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You’re going to make a memorial donation, but you have no idea what to write on the card. Memorial donations are made in honor or memory of a loved one who has died.

However, some people opt to make a charitable donation instead of giving gifts or flowers.

As a way of giving thanks to benefactors, many charities may send them thank-you cards or letters. T-shirts and other clothing items with slogans embroidered or printed on them are common. Even if they do provide a card, it may not say exactly what you’d like it to. You can learn more about this subject by reading on!

Tips To Remember When Writing A Memorial Donation Card

Sending a thank-you note or card with a brief explanation of why you choose the charity is sufficient. If you want to get your point through, don’t make it too long or complicated.

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#1. Choose a card

Sending a card or writing a quick message to explain your donation and your sentiments is something you might want to think about. Fill up the front and back of the card with your own handwriting, or use a sheet of paper that can be folded to fit within the card’s envelope. Make a point of mentioning how much you miss the person.

#2. Mention the charity

As a result, how do you draft a card for a memorial donation? If you want to make a donation in honor of a deceased loved one, don’t be ashamed to do so. Introduce yourself and let them know you noticed their interest in the organization. Let them know that you’d want to make a donation in their honor by calling them.

#3. Put the amount

The person’s condition may use a quick summary of the charity, or you could let them know that you were aware of it. Don’t forget to include the exact amount of the donation. Ask for a receipt from the organization if you want to know exactly how much you donated or if you want to claim the donation as a tax deduction.

#4. Express your gratitude

Lastly, thank you for your generous donation and express hope that it will provide consolation to someone else. Alternatively, you might express your feelings in a more precise manner by using more emotive words. Make sure you understand the numerous types of memorial donation wordings available to you..

21 Ways to Word ‘A Donation Has Been Made in Your Name

1. ‘I was inspired to donate to X Organization after hearing you talk so much about their work.’

If a loved one’s remarks inspired you to make a donation to a particular charity or organization, let others know. A loved one’s passion for a cause can make this even more compelling.

2. ‘I made a donation to X Organization in your honor. I know how much this cause means to you.’

Don’t overcomplicate your message when you’re not sure what you’re saying. Let them know that you’re making a donation in their name if there’s a charity they care about.

3. ‘I am feeling charitable this time of year, and I would love to make a gift in your honor. What organizations do you support?’

Ask the recipient if you’re unsure of the ideal way to acknowledge them. Giving back makes people feel good about themselves, and good feelings are contagious. You may ensure that your donation is used to its full potential by finding out which charity the recipient supports.

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4. ‘I made a donation in your name to X Organization to honor your loved one.’

The practice of making a donation in memory of someone who has died away is prevalent. An email or letter to the bereaved may bring them some comfort during a terrible time, therefore they should be included in this wonderful gesture.

5. ‘Instead of gifts this holiday season, I gifted to X Organization in your honor. May you have a merry season!’

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, giving back is a wonderful way to do it. In lieu of traditional presents, the above phraseology may be the most appropriate for your philanthropic donation.

6. ‘A donation has been made in your name to X Charity.’

Keep your message to a minimum if you’re sending a simple card to someone you don’t know that well. Using the language above is the best method to inform them that a gift has taken place.

7. ‘As a gesture of goodwill, I made a donation in your name to X Charity.’

Giving back is an important concept to most individuals. You can let your receiver know that you’ve made a charitable donation in their honor if this sounds like them.

8. ‘To honor your love and support, I made a donation in your honor to X Charity.’

Make a charitable donation in honor of a friend or family member who has always been there for you. The best method to demonstrate your concern is to support a cause that is dear to the recipient’s heart.

9. ‘A heartfelt donation was made in your honor to X Charity.’

Telling your recipient you gave this as a token of your affection is another straightforward approach. Too frequently, our gifts are fleeting. This is an heirloom-quality item.

10. ‘In lieu of a traditional gift, we have chosen to make a donation in your honor to X Charity.’

Don’t be afraid to explain why you choose a particular charity if you know your receiver would enjoy it more than a monetary donation. This might mean the world to them.

11. ‘I just wanted to let you know I made a quick donation in your honor at X Organization. Best wishes.’

It’s simple to SMS a message like this one, and it emphasizes the value of giving back to others.

12. ‘Thank you for always being there. To show support, I’ve given to X Organization in your name.’

Make a present in honor of someone who is always there for you. They are included in this vital procedure by sending a brief text message.

13. ‘I know how much this cause means to you, so I’ve made a donation to X Organization in your honor.’

It’s common for people to form strong links to charitable organizations and causes that are dear to them. A gift like this will be treasured for a long time to come.

14. ‘Thank you for teaching me about X cause. I’ve decided to make a donation on your behalf.’

If you were introduced to a cause by someone who cares about it, thank them for their time. This message will draw you closer to each other, as these are often quite personal and emotional.

15. ‘Wishing you happiness, health, and blessings. I’ve made a donation to X Organization just for you.’

Consider making a donation in someone’s honor as a way of wishing them well and good fortune. This is a novel method to convey your concern.

16. ‘I am so sorry for your loss. To honor his/her memory, I have made a donation to X Organization.’

When a loved one dies, it can be hard to know that they will be remembered and cherished. They will never be forgotten if they make a charitable donation.

17. ‘I am so sorry to hear of X’s passing after his/her fight with cancer. I have made a donation in his/her honor to X organization to fund research and the fight for a cure.’

Anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer or illness would appreciate this message. With your donation, you’ll not only be helping others, but you’ll be helping yourself as well.

18. ‘I’ll never forget how passionate X was about helping animals in need. I have donated to the local animal shelter in his/her honor.’

You can honor the memory of a loved one by tying your charitable donation to a cause they were passionate about. Because of this, it serves as a reminder to the bereaved and a part of their legacy.

19. ‘Wishing you all the love and support at this time. Please let me know which charity to donate to in his/her honor.’

When in doubt about which charity to support, ask the surviving family members. Many people find comfort in participating in this process because they know their loved ones best.

20. ‘Though I am unable to donate funds, I will donate my time. I will be joining the local soup kitchen every weekend this month to assist with meal prep for those in need in honor of X.’

Even if you’re struggling financially, you don’t have to offer cash every time. Volunteering is a present that is always welcomed and appreciated, because time is just as valuable as money.

21. ‘X was such a positive force to be around. I wanted to honor their kindness with a gift to X Charity in his/her honor.’

As a last option, you can link your charitable donation to the dead person’s personality. Consider this a chance to carry on their good deeds if they were usually upbeat and nice.

Give Back and Do Good

Giving to charity instead of receiving a typical gift is a wonderful option. Giving to those in need is more important than you might realize, even if it’s just for the sake of a nice deed done in someone’s honor.

Sharing the good news of your gift requires careful word choice. This is a thoughtful gift that your recipient will cherish for years to come because it allows you to express the thought that went into your decision. As a gift, you should always write a thank-you note for any donations you get. When it comes to thanking someone, there is no inappropriate time.

Donation Instead Of Flowers

When a patient or a member of their family dies, they can specify what they want to be done with the money that would have been spent on funeral flowers. Medical research and treatment of patients with the same illness are also funded in equal amounts.

To honor the deceased’s wishes, you could give the family money and a card. There is no need to bring flowers, but if you do, please do. When donating, never underestimate the power of a dozen red flowers. Make sure to deduct as much as possible from your charitable contributions.

If the survivors wish you to donate to a different charity than the one specified, the same restrictions apply. If you don’t want to donate online, almost all charity will accept a check sent by mail.

Be sure to include the following details in your letter to the charity or organization: the name and last known address of the dead, the name and contact information of a close relative who is still living.

Your condolence letter should include an acknowledgement that you made a donation to the organization the deceased specified, so don’t forget to mention this in your card. Planting a tree, for example, might serve as a living memorial in honor of the deceased.

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Giving Assistance to Those in Need

After the death of a loved one, many people find themselves in a financial predicament. Some examples include cancer or disease depleting the family’s financial resources, or a primary breadwinner being unable to sustain the family on his or her own.

If you have the financial means, you can set up a trust to support your family members in times of need. It’s possible that some of your buddies might be willing to lend a hand as well. Recognize that accepting aid might be a challenge for some individuals. Don’t place the surviving members of the family in a bad situation.

Donors should establish a trust or other account, and then contact the beneficiary to explain how and when the donation will be provided. Make a deal. After you’ve clarified the letter’s aim without appearing condescending, send a follow-up letter to make sure everyone is on the same page. Here’s how to donate to a memorial fund in memory of someone.

What Kind Of Assistance Can You Offer?

We’ve included some suggestions for those who want to offer support to the family of a deceased loved one but don’t know where to begin. Your offer may or may not be accepted, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Education for the widow or children of the deceased
  • The average monthly income for a given time period for a family.
  • Fees for a specified time of child care that cover the cost of temporary housing or transportation.

Should I Mention My Memorial Donation?

Sending flowers is a common custom, and loved ones enjoy seeing the lovely arrangements and reading the notes to find out who sent them. A physical representation of your donation may not be available at the funeral, nor may notification go to the family when memorial gifts are increasingly donated online. You can tell the family about the donation you made on behalf of their loved one in this situation.

Suggested Phrases for Your Memorial Donation

A gift may not be appropriate to mention at a funeral or visitation, as these events are frequently a blur to the family. After the service, it may be appropriate to mail a brief message to their attention informing them of the gift they received. To get you started, here are a few phrases you can use in your note.

  • We have made a donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of your loved one. They should be in touch with you shortly.
  • Our hearts go out to you as you mourn the loss of a loved one. We’ve set up a monthly donation in his honor to the local Humane Society in order to help the dogs he loved during his life find new homes.
  • We wanted to show our gratitude to your spiritual home for all of the assistance they’ve given you over the years, especially at a time like this. Your loved one’s life-giving missions will continue thanks to our donation.

In spite of the difficulty in expressing one’s condolences, the family appreciates your effort to offer a memorial donation. Contact the compassionate staff at Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery at 480-605-1463 or by email at [email protected] if you have questions about funeral arrangements.

It’s’ A Wrap!

You can then proceed to make a donation to the chosen charity or organization on behalf of the deceased’s name once you know what to write on a memorial donation card. Find out how to make a clothing donation box and where to buy donation boxes.