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French beds used to mean larger mattresses, but now the term generally refers to beds with elaborate frames, headboards, and canopies that are meant to evoke a sense of royalty.

Even though the length and width of traditional royal beds inspired the term “double bed,” they were often used by a single person.

Letto francese is referred to in Italy as “one and a half” (literally, “one and half twin beds”), which means “one and a half twin beds.” A “French bed” is bigger than a twin but smaller than a double.

What Is a classic French bed?

The sturdy iron or wooden frames typical of the French bed’s romantic reputation are often adorned with natural embellishments and graceful arches. A sense of royal magnificence was further enhanced by floral and plant-based motifs.

Given the variety of options and bed makers in France, it might be challenging to make sense of bed sizing standards there. You’ve found the right location if you’re in the market for a totally unique bed. Un grand lit is the French term for this type of bed.

Why a Beautiful, Classic French Bed Suits Every Style

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However, the traditional French bed is an expansive and luxurious double bed.

It’s around 140 centimeters broad, which makes it slightly bigger than a standard twin bed. The focus of this layout is on the convenience of a single user. Thanks to its lavish ornamentation and solid construction, the French bed is well-suited for magnificent, Parisian-style bedrooms.

Try a Parisian interior and design book if you want your bed to look like something out of a château.

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In addition to being a comfortable choice for singles, the French bed may also bring partners closer together.

A French double bed is the most comfortable hotel bed type for couples, and it’s also a good choice for short-term rentals. A single individual or a couple can use this, so it’s a good option for anybody.

This combo would be perfect with the addition of the right French bedroom set.

The Rococo Headboard and Footboard

Flowers, branches, and other elements of nature can be used into this design to provide a more artistic look. In the past, talented craftspeople painstakingly created naturalistic representations. Thanks to improvements in machinery and technology, the same work may now be done in a fraction of the time it used to take.

The taller headboard and lower footboard play a role in highlighting and accentuating the noble in the design and function of the royal bed. Since most of them are canopy or four-poster beds, they have always been and continue to be a symbol of elegance and refinement.

The Solid Bed Frames

While the first bed fit for a king was crafted from solid wood, modern options include pine, beech, ash, oak, maple, and a plethora of alloys.

The French Bed Legs

A historic French bed may feature any number of ornate leg styles, including cabriole legs, arrow feet, or claw feet. This adds a touch of glamour and refinement to the bed’s overall presentation.

Because there is more floor space beneath the bed, it is less of a visual distraction from the rest of the furniture.

Why Bother With a French Bed?

The focal point of any bedroom must be the bed, and the classic French bed is the best option for any area. Accessories made of brass, iron, carved wood, or even rattan can be used to make any space feel more unique and interesting. In other words, this is an ideal spot for a peaceful night of sleep.

It can enhance the elegance of the space by adding a dash of extravagance. If you’re looking for a beautiful and comfortable focal point for your bedroom, go no further than the classic French bed.

What Are The French Bed Mattress Sizes?

According to Jonathan Prichard, founder and CEO of MattressInsider.com, French mattresses can be anywhere in the range of 140 cm by 190 cm to 160 cm x 200 cm. We

For a comprehensive rundown, please go to our UK mattress sizes page.

The rising success of foreign companies like IKEA has contributed to the rise in popularity of the 200-centimeter mattress.

The Standard French Bed

As was mentioned before, the standard size for a double bed in France is 140 by 190 cm (or 200 cm).

Ideal for a quiet night in for one or a warm, affectionate evening for two. This may be a fantastic buy for a dorm, hotel room, or rental house for a teen or adult.

Small Double French bed

You can choose between a 120×190-inch or a 200×200-inch mattress to suit your needs.

Even though there is just one person staying in this room, the full size French bed and other upscale amenities will make them feel like they are in a much larger space. Nonetheless, two people sleeping on a mattress this size isn’t recommended.

The King Size French Bed

If you want a luxuriously roomy bed and have the space for it, a French king size is a great choice.

A “full bed,” also called a “double bed” or “queen size bed,” has a sleeping area of 190 (or 200) centimeters by 150 (or 60) centimeters and a strong headboard and frame for added comfort. Here you may see the distinction between a full bed and a french bed.

So, “French Sized Bed”. What is That!?

This 140cm broad by 190cm long double bed is perfect for two people! (or 200 cm).

Think about how a mismatched mattress and bed frame might look on a French bed. If you don’t have access to an interior designer, it’s a good idea to draw up a rough layout of your bedroom, complete with the bed, before making a final decision.

French Bed Styles

Let’s get down to work now that we know what a French bed is. To better help you select the best bed frame and mattress for your specific needs, HomesDirect365 has you covered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or worries.

Why a Beautiful, Classic French Bed Suits Every Style

It’s possible to choose between a straight end bed or a corbeille bed in France (Curved).

Straight End

The “straight end” footboard of a French bed has a sharp, rectangular profile.

From above, the bed looks to rest securely on its legs, which tilt in the direction of the footboards.

Pastel Blue French Headboard

A French bed can be identified by its squared off foot end, and it works best with standard rectangular mattresses sold in many different stores. It is essential to remember this is a special case.

Verify that the mattress is a standard double bed size of 140 cm x 190 cm in France (or 200 cm).

This Is It: The Final Chapter of the Corbeille

A more “oval” form characterizes an ending in corbeille. This bed is perfect for people who want a more classic aesthetic, thanks to its curving footboard that conceals the bed’s mattress and frame.

Louis XV style headboard

A “curved end mattress” will complement the bed’s oval design, bringing out its full aesthetic potential. It’s possible that the prices of these items will go up in the near future. The time and money spent making the space special are certainly worthwhile.

Antique French style hand carved headboard

The French bed with a corbeille end and the regular French bed are both physically distinct. Since they are not totally hidden from above, it gives the impression that the bed is suspended in midair.


French beds can be made from many different types of natural materials. Molded iron, reinforced white or dark wood, and other such materials are commonplace in the work of artisans and interior design firms. These frames are a great place to showcase your natural symbolism and exquisite woodworking skills.

Director of Westline Electricians & Installations, Jordan Vellutini, reveals an offbeat fad: running custom lighting under and along a canopy bed. Now is a great time to add even more bling and glamour to the inside of your home.

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Due to the bed’s extensive history as a furniture staple, finding an antique with a unique design is not out of the ordinary. Jewelry with organic curves and gold plating was a popular choice in the past.


French beds are expensive because they are seen as a sign of social prestige and material affluence.

You can find this type of bed at select thrift stores and depots for a fraction of the price, and with a little bit of restoration work, you can have a beautiful bed in a traditional design without spending a ton of money. To alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies, consider investing in an air filter before making any purchases of antique furniture. As a result of the accumulation of allergens from previous owners, antique French beds require regular expert cleaning and upkeep.

How to Make a French-Style Bed

The Headboard

The skeleton is the foundation of everything. French beds are easily recognizable by their silk tufted headboards and ornate carvings. When placed in a bedroom, not only do they add visual appeal, but also a feeling of drama and sophistication. The softness of the tufted cloth headboard adds to the relaxing atmosphere. French bedrooms are noted for their elegance, therefore it’s important to keep the decor simple and neutral.

The Mattress

Your mattress is one place where you shouldn’t skimp. Most of our lives are spent in bed, therefore it’s important to invest in a comfortable mattress. Remember that the average size of a French bed is between 115 and 140 centimeters in diameter. Find a cushy one where you can stretch out and relax (so long as your space allows it, of course).

The Bedding

For a French-style bedroom, the way you dress your bed sets the tone for everything in the room. To achieve the look of luxurious French bedding, choose light, neutral fabrics such as natural cottons and linens. You’ll want to sink into these smooth, crisp materials at the end of the day since they’ll make your bedroom feel like a favorite hotel suite. Additionally, silk bedding is luxurious and extravagant, and it comes with built-in aesthetic advantages for your hair and skin. Don’t be scared to use a silky woven blanket at the foot of your bed to provide texture and break up the monotony of your space.

The Lighting

When designing a bedroom in the French style, the bed is the focal point. French luxury bedding is characterized by its use of airy, neutral textiles like natural cottons and linens. After a long day, you’ll be glad to come home to the luxurious feel of your bedroom thanks to these supple, crisp fabrics. Silk bedding is not only opulent and lavish, but it also has inherent cosmetic benefits for your hair and skin. Don’t be hesitant to put a silky woven blanket at the foot of your bed to give texture and break up the monotony of your area.

How to Make a French-Style Bed | This Lady Blogs

The tone of a French country bedroom is established by the way the bed is made up. When you want your bed to look like it belongs in a five-star French hotel, use light, neutral textiles like cottons and linens. These luxuriously soft and crisp fabrics will transform your bedroom into your favorite hotel suite, making you want to crawl into them at the end of a long day. There are inherent aesthetic benefits for your hair and skin when you sleep on silk bedding, making it not just luxurious but expensive as well. Throwing a silky woven blanket over the foot of your bed is a great way to add texture to your bedroom and break up the monotony.


Prior to making a final decision on a French bed, take a good look at the rest of your bedroom.

Is it feasible that this old and elaborate piece of furniture won’t mesh well with the rest of the decor? The installation of a French bed, with all of its dramatic statement and scenic aspect, requires a substantial quantity of floor space. If you are unsure as to whether or not a French bed will work in your room, it is recommended that you consult a designer prior to making a purchase.