epcot has two different places to rent bicycles.

The front gate of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure share a single stroller rental. Inside the Pixar Pals parking garage, there is also a stroller rental service available.

ScooterBug can help you hire a scooter if you’re staying at one of Disneyland’s hotels. It is possible to order items like strollers, ECVs, and wheelchairs from this company, and have them delivered right to your hotel.

Should You Rent Strollers At Disney Parks?

Despite their lack of style and comfort, Orlando’s hard plastic strollers come with a shade canopy. In California, baby strollers are typically made of fabric and resemble joggers (check them out in the picture above).

Newborns and infants should not use either of the Disney stroller models. Bring your own stroller or hire one if you’re traveling with a young child. You’ll save time and money by doing so.

Cost of Renting a Disney Stroller

Single strollers cost $18 per day at Disneyland, while double strollers cost $36 per day. A single stroller costs $15 a day at Walt Disney World, while a double costs $31 a day. You can save money by booking a longer stay and taking advantage of the multi-day length of stay discount.

As evidence of payment, you’ll need to retain a copy of your receipt somewhere safe and dry. Preparation is key, so arrive early to allow for stroller rental and return.

In addition to renting strollers at all Disney parks, strollers may be rented at Disney Springs in Orlando. A $100 credit card deposit is required for Disney Springs stroller rentals. In the water parks and resorts, you won’t be able to rent a stroller. In addition to this, strollers must be returned to the rental location. The stroller will not be available for long walks back to your bus, inside the hotel, or for touring the resorts or off-property areas of your vacation destination.

If you’re planning a day of park hopping, you may just present your day’s rental voucher at the second park to get a stroller. This allows you to visit several amusement parks while just paying for one stroller rental.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Stroller at Disneyland

1. Save money by bringing your own.

Bringing your own stroller might save you anywhere from $18 to $36 each day if you’re going on a multi-day trip. Bring your own stroller at Disneyland is a great way to save money and keep more money in your wallet. In a congested parking lot, it may be easier to locate your own stroller. In addition, your froglet will be comfortable in this location. Also, having it with you when you get back to your hotel is convenient.

When we’re out and about with our own stroller, we always have disinfecting wipes on hand to clean the parts of the stroller that get touched a lot (the tray, the buckles, the handle, etc.). Toddlers are always putting their fingers in their mouths and touching everything they can get their hands on! A good rule of thumb is to wipe down the stroller whenever you can.

It’s more difficult to manage a stroller on buses and shuttles, so don’t bring one. The stroller must be folded and the tadpole removed. There is greater room for strollers with wheelchair identification in the first and last rows of the parking structure shuttle cars, although these rows also have much longer lineups. These seats do not require you to fold up your stroller if you have a tag for a wheelchair, but you must remove your child. You no longer have to walk vast distances at the beginning and conclusion of your workday thanks to the return of parking trams (unless you want to). Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to give up the stroller altogether.

If you’re bringing your own stroller, the new pedestrian ramps leading from the parking buildings to Downtown Disney may make it easier for you (near the Disneyland Hotel). Go to the parks on foot next. The parking tram doesn’t need you to fold your stroller, thus this is a time-saving option.

Some hotels near Disneyland allow guests to walk back to their rooms without having to take their children out of their strollers or fold them up for transportation. If you haven’t heard, Undercover Tourist is now offering discounts on Disneyland Resort hotels and other Anaheim and Los Angeles region hotels! The ribbit, ribbit!

Don’t forget about the fact that strollers that are larger than 31″ broad by 52″ long are not allowed in the park. We counted 15 stroller wagons abandoned in the parking structure after security failed to check them, during our most recent trip to Disneyland. They came into effect on May 1st of this year. Bringing a stroller wagon that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements will get you turned away. When going through security, the stroller must meet all of the requirements. You should make sure your stroller is within the security criteria if the seat is upright and it measures 52 inches in length. Try rolling the stroller over some painter’s tape to see if you can get an accurate reading if you’re having trouble measuring.

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Accommodations will be made for children who use a stroller as a wheelchair notwithstanding the new stroller regulations. There’s nothing new there. If you have any further inquiries, you can reach us at 407-560-2547. People who use their stroller as a wheelchair may be exempt from this rule if they have a particular badge to indicate this. A medical device push chair can be an option for your older disabled child who need a larger stroller. The new stroller criteria will not apply to it because it will be considered a medical gadget. If you require a special needs stroller, stop by Guest Services and ask for assistance.

A stroller-mounted infant car seat is a great option if your child is still too small to fit in a regular car seat. Bring your own if you can. Carry your own stroller if your infant isn’t yet able to sit up and/or your youngster likes to recline during nap time. The seat is made of rigid plastic and does neither recline or provide support for a baby under one year. There is some recline in the double stroller’s rear seat, although it’s a little snug.

2. Rent a stroller for convenience.

A stroller may not fit in your car with your other luggage if you have a lot of it. Tweens and teens may have outgrown strollers yet find a full day of park-hopping too much for their tiny feet, so you may want to consider a baby carrier. You may also discover that your current stroller does not meet the new requirements. Then renting a stroller from Disney World might be the best option for you. One’s possible to borrow a stroller from an off-site rental firm if you need it for the duration of your trip.

With Mickey and Minnie on the sides, these new red Disneyland single strollers resemble plastic jogging strollers. It costs $18 for a single stroller or $36 for a double stroller per day. As of this year, the hard plastic rental double strollers have been replaced by the same hard plastic rental single strollers. They are best suited for toddlers and pre-schoolers because they do not recline for small babies. The double stroller may be a preferable option for a preschooler who is significantly larger.

Renting a stroller at Disneyland might make it easier to get about the park on the shuttles and buses. You can take your rental stroller with you while you visit different parks. Also, you can take it inside Downtown Disney, but not to the hotels, which are beyond the security screening area. ” Outside of Disneyland Park, you can rent a stroller.

Renting a stroller that can be used both inside and outside of the theme parks may be possible through an off-site rental provider, so be sure to do your research in before. Strollers, adaptable strollers for special needs, and wheelchairs can be rented via ScooterBug, which is preferred by Disneyland for off-site rentals. If you’re looking to rent anything else for your child, look elsewhere. Rentals from this provider can be delivered and picked up without your presence if you are staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel.

City Stroller Rentals has been recommended by several of our guests. Size restrictions at Disneyland are met by these strollers. You are permitted to take them outside of Disney World. Renting infant equipment is another service offered by this business. It’s possible to add additional things to your stroller rental such as a pack ‘n’ play or high chair. Single, double, and sit-and-stand strollers are available for rent through City Stroller Rentals. They also rent special-needs strollers. It’s wonderful to know that the company thoroughly cleans the equipment after each use.

Most hotels within a three- to four-mile radius of Disneyland can arrange for the delivery of your stroller. For hotels outside of the city, City Stroller Rentals may be able to deliver strollers. Depending on the hotel, you may not even have to be there when the driver drops you off or picks you up. Others necessitate an in-person meeting with the vendor. Except for ScooterBug rentals, guests staying at the Disneyland Resort Hotel must meet most outside vendors in person for delivery and pickup beginning on December 1, 2019.

3. Keep your receipt.

Keep your receipt close at hand to make the most of your stay at Disneyland! You can get a free stroller replacement in the park if you lose yours. To put it another way, if you lose the stroller, the receipt won’t do you any good. Replacement strollers can be purchased at Disneyland locations, such as:

  • It’s Pooh’s Corner.
  • Command of the Little Green Men’s Store
  • The Gag Shop Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway construction has shut down this business, so don’t go seeking for a stroller there.
  • To the westward
  • Merchandise from the Beach (in Disney California Adventure)

4. Buy a stroller at Disneyland.

At the rental locations, Disneyland sells little strollers that fold up. Children weighing 40 to 50 pounds and under can use these strollers. If you’re on a trip and decide at the last minute that a stroller is a good idea, but you also want to use it outside of the parks, this might be a better option for you.

5. Mark your stroller or take steps to secure it.

Make your stroller stand out, no matter if you bring it or rent it. You may have a difficult time identifying your stroller in a sea of other strollers if it is moved by a cast member. Finding a means to temporarily designate it, such as with a hoodie, ribbon, or balloon, can save you time when you go looking for it later. Do not allow anyone else to wrongly believe that your stroller belongs to them without clearly labeling it so that it cannot be disputed. This is especially important if you want to bring a stroller with you to an event. When you arrive, take a picture of your stroller. If you ever misplace it, you can use it to show to others that it belongs to you.

The most costly stroller on your list is usually not necessary. If your youngster values comfort over all else, you’ll want to check that stroller for safety. To keep their strollers safe, some individuals opt for a Buggyguard stroller lock. A cast member will remove your stroller if it is locked to anything in the park. The wheels of the stroller or the stroller itself can be locked to each other or to a thin bicycle lock, however chains are not permitted. Cast members should still be able to move the stroller. A tracking device like a Tile can be hidden in a stroller if a guest is concerned about losing it, but that only works if it is nearby.

6. Park your stroller in designated areas and leave it for longer periods.

Moving through crowds with a baby in and out of a stroller can be difficult, as can finding parking and retrieving the stroller. We frequently utilize the stroller when traveling longer distances with a toddler or preschooler. After that, we leave the vehicle in a specific spot or land and visit a number of nearby sites. In Fantasyland, we park it in a designated spot for strollers. ‘ We don’t use it again until after we’ve finished exploring Fantasyland, and then we jump back in.

To conclude, here’s where to put your car. It’s impossible to find a stroller that’s been abandoned in front of a trash can or a bench when you return. Strollers will be relocated by cast members to more appropriate locations. Because they don’t want to inconvenience other guests or create a tripping hazard, they do this. Stroller-hunting is a tedious experience. Most attractions have allocated parking spaces for strollers. While you’re away, other folks will be using their own strollers. Those are the places where you can anticipate to find your stroller. In order to keep the space tidy and to facilitate foot traffic, the cast members are continually moving strollers.

7. Plan ahead for parades and fireworks.

There is a lot of foot traffic to contend with before and after performances like fireworks. Certain locations can accommodate strollers more easily than others. This is a good area in front of the castle to park if you like to get there early to catch the fireworks. In the meantime, you tadpoles can take a nap. Having a stroller in the middle of a crowd of people watching the fireworks is a pain. In order to save time and money, you can park your car in advance if you know where you’ll be going after the concert. Without a stroller, it’s easier to navigate the post-firework crowds.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose from a variety of parade options. The parade path is a popular spot for kids to perch on the curbs. Your toddler might benefit from taking a nap while you’re waiting for the parade, so you may not want to leave your stroller behind. Before the parade, spread out a thin blanket or tablecloth in your pram and use it as a seat.

8. Watch out for other people.

Traveling with a stroller means that crowds can be a bit more difficult to navigate. You’ll have to be more patient, move more slowly, and pay attention to the ankles of those around you. Drivers should avoid colliding with others who have unintentionally blocked their path or are traveling slowly in front of them; this could cause an accident. Everyone should treat the other guests with respect and act like a prince or princess. A majority of individuals aren’t out to get you. They’re probably just distracted and not paying attention because of the beautiful landscape.

Keep your stroller to the side of the stage when you’re watching a show or fireworks with the balloon attached. Take a step back and lower the balloon so that the folks behind you don’t have to stare at it bouncing about in the air. Good unsaid theme park politeness norms are all you need to know!

9. Use your stroller for storage and a place of comfort.

Using a stroller as a “shopping cart” is an excellent way to carry your child’s hoodie, diaper, food and water bottle. In the end, a backpack is going to be quite heavy. Your back will thank you when you can leave goods in the stroller’s bottom compartment. This includes tickets, wallets and keys (if we rented), rental receipt (if applicable), and a camera. However, we only take what we need and put the rest in the stroller. You’ll have to take your bags out of the stroller to be checked at the security checkpoint. Strollers packed with backpacks, blankets, and water bottles are a familiar sight as children walk. It’s always an option to hire a locker for valuables you can’t stand to lose if the stress becomes too severe.

A clip-on stroller fan can help keep your infant cool and comfortable. Using a portable noise machine during nap time can help drown out all of the other Disneyland music and sounds. To avoid losing your baby’s pacifier or other toys, consider securing them to the stroller. Your most precious property should never be left alone in a park.

10. Follow the flow of traffic.

People in the United States drive and walk on the right side of the road. Cast employees at Disneyland are known to reroute guests on occasion. Don’t try to fight your way upstream with the stroller, just go with the flow.

This list of useful hints will make your trip to Disneyland with a young child a lot less stressful. Strollers make it easier to maintain track of a child with a bolter in a crowd. Children who are too big for a stroller on a regular basis may find it useful to bring one to Disneyland with them. We’ve walked more than 10 kilometers in a single day on occasion! Rather than having to carry or rest weary youngsters, it is considerably easier to place them in a stroller.

Strollers at Disney Parks – Where to Get One and How to Manage It | Disneyland Daily

You can get more use out of a stroller if you have children of different ages, from teens to toddlers. Your tadpole will be able to rest or slumber in the stroller while you are out and about. A stroller can be a lifesaver when it comes to meeting the requirements of everyone in the family and extending your time at the park. A stroller and a bubble wand are a winning combination in our book. Allow no one to shame you into skipping one. Your family’s demands are unique, and only you can determine what they are.

The use of a stroller can enable youngsters with hidden disability who do not use a wheelchair enjoy the park as well. You never know what another family’s situation is or why they need a stroller while visiting Disneyland. Stroller tags are available for children with impairments who use a stroller as a wheelchair. At Guest Relations, City Hall, or the Chamber of Commerce, you can pick up a tag for your luggage. For example, the badge tells cast members that the stroller is allowed in areas where standard strollers aren’t.

Strollers are also used by adults with disabilities. At home, kids may not require a walker, but in a crowded theme park, where they may be bumped into, a stroller provides security. Also, the stroller has been branded so that cast members know that they need it in case they need help.

Renting From a Third Party Stroller Provider at Disney World

Renting a stroller from a third-party provider gives your family the freedom to go wherever with the stroller (including outside the parks). Guests can rent a more comfortable stroller from a third-party source for the same price as a Disney park stroller rental. Most brands and stroller models offer free delivery, but prices can vary slightly. If you’re on a multi-day Disney vacation, renting outside the resort can save you money.

The Walt Disney World stroller rental delivery process has undergone various modifications. Disney’s preferred provider Scooterbug may currently deliver to Disney resort hotels without the requirement of meeting and greeting. As long as you leave your stroller with bell services, they won’t require your presence.

If you’re staying at any of the Disney resort hotels other than Disney’s Swan and Dolphin or the Swan Reserve, you’ll need to meet the stroller rental company in person to pick up the stroller.

The majority of third-party manufacturers have offered strollers designed for running (like the City Mini pictured in this section). There’s a lot of storage space under the seats, as well as awnings to keep the sun out of your eyes.

I’ve used numerous of these businesses in the past and have been pleased every time.

  • Call (800) 281-0884 for a stroller rental in the Orlando area.
  • For further information, contact Kingdom Strollers at (407) 271-5301. (free rain poncho, console/drink holder for parents, and ice chest) (CAN PICK UP AT ORLANDO AIRPORT)
  • Amusement Park Rentals at (407) 442-0000.
  • You can reach them by calling (866) 866-6177.

Even older children and preschoolers, whose legs grow sore from walking, can benefit from the convenience of a stroller. If you’re visiting Disney for the first time, don’t underestimate the distance you’ll be walking. Julie Bigboy is the photographer that took this image.

Renting a Third Party Stroller at Disneyland

Due to the large number of Disneyland guests who carry their own strollers, there are fewer stroller rental options in the Anaheim area. TravelingMom suggests City Stroller Rentals, (877) 787-5537, for stroller rentals in the Disneyland region.

Buying a New Stroller at Disney

Strollers can be brought or rented in Disney World. Then again, maybe a new one isn’t a bad idea when you get there? An umbrella-style stroller can be purchased at some Disney parks and shops on-property. This pair of strollers caught my eye as I approached Disneyland’s main entrance in Anaheim, California. Renting a stroller is more expensive in the long run than buying one outright like this..

A cheap stroller can come in handy if you’re going to a nearby store (such as Target or Walmart). Alternatively, you can have a stroller sent to your Disney hotel room for free (there may be a package delivery fee; check with your hotel on their policies for shipments). The stroller can be yours to keep or lend to another family at the end of your trip.

Double Strollers & Tips for Twins

The usage of a double stroller in the Disney parks is highly recommended for families with twins or other little children. Consider the following if you’re planning to bring your own double stroller, rent one at the park, or hire one from a third-party service.

  • If you’re flying in, be sure your stroller can be gate checked. To do this, check with your airline to see what restrictions apply. Some double strollers do not meet the weight and height requirements.
  • Remember to fold and carry your stroller when getting on and off public transportation to hotels in the vicinity. Due of its size and weight, a twin stroller is not recommended.
  • Confronted with the prospect of folding and transporting a double stroller while also attempting to manage two children, it may seem like an impossible task. You may want to go with a flimsier, but still manageable, twin umbrella stroller for your child. Despite the fact that it’s not as easy to move, it’s a lot lighter and less cumbersome than the previous model.
  • Bring or hire two separate lightweight strollers instead of a bulky double. If you’re traveling with other people who can help with the kids while you fold and carry the strollers, this might be the best option.

Add Personal Flair to Your Stroller for Easier Viewing

Nearly every Disney park attraction has a designated stroller parking place. “Stroller Parking” spots are available. The parked strollers will be rearranged as people depart and new ones arrive. You may have difficulty finding your stroller as a result of this change.

Nobody has ever taken my stroller away from me. Strollers can easily be mistaken for someone else’s if they aren’t marked. You should do this even if you’re renting a stroller from the park because they all appear the same to the untrained eye!

To make your nameplate stand out, you can personalize it by attaching a ribbon or other accessory that stands out from the crowd. Make it simpler to locate your stroller at Disney World by labeling it with these simple ideas and tricks.

  • Put your name on a brightly colored baggage tag.
  • The handlebars can be decorated with colored ribbons.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer can be attached to the stroller for use by family members after rides and before they eat.
  • To make your stroller easier to find after dark, attach glow-in-the-dark wristbands to the handles.


A new and improved theme park stroller, like the ones unveiled at Shanghai Disney in 2021, is something we hope to see in the future. There is a reclined seat (an enormous bonus for stroller users), an expanded basket for storage, a convenient break integrated into the handle, cup-holder, and smooth and sleek design that looks like something from a Disney touchpoint in this new high-tech stroller. This design is presently only accessible in other countries, but we hope it will soon be available in Florida. What a great opportunity this is to take advantage of!

When planning a trip to Disney World, you may also be considering whether or not to rent a stroller. Only children under the age of five are required to use a car seat or booster in Florida’s amusement parks. Toddlers traveling in a car seat like the MiFold or a Bubble Bum booster will like these possibilities. Try the car rental sites for hired car seats if you have a small child that needs a car seat in a rental car (MCO transfers are for lap babies – no car seats needed). When it comes to a Disney vacation, regular car seats that aren’t on wheels are a bulky, cumbersome item that are rarely used.

Booking your Walt Disney World Resort family vacation with Academy Travel is easy. They offer free vacation planning services when you’re ready. You can get the vacation schedule you want with their help! You can simply phone them at 609-978-0740 and let them know when you’d like to come in and see them!