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A swivel rocker recliner is a great addition to any room. Furthermore, they not only improve the comfort of viewing TV or reading, but also do so by making the experience more enjoyable. However, it can be a hassle to search for the ideal slipcover material. This method can be used to determine the proper dimensions and weight of a slipcover for a swivel rocker chair.

What Is a Slipcover?

Slipcovers are easily replaceable fabric covers for furniture. In addition to protecting your furniture from the inevitable accidents that occur in a home with kids and pets, they also serve as a stylish method to modernize your living quarters. Slipcovers can be used for couches, loveseats, futons/daybeds, chairs/stools, and ottomans. When looking for a slipcover for your furniture, it’s important to consider the fabric, style, and dimensions.

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Types of Slipcovers

When deciding on a slipcover, you can choose from a wide range of options. Before settling on a material and style, give some thought to your individual tastes.


The amount of wear and tear your furniture endures will determine the best slipcover fabric for it. Slipcovers can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, microfiber, denim, polyester, and linen. Several of the most frequent building components include:

Cotton textiles are lightweight, breathable, and simple to launder. It gives the ensemble a more carefree air, making it easier to relax in. Cotton slipcovers last a long time, however they tend to wrinkle easily. Remember this if you often take off your covering.

Microfiber is widely used due of its durability, wrinkle resistance, and low maintenance requirements. Microfiber is a great material to use for furniture protection because it is both gentle and durable. Any accidents can be immediately remedied before they set in.

Denim is a durable, long-lasting fabric because of its twill weave. Incorporating denim into your home design is a great way to get a classic, casual appearance that will last for years.

Due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, polyester has been a go-to material for slipcovers. The synthetic fabric is great for a sofa cover since the sturdy fibers assist it to retain its shape and avoid wrinkles.

Linen, despite being so smooth and soft, can keep you cool and is quite long lasting. Linen slipcovers for your sofa can make a formal room feel more relaxed and inviting. Linen, which wrinkles easily, is a great option for a more relaxed look.

Chenille, due to its durability and softness, is frequently used for slipcovers. Chenille’s raised features give it a rugged look and feel. The texture may make it easier to cover up dirt stains.

Consider purchasing a faux leather slipcover for your leather sofa or chair if it is beginning to show signs of wear. Faux leather is a great material for slipcovers since it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Slipcover Design

When shopping for a slipcover, you’ll find a wide selection of patterns from which to choose. If you want your slipcover to serve its purpose and look good, you need to give some thought to both.

You may use this type of slipcover on your couches, chairs, and ottomans to shield them from dirt and stains. If you have pets or young children, you should invest in furniture protectors. Common methods of securing furniture covers are the use of hook-and-loop fasteners or ties. An accidental leak won’t be a big deal because they can be quickly discarded.

The ease with which this protection may be applied and removed makes it ideal for those who often wash their clothes. Many protective one-pieces have ties at the base of the skirt that can be pulled to make the garment snug. Don’t worry about folding the extra fabric away; just tuck it into the seams of your one-piece furniture cover. If you’re having trouble getting a good tuck with your hands, a wooden spatula may come in handy.

Stretch-fit covers give your furniture a custom look and feel. These stretchy slipcovers are great for families with kids and pets since they are simple to install and stay in place.

These couch covers typically feature two separate pieces and are used on sofas and loveseats. The couch’s frame and cushions are constructed from the same high-quality fabric. If your cushion design has more intricate parts, you may need to purchase them separately. You may achieve a more tailored look for your sofa.

Cushion Design

Slipcovers are offered for both standard cushions and T-cushions. Knowing what kind of aesthetic you desire is essential when shopping for a slipcover.

Square or rectangular cushions are referred to as “regular/box” cushions. Turning over a pillow to its reverse side is a quick and easy way to cover up an accident.

T-Cushion: These cushions are shaped like the letter T. Slipcovers for couches and chairs that mimic the shape of T-cushion cushions are fairly common. The slipcover is placed over the seat and back cushion to form the characteristic T-shape.

How to Find the Right Slipcover Size

If you have an idea of the scale of your furniture, you may confidently choose a suitable covering. Keep in mind the width, height, and depth of the sofa, chair, or ottoman you’re measuring. Get out how high the legs are off the floor so you can find the appropriate dust ruffle or skirt for your slipcover.

Some couch covers require measurements to get the appropriate cushion width. It’s as simple as counting the number of seams between the left and right cushions. Measure from the front of the cushion to the back of the sofa to get the depth of the cushion.

Knowing the length of a recliner is essential when shopping for a slipcover. A fully reclined chair’s length should be measured from the top of the back to the bottom of the footrest.


Slipcover sizes are specified in the product description, under the “Weight & Dimensions” section.

Steps on Measuring Slipcover Material for Swivel Rocking Chairs:

Your first step is to take precise measurements of your chair’s width and height, in both inches and millimeters. This will help you determine how much fabric you will need to cut and how much you will need to sew on each side.

Take a measurement from the back of your seat to the front of the seat in front of you.

Third, measure the breadth and depth of your seat cushion to the nearest inch.

The fourth step is to take a measurement of the height of your armrests from the seat back to the top of the armrest or the distance they project forward.

Next, measure and cut a yard of fabric to the length you need for the armrests or back of the chair. Make your cloth cuts based on these specifications.

Take a measurement from the top of your seat cushion to the top of your armrests using a measuring tape (or where ever you prefer them). You can use these numbers to calculate the width of fabric you’ll need.

Step 7: Measure the height, width, and length of the arm of your chair back in relation to the height of the top of your seat cushion. You may calculate how much fabric you’ll need for the reverse side using these dimensions.

How do you make a slipcover pattern for a chair?

Making a pattern for a slipcover is a simple process. Take precise dimensions of your chair by gauging its back width, seat height from the floor, and arm length (which can be measured as to how high up you want it or how wide). If you don’t have any fabric on hand that is the right size, you can probably find some at your local fabric store.

How do I measure how wide the back of my chair is?

Your chair’s back can be made narrower or taller by adjusting the distance between the top of the seat cushion and the arm of the chair.

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What do I need for my slipcover?

You’ll need fabric, scissors, a measuring tape, and the dimensions of your chair or a premade slipcover.

What are some things to keep in mind?

A seamstress’ assistance may be necessary if you want your new cover to fit your chair snugly across the back, the top of the seat cushion, and the length of the arms.

You can save money by making your own slipcover out of a piece of fabric without a seam allowance.

How do you crochet armrest covers?

Determine the dimensions of the armrests in terms of their length, width, and height (from top of seat cushion or where the back of chair meets)

If you’ve never crocheted before, you’ll need to pick up a crochet hook, which you can get at just about any arts and crafts store or online. If the stitch was an afghan stitch on the previous row, insert two stitches into the same loop on the next row.

If you are working in single crochet, on the next row you will insert hook into each loop. The armrest cover is now your blank canvas for fringe or other embellishments.

How to Clean and Care for Slipcovers


First, take off the chair’s cover. Slipcovers made of cotton, polyester, or nylon should be cleaned with a gentle detergent, cold water, and a soft cloth or sponge. It is also possible to find products designed for use on particular materials.

To dry off, place a terrycloth towel on your skin.

It’s not recommended to wash your slipcovers in a washing machine because doing so could cause the fabric to shrink or tear.


If you want to prevent mildew from forming on your chair coverings, dry them well before storing them. Step 1.

Before putting the slipcover away for a while, fold it in thirds along its length and make sure the clean side is facing out.

Slip coverings should be kept in a cool, dry place away from heat sources like radiators or fireplaces.

Invest in storage bins if you have many slipcovers; this is the fourth step.

8 Best Sofa Slipcovers

1. PureFit Sofa Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Closely knit fabric
  • Easy to slip on
  • Maintains its Place

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • A rainbow of 21 hues to pick from
  • You can choose from three different sizes.
  • Polyesther garment
  • Weighs 2.75 ounces
  • Length, width, and height are given in inches.

The PureFit Couch Slipcover is an extremely elastic solution for protecting your three-seat sofa. There are 21 different colors to pick from.

Many purchasers have expressed their extreme satisfaction with this slipcover. The material is soft and comfy, it fits and removes easily, and it looks and performs as advertised.

Some users have complained that the covering slips off during use. In addition, a number of reviewers have mentioned issues with the cloth tearing.

The slipcover’s dimensions are 11.81 by 11.06 by 5.2 inches. It weighs 2.75 kg.

In other words, it’s the best option for anyone in need of a flexible outer layer.

2. CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Superior-quality fabric
  • Simple construction
  • Comprehensive safety

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • In terms of color, you have 24 options.
  • You can choose from four different sizes.
  • In this case, fabric is the main ingredient.
  • It has a weight of about 3.44 ounces
  • The dimensions are 117.996.3 inches.

You can give your worn couch a new lease on life with the help of the CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover, a durable and adaptable product. Several other color options are available to you.

Customers have given this slipcover nothing but glowing reviews. To sum it up, everything works perfectly, the price is fair, and the quality is top-notch.

Following laundering, several consumers complained about the slipcover’s poor quality. Several reviewers have complained that the color of the slipcover doesn’t go with the sofa.

The dimensions of the slipcover are 11.50 x 7.99 x 6.30 inches. It weighs 3.44 kg.

If you’re looking for a slipcover, be sure it’s of good quality.

3. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Very low upkeep
  • Furniture safeguarding

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • Color choices (30 of them)
  • You can choose from three different sizes.
  • We recommend microfiber.
  • It weighs 2.64 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are 11.89 inches long by 11.18 inches wide by 6.5 inches high.

The Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover exudes opulence thanks to its magnificent quilted texture. There are 30 different color options to choose from.

A number of critics have praised this slipcover. Having these qualities makes it not only a superb pet carrier, but also a stylish accessory.

The quality of construction was cited as a complaint by some reviewers of the slipcover. The cover may not offer sufficient weather protection, according to some users.

The dimensions of the slipcover are 11 inches by 89 inches by 11 inches by 6.5 inches. The item’s curb weight is a whopping 2.64 pounds.

If you’re searching for a quilted slipcover, you can’t go wrong with this one.

4. H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Looks good
  • Anti-slip technology was incorporated into the design.
  • Built with precision

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • Option of almost a dozen different hues:
  • Two sizes are offered.
  • Comfortable Velvet
  • It comes in at a hefty 5.66 kilograms.
  • Size is roughly 15 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 2 inches high.

H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Slipcover is a beautiful option for protecting and updating the look of your sofa. There are eleven different colors to choose from.

Many purchasers have expressed their extreme satisfaction with this slipcover. It’s affordable, comes in a wide range of fashionable tones, and has a luxuriously smooth feel without any unpleasant chemical overtones.

Some reviewers have complained that the covering is overly flimsy. Several reviewers also mentioned opportunities to boost the product’s quality.

This is a slipcover with dimensions of 15 by 12 by 2 inches. It weighs 5.66 kg.

Get ready to relax into the silky smoothness of your new covering!

5. KEKUOU Stretch Sofa Cover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • size suitable for many applications
  • attractive to the eye
  • Fabric with some degree of give to it.

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • A rainbow of 20 hues to pick from
  • We offer 5 different sizes.
  • It is made from polyester.
  • The equivalent of 2.84 pounds
  • The finished product measures 11 by 11 by 6 inches.

The KEKUOU Stretch Sofa Cover is an excellent option because it is wrinkle-resistant and can be used with a wide variety of couch sizes. Twenty unique colors are available for your selection.

Lots of reviewers agree that this slipcover is fantastic. The color is great, the price is fair, and the whole design is appealing.

One or two reviews have mentioned that the product’s seeming small size is actually quite large. Some reviewers have also taken issue with how the cover was put on.

The slipcover’s dimensions are (in inches) 11.9 x 11.7 by 6.6. The weight at the curb is a substantial 2.84 pounds.

We offer a special cover that is resistant to creases in case that’s something you’re worried about.

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6. Deep Dream Sectional Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Very low upkeep
  • Engineered to avoid the potential for slips and falls
  • General applicability

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • To choose from, you have seven distinct hues.
  • You can choose from eleven distinct sizing options.
  • Comfortable Velvet
  • This adds up to a total mass of 1.72 kg.
  • Size of the item is 17.2 inches.

Deep Dream Sectional Fabric is a velvet fabric that provides excellent protection for your sofa or couch. The color palette includes seven options.

Customers have given this slipcover nothing but glowing reviews. In addition to being of high quality, the fabric is quite comfortable, and the overall look is chic.

Some reviews have complained about how accurate the colors are. A few reviewers also found it tricky to maintain the slipcover’s secure fit.

That’s a slipcover that measures 17.2 by 12.36 by 3.86 inches. It has a weight of 1.72 lb.

The versatility of this slipcover makes it a good choice for a number of situations.

7. subrtex Sofa Cover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Made from elastic thread loops that are sewn together
  • Easy to slip on
  • The brand-new color scheme

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • The color palette offers 18 distinct options.
  • You can choose from four different sizes.
  • Synonyms: spandex and polyester
  • 3.49 kg in total mass
  • Inches: 11.1, 9.7, and 6.4

The subrtex Sofa Cover is great if you’re looking for a low-priced cover that won’t irritate your skin. A total of 18 different colors are at your disposal.

Reviewers have nothing but praise for this sofa slipcover. When tucked inside, the slipcover adds a stylish finishing touch and is a great value.

Some consumers have complained about an odd white lint that sticks to their clothes after using the slipcover. Some reviewers have complained that the cover easily tears.

The slipcover has the following dimensions: 11.1 by 9.7 by 6.4 inches. Specifically, its mass is 3.49 kilograms.

If you need a slipcover and haven’t found one that works, this is a great option.

8. NICEEC Sofa Slipcover

A few of the most crucial characteristics are as follows:

  • Making modifications is simple.
  • Substances that hold up over time.
  • Used to keep furniture in good condition

Here are the meat and potatoes for people who care about such things.

  • You can pick from a dozen different hues.
  • You can choose from three different sizes.
  • In this case, fabric is the main ingredient.
  • My current weight is 4.36 kg.
  • It measures 14 by 12.8 by 7.8 inches (inches).

The NICEEC Sofa Slipcover is a great option for preserving the life of your sofa. You can choose from a palette of twelve unique shades.

Many purchasers have expressed their extreme satisfaction with this slipcover. Its design and functionality stand out, but its beautiful colors and intricate embroidery are also noteworthy.

There have been complaints from a number of consumers about the slipcover’s lax fit. Several reviewers have noted that the slipcover shrank after being washed.

The cover measures 14 by 12.8 by 7.8 inches (inches). It comes in at a hefty 4.36 pounds in weight.

If you want a truly original covering, this is it!

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Sofa Slipcovers Comparison Table


Should I get a slipcover for my coach?

If you want to protect your sofa from your pets, a slipcover is a good alternative. Slipcovers can be purchased for any sofa, regardless of condition.

How long do slipcovers last?

The slipcover can last for years with proper maintenance. The slipcover’s lifespan will be shortened if you disregard it. Depending on how you use it, it may last for quite some time without fraying or wearing out.

How can I check the quality of the slipcover before buying it?

The reviews left by actual Amazon customers are available to peruse. Numerous reviewers have tried out the product and can offer advice on which version is most suitable for you.