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How do you secure a refrigerator? Let us show you how. Locate the ideal location for the fridge lock installation. Adhesive can be used to secure the lock panel on the fridge door. Applying adhesive to the side lock panel and aligning it with the other lock panel are the final steps in assembling the side lock panel.

You don’t have to allow anyone consume your food without your consent, whether it’s members of your family or friends. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your food has been tampered with before you begin your day. This guide will show you how to put a lock on a refrigerator.

What You Need

You’ll need specific tools to secure a fridge with a lock. Before beginning the training, it is recommended that you have them ready to go first. Most of them may be purchased at your local hardware store or online.

Refrigerator Lock

Choose a lock that does not necessitate drilling for installation (learn more lock installation kits here). VHB tape, lock panels, and a brass padlock are all included in some locks. A lock panel with a dimension of 2.5 inches by 3 inches is optimal.

How to Put a Lock on a Refrigerator: Using 3 Simple & Easy Steps

A 30 mm solid brass padlock is all that is required to provide your complete safety. It’s also important that the lockset has strong cable arms that can fasten both doors and the fridge’s side. You may avoid rust and corrosion by using a refrigerator lock that can withstand high humidity and low temperatures.


VHB tape is commonly used as an adhesive in refrigerator locks. There are, however, some locks that do not have a keyhole cover. Using super glue as an alternative if your lock doesn’t have adhesive is a viable option To ensure that you have enough time to properly align the lock panels before the adhesive dries, seek for super glue that has a little sluggish bind.

Epoxy resin is a different choice. For an epoxy resin to be effective, it must have both resin and hardener. Look for resin epoxy that cures in 24 hours or less if you want to use the lock right away. The standard pack size is sufficient to secure the refrigerator lock in terms of quantity.

Cleaning materials & marker

First, you’ll need to wipe out the fridge. Assemble all of your cleaning supplies such as soapy water and rubber gloves before you begin cleaning. You can use whatever cleaning supplies you have at home.

Additionally, you’ll need a marker in order to indicate the location where the fridge lock will be installed. In order to remove the marking once installation is complete, it should be erasable. On the internet, you may also find erasable markers.

What to Do

Step 1: Find a good spot where you can put the fridge lock & clean the fridge

To avoid electrocution, disconnect your refrigerator before putting the lock on it. Empty the container before you begin the tutorial to avoid any spills. Use a warm, moist rag to wipe it down. The next step is to hunt for a suitable location for the fridge lock.

Typically, the lock must be within two-thirds of the upper portion of the refrigerator to work. In order to quickly and easily locate the location, mark it with a marker. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a moist towel, excluding the back.

Step 2: Put the lock panel on the fridge door using an adhesive

Installing the lock panel requires applying an adhesive to the rear of the lock panel before you can continue. After that, place the lock on the spot of the fridge door that you have located earlier. Hold it in place for a few minutes until it is secured permanently on the fridge door.

Step 3: Install the side lock panel by applying adhesive to it and aligning it with the other lock panel

A hole for a padlock can be made by aligning the side lock panel with the prior lock panel. Make sure that the steel arm is positioned underneath the door’s upper arm. The side lock panel should be adhered to the wall using adhesive, then pressed firmly into position with your fingers. Insert a padlock on the lock panel and pull it to see if it is secure enough.


Top 10 Refrigerator Lock Reviews

1. Computer Security Products ‎Refrigerator CSP-103.B Padlock

CSP-103.B Refrigerator by Computer Security Products Because of its high level of security, the padlock has become a popular refrigerator lock. Because it is secured with a heavy-duty brass padlock, it should withstand the majority of break-in attempts.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past it. Computer Security Products’ refrigerator lock stood up to my scrutiny and remained impenetrable throughout my investigation. In addition, its plates didn’t budge an inch, confirming its status as a reliable form of security protection.

The padlock’s installation technique was also critical to its success. Because of the included 3M adhesive, it’s a cinch to attach it permanently on my fridge. Furthermore, the refrigerator lock has remained secure at all times.

It’s also worth noting that this padlock-equipped refrigerator door lock isn’t just for refrigerator doors. An easy-to-use refrigerator lock that can be attached to any standard door or cabinet thanks to its removable plates Actually, I was tempted to acquire more than one in order to increase my home’s protection in various locations.

In addition, a one-year warranty is provided by this company for all of its products. If there are any problems with a purchase, customers can request a complete refund or a replacement. And unlike some other companies, it appears that Computer Security Products fulfills this agreement.

Just a few of the supplied keys could have been a little more sturdy and well-made. I’ve had to wriggle the key a few times to get it to function on more than one occasion. However, as regular use has increased, these issues have become less frequent.


  • A sturdy lock made of brass completes the look.
  • Secure plates made of high-quality metal
  • 3M adhesive makes it simple to deploy a long-term solution.
  • Any cabinet or door can be used.
  • With a one-year money-back guarantee


  • Uncertainty about an important characteristic

The operation of this Computer Security Products refrigerator padlock has been flawless, except from the keys being a little questionable. Safeguarded myself and my pets’ health by preventing the dangerous medications I use from getting into the hands of them. My only request of a fridge padlock is that it works.

2. Munchkin ‎35046 Xtraguard Dual Action Door Latches

One of the more versatile refrigerator locks available would be Munchkin’s 35046 Xtraguard Dual Action Door Latches. These refrigerator safety locks offer various applications, from locking up a mini fridge to working as a toilet seat or cabinet lock.

Munchkin’s 35046 Xtraguard Dual Action Door Latches are one of the most flexible refrigerator locks on the market today. ‘ In addition to protecting a mini fridge, these safety locks can also be used to secure toilet seats or cabinet doors.

Another good thing about the two-price pack’s is that it’s reasonably priced. This is a rare opportunity to buy two high-quality fridge locks at a low price. You can see why many budget hunters end up picking this refrigerator door lock instead of the more expensive options.

Flexible straps are also a big plus for me because they make it easy to attach around corners. It’s a lot easier to use than other child-resistant refrigerator locks. However, none of these features can compare to the most enticing feature.

To release these latches, you must press both the left and right buttons at the same time. Small children will have a hard time unlocking these latches because of the double locking safety. A child-proof fridge lock must strike a delicate balance between difficulty and usability for an adult.

However, I have to acknowledge that some homeowners may find their design unpleasant. These latches are a little on the large side, and they don’t work well with most refrigerator hardware. Other purchasers expressed concern that they would be an eyesore in their residences.


  • Adaptable to a wide range of applications (toilet seats, fridge, cabinet, mini fridge, etc.)
  • a two-pack for a variety of uses
  • Strong adhesive that is easy to remove makes installation simple.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Using a flexible strap makes it easy to fasten around corners.
  • Dual-button operation with child-safety features


  • There are certain clients who will find the design to be unpleasant.

In any case, I’m not searching for a cool way to secure the door of my refrigerator. Something that does what it’s supposed to do is all I need. The remarkable characteristics of these locks make them an excellent choice.

3. Jool Baby Products ‎MUL-104 Child Safety Strap Locks

The MUL-104 Child Safety Strap Locks from Jool Baby Products make childproofing a home a breeze. A variety of appliances and furnishings can be secured with these refrigerator locks because of their adjustable straps.

Actually, these straps can be adjusted from 3″ to 7″ with ease. Among other things, I used them to secure cabinets, drawers, my microwave, and a mini-fridge in my apartment and house. There are four of these available, so I didn’t have to worry about securing my home for both my children and my pets.

The installation was also a snap, as it didn’t require any equipment to be utilized. To make installation and removal as simple as possible, these locks make use of 3M adhesive. A few seconds were needed to have them set up in various locations.

In addition, I appreciated how unobtrusive they were in their design. Because I couldn’t see them on white surfaces, they were able to blend in rapidly. It’s one of the best features I’ve ever seen in a fridge lock.

Finally, as an added measure of security, each purchase comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Locks that adhere to these guidelines are the only ones I’ll ever suggest. There is always the possibility that my nephews will turn into the Hulk and rip the lock hinges off.

The sliding mechanism, on the other hand, is a little awkward to operate because it doesn’t hold onto my fingers. As a result, locking and unlocking these childproof locks requires me to use my nail. The method is a little more difficult with this refrigerator lock than with others.


  • Available with a 3- to 7-inch-wide adjustable strap for a variety of uses
  • 4-pack for a variety of pet- and baby-proofing requirements
  • 3M adhesive makes for a quick and easy application without the need for any tools.
  • Clear, low-profile mesh construction
  • A ten-year guarantee.


  • Poor grip on the fingers

Comfort is a non-issue for me because it doesn’t impede my ability to accomplish my job. These locks are excellent for securing refrigerator doors, among other things.

4. BoomBa ‎0101027_GR_1PCS Refrigerator Freezer Door Lock

Refrigerator and freezer door locks, like the BoomBa 0101027 GR 1PCS, might be complicated to use. When I’m reloading my fridge or freezer, I don’t have to worry about dropping my items.

It also had a respectable level of performance. My nephews and pets alike were unable to break through its sturdy build. It was amazing because my cat has figured out how to open nearly every kid-friendly refrigerator lock.

The self-locking mechanism of the lock is also deserving of appreciation. I’d forget to lock the refrigerator because it’s not something I think about very often. My excitement with this latch’s self-locking mechanism was evident.

Another plus for BoomBa was the availability of two different color schemes. To avoid mismatches, buyers will be able to select between two color options: grey or white. As my fridge’s door is white, I found myself gravitating toward the color.

The refrigerator lock’s T-shape design adds to its overall ease. This lock for toddlers should be able to seamlessly fit into the design of a refrigerator door. A few feet away, I couldn’t even tell that it was there at all.

Customers have complained that the glue isn’t as strong as promised. Double-sided tape or other methods were necessary in these circumstances. This lock has worked perfectly for me, and I haven’t had any issues.


  • One-handed action makes it easy to use.
  • Sturdy construction that’s impervious to both children and animals
  • Refrigerator doors are automatically locked by a self-locking technology.
  • an option of two hues (grey and white)
  • T-shape design that may be mixed and matched


  • a lack of adhesion (tip: use double-sided tape)

However, even if the glue begins to lose its tenacity, there are straightforward fixes available. My overall impression of this device is unaffected by this minor flaw, as it has served my purposes well. Since I placed the lock, there have been no incidences.

10 Best Refrigerator Locks for Additional Security

5. Guardianite ‎REF-203.W Premium Keyed Refrigerator Door Lock

The REF-203.W Premium Keyed Refrigerator Door Lock by Guardianite is an exception to the rule for me. Most other refrigerator door locks can’t compete with its alloy steel build.

For example, the scratch-proof powder coat on this heavy-duty refrigerator lock provides additional protection. It helps to keep the refrigerator lock in good working order even when it is used on a frequent basis. It’s also a major factor in the model’s ability to endure attacks from both children and adults.

The swiveling cable of this lock also makes it convenient. In other words, when the wire is unfastened, it will move out of my way. Key locking systems on the majority of other fridge locks don’t, which is inconvenient.

Using this fridge lock for grownups was also rather simple. The built-in lock may be unlocked with the easy turn of a key. The fact that I was able to use it even while my hands were full was a huge plus.

With that in mind, the two keys that came with the set were a standout. I haven’t encountered any issues with wiggles or durability issues while using them. Having a backup key for those of us who are prone to losing things is also a big assistance.

However, I was startled by the price of this option. It’s one of the most expensive locks on our complete list of refrigerator locks. Any potential purchaser will have to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a purchase.


  • Constructed from durable alloy steel.
  • Additional defense is provided by a scratch-proof powder coat.
  • Conveniently equipped with a swiveling cable
  • Easy to use with just one hand
  • Two solidly constructed keys.


  • Costs a little more than regular locks

Paying a bit more for greater quality isn’t an issue for me overall. Compared to most refrigerator locks for adults, this one is a safe bet. However, I can see how a different buyer may feel.

6. EUDEMON Home Refrigerator Door Lock

By virtue of its adjustable design, EUDEMON’s Home Refrigerator Door Lock has established itself as a household name. This versatility is made possible by the PC material’s resilience and durability, which may be used with virtually any refrigerator now on the market.

As a result, it’s been put to use in a variety of refrigerators, including outdoor refrigerators, compact refrigerators, and direct-vent single-door models. When I used it to keep my tiny fridge’s door shut, it worked perfectly.

The 3M VHB sticky tape on this refrigerator lock was also rather enticing. More surface area than I’m used to seeing on these parts. As a result, the installation procedure is simplified to the point where it is nearly effortless.

The fact that this refrigerator lock is self-locking was also a plus for me. Regardless of how careless I am, it will ensure that a conventional refrigerator door stays closed. To avoid spoilage from a left open door, it helps me keep my food fresh.

It’s also extremely good at keeping little children and dogs out of the fridge with this lock. It’s impossible for a toddler or young child to go past it. Moreover, numerous customers have lauded its performance in these positions in their online feedback.

This refrigerator lock has been reported to have shipping concerns by a small number of customers. Every now and then, it seems as if the refrigerator lock is running a little behind schedule in these scenarios. Though I had no problems with my particular shipment, it’s still worth mentioning.


  • Its adaptable design is suitable for a wide range of refrigerator models.
  • Resilient and long-lasting PC material for building
  • Larger 3M VHB adhesive tape makes installation simple.
  • With a self-locking technology, the door automatically locks.
  • Stops both children and pets.


  • Problems with the delivery of goods (late arrivals)

Even if there were delays in shipping, I doubt it would have much of an impact on my final decision. These occurrences don’t seem to be representative of the norm. Most customers were delighted with their purchase of this lock for their refrigerator or freezer.

7. BAOWEIJD 00077 Refrigerator Key Lock

Among the options offered to buyers is BAOWEIJD’s 00077 Refrigerator Key Lock. There are large sticky pads and steel aircraft vinyl-coated cables in this refrigerator lock. Because of this, I don’t expect this lock will need to be replaced in the foreseeable future. ‘

Of course, none of this would matter if the team didn’t put in good work. The key locking mechanism of this refrigerator lock is exceptional. My pets and nephews haven’t been able to get their hands on my food thanks to this.

The one-handed functioning of the key locking mechanism is likewise not unduly complicated. To open my fridge, all I have to do is turn the key and remove the hasps. When it comes to keyless refrigerator locks, things can’t get any easier.

Also included with each purchase was a cleaning cloth sheet. Including this sheet was a thoughtful touch, as it may be used to wipe out the fridge’s surface before adhering the tape. Because of this, the lock and my refrigerator had a better relationship.

Finally, there are two refrigerator locks and four keys included with this option. I had little trouble finding many applications for these locks, and I’ll never refuse extra keys. BAOWEIJD did an excellent job of creating a high-quality alternative.

However, there have been reports from customers that the adhesive has a tendency to fail in hot temperatures. You may not want to use this lock to secure a refrigerator in your garage or outside of your home. If it becomes too heated, it can come off and lose its effectiveness.


  • Large sticky pads and steel aircraft vinyl-coated cables make this heavy-duty.
  • Locking mechanism that is safe and secure
  • The one-handed operation is a breeze.
  • Adhesive strength is increased by using a cleaning cloth sheet.
  • Multiple key usage in a two-pack with four keys


  • Adhesive should not be used in temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have to use this lock in hot weather. Instead, it performed admirably in the comfort of my own house.

8. Urban ‎QA01Q August Original Combination Fridge Lock

For added security, the Urban QA01Q August Original Combination Fridge Lock has a 4-digit combination lock. But unlike most of the locks on our list, this one doesn’t use adhesive.

As a result, it features a universal design that can be used with practically any refrigerator that has either a French door or a dual-door configuration. With a diameter of up to 17.5 inches, it’s a little more versatile than I had expected.

The installation process is also simple for customers. It’s just a matter of following the instructions and placing the combination around the door knobs. Again, I found the process to be simple and uncomplicated.

The steel alloy cable of the lock, which is cut-proof and sturdy, safeguards my fridge after it is attached. Without heavy-duty equipment, I don’t see how anyone could go through it. As a result, I’m able to sleep soundly at night knowing that my pets are safe.

I also found myself admiring its minimalistic style. I like how it blends in with the black of my fridge because it’s not overly noticeable. Unlike many other types, this refrigerator lock isn’t going to be an eyesore.

However, I wish the dials for the combination locks were a little easier to turn. Because they tend to stick, this can be a problem if you’re in a hurry. However, as I’ve used them more frequently, this difficulty has lessened.


  • a combination lock with four digits for further security
  • Fits any French door or double door with a handle diameter of up to 17.5″
  • Easy to follow instructions make installation a breeze.
  • Steel alloy cable that is both cut-resistant and incredibly strong.
  • A sleek black color scheme is used to create this piece.


  • In order to spin the dials, one has to exert considerable effort.

A two-door fridge lock was a blessing when the dials became easier to use. The excellent level of security and long-lasting design far beyond my expectations.

9. EUDEMON ‎B3710 French Refrigerator Door Lock

It’s not always easy to protect a French door or double door refrigerator. In spite of this, EUDEMON’s B3710 French Refrigerator Door Lock is a competent performer. There are some tempting features, but it looks like a vintage boombox.

A good illustration of this is the device’s two-button control scheme. Users must press two buttons simultaneously to unlock the lock, as the name says. Children, on the other hand, will find it difficult to do with just one hand.

Double-door refrigerators and French-door refrigerators aren’t the only options. Using this lock, I was able to secure several two-door cabinets and cupboards in my home. As long as the distance between the doors isn’t greater than two cm, it should work.

Despite its strength, the durable 3M VHB tape was able to avoid damaging the surfaces it was placed on. The residue left behind by most adhesive-based door locks is a common problem. This one, on the other hand, is so easy to remove that it doesn’t leave any trace of its presence.

There are two color options (white and blue), an inexpensive pricing, and no tools required for installation. Adding each of these features only strengthens the lock’s status as an excellent choice for homeowners.

However, the product’s hefty design was a let-down. It takes up a lot of space on the door of my fridge and doesn’t look good there. This is more of a personal preference issue, but it’s worth considering before making a purchase.


  • Designed to be installed on refrigerators with two doors or more
  • Intuitive two-button operation
  • Cabinets with a gap of less than two centimeters can use this on any two-door cabinet.
  • Strong 3M VHB tape with no residue (tool-less installation)
  • an option of two hues (white and blue)
  • A less expensive alternative


  • The design is a tad too big.

Overall, the design of the refrigerator lock may be a turn-off for certain customers. However, I didn’t give it much thought because its other advantages outweigh this one flaw in my opinion. It’s without a doubt one of the best french door refrigerator locks on the market.

10. FresherAcc 2020622 Refrigerator Lock Latch

Our final product, FresherAcc’s 2020622 Refrigerator Lock Latch, was explicitly built to lock up french door refrigerators. It accomplishes this goal with a secure belt fitted with a 3-digit combination lock (1,000 possible codes).

Our final product, FresherAcc’s 2020622 Refrigerator Lock Latch, was specifically designed for locking up French door refrigerators. In order to achieve this, a 3-digit combination lock is attached to the belt (1,000 possible codes).

The combination lock’s code reset was also a big plus for me. Three simple steps are all that is required to achieve my desired result. No special equipment was required, and it just took a few seconds to complete.

Buyers should keep in mind that this lock has some flexibility. Any french door diameter between 8″ and 13.5″ can be accommodated by the sliding switch used by FresherAcc in the construction of this product. In my case, it was a perfect match for my French door refrigerator, but it should work with the vast majority of them today.

The procedure for installing this refrigerator lock was a little different from the norm, but it was still quite straightforward. For example, the belt-like shape of the door frame snaps into place to ensure a secure fit. Within a few minutes, it had transformed my refrigerator into a lockable one.

However, I had some difficulty reading the dials on the combination lock. I couldn’t see them clearly without my reading glasses because of my poor vision. This lock on the second door of the refrigerator has caused problems for other customers as well.


  • Constructed with confidence with a belt
  • A three-digit combination lock is included (1,000 possible codes)
  • Three-step technique for resetting the code
  • Fits any 8″ to 13.5″ wide French door refrigerator.
  • Snap-belt installation makes for a quick and easy setup.


  • Conspicuously illegible combination dials

With some practice, I was able to operate my refrigerator with confidence once the dials were familiarized. Even if my dog decided to attack it, it kept the freezer and fridge safe.

What to Look for When Buying Refrigerator Locks

In order to choose the best fridge lock, consumers will need to take into account numerous things. To help you get started, we’ll go through each of these topics in depth in this section. Selecting the right candidate should be a painless and stress-free procedure from that point on.

Lock’s Intended Purpose

Think about the objective of your fridge lock before you begin this process—in other words, why you’re considering purchasing one in the first place. Is a fridge lock for adults or a lock for your medications what you’re after? Alternatively, do you wish to prevent your pets or children from getting inside the fridge?

Finding the ideal lock becomes much simpler when you have the answers to these questions concerning the lock’s intended use. Choosing the best refrigerator lock with the right specs shouldn’t be a problem if you have a strategy in mind.


The price of a refrigerator lock will vary depending on the model. Customers should therefore think about creating a well-defined budget based on their specific requirements. You may easily reduce the number of possibilities to a more manageable quantity this way.

Lock Types

Locks for refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You must take into account your individual needs and the type of refrigerator that requires protection before making a decision. Others may need a sturdy lock to protect their food from children, while others may need one to keep their alcoholic beverages safe from other adults in the house.

As a result, it’s up to you to figure out which form of lock is best for your needs. An overview of the most popular refrigerator locks is provided below:

  • Fridge Lock with Button Strap

They are known for their straps that hold refrigerator doors closed. They can only be opened by pressing a release button once they’ve been put on the front and side doors of a vehicle.

When the door is closed, the latch of the lock will automatically engage. In order to keep the lock functional, customers will need to purchase a new plate as the old one will eventually wear out.

However, button strap refrigerator locks typically last six months at the most. The majority of people use them as child refrigerator locks around children and infants. But they may not be able to withstand the rigors of daily use by older youngsters.

  • Padlock

Regardless of your age, padlocks are a wonderful option for protecting your belongings. The design of these safety devices includes two metal attachments. Locking and unlocking a padlock requires the use of the key that comes with it.

Because a person would need security equipment to get through it otherwise. A few of strong tugs won’t be enough to get past a hard padlock. As a result, they’re regarded as the most long-lasting refrigerator locks available.

They’re great for storing medications and other potentially harmful objects in the refrigerator. Unlocking and locking a refrigerator every time you need drinks or food would be inconvenient.

  • Refrigerant Clip-Strap

Side-by-side and French-door refrigerators are perfect for clip-strap refrigerator locks. With a combination lock and a flexible strap, these alternatives are secure. Before entering their combination code, users must first secure the strap around both door handles.

In addition, these locks can only be opened by those who know the code. Even if you need to restrict access, you may always reset your preferred code. Thus, it’s a convenient approach to prevent specific individuals from opening your refrigerator.

When it comes to keeping kids and pets out of the fridge, clip strap locks are a good option. All I’d like is for these selections to last a little longer. They have a shorter lifespan than the other varieties.

How to Put a Lock on a Refrigerator: Using 3 Simple & Easy Steps

Level of Security

A refrigerator lock’s level of security is an important consideration for every consumer. Even while it seems obvious, many individuals are swayed by other characteristics. So when you buy a lock, think about what you’re trying to protect and who you’re trying to protect it from.

For example, if you’re seeking for childproof locks, a basic lock might suffice. Teenagers and nosy adults, on the other hand, would be unable to use these alternatives. Because of their higher degrees of protection, padlocks and combination locks would be far superior as a means of preventing them.


Refrigerator locks that endure a long time are the best. They’ll provide you a greater sense of security because of the amazing materials they use. These options, for example, are usually made from durable materials and are resistant to rust.

Refrigerator doors with locks made of these materials are the best bet. If you don’t, you run the risk of making a mistake with a purchase that could haunt you down the road. When evaluating the long-term dependability of a lock, it’s critical to consult user reviews.

Buyers can’t always put their faith in the manufacturer’s claims. When it comes to security products, it’s safer to rely on the experience of other customers. To find out if the lock is up to the task, check out these sites.


Locking and installation processes for each model of refrigerator lock will differ. It’s essential that you choose the solution that best fits your needs. As a result, the process will be more enjoyable for you.

Refrigerator locks with key unlocking/locking should be sought for by those who prefer to have keys. I’d also recommend creating a few copies of the key in case something goes wrong. With any form of lock, it’s always a good idea to have a backup access plan.

Buyers of combination locks should change their codes on a frequent basis in order to keep their devices safe. Security measures are in place to keep someone from swiftly finding a way around the lock. However, it’s a good idea to jot down or save the code on your phone just in case.

Ease of Use

The locks on some refrigerators are so difficult to operate that many people find them frustrating. When shopping for a lock, buyers will want to avoid these choices as much as they can. You can avoid purchasing them by carefully studying the user manuals that come with each device.

As you can imagine, these instructions will give you an idea of how difficult or easy it will be to put it together. You’ll be able to tell if the procedure suits your preferences once you’ve gone through it a few times. People tend to become irate when purchasing an overly complicated product, therefore customer feedback might be helpful here as well.

Can You Put a Lock on a Refrigerator

Yes, legally, you can have a refrigerator with locks. There are only a few simple steps involved in securing a lock. Once this is in place, it should be able to handle whatever comes its way.

How Do You Secure a Fridge

The simplest way to secure a refrigerator is to purchase a fridge lock, which is available at most hardware stores. In order to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your belongings, this is an easy solution. There is only one thing left to do, and that is to figure out which lock best suits your needs.

How Can You Childproof a Refrigerator Door

Playing in regions where they don’t belong is a natural curiosity for young children. Children’s curiosity has led to the development of child-resistant locks. Putting them on the fridge will provide a degree of childproofing that will keep everyone safe at all times..

How Do You Open a Locked Fridge

Depending on the lock mechanism you select, the procedure of opening will vary. Your fridge’s door may require a key or a favorite combination to open it. Because of this, I wouldn’t try something insane like picking the lock unless I had professional experience.

You’d be much better off calling a locksmith or a professional for help. If you don’t, the bypassing attempts could damage the lock hinges or your fridge’s door. Neither outcome is something a buyer wants to deal with as it’ll only increase your repair costs.

Cases When It Is a Reasonable Solution to Lock Your Fridge

Calling a locksmith or a professional is the best option. Attempts to breach your fridge’s lock hinges or door may result in harm if you don’t take action. Neither of these outcomes is desirable to a buyer because they would necessitate more expensive repairs.

Some instances are as follows:

In order to prevent brain damage in children with phenylketonuria (PKU), they must adhere to their diet at all times. Even if you don’t have the sickness, it’s likely that you store items in your refrigerator that could be detrimental to your child.

Another situation when locking the fridge would be rational and considered legal is when someone lives with a demented person who must be on a diet. For instance, if your mother suffers from severe cognitive decline (confirmed and diagnosed by a psychiatrist) and at the same time she has type I diabetes, it’s vital to prevent her from consuming too many carbs.

It is both reasonable and acceptable to lock the fridge if you live with a demented person who must adhere to a diet. It’s critical to limit carbohydrate intake if your mother has type I diabetes and has been diagnosed with serious cognitive deterioration (by a psychiatrist).

Refrigerator locks can also be used to prevent your roommate or roommate’s spouse from robbing your refrigerator. To put it another way, it is perfectly legal to use a lock to deter your roommate from stealing your food from your fridge. For example.

For those who have their own fridge at work, they can keep it locked to keep their coworkers or others from getting in. In the end, securing your own belongings is not illegal.

However, if you’re trying to keep your child from binge eating or get them started on a healthy diet, I’d advise against locking the fridge. First and foremost, I wouldn’t do it (you’ll see other options in the next section).

What Type of Refrigerator Lock Should You Use? Is Any of Them Illegal?

As far as I know, it is legal in most nations to use any of the refrigerator door locks on the market.

You can utilize an adjustable peel-and-stick safety lock if you have a tiny child. These are typically composed of plastic and are available in both keyed and non-keyed models. To open the fridge in the latter situation, simply squeeze the bottom and top buttons. It’s a great technique to keep the fridge safe for new parents. It’s safe to use on your freezer, as well.

The placement of a padlock on a heavy-duty refrigerator door lock provides an additional layer of protection. Side-by-side freezers can also be secured with this lock, which is far more durable than plastic. It’s an excellent option for keeping an adult from opening the fridge.

Possible Consequences of Putting a Lock On the Fridge

You should be aware that restricting the access of your mother, children, and other family members to your refrigerator by installing a lock could lead to a variety of unintended effects. As a result, I advise you to refrain from doing so unless absolutely necessary.

We can see some of the outcomes of these actions:

  • It’s frustrating and angry for your loved one to be locked in the fridge since they don’t grasp what you’re trying to do. In the case of dementia patients, this is of particular importance. As a result, they may walk around the house (if they are able to leave it), or they may opt to go to the grocery store.
  • Dementia patients and elderly children who are trying to get around the lock could do damage to the fridge. The majority of the time, this is not something they intend to do, and explaining the situation can frequently assist.
  • If you lock the fridge, your loved one may lose trust in you. This is especially true if they are older children or adults. Even if you’re doing all in your power to keep them safe, they may become disoriented if you don’t explain the issue clearly and offer them emotional support.

Do everything in your power to make your loved one comprehend why you behave the way you do. Restricting access to food because you believe someone without a mental illness consumes it in an unhealthy manner is disrespectful and impolite. Check out the next section for some alternatives to locking the refrigerator that may be more effective.

It’s a good idea to think carefully before locking the fridge, as it could cause a variety of complications. If you don’t need to adhere to a strict diet, consider and give the following options a shot:

  • The refrigerator should not be stocked with junk food. Keeping only nutritious food and snacks in the fridge is the quickest and most effective strategy to improve the health of a loved one. Remove sugary treats from your diet.
  • Your child’s education is your responsibility. If you don’t have to put your youngster on a tight diet, education is your greatest option. When done correctly, there is no need to lock the refrigerator. Set a good example for your child by teaching them the fundamentals of a healthy diet from an early age.
  • Lock the door to the room, not the refrigerator. Instead of locking the fridge, consider moving it to a different room and enforcing access restrictions on the room itself rather than the fridge itself. You won’t be tempted by the fridge because it will be hidden away.
  • Have two refrigerators. Other options include having two refrigerators: one for the person on a diet and one for everyone else. Instead of having to lock both of your refrigerators, you may simply lock one of them. As a result, there will be less frustration and irritability because the person will always have access to food.


What are the types of refrigerator locks?

In addition to the padlockable fridge locks, there are also button strap fridge locks and clip strap fridge locks. Although the button strap fridge lock includes an automatic latching method, its adhesive is readily degraded. If your refrigerator has French doors, you can use a clip-strap lock.

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Why must freezers have locks?

There are times when children will open the freezer door without fully closing it. Your food would be ruined as a result. To avoid this, you’ll need to secure the freezer with a lock.

How can I stop my child from opening the fridge?

To make your refrigerator child-proof, install a lock on the mini-fridge. You can prevent your youngster from opening the fridge by securing the handle. Check the locks on your refrigerator at your local hardware store.


Were our instructions on how to secure a refrigerator door with a lock helpful to you? Once you’ve completed the instruction, you won’t have to worry about figuring out who’s stealing your food anymore. As a bonus, you’ll be able to keep your fridge’s contents hidden from prying friends and visitors.

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