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How much of the DAV’s donation actually reaches its intended recipient, the military? According to their 2020 annual report, they have reached 82.9 percent of the donation that gets directly to the beneficiaries. Most people have a connection to the armed forces through a family member or close friend. It’s also possible to simply be a fan of our idols.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on; you want to assist them. When it comes to protecting our country, our military personnel are our first responders. They guard the country from invasion or other threats to international peace posed by foreign armed forces.

It’s hardly surprising that they’re still in ruins after the conflicts are finished. But don’t they deserve to live a free life once they’ve served their country well before they become disabled? In this case, organizations like DAV come to the rescue. These non-profits are dedicated to aiding the military heroes and veterans who fought for peace and justice. Yes, I am eager to learn more.


The Disabled American Veterans, or DAV, is a philanthropic fund trust. Retired military personnel and their families are the target audience for this program. Disabled, injured, or wounded veterans who require psychological or mental health care are also supported by the charity. In addition to their medical demands, rehabilitation and health issues will also be addressed.

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The US Congress established the charity in the early 1920s. A veteran charity that has been serving America’s war heroes, their families, and war survivors for more than a century is DAV.


Veterans who have given their lives in service to the United States will primarily benefit from this trust. People who have been wounded and traumatized by the conflict are included in this category. Food, shelter, and other needs of life are all included. Charitable organizations like this one prioritize rehabilitation for veterans with disabilities, including those who are deaf or blind.


As a post-military benefit, DAV is meant to help those who have served their country. It’s a small token of gratitude for all they do to keep the country safe from foreign invaders.

How To Donate To DAV

It’s possible that you’re wondering how much of your DAV donation goes directly to veterans. It’s only natural to have questions and do your research before donating to a charity. No one wants to see their efforts go in vain, do they? Although DAV’s mission is to aid those who served in the military throughout their life, it does not receive federal funds. Individuals, corporations, and other generous donors are the only ones who can keep their programs and projects running.

As a result, the charity keeps an eye on how much of each donation actually makes it to the intended recipients. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that all disabled veterans receive the respect and dignity they deserve.

Donating To DAV

There are four simple methods to donate to DAV if you want to help. One can be picked up, dropped off at a store, donated in a bin, or sent via a mail-in bag project. You have the option of choose the method that works best for you.

#1. Pick-up

If you prefer to give by mail, they offer a pick-up service from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays. (757)877-0999 can be dialed for Peninsula pickups, while (757)461-4938 can be dialed for Southside pickups.

#2. Store drop off

Donations can also be dropped off at one of their many locations. The drop-off sites can be viewed by clicking on this link and the locations will be shown on your screen.

#3. Donation bin

Convenience stores and shopping centers often have donation bins. There are donation boxes where you can drop off your money. At the end of the day, DAV’s pick-up team retrieves them as well. Make sure you know where the donation containers are.

#4. Mail-a-bag

The DAV may have sent you an envelope with a blue bag inside. They also accept the money in the contribution bag that was provided. They will gladly pick up your gift bag if you load it up with any kind of gift.

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Avoid Being Scammed

There have been numerous occasions in the past where organizations attempted to generate money by using the DAV’s name, both purposefully and accidentally. Since they’ve been supporting veterans for more than a century, DAV has a lot on the line. Questions about DAV or organizations using its name should be directed to the National Headquarters in Washington, DC, at 877-426-2838. Don’t hesitate to phone the number if you’ve received any suspicious requests using DAV’s name.

How Trustworthy Is DAV?

DAV boasts about the transparency of their expenses and tax returns when it comes to customer trust. BBBWGA, the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, is well-known for its openness, and they are accredited. As a way to keep contributors informed, they also send out an annual report detailing their accomplishments to keep them up to date.

The Power of a Simple Gift

One of the easiest and most common ways for you to support DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is with a gift of cash. We accept cash donations in the following ways:

This is a true gift. A cash gift from your checking or credit card or a regular transfer from your bank account will help DAV fulfill its most pressing needs and carry out its work every day. When you itemize your taxes, you will earn a federal income tax charitable deduction as a result of your charitable contributions.

A POD (payable on death) account. When you, the account owner, pass away, the money in your POD bank account or certificate of deposit is designated to one or more people or charity. When you designate a beneficiary, he or she will not be entitled to the assets until after your death. As long as you have the money in your bank account, you are free to use it as you choose, to alter the beneficiary, or terminate the account.

There are several other ways to make cash donations as part of the gift types below. Explore the links below for additional information.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) vs. Wounded Warriors Project (WWP)

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is the greatest site to donate your money to help veterans, according to extensive internet research.

Despite the fact that Wounded Warriors Project generates significantly more revenue and disburses significantly more funds to veterans, this comes at a steep cost. It’s worth a thought! Film stars and country & western musicians appear in adverts asking for your help. That’s going to set you back a pretty penny.

On the other hand, the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has been around for a lot longer than the WWP (World War II Veterans Party). Compared to the WWP, they bring in a lot less money, but they put it to far better use. More than 99% of DAV donations benefit the veteran in need, but WWP donations only give 58 percent of the money to the recipient.

As an individual donor, I like the money WWP gives to our soldiers, but I’d prefer that more of it go to the veterans themselves rather than to cover administrative expenses.

In comparison to other veteran organizations, DAV appears to have the best donation to veteran ratio.

The Wounded Warriors Project appears to have jumped on the bandwagon as soon as it spotted an opportunity. You can’t overlook the stars (movie actors/singer, etc.) that everyone recognizes.

The bottom line is to donate to DAV and educate your relatives and friends about the importance of doing so in order to maximize your personal donation to veterans. So that the WWP’s mission can be better understood, as well as that of its donors, and that our veterans can better profit from it (at the expense of WWP administrators and actors/overhead/etc.)

If enough of us do this, we can get WWP attention and influence that organization to reduce administration costs, and thereby provide more of their VERY substantial funds to those who need it more than actors, singers, administrators, etc.

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Which is a better charity DAV or wounded warrior?

Project Wounded Warriors (WWP) DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is the greatest site to donate your money to help veterans, according to extensive internet research. Despite the fact that Wounded Warriors Project generates significantly more revenue and disburses significantly more funds to veterans, this comes at a steep cost.

What is the best way to donate to veterans?

Wounded Warrior Project can be supported in a variety of ways, including holding a Supporter Event, writing a letter to an injured service member, donating monthly, or making a donation in memory of a loved one.


To answer the question How much DAV donation goes to veterans you have probably read that 82% of it goes to the beneficiaries as much as possible. The remaining percentage is spent on their operations and staff. Although it is not much for their charity work is trustworthy. It may be a good thing to read related articles; know how to setup a paypal donation and how to record a donation in QuickBooks.

It is likely that you have heard that 82 percent of DAV donations get directly to the beneficiaries. With the remainder, they invest in their business and workforce. Their charity activity, despite the fact that it’s not much, is reliable. Read adjacent articles and learn how to set up a paypal donation and record a donation in QuickBooks.