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Cost of a Sub-Zero Refrigerator That question will be answered in this post. So be sure to stick around till the finish! The average price of a sub-zero refrigerator exceeds $1000.

The pricing range for these top-of-the-line refrigerators is between $1 985 and $11 900.

Because they are designed for high-end kitchens, Sub-Zero refrigerators are quite pricey. The first counter-depth refrigerator was made by Sub-Zero. Since it has a cabinet-like appearance and an ingenious design that makes it look like a fridge but is actually a freezer, it’s impossible to tell the difference.

People are interested in this goods because of that. I’m sure you’re interested in this type of refrigerator. For the sake of your family, it is essential that you learn more about your home. As a result, let’s get started now.

The Cost Of Having A Sub Zero Fridge

“How much does a subzero refrigerator cost?” is a question you may come across when perusing the web. Surely, you’re curious about that. Now that you’re here, I’ll tell you the solution. The most expensive refrigerators on the market are this type. Sub-zero refrigerators are like basketball’s Michael Jordan and sports car’s Ferrari. However, the brand comes with a hefty price tag because of this.

Sub Zero Fridge: Everything to Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

French doors, ice makers, and premium freezers are just a few of the features included. It’s also worth noting that subzero has a variety of wine-specific refrigerators, as well as built-in and integrated models.

The UC-24R under-counter refrigerator from Sub-Zero costs $1 985 as a starting point. It is followed by the $2 265 beverage and $2 455 combination fridge UC-24BG and UC24C, which are both under-counter and both priced at $2 265 and $2 455.

There’s also the UC-24RO outdoor refrigerator for $2 715 and the IC-15I Ice Maker Refrigerator for $3 565. The price of the other models is about $4,000. It costs $3 825 for the UC-15IO refrigerator, $3 950 for 700BR(I), $4 090 for 700BF(I), and $4 230 for 700BC(I).

In addition, the IC-27R fridge is priced at $6 600, and the IC-27FI, 700TR, and 700TFI fridges are all priced above $6 000. There are also fridges from Sub-Zero that cost more than $7,000. Each of the 700TCI, 736TR, 736TFI, and 700TCI are currently trading for $7 060, respectively.

It costs $7 190 for the BI-36R, $7 925 for BI-36RG and $7 500 for Bi 36. After that, they have the BI-30 built-in refrigerator for $9 250, BI-36S for $9380, BI-36U for $9 580, BI-42SD for $9 625, and BI-30UG for $9 860.

Some of Sub-fridges Zero’s are also sold at a price above $10,000. Additionally, they have the BI-42S refrigerator for $10 030 and the BI-36UFD, BI-36UG, and BI-48S refrigerators for $10 060, $285, and $10 615, respectively.

As a last note, they’re not done with their high-end fridges, which start at $11 260 for the integrated/combo BI-48SID. The BI-48SD built-in and combo refrigerator costs $11 900, making it the most expensive refrigerator on the market.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Sub Zero Fridge?

If these fridges don’t have great advantages to light up your home and food with delight, knowing the costs won’t satisfy you. Here are four advantages you can get from purchasing a sub-zero refrigerator. Find out if a fridge like this is worth the investment.

Benefit #1. Technological advancement

Technology developed by Sub-Zero itself is aimed at competing with other brands when it comes to preserving your meals. Their refrigerators, for example, include a dual refrigeration system that allows them to control the temperature and humidity in all of the cooling parts of the fridge.

In addition, the fridge keeps its temperature constant within a 1-degree range. Air purification and vacuum sealing are other included features of the refrigerator. If you and your family are looking for the greatest food storage in your home, you’ll want to get this high-quality product.

Benefit #2. Build quality

Over the course of their useful lives, sub-zero refrigerators can survive nearly two decades. With this, the firm boasts that their premium fridges come with a 12-year warranty, a guarantee of quality and luxury flavor. No need to worry about buying a new refrigerator for a long time now.

Benefit #3. Designs

Sub-zero refrigerators come in stainless steel, glass, and French door configurations. Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate refrigerators ranging in size from 30 inches to 48 inches.

Benefit #4. Investment

This refrigerator is, without a doubt, a status symbol and a highly sought-after brand in the refrigerator industry. Sub-zero refrigerators are utilized in commercial and industrial settings and can be valuable investments in high-end apartments.

Although the price of this fridge is high, it’s a good investment.

Sub Zero Fridge: Everything to Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

When it comes to refrigerators, the Sub-Zero is unrivaled. Food preservation systems like this aren’t only for the wealthy; they’re a practical tool for amateur cooks and professional chefs alike to keep supplies fresh and avoid spoilage.

Fridges, freezers, and kitchen appliances have been manufactured by this Wisconsin-based company since 1945. Freestanding freezers were also pioneered by this model. A career spanning eighty years is extremely impressive. It’s earned a reputation for a number of noteworthy aspects within that time period.

A Sub Zero refrigerator’s dual compressor system and proprietary vacuum door seal mechanism are engineering marvels. As a bonus, these refrigerators have two separate cooling systems for the freezer and fridge compartments.

Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail are hallmarks of a Sub Zero refrigerator. The firm is confident in claiming that they are built to survive 20 years or more because of this.

Sub Zero refrigerators also have a lot to offer in terms of aesthetic options. If you’re looking for something a little more versatile than your conventional fridge, this is the best option for your needs. If you go with a panel-ready refrigerator, it will blend in with the cabinets and appear practically invisible.

In light of all of these aspects, it’s easy to see why Sub Zero is so highly regarded in the United States. Although there are many reasons why we think these products are worth the price, here are four of the most important ones:

Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Sub Zero Fridge

Watch our in-depth video review of the Sub Zero wine cooler and other kitchen appliances in the kitchen.

1. Superior Food Preservation Technology

In comparison to other refrigerators, Sub Zero takes great satisfaction in its capacity to keep food fresh for extended periods of time. It is estimated that a household of four wastes $1,500 worth of food in a calendar year.

Controlling temperature swings and humidity is what truly makes food stay longer even if most refrigerators do a good job of circulating moist and cold air to that end A computer-controlled air filtration system is also included in the Sub Zero refrigerator, which helps to circulate moist, fresh air throughout the unit.

Dual Refrigeration

Refrigerator and freezer temperature and humidity are controlled by two distinct sealed refrigeration systems. In this way, the compartments’ humidity may be maintained at their ideal levels, preventing the taste from leaking out.

Microprocessor Controlled System

The units are able to maintain a steady temperature thanks to this mechanism. Sub Zero refrigerators, on the other hand, maintain their fixed temperature within one degree at all times during regular operation. Compared to other refrigerators, this is quite outstanding. Temperature variations of up to 14 degrees are not uncommon. Keeping food at a steady temperature extends its shelf life.

Vacuum Seal

For best temperature control, Sub Zero appliances use an unique vacuum door seal. When you shut the door, the vacuum seals on all four sides of the unit.

Air Purification

An antimicrobial air purification technology is built into these devices, and it automatically washes the air for 20 minutes after each use. Ethylene gas is emitted by many fresh foods, including apples, and also accelerates spoilage in other foods. Your groceries will last longer if you remove these gases, as well as the bacteria and mold spores found on some fresh produce.

Everything About Buying Sub Zero Refrigerators - Wilshire Refrigeration

2. Sub Zero Fridge: Quality & Longevity

The superiority of Sub Zero’s materials and manufacturing processes cannot be overstated. Componentry is top-of-the-line, and the corporation makes no compromises in the design or production of new products. Sub Zero refrigerators are built to last for at least 20 years. Before it leaves the factory, every single item is put through its paces.

12-Year Warranty, the Longest in the Industry

In fact, the entire proprietary sealed system (the heart of the machine) is covered by a five-year warranty. Its sealed system will be protected for a restricted 12-year period after five years.

3. Design Flexibility

Other than Sub Zero, no other brand of refrigerator offers such a wide range of models and options. Options for installation, configuration, size, and finish include:

Adaptability in Terms of Setup

  • Option for a fully flushed installation
  • Install a few inches above the cabinetry.

Exterior Finishes by Designers:

  • Doors made of stainless steel
  • Doors with a cabinet finish
  • Doors made of glass
  • Various methods of controlling
  • Top-notch cover art
  • Doors to the bottom freezer
  • The French door
  • Side-by-side
  • Full-sized refrigerators and freezers that have only one door (aka columns)

Various Dimensions to Choose From

  • Single-piece pieces ranging in length from 30 to 48 inches are available.
  • Columns can be used to build a fridge. Using factory-made trim kits, you may mix and match different fridge and freezer sizes for a personalized design.

4. Home Resale Value

More people know the name Sub Zero than any other brand of appliance. Real estate listings will almost always include the information that a kitchen includes a Sub Zero refrigerator, which can influence a buyer’s decision to buy. It’s hardly a secret that kitchen remodeling may cost a lot of money. A Sub Zero product is a wise investment because of the unmatched quality it offers.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Design Styles

Sub Zero refrigerators come in three varieties, each with its own set of advantages. One of the world’s best wine fridge manufacturers is also the company. Previously, we wrote on the Sub Zero wine refrigerator lineup. For the time being, let’s only talk about the options for a standard-sized refrigerator.

Classic Sub Zero Built-in Refrigerators (aka BI)

BI refrigerators were the original inspiration for the design of Sub Zero refrigerators. However, an inset installation can make the doors of BI Sub Zero refrigerators flush with the cabinet surface. However, it’s crucial to give enough area for the doors to open while you’re doing so. French door, over and under, side by side, and column configurations are all available for BI units.

The in-depth evaluation of the Sub Zero built-in vs integrated refrigerators reveals the differences between the models.

Sub Zero Professional Series, Commercial Look for the Home

The Sub Zero Pro 48 (also known as the Sub Zero PRO4850G) is the best Sub Zero refrigerator on the market. Often, this type is referred to as “an 800-pound monument to food preservation.”

The Pro 48’s design is reminiscent of a restaurant kitchen, but it’s elegant enough to be used in your own home. Triple evaporators serve as controllers for freezer, refrigerator, and refrigerator drawers in the Pro 48 in addition to the appealing style of this appliance.

Pro 48 delivery necessitates certain expertise and enough of room; your floor may also require reinforcing in order to sustain the weight of the package. Plan on paying between $600 and $1,000 in shipping fees.

Integrated, Designer Series Sub Zero Fridges

Incorporating an integrated Sub Zero refrigerator into a kitchen design can be done in a variety of ways, with more than 30 possible configurations. The absence of visible hinges or grills allows for flush mounting of these devices inside cabinets with no visible gaps. Designer Series Sub Zero refrigerators can be made to blend in with your cabinetry using this method. Integrated models fall into two categories:

  1. Columns that combine a refrigerator and a freezer into a single device
  2. What Sub Zero calls a “over-and-under” refrigerator is one that has a freezer in the basement.

Keep Your Cool with Sub Zero | Sub Zero Refrigerator Reviews

As a company that was founded in 1945, Sub Zero has led the way in developing high-quality products that satisfy the needs of their clients while also being innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically advanced. The company has become a leader in the market because of its foresight and responsiveness, and it strives to preserve this position by focusing on high-quality design and client happiness.

Dual refrigeration, which the business invented in the 1950s, is standard on every Sub Zero refrigerator, as is award-winning durability. Our Sub Zero refrigerator reviews will help you step into the lap of luxury. The following information will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a Sub Zero refrigerator.

Who is Sub Zero For?

Sub Zero kitchen is shorthand for “a residence that gets all the high-end elements correct,” All Sub Zero refrigerators come standard with an integrated appearance and an abundance of commercial-grade features, and we couldn’t agree more. With this in mind, Sub Zero is geared for homeowners who are willing to pay a premium for opulence. Here are the beginning pricing for Sub Zero refrigerators as a reference.

Prices for Sub Zero Refrigerators:

  • For $9,299, you can have a Sub Zero French door refrigerator.
  • Refrigerators from the Sub-Zero brand start at $8,529 for a pair.
  • Starting at $8,480, Sub Zero refrigerators have a bottom freezer.
  • For as little as $6,899, you may own a Sub Zero column refrigerator.
  • An under-counter Sub Zero fridge can be had for as little as $4229 on Amazon.

As a result of the premium materials used in the construction of Sub Zero refrigerators, these high-end prices come with a guarantee of at least a 20-year lifespan.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Reviews

Among the most popular refrigeration products among Sub Zero devotees are the following.

Types of Sub Zero Refrigerators

Built In

Built-in installation was the refrigeration brand’s initial concept and is considered a classic aesthetic for Sub Zero fridges. While the doors of Sub Zero built-in refrigerators lie flush with the cabinetry, they protrude slightly from their openings. Column, French door, bottom freezer, and side by side are all options for built-in units.

Sub Zero BI-36UFDID/S/PH Stainless Steel Built-In French Door Refrigerator (21 cu. ft. capacity)

You can keep your goods fresher for longer with this Sub Zero counter depth refrigerator thanks to two distinct cooling systems that work in tandem. To ensure the best possible preservation conditions for each type of food, the freezer should be equipped with dual refrigeration. There’s plenty of storage space in this built-in refrigerator thanks to its one crisper drawer with a high humidity level, one storage drawer, two dairy compartments that can be adjusted, four glass shelves, and five bins on the doors. What’s our favorite part? Each drawer comes with adjustable drawers.

Glass Door

Sub Zero glass door refrigerators are available in a variety of configurations, including bottom freezer, side by side, and freezerless. Sub Zero refrigerators with glass doors allow you to see what’s inside, whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing at home.

We recommend the Sub Zero BI-36UA/S/PH-RH 21.6 cu ft stainless steel built-in refrigerator.

An adjustable shelf system, low-temperature and high-humidity zones, and a magnetic door seal system are just some of the features of this Sub Zero refrigerator’s glass door technology. BI-36UG has a 16.3 cubic-foot refrigerator and a 5.3 cubic-foot freezer for ample storage space. What’s the end result? Your family and friends will enjoy tastier and more flavourful food..

Bottom Freezer

You’ve seen your fair share of wrinkly fruit and wilting lettuce in the refrigerator. There is an alternative. As a result of more than 70 years of research, Sub Zero bottom freezer freezers keep your food fresher longer with innovative food preservation technology. Aside from the fact that you get to enjoy more flavorful vegetables and fruits long after you’ve gotten them home from the store, there are a number of other benefits. Since the fresh-food compartment is located at eye level in a bottom freezer refrigerator, you won’t have to lean down to reach the ingredients you use the most.

Recommendation: Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (PRO3650/RH) by Sub Zero

Using this Sub Zero bottom freezer refrigerator, you can clearly see how fresh food is kept. Sculpted metal design statement and culinary secret weapon, the Sub Zero PRO3650/RH is a food preservation monument. Stainless steel is used throughout the massive interior as well as the eye-catching exterior. In addition, this Sub Zero refrigerator has an independently regulated crisper drawer, a NASA-inspired air purification system, and a water and ice filter that removes impurities from the water and ice.


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just having friends over, Sub Zero undercounter refrigerators in stainless steel or glass panels will keep your drinks, cocktail garnishes, and cold nibbles cold and delectable. If you’re looking to build a bar in your study or a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen, this tiny fridge will allow you to do so with a minimum of fuss. Sub Zero, in a nutshell, is “anywhere refrigeration:” The kitchen island is stocked with fresh vegetables, and the home gym and pool are also stocked with cold drinks and ice. While bespoke and stainless-steel panel options ensure your undercounter units fit smoothly within the flow of your house, undercounter units offer the convenience of meal preparation and storage in one convenient location.

Sub Zero 5.0 Cu. Ft. Under the Counter Refrigerator is our top pick (ID-30CI)

Internal temperature is precisely controlled by a microprocessor in this under-counter refrigerator, and an improved air seal on all four sides of the door minimizes leaks and wasted energy. The refrigerator features a removable ice container, adjustable drawer dividers, LED illumination, and an automatic ice maker.

Sub Zero Refrigerators Pros and Cons


Up to 20 years of service life from a high-quality product.

Plenty of storage space in both large and small sizes.

Many full-sized models feature an energy-efficient dual refrigeration system.

Odor-reducing air filtration systems can be found in several full-sized models.

For a high-end kitchen, these are stunning designs (infinite paneling options and fully flush integrated models)


X Luxury-tier price tag (freestanding full-size refrigerators start at roughly $8,400)

Shop Sub Zero Refrigeration at Spencer’s

Don’t forget to support your local businesses! Do some research before you buy a Sub Zero refrigerator and don’t hesitate to call or visit your friends in the appliance business at Spencer’s TV and Appliance. We’ve been serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale areas since 1973, and we have 10 sites in the area. We’d love to hear from you!

Sub Zero Fridge: Everything to Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

Why Are Sub Zero Fridges So Expensive?

Do You Ask, “Why Are Sub Zero Refrigerators So Expensive”?

U.S. refrigerators typically cost $1500. Depending on the model, size, and configuration, Sub Zero refrigerators can cost up to $7,500.

Exactly how much more expensive is a Sub Zero refrigerator? Furthermore, why should you get one and is the price worth it?

What Are Sub Zero Refrigerators?

For more than 75 years, Sub Zero has been a leader in the design and high-end market for refrigeration and kitchen appliances.

There are a variety of appliance alternatives that can be integrated into any kitchen, whether it is a domestic or commercial one, for a seamless look and unparalleled quality.

Sub Zero is a brand that has demonstrated it can fulfill your specific needs, whether they relate to your kitchen space, your fresh food habits, or your storage requirements.

What Sets Sub Zero Fridges Apart?

There are several unique characteristics in Sub Zero refrigerators that you won’t find in any other brand.

The dual compressor system was one of Sub Zero’s early breakthroughs. These machines’ fridge and freezer sections each have their own compressor, ensuring that food stays fresher, longer.

A vast range of sizes, depths, and styles are available only from Sub Zero. These options enable for refrigerators that blend in with your kitchen rather than stand out.

Anti-microbial air scrubbers are also included in these refrigerators. Keep your food fresh and sanitary by using these appliances.

Sub Zero’s refrigerator doors use a proprietary vacuum seal mechanism that ensures an airtight seal on all four sides. Food can be kept fresher for a longer period of time thanks to this method of temperature regulation.

Why Are Sub Zero Fridges so Expensive?

Hopefully, our answers to the question, “why are Sub Zero refrigerators so expensive?” have helped. Among the advantages we’ve shared with you, it’s worth noting that Sub Zero refrigerators have a longer life expectancy than those of other brands. Refrigerators typically last ten years. It is expected that these refrigerators will survive at least 20 years.

Sub Zero makes no compromises when it comes to the quality of their parts and materials in order to provide customers with a headache-free product.

Sub Zero refrigerator prices begin to make sense when you consider the quality of the parts, the purposeful design features to keep your food fresh, clean, and healthy, and the infinite customizability of these refrigerators.

Who Needs a Sub Zero Fridge?

Fancy refrigerators are not for everyone, but there are a few situations in which spending a little extra is justified.

Commercial kitchens are the most apparent place to put these machines. There are many more kitchens that deserve the same level of uniqueness, freshness, and longevity as these.

A Sub Zero appliance would be ideal for anyone who needs or desires fully integrated (and even hidden) appliance alternatives. Anyone concerned about the quality of their food should also consider acquiring one of these fridges.

There are many types of people who might fall into this category: those who follow a strict clean-eating regimen, those who collect fine wine, and those who are interested in eating local, organic food.

Are They Worth It?

Is it worth the money to buy a Sub Zero refrigerator? You should not be afraid to spend more money if the innovations and high quality of these products may best meet your unique needs. Something else entirely if you do not.

Learn how to choose, maintain, and get the most out of a Sub Zero refrigerator on our site, whether you already own one or are thinking about purchasing one.

Contact HR Appliance if you have a problem with your Sub Zero refrigerator or if you want to set up a maintenance plan to keep it running at its best. Repairing Sub-Zero refrigerators is our specialty.


What is the life expectancy of a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

The typical lifespan of a Sub-Zero product is roughly 20 years. Any appliance’s lifespan will be affected by a variety of factors, including the amount of usage, temperature, maintenance, and repair history, and uncontrollable variables such as mechanical failure of part components.

Do Sub-Zero refrigerators use a lot of electricity?

One of the most energy efficient refrigerators on the market is a 36-inch Sub-Zero side-by-side that utilizes 602 kWh. When this is not possible, you can use an energy monitoring device, such as a watt meter. You may be able to borrow one of these devices from a friend or perhaps your local library for $25 to $100.

Why are Sub-Zero fridges so expensive?

Sub Zero refrigerator prices begin to make sense when you consider the quality of the parts, the purposeful design features to keep your food fresh, clean, and healthy, and the infinite customizability of these refrigerators.

Do Sub-Zero refrigerators have water dispensers?

In the new Sub-Zero refrigerators, the 42′′ and 48′′ wide BI-42SID built-in versions, an internal ice and water dispenser has been added. The convenience of ice and water dispensing without sacrificing the look of your kitchen is provided by this design.

Does Sub-Zero make a counter depth refrigerator?

There are two options for these 36-inch counter-depth refrigerators: a stainless steel model or one that may be paneled to match the rest of your kitchen.

What can I do with old Sub-Zero?

You should always check Sub-Service Zero’s Finder, or better yet, call Sub-Zero customer care (1–800–222–7820) if you require service. When you need a repair, they’ll point you in the right direction.

When should I replace my Sub-Zero refrigerator?

These highly regarded models have an average lifespan of 18 to 20 years. It’s possible that your Sub Zero 500 or 600 series model is nearing the end of its regular lifespan. A new refrigerator might be a good investment.

How many watts does a Sub-Zero use?

A 2800-watt generator is a good starting point. Nearly 24 amps can be drawn by a system with two compressors.

What is wattage of refrigerator?

At 350-780 watts, a typical household refrigerator draws power. According to various circumstances, including the type of fridge you own and its size and age, the kitchen’s ambient temperature as well as where you install the refrigerator, refrigerator power consumption might vary widely.

Is Sub-Zero a brand?

The Sub-Zero Group, Inc., based in Madison, Wisconsin, manufactures Sub-Zero refrigerators and wine preservation systems in the United States. Wolf kitchen appliances are also manufactured by the firm.


Wow! You’ve heard the question, “How much does a subzero fridge cost?” It’s no surprise that this refrigerator is so pricey, given its many features and perks. There are many advantages to this product if you work in the food service sector, such as a lifetime warranty and the ability to store large quantities.

Built-in, freezer, wine-specific, under-counter, and integrated are just a few of the options available for their refrigerators. Starting from $1 985, Sub-refrigerators Zero’s range in price from $11 900 to $11 900.

There you go! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. People who are in the market for a new refrigerator should read this. Learn how much it costs to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner by reading this article. Goodbye for now and see you when it’s safest.