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If you have a coral dress for a wedding but don’t know what to wear with it, I have three suggestions. This article will teach you how to wear coral to a wedding without seeming tacky.

Feel free to browse our site if you’re curious about the rules for wearing various colors to a wedding. Master the art of accessorizing a wedding-appropriate navy dress with a variety of additional ideas.

Why wear a coral dress?

Darker, more dazzling tones sit alongside lighter, pastel hues in the coral color palette.

A coral dress is a universally flattering option, and can be worn by women of any hair or skin color. It’s true that not every shade of green is the same! Because of its delicate, feminine tones, coral is a safe choice for a wedding color scheme.

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Guide On What To Wear With A Coral Dress To A Wedding

Less is more

Given its reddish-pink undertones and orange undertones, coral complements a wide range of colors, from white to pastels to deep indigo. Don’t forget, though, that this is a wedding, so the usual rules of appropriate attire apply.

In order to avoid looking garish, choose coral accessories in no more than two different tones. Modesty and delicacy are highly valued, especially if the wedding is taking place in a church.

A coral dress can be styled in a variety of ways, but two good options are with a neutral accessory or a bold accessory. Small pops of yellow or green for accessories look excellent, but a belt or bag in a neutral color like white or ivory is always a safe bet.

Be careful with bright colors

Wearing something flashy or loud at a wedding is not a smart idea. As a result, if you want to make an impression while wearing a coral dress, you need not accessorize with other bold hues.

The focus should be on the bride, not on anyone else. Also, keep in mind what the other members of the wedding party are wearing so that you don’t end up appearing too much like the bridesmaids or the mothers of the bride and groom.

Wearing a coral dress doesn’t preclude you from accessorizing with bright colors, as long as you keep them subtle. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the bride or any of the other guests.

Consider the time and location of the wedding

When and where your wedding is will determine whether or not a coral dress is appropriate attire. For instance, a morning wedding calls for gold jewelry, whereas an evening wedding calls for darker tones to be worn with a coral dress.

Shoes or luggage in shades of navy blue or perhaps teal could be appropriate for an evening wedding. However, the wedding venue may have certain dress code requirements.

Comfort needs to be a top priority when arranging a destination wedding. Consider pairing a gray or nude blazer with your coral dress if the wedding will be held in a chillier locale.


A coral dress is best accessorized with shoes in a neutral or metallic tone. White can look washed out if it’s fully black, but nude or metallic tones give the outfit a boost.

Heels are required attire for a wedding, so go ahead and purchase a pair, whether they be kitten heels, high heels, closed toes, or open.

A coral dress looks great with leather sandals, strappy sandals, or high, closed-toe shoes.

The coral hue of the dress is not overpowered or ruined by the leather’s complementary shade.

  • Conversely, shoes in coral’s preferred shade of blue are a daring purchase that will be noticed.
  • A word of caution, though: if you do opt to wear turquoise footwear, coordinate your other items accordingly. Bright blue shoes paired with matching accessories will ruin the look.


The unexpected color scheme of turquoise and coral is surprisingly complementary. You can add some pizzazz to your coral dress by accessorizing with a pair of statement turquoise necklaces that rest delicately over the collarbone.

A more feminine look can be achieved by additionally wearing earrings with hanging turquoise stones.

In the same way that stud earrings and a delicate necklace would look great with a coral gemstone, rose quartz would be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something with a more muted color palette.

Add a touch of femininity with your favorite bangles, bracelets, and rings, and then accessorize with the coral jewelry.

A solid rule of thumb for bag and shoe pairing is to go for a leather bag that matches your shoes in both color and material. A metallic clutch is a great complement to metallic shoes. Carrying a black or grey pocketbook is appropriate with a light coral dress and grey shoes.

Shrugs and Cardigans

A strong rule of thumb for bag and shoe mixing is to go for a leather bag that matches your shoes in both color and substance. You can’t go wrong with a metallic clutch to match your metallic shoes. Carry a black or grey handbag with a light coral dress and grey shoes.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb for matching bags and shoes is to choose a leather bag that is similar in color and substance to the shoes. Metal clutches are the perfect complement to metallic shoes. Carrying a black or grey pocketbook is appropriate with a light coral dress and grey footwear.


It’s possible you’re not a hat person, but if you’re throwing a fancy wedding, it’d be a shame not to.

A small, lacy fascinator in muted tones (or turquoise, of course!) is an excellent substitute for a full-coverage hat.

What Color Goes Well With Coral Dress?


Dresses in the coral family are available in a rainbow of hues, from pastels to bold primary colors to more subdued shades. Any of the neutral colors—gray, white, black, gold, or silver—will work with your coral dress.


When accessorizing a coral dress for a formal wedding, stick to neutral colors for the safest option. If you want to give a coral-colored dress a little extra pizzazz, try accessorizing with soft, pastel shades of yellow, teal, mint, aqua green, or pink.

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When it comes to bolder colors, a coral dress can be worn with navy blue and plum, especially if the shoes are the same shade. The trick is to not make the coral dress look too garish by adding too many other colors.

To what extent can bright colors be used at weddings? Learn more about what to wear to a summer wedding with our helpful tips.

Can I Wear Coral To A Wedding?

Guests are welcome to wear coral to a wedding if it is included as a guest attire choice on the invitation or website. The invitation will reveal whether or not coral will be part of the wedding’s color scheme.

However, coral is a bold color, so it shouldn’t be the only or even dominant hue in a bridal palette. You don’t want to steal the spotlight away from the bride, and it would be rude to go against the wedding’s established aesthetic.

Make sure the bride and her attendants are not wearing coral, even if it is part of the wedding’s color scheme. As a guest at a wedding, you should be aware of this.

What Is The Complementary Color Of Coral?

Because coral incorporates pink, red, and orange, it makes logical that teal is the coral’s complementary color. For a coral-themed wedding, white, pink, and green are the most prevalent color combinations.

It seems to reason that coral’s complementary color is teal, given that it contains pink, red, and orange. White, pink, and green are classic color palettes for a wedding with a coral theme.

Coral flowers in the bridal bouquet or boutonniere are a timeless addition to a traditional white wedding dress and black tuxedo.

8 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Coral Dress

1. Nude Shoes

If you want to err on the side of caution, a pair of nude shoes is the way to go. These shoes are the perfect complement to your coral dress. Wearing neutral hues might make you look smaller and longer, especially your legs.

We suggest going for shoes with some appeal or texture if you’re going for a skin tone. Instead of wearing boring nude shoes that disappear into your coral dress, choose a pair that complements your outfit.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of strappy heels or glittery patent nude pumps to go with your coral dress.

2. White Shoes

Wearing white in the summer is another one of our favorite neutrals. Even if you’re going for a more casual style, a coral dress and white shoes will make a statement. Wearing a coral dress with white shoes is a surefire way to attract attention everywhere you go.

If you’re going to wear white shoes, go for a lighter coral dress. A dark coral dress can look dowdy with white shoes, but it can also look beautiful as demonstrated above.

White strappy heels are appropriate for a formal event, while white lace-up sneakers or flat sandals are suitable for a more relaxed gathering. Throw caution to the wind and accessorize with a pair of statement earrings.

3. Gold Shoes

The combination of a coral dress and shiny gold heels is utterly gorgeous. Including a little of flash and glamour never hurts. Metallic footwear is still a neutral and will therefore complement any color outfit.

Keep your outfit straightforward if you must rock gold footwear. Gold heels may be too much with a coral dress unless you’re going for a bold style. A gold belt or necklace might be the finishing touch to a well-balanced ensemble.

4. Tan/Brown Shoes

When it comes to neutral shoes, brown is a safe bet for devotees. There is a vast variety of brown shoe options to pick from, beginning with light tan and progressing to dark chocolate.

It would be best to pair your coral dress with lighter brown shoes. Shoes of a dark brown shade are a fantastic option for a casual, laid-back style.

Gold or silver metallic accents on dark brown shoes are ideal for more formal occasions.

5. Black Shoes

You can never go wrong with a pair of black shoes because they match so many different colors. It’s possible to look sophisticated and put together by pairing a coral dress with black heels.

If you must wear black shoes, choose for a sleek design, such a pair of heels made of shiny patent leather or thin ankle straps. It’s possible that a pair of black shoes with a lot of decoration would clash with a coral ensemble.

6. (Light) Blue Shoes

Do you want to find a way to liven up your outfit? A pair of blue sneakers is the ideal antidote. These vivid shoes would look great with a coral dress because of the striking contrast they would create.

To wit: coral’s orange hue goes well with the cool tones of blue. It’s a relaxing color palette that evokes thoughts of the beach and warm weather.

If you must wear blue shoes, choose a pastel shade like sky blue or turquoise. The color scheme of turquoise and coral is frequently used for tropical weddings.

7. Silver Shoes

Want to add some sparkle to your outfit? When in doubt, go with silver footwear. Silver shoes with a coral dress make for a striking ensemble.

If you’d like to wear silver shoes, we recommend metallic sandals, ankle strap heels, or flats.

Why not check out the designs by Mach & Mach, which are distinguished by a beautiful box accent at the shoe’s toe? These shoes have been trending online this year and, paired with the right ensemble, they are quite lovely.

8. Animal Print Shoes

One of the most exciting and on-trend ways to liven up your outfit is with a pair of animal-print shoes. They work well with coral dresses, but you can wear them with anything.

We advise against wearing animal print shoes because of their ostentatious nature. Don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement by pairing an exotic animal print shoe with a bright coral dress.

Shoes made from snakeskin or zebra stripes, whatever you like, will look great. However, we can’t deny that the timeless leopard and snake prints are some of our favorites.


Is coral a summer color?

While coral is commonly associated with the summer season, it may actually be worn at any time. Because of its vibrancy, it can stand in for red. Coral is a beautiful option for the bride’s bouquet during a wedding, especially one held outside in the sunshine.

What color nail polish goes with a coral dress?

When paired with coral dresses, pale pink, neutral, and white nail polishes are stunning.

What jewelry goes well with a coral dress?

Remember too that coral goes well with essentially any other color. We really like the combination of gold and silver, as well as silver and a very light turquoise.

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We hope you found our article on the best shoes to wear with a coral dress helpful. Make sure to play around with different colors and styles to find what works best for you. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself!

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Finally, you have it! What to wear with a coral dress at a wedding? was a subject we recently tackled. And we concluded that it would go beautifully with pastels, brights, and even stark black and white.

The guest should nonetheless observe standard wedding attire norms and maintain a level of subtlety. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.