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The DAV donates to the military, but how much of that money truly makes it to the troops? In 2020, they reported that 82.9% of donations went to their intended recipients. Most people know someone who has served in the military, either as a family member or a friend. Just being an admirer of our heroes is a valid fandom identity.

Whatever is going on, you feel compelled to help them. When it comes to protecting our country, our military personnel are our first responders. They keep the country safe from any invading armies or other dangers to world stability.


You want to help them no matter what is happening. Our military members are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping the country safe. They keep the country safe from invading forces or other dangers to world security.

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In the 1920s, the charity was officially founded by the US Congress. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a nonprofit organization that has been helping veterans, their families, and war survivors for over a century.


The trust’s primary beneficiaries will be those who have served their country and died doing so. Those who have been physically or psychologically injured as a result of the conflict fall into this category. All of life’s necessities, like food and a place to sleep, are covered. Rehabilitation for disabled veterans, including the deaf and the blind, is a top priority for groups like this one.


DAV is intended as a post-military aid for service members and their families. A tiny gesture of appreciation for their efforts to defend the country from hostile foreigners.

How To Donate To DAV

Perhaps you are curious about how much of your contribution to the DAV actually benefits those who have served our country in the past. It’s reasonable to have doubts about a charity and to seek out more information before handing over any cash. There isn’t anyone who wants their hard work to be for nothing. Although DAV’s goal is to help veterans in need, the organization receives no government funding to accomplish this goal. Their programs and projects would cease to exist without the support of individuals, businesses, and other charitable organizations.

As a result, the charity keeps an eye on how much of each donation actually makes it to the intended recipients. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that all disabled veterans receive the respect and dignity they deserve.

Donating To DAV

Therefore, the organization monitors how much of each donation goes to its designated beneficiaries. They’ve been working hard to make sure all disabled veterans are treated fairly and with dignity.

#1. Pick-up

Donations sent through the mail can be picked up weekdays between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm. Pickups on the Peninsula can be arranged by calling (757)877-0999, while those on the Southside can be made by dialing (757)461-4938.

#2. Store drop off

You can also donate by dropping off a check at any of their numerous locations. If you click this link, you’ll be sent to a map showing all of the convenient drop-off points.

#3. Donation bin

Donation containers can be found at many retail establishments including supermarkets. You can drop your money off in the donation boxes provided. They are also picked up by DAV’s pick-up crew at the end of the day. Donation bins should be easily accessible, so be on the lookout for them.

#4. Mail-a-bag

Perhaps you received a blue bag in the mail from the DAV. Donations can also be placed in the provided bag. If you fill your gift bag with anything, they will gladly take it from you.

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Avoid Being Scammed

Many groups, some intentionally and others inadvertently, have tried to profit off of the DAV’s name in the past. There is a lot at stake for DAV because they have been helping veterans for almost a century. Call the DAV National Headquarters in Washington, DC, at 877-426-2838 if you have any questions concerning the DAV or any groups that use the DAV name. If you have received any strange demands under DAV’s name, please contact the number provided.

How Trustworthy Is DAV?

When it comes to earning their customers’ confidence, DAV highlights the openness of their accounting practices and tax filings. The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance (BBBWGA) is an accredited, transparent nonprofit organization. They also provide donors with an annual report that includes a summary of their activities and a financial statement.

The Power of a Simple Gift

Donating money is a simple and frequent way to help the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Your monetary contributions can be made in the following ways:

Indeed, this is a beautiful present. Donating to DAV with a check, credit card, or recurring bank transfer will assist the organization meet its most critical needs and continue its daily operations. Your charitable gifts will qualify you for a federal income tax charitable deduction if you itemize your returns.

Payable on death account. After your passing, the beneficiary(ies) you name to receive the funds in your POD bank account or CD will receive those funds. If you name a beneficiary, they won’t get the money until after your death. While the funds are still in the bank account, you are free to do whatever you like with them, change the beneficiary, or close the account altogether.

There are several other ways to make cash donations as part of the gift types below. Explore the links below for additional information.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) vs. Wounded Warriors Project (WWP)

In addition to the methods listed below, there are a number of other ways to contribute money. If you want to learn more, click on the related links down below.

While Wounded Warriors Project does bring in more money and give out more money to veterans, doing so comes with a hefty price tag. This is something to consider. Popular actors and artists from the country and western genres have appeared in commercials pleading for donations. That is going to be very expensive.

However, in contrast to the WWP, the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has been active in the community for quite some time (World War II Veterans Party). They bring in far less money than the WWP, but they use that money quite well. While over 98% of DAV donations go directly to help veterans in need, only 58% of WWP donations do so.

As a private donor, I appreciate the help WWP provides our service members, but I wish a larger portion of my donation was allocated to the veterans themselves rather than to overhead costs.

DAV appears to have the highest ratio of donations to veterans of any veteran group.

It would appear that the Wounded Warriors Project joined the trend as soon as it saw one. You can’t ignore the famous people because everyone knows their names and faces.

If you want your money to go as far as possible in helping veterans, give to DAV and spread the word among your friends and family about why this is so important. For the benefit of our veterans (at the expense of WWP administrators and actors/overhead, etc.) and so that the WWP’s goal and donors’ intentions can be better understood.

By working together in this way, we can gain the attention of WWP and persuade them to cut back on administrative expenses, freeing up more of their VERY considerable finances for those who truly need them rather than, say, actors, singers, and administrators.

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Which is a better charity DAV or wounded warrior?

Online study indicates that Project Wounded Warriors (WWP) DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is the best place to donate money to aid veterans. While Wounded Warriors Project does bring in more money and give out more money to veterans, doing so comes with a hefty price tag.

What is the best way to donate to veterans?

Holding a Supporter Event, writing a letter to an injured service person, committing to a monthly payment, or making a donation in honor or memory of a loved one are all great ways to show your support for the Wounded Warrior Project.


If you were wondering, “How much of my DAV gift goes to veterans?” you’ve likely heard that “as much as feasible” 82 percent of donations go directly to those who need it most: veterans. Their remaining budget goes to running the business and paying employees. Although their charitable contributions are modest, you can trust them. Reading up on how to register a donation in QuickBooks and setting up a PayPal donation can be helpful.

You’ve probably heard that 82% of donations to the DAV go straight to those who need them. When there is money left over, it is put back into the company and its employees. While their charitable work may not amount to much, you can count on it. Learn more about accepting payments through PayPal and keeping track of donations in QuickBooks by reading the related articles below.