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Are you ready to put a halt to your monthly K-Love contributions? Let me show you the ropes. If you want to achieve that, the steps outlined in this post are what you need to take. Before we get started, we’ll define K-Love and talk about how they got started.

What other listeners have to say about the K-Love donations could also be of interest to you.

We acknowledge that not all Christian-based media soothes, so it may be comforting to know that you are not alone in seeking a means to discontinue financial support. It is our honest desire that you keep reading in order to find out more.

What Is K-Love?

K-Love is a Christian contemporary music radio station. This radio station airs only in the United States. This is one of three broadcast styles run by the Educational Media Foundation (EMF). Its radio network has been on the air continuously since its inception in 1982. On the other hand, the Educational Media Foundation’s K-Love Classics format will go dark on November 2, 2020.

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How Do I Donate To K-Love

K-Love is contributing to a worthy cause by providing its services. You can use their website to seek spiritual or practical assistance, post a prayer request, or even find a pastor. Additionally, they incorporate Bible scriptures into the content of their site. The ministry’s work can also be supported financially.

For donations, please dial 1-800-525-LOVE (5683).

You can now get in touch with them for anything outside just donations. Calling a radio station to have a favorite song played or a Bible verse read aloud is just one example.

Any special requests can be played on the air by the K-Love radio station. You can ask for a prayer to be said, for the three songs that were playing when you phoned, or for any other information you might need about K-Love. If you wish to cancel your K-Love donation or have any queries, please call the number provided. In addition, you can log in to your account at any time to stop your recurring monthly contribution.

If you’re experiencing trouble accessing your account, simply send an email to the customer care department for assistance.

What Is The Issue With K-Love

K-dwindling Love’s fan base is their biggest challenge. Average weekly viewership has dropped by more than 20% between 2018 and 2017. I don’t understand why this is happening. Many former K-Love donors have spoken out about why they’ve stopped giving to the station, and some of their comments are included below.

#1. There is no appeal to the audience

Christian music may not appeal to everyone, but even its fans have noticed that K-Love only features a small handful of artists. To a large extent, they ignore popular artists who perform explicitly religious songs. Because their song has not been broadcast on the K-Love radio network, it has no appeal.

#2. K-love has no presence

Some brands and corporations are so well-known that just hearing their names is enough to conjure an image. To say they have had just a negligible effect on the world or even on the country they serve would be an exaggeration.

K-Love seemed to have failed to make a significant impact despite being in business for a long time. Even locals share common sentiments regarding this cable provider. They seem to be moving in the right way, as acceptance as part of the gang or local recognition is crucial to any business’s success.

#3. They lack engagement

The hosts don’t seem to be having fun, according to several listeners. They don’t seem to care about it like many other radio hosts do. It’s not uncommon to tune in to a radio station and hear the DJs laughing and making witty comments about the current song or the next one to be played.

It’s more probable that you’ll want to listen to what they have to say if they sound enthusiastic about it. However, K-hosts Love’s come out as robotic and clearly read their lines. You might be curious as to the reasoning behind this government crackdown on K-love.

#4. They ask too much for an unsatisfactory service

People are unhappy because they feel they are not getting their money’s worth from the radio station. There also appears to be no tangible benefit; rather, it seems to have been initiated purely to solicit funding from you so that we may carry on with our operations. You’ll need the details on how to cancel your K-Love subscription again soon.

Tired of Same Old Songs? Cancel K-Love Radio With DoNotPay!

K-Love, K-Love Classics, and the Christian contemporary music station Air1 are all owned by Educational Media Foundation. It premiered in 1982 and has since expanded to more than 520 FM stations across the US.

In addition to wonderful music, K-10 Love’s full-time preachers offer Christian counsel and encouragement to listeners.

K-Love accepts one-time and recurring donations by major credit cards, electronic bank transfers, and the popular online payment service PayPal.

How To Stop K-Love Radio Recurring Donations With DoNotPay

Cancelling a subscription is often a hassle for the many online services that operate on a subscription model. To cancel your subscription, you can either spend hours researching the topic online or send countless fruitless emails and phone calls.

DoNotPay streamlines the procedure of handling this annoying responsibility. In a matter of minutes, you may cancel your subscription or other recurring service and put an end to all future payments. The cancellation process on DoNotPay is easy to understand and implement:

  1. Make a DoNotPay account with any web browser.
  2. Choose the option to “Find Hidden Money” on the main page.
  3. For example, if you want to cancel K-Love Radio, you would type “K-Love Radio” into the appropriate box.

In the event that you need to cancel your subscription, rest assured that our AI bots will be there to help you out. If you’re using an app to keep track of your tasks, you’ll get a notification when they’re done so you can check them off.

To listen to K-Love Radio is just the beginning. You may monitor your reoccurring bills and other payments by linking your email or bank account to our app. This new feature makes it much simpler to identify and get rid of inconspicuous expenditures.

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How To Cancel K-Love Radio the Old-Fashioned Way

If you’re tired of being bombarded with requests for money instead of great music, you may want to reconsider where you give your money. To cancel your K-Love subscription, the quickest and easiest method is to use DoNotPay, but if you’re curious about your other options, the table below will give you a rundown.

Cancel K-Love Radio in an Email

K-Love Radio’s email is not listed on their website. You can only reach them through their web form.

  1. Check all the details on how to get in touch with us in the About Us page.
  2. Look down the page for more information.
  3. Donor, Pledge, and Account Questions are accessible via a pull-down menu.
  4. After you’ve filled out the form with your name and email address, send it out by clicking the “Submit” button.
  5. Simply send an email requesting the cancellation of your recurring donation.
  6. To send a message, just click the “Send Message” button.

Within a few minutes of sending, you should get an email with the transcribed version of your message.

Cancel K-Love Radio Over the Phone

800-525-LOVE is a supplementary method of contacting K-Love Radio (5683). One can call this number with any questions, financial contributions, or prayer requests. If you want to save time when you call, have your account number or credit card information ready.

If you don’t feel like waiting on line, DoNotPay gives you the option to immediately connect with a representative from K-Love Radio.

Cancel K-Love Radio by Mail

When compared to the other methods, canceling K-Love Radio by mail will take the longest, but it is still a possibility. K-Love Radio has two different addresses listed on their Contact page.

  • U.S.A., P.O. Box 2098, Omaha, NE 68103-2098 (donations)
  • Address: 5700 West Oaks Boulevard, Rocklin, CA 95765 (general correspondence)

Donation cheques are normally mailed to the second address, so that’s where your cancellation request should be sent.

Cancel K-Love Radio on the Website

Although there are no clear steps for canceling your K-Love Radio account, Reddit users say it can be done.

  1. Open the Sign in page.
  2. Launch the Log In screen.

Some Issues You Might Experience When Canceling K-Love Radio

Depending on the method of cancellation you select, you may run across the following issues:

  • If you have forgotten your username and password, you will no longer be able to access your account.
  • There has been no response to your messages.
  • There is a queue of calls waiting to be answered.

The good news is that DoNotPay’s tool for canceling unwanted subscriptions can resolve or avoid all of these concerns!

Looking for K-Love Radio Alternatives?

The good news is that DoNotPay’s tool for canceling unwanted subscriptions can resolve or avoid all of these concerns!

  • The good news is that DoNotPay’s solution for canceling unwanted subscriptions can address or avoid all of these difficulties!
  • Fortunately, all of these problems can be solved or avoided altogether by using DoNotPay’s membership cancellation facility.
  • Listen to louder, more violent Christian rock.
  • There is no physical storefront for this product; rather, it can be purchased exclusively online.


How can I contact K-LOVE?

Inquire Here:

  1. (800) 525-LOVE – For general inquiries, donations, and prayer requests (5683)
  2. If you have any questions, would like to make a donation, or would like to have someone pray for you, you can reach us at (800) 525-LOVE (5683)

Are K-LOVE donations tax deductible?

As a 501(c)(3) organization with an IRS ruling year of 2009, contributions to the K-Love & Air1 Foundation are fully tax deductible.

How do I change my donation on K-LOVE?

In what ways can I modify or amend the data associated with my monetary donation account? Whether you need to make a quick change, review your giving history, or get some window clings, MyAccount is there for you around-the-clock. If you’d rather talk to a human, you can call us at 1-800-525-5683.

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How much does K-LOVE raise?

K-LOVE Raises More Than $3.5 Million for Touring Expenses. More than 400 trucks’ worth of supplies were sent to areas hit by Hurricane Ida by K-LOVE listeners around the country as part of the station’s Convoy of Hope initiative.

Are Air1 and K-LOVE the same?

The American radio station Air1 broadcasts a Christian music format. K-Love is the sibling network of the K-Love network because the Educational Media Foundation (EMF) owns both.

What happened to Kankelfritz on K-LOVE?

Christian Music Broadcasters confirmed with Randy Chase, EMF’s VP of Radio, that Kankelfritz left K-LOVE in early November. Kankelfritz’s appointment as program director and afternoon on-air host for the FLR affiliate in Tucson, Arizona was announced in a press release published by Family Life Radio on Friday.

What happened to K-LOVE radio station?

The company that owns K-LOVE and Air1 is moving there. The parent company of K-LOVE and Air1, Educational Media Foundation, is shifting its headquarters to Nashville.


It’s not hard to reverse a K-Love contribution. At some point, people will realize that their efforts aren’t being rewarded proportionally, and that the money they’re spending may not be worth it. We wish you found the information in this article to be informative. If you want to stop making regular payments to the A.C.L.U. or to GoFundMe, read on!