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You’ll discover how to construct a wedding ring cushion in this post. Why not build a personalized ring pillow for your big day instead of purchasing a pre-made one?

Numerous focus elements are present at weddings, such as the wedding cake, the wedding gown, and the wedding gown. The wedding bands are the tiniest, yet most popular, focal pieces. The use of a ring pillow elevates the status of the rings by emphasizing their significance during the ceremony.

Types of Wedding Pillow Designs

Silk and satin wedding ring pillows are commonly thought to be the sole possibilities because of their close resemblance to the bride’s gown.

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Oval, square, and heart-shaped wedding ring pillows are among the most popular options. Other popular options include silk or satin wedding ring pillows, stacks of pillows with wedding ring embellishments (such as crystals or ribbon), hanging wedding ring pillows with garter-matching pillows and wedding ring pillows where you can place your ring boxes.

Which Design is the Best Option?

In the end, the greatest wedding ring pillow is a matter of personal taste and the couple’s relationship dynamics. However, you must take into account the following:

Tip #1: Make sure the pillow’s color contrasts with the rings’ hue.

Platinum or white gold rings, for example, may be more difficult to find in a cushion of silver or white.

Tip #2: Choose a smooth, blemish-free fabric

You need to choose a smooth and blemish-free cloth because little tears could get stuck on the rings.

Tip #3: The pillow should be sturdy enough to hold the rings in place.

To prevent the rings from falling out of the cushions, some manufacturers include inserts or ribbons.

How to Make a Ring Pillow for Weddings

Ring pillows can either be sewn or made without sewing. If sewing isn’t your thing or you simply don’t have the time, go with the second option. So, here’s how to go about making one: Step 1.

No-sew ring pillow

You’ll need two 10 inch squares of strong cloth for this project. You should choose a color that matches the overall theme of your wedding If you like a larger pillow, you can add an inch to the width and length.

Step #1: Cut the corners and fold the edges

Reduce the fabric’s bulk by cutting the corners down to 0.64 cm (1/4 inch). Afterward, fold the cloth in half, and then fold the edges inward by 0.64 cm or 1/4′′. The second piece of fabric should be treated in the same manner.

Step #2: Use fabric glue or hot glue along the edges

The next step is to open out the corners. After applying a tiny line of adhesive to the edges, press them down. It’s also a good opportunity to cut any loose threads that may be protruding from the fabric.

Step #3: Glue the three hems together

After placing the first piece of cloth down, place the second piece on top of the first. Using fabric glue or hot glue, attach three of the hems together. Allow the adhesive to dry before closing the fourth hem. Polyester stuffing, tiny pillow inserts, or foam can be used to fill the pillow.

Step #4:  Glue the hem down

In the final step, apply glue to the hem. A clothes peg can be used to keep the hems in place if you’re using fabric adhesive. Once the fabric glue has dried, take out the pins and wash the garment as usual.

It is necessary to press and hold the edges until the adhesive dries when using fabric glue. Decorate the pillow with ribbons or tassels after it has dried. Another option is to have your name and wedding date embroidered on the pillow.

Velvet, silk, and satin can all benefit from the fine stitching. Rustic pillows like canvas and burlap look beautiful with simple embroidery.

Step #5: Sew a simple ring pillow

Make sure the cloth you choose matches the theme of your wedding. Burlap, satin, or cotton can be used. You can also use a printed cloth, but make sure it goes well with your wedding’s overall aesthetic.

Make two 10″ squares of the fabric you’ve chosen. If you desire a larger pillow, you can add a half-inch to the pillow’s breadth and length. Sewing pins should be used to fix the hems of the two pieces of fabric that have been stacked together.

Using a sewing machine or a needle and thread, stitch three of the hems. A 1/4′′ seam allowance is essential. Use the same thread color and a straight stitch to create the same effect. Trim the edges of the fabric to reduce the weight.

Turn the ring pillow right side out and stuff it with your choice stuffing after trimming the edges. A basic ring cushion or polyester stuffing can be used to fill it.

The only thing left to do is to sew the gaping hem shut. Pin the corners of the opening together using 0.64 cm or 1/4″ folds. Using a ladder stitch, sew it shut.

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12 Beautiful Wedding Ring Pillows

Single Ribbon Pillow

This white pillow is a great choice if you’re going for a minimalist look. You can match the color of the center ribbon to your wedding’s theme or colors, with choices ranging from red to a subtle blue to lavender and beyond.

DB exclusive single ribbon ring pillow, $25, DavidsBridal.com ;

White Beaded Pillow

This beautiful little pillow is the perfect choice for a simple pillow. The pillow’s top surface is covered in white beading, and a simple satin ribbon allows the rings take center stage.

For $25, DavidsBridal.com has David’s Bridal beaded small ring pillow

Natural Linen Pillow

Try this cushion if you’re looking for a simple ring bearer pillow that won’t steal the show. “Eternal” is printed on the linen as a nice touch. You and your fiance can also include your names and the date of your nuptials as a personal touch.

$45, TheKnotShop.com: The Knot Shop natural linen ring pillow

Post Card Pillow

It’s a great gift for the ring bearer at a travel-themed wedding. You and your partner’s names can be printed on the pillow’s entire surface.

$15, Jet.com: Lillian Rose postcard ring bearer pillow

Floral Ring Pillow

This pillow is ideal for those who enjoy the beauty of flowers. Fun and feminine pearls in the middle of each petal offer a dash of whimsy. As the ring bearer makes his or her way down the aisle, be sure to place the rings neatly between the petals.

Amazing floral wedding pillow by The Knot Shop, $45. TheKnotShop.com

Beach-Themed Pillow

This basic beach wedding pillow is a great choice if you’re being married on the sand. Intricately embellished starfish and sea shells are woven into the white fabric of the dress.

Ring Bearer Pillow in Sea Style with Starfish Shells, $15 on Amazon.com

Burlap Chic Pillow

This wedding ring pillow is a terrific way to incorporate burlap into your rustic wedding decor. Burlap and a bouquet of flowers adorn the rectangle pillow, giving it an extra rustic flair.

40 dollars from TheKnotShop.com for a burlap chic ring pillow from The Knot Shop

Sequined Pillow

This sequin-covered pillow will add a dash of glitz to your wedding ceremony. The center of this ring bearer pillow is adorned with a sparkling jewel.

$35 David’s Bridal ring bearer pillow with sequins

Monogram Pillow

You may easily personalize your ring bearer pillow, or any other item, by sewing a few simple seams. Add a monogram to it. You and your partner’s initials can be added on the front of this basic square pillow for an extra unique touch.

Notable” monogrammed rings pillows from The Knot Shop for $40, TheKnotShop.com

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Satin Peacock Pillow

In need of an eye-catching pillow for your ring bearer? You’ll want to get your hands on this colorful and incredibly entertaining ring right away. Peacock feathers and a colorful belt of green and teal satin bring this cushion to a whole new level of embellishment.

ring bearer pillow by Lillian Rose, $24, Jet.com

Custom Date Pillow

You can also include the date of your wedding on your ring bearer pillow. For the month of your wedding, this white linen cushion features a month-by-month calendar on which you can set your engagement and wedding rings.

Ring pillow with wedding date design by the Knot Shop, $40. (TheKnotShop.com)

Classic Lace Pillow

This white matte satin ring bearer pillow features lace embellishments for a traditional look. Using the delicate satin bow that adorns the pillow, you can fasten your wedding bands in place.

Ivory cushion carrier, $12, Amazon.com.

The Bottom Line: How to Make a Ring Pillow for Weddings

The only thing left to do is embellish your wedding ring cushion now that you’ve learned how to build one. To accomplish this, there are a number of options. Ribbon rosettes can be added to the pillow, or you can tie ribbons around it.