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Shaq’s bed is what size? Shaq’s bed is 15′ x 30′.

It’s already a dream come true for those of us who prefer the comfort of a king-sized bed.

In general, this may be the case; yet, this was lacking for some. But, of course, I’m referring to the mighty.

The size of Shaquille O’Neal is obvious to anyone who has watched him play. His height, on the other hand, contributed significantly to his success as a baseball player.

However, this has also been a factor in annoying him in several aspects of his life. The search for bedding that can accommodate his 7’1″ frame is part of that.

Shaq’s Bed

Watching my uncle’s performances was a favorite pastime for him. He’s a Shaq fanatic. I’ve seen a lot of his shows, and it amazed me to learn that he’s so tall.

Shaquille O'Neal's OG Home in Orlando -- with the Superman Bed

It’s fascinating to see how he makes the most of his height in a way that I could never hope to. To put it another way, we’re at least 2 feet apart in height. If I stand next to him, I’ll look like a stick.

What’s more intriguing is to learn how much room he has to sleep. So, are you ready to learn which bed Shaq slept on? Let’s get started, then.

Facts About Shaq’s Bed

You might be curious about Shaq’s bed size, given his stature. In a scene from MTV’s The Cribs, this is Shaq’s bed.

Do you have any idea of its size? These are the actual figures!

The former NBA star, who measures seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds, certainly requires 450 square feet of space.

As of 2010, Shaq’s 15 by 30-foot bed would take up around 20% of the total floor space in a typical single-family home.

It’s insanely large and spread out. It would be wonderful if I could just roll right over it instead of falling.

Shaq was generous enough to allow us to tour his home, especially given the little time he had to get there, but what about other NBA players?

Do they have similar sleep requirements, given that many of them are nearly as tall or even taller than him?

For a California King’s bed, the average size of an American mattress is 20.3 square feet, which is 11 times the surface area of an NBA ball.

Shaq’s bed is usually the size of a California King, so this is a pittance in comparison.

To make it appear that Shaq needs more space, the average American’s home isn’t nearly as confined as Shaq’s

In a house with a basketball court, there’s no reason not to put in a bed that’s a fifth of the size.

There have been over 20 NBA players who have been measured at above 7 feet 3 inches tall.

In general, they’re taller than Shaq and probably don’t share his interest in jokingly-estimated bed sizes.

Consider a situation where each of these individuals was expected to share a bunk in an oddly planned inn due to some unusual time travel visit.

This group of people might be forced to share a bunk in an unusually planned hotel due to an unexpected time travel visit.

Each of these people would require 9,000 square feet of space to sleep in a bed large enough to accommodate them.

In total, it would take up three tennis courts and a sixth of an acre of space.

If the NBA players were evicted, it could accommodate 450 people, including tourists and citizens of the United States.

The beast bed could host an NBA game with room for 215 spectators based on the NBA’s standard of 4,700 square feet.

After the game, everyone is free to relax and call it a day.

How Big Shaq Bed Is?

As of late, the mattress manufacturer has delivered a 72″ by 98″ bedding with the Shaq Dunkman insignia to the Hall of Fame’s largest man.

That’s 14 inches longer than a California King, which is already rather large.

It’s perhaps the best bed anyone has ever seen!

Because of the size of the bed, O’neal admitted that he bought a house because of it.

Superman’s face is emblazoned on the cover.

For the 41-year-old ball genius, Superman serves as his “symbol,” and he has several hero logos adorning his home.

With his 7’1″ height and size-23 tennis shoes, Shaq has vehemently criticized the idea of “living enormous.”

To save the expense of a larger property, he purchased an apartment in Mount Dora, Florida, for just over $235,000 instead.

It contains five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wet bar, a recreation room, and cherry-cabineted cabinetry.

Is it a gift, a business endeavor, or the replacement of his eight-room Moroccan fantasy bequest in Miami? It’s still unclear.

Shaq’s Custom-Made Bed: 20 Other Things About His House And Lifestyle

When it comes to riches, the $350 million that Shaquille O’Neal has isn’t telling the whole story. In other words, this is a guy who has money pouring in from every angle. He also keeps a lot of information about his holdings under lock and key. Several billionaires have been reported to have purchased his properties, according to various accounts. Shaq purchasing Trump or LeBron a Rolls Royce Phantom is probably another internet rumor. In most cases, these stories turn out to be completely untrue. However, they serve to distort the facts. As a result, we’re not going to bring up what Shaq still has in his possession. This data appears to be updated on a daily basis. This discussion will focus on what he has actually owned—things that we’ve seen and can verify.

Shaq Bed | the bed i slept in my first night in Taiwan. Big … | Flickr

It’s possible you’ve read or heard about Shaq’s custom-made bed. A Tempur-Pedic bed was the perfect place for the big man to relax while out shopping. To highlight how absurd he appeared in the little bed meant for human beings, he then posted a picture of it on Instagram. Shaq, who is 7’1″ and weighs over 300 pounds, would be unable to sleep soundly in any of those tight-fitting beds. He requested on Instagram whether the Tempur-Pedic team could make the bed “Shaqsize.” They rose to the occasion. Shaq received a 72′′ by 98′′ mattress from Tempur-Pedic soon after. A whole 14 inches longer than California King, if you’re curious how that compares. That prompted us to ponder further. Who owns other curiosities, and has Shaq ever done something unusual? 20 Other Weird Things About Shaq’s Home and Lifestyle, including the World’s Largest Custom-Made Bed.

The Other (Massive) Bed

Shaquille O’Neal’s 76,000-square-foot mansion was formerly the largest celebrity residence ever purchased. That’s what Shaq himself said, despite disagreements about the exact square footage. In the grand scheme of things, the size of the house is all that matters. MTV Cribs’ Shaq showed off the residence in an episode and said:

that the enormous bed that came with it was the primary motivating factor in his purchase.

The bespoke Tempur-Pedic would be replacing this mattress (perhaps putting it in his 7,400-square-foot property outside Atlanta). Shaq claims that this 15-by-30-foot bed is the largest in the world.

The Big Day (Million-Dollar Investment… All Gone The Same Day)

Shaq signed his first endorsement agreement before turning pro and signing his first NBA contract. It’s a tale that Shaq has repeated many times over the years, suggesting that it shaped his overall economic acumen. Even later in his career, as we’ll see, he continued to make monetary errors (he’s only human, right? ), but none were as egregious as this one. He signed a $1 million contract for an endorsement arrangement.

Shaquille O’Neal, as a child, was so enthused that he spent all of his money in one day.

Actually, he spent it in less an hour. In addition to his own Mercedes, he purchased an identical one for his father and a Mercedes for his mother. With a few pieces of jewelry and a hefty tax bill, the million was all but gone.

The Cars (That Have To Be Customized)

Although we’ll cover a few specific vehicles, we wanted to focus on Shaq’s regular car customizations first and foremost. The large man has to look around for at least nine inches of seat recline with every automobile he buys. As a result, in some circumstances, the car ends up looking completely different. Shaq, for example, owns a two-door vehicle that he modified from a four-door jeep. They could have left the back seats and doors in, but deleting them made the entire vehicle considerably more comfortable.

Big Bicycle Has 36 Inch Wheels

Bicycles made by DirtySixer are designed for those who are above 6 feet tall. Shaq, at 6’6″, is taller than most people who ride the bikes. Even for bike builders who specialize in enormous bikes, he’s a struggle because of his weight and sheer size. They decided to construct one for Shaq in order to demonstrate their abilities..

Each component was built to order using CNC milling technology.

Fillet-brazed welding and unique details were incorporated. Final outcome is stunning and Shaq seemed to enjoy his trial run. The typical 24-inch wheel and 700C rim size on a large-framed bike puts this into perspective. The wheels on Shaq’s bike measure 36 inches.

The Monster Truck “F-650 Extreme”

That Shaq owns a fleet of enormous cars isn’t a surprise to anyone who has seen him arrive at games in a modified semi-truck. But he still has a huge pickup truck.

His truck is based on a massive commercial vehicle called the F-650.

Powerful 6.7-liter V-8 engine, capable of 330 horsepower and 750 pounds-feet of torque, is also included in the package. The interior of the F-650 Extreme was then outfitted with all the opulent trimmings to accommodate Shaq’s enormous frame. It’s funny to see the $125,000 truck next to a Ford F-150.

A Good Tipper When He Gets His Meal Quickly

Shaquille O’Neil has always been regarded as a generous tipper for excellent service. Apparently, he tells the server right away, according to him.

You’ll earn a higher tip if you get my food faster.

(It’d be a shame if it took awhile to provide food to the giant.) According to the man, this helps him acquire his food quickly. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Shaq revealed that he always asks the waitress how much gratuity they prefer. Most of the time, it’s not much at all. In one instance, a female server requested $4,000. Without a fight, Shaq handed over what she requested.

Fish Tank In Speakers

In his younger years, Shaq was a flashier player than the man he is today because he was making millions of dollars a year in the NBA. Shaq recalls a time when the NBA was more glitzy than it is today, but in unusual ways. Consider Shaq’s speaker selection as an example. Shaq wanted to boost the ante when everyone was pimping their cars in the Xzibit style with massive car stereos. His automobile speakers were transformed into fish tanks by one of his employees. Thus, they did.

When they were done practicing, they even put some goldfish in the aquarium and headed home.

The entire time, I kept my hands on the speakers. The fish were already dead when they arrived at the practice facility. Tragic. Eventually, Shaq came to the conclusion that the apparatus was useless.

Diesel Semi-Truck Aquarium

The fact that Shaq is so fond of fish is evident. He’s always had it that way, and he always will. When Tanked’s crew heard that Shaq was a huge fan of the fish, they set to work creating an aquarium that he could show off to his guests. In the end, the outcome was a custom-built tank that fit inside the truck’s body. A working truck horn can be found in the aquarium’s back, giving it the appearance of an operating automobile engine. However, Shaq’s $30,000 tank isn’t even the most remarkable aquarium he has.

Shaq-Apulco (Referring To His Backyard)

Shaq tends to use the word Shaq-Apulco a great deal. A pool in the backyard or even just a name given to him while on the road are all examples of what he alludes to. To describe his pool and backyard, we’re using the term.

Shaquille O'Neal Lists His Supersized Orlando Mansion For $28 Million

The inside pool in Shaq’s opulent mansion is spectacular, but the outdoor arrangement is much better.

The interior lap pool, gym, and steam room are fantastic, but outdoors, he had the enormous pool designed to seem like a beach. Swimming in a forest-like paradise surrounded by lush vegetation keeps everyone safe.

Jewelry (That He Sometimes Regrets)

Shaq confessed that early in his career, he was prone to overindulging in jewelry. “Jewelry was a big expense for me. Jewellery that isn’t up to snuff. Truck dangly baubles. Rapper bling,” the man said. Even though he doesn’t regret buying diamonds and chains in general, he does have one significant regret about his early jewelry purchases.

On one occasion, I spent $60,000 on a set of earrings at a jewelry store.

It was his opinion. “Also, when walking from the jewelry store to my car, I misplaced my earrings. When I returned to the store, the clerk claimed that I was the one who had taken the bag. After that, I said, “I’m never going to buy jewelry like that again.””

The Three Bentley Cars Purchased Out Of Pride

When you come from humble beginnings and suddenly find yourself awash with riches, it’s easy to let your ego get the better of you. The salesperson who approached Shaq and didn’t give him the time of day did the same thing to him. A Rolls-Royce dealership may be found in Beverly Hills, where I used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. When I was a kid, I used to ride my bike right by it,” he added. “However, one day I just walked in. When I went into the dealership, I saw Mike Tyson purchasing two Bentleys. While wearing shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops, I asked the salesman, “Sir,” how much this one costs? Then he added,

The question is, “Can you afford it, young man?”

I was in such a rage that I immediately went out and purchased three Bentleys.”

Massive Indoor Basketball Court

The Shaq Center, Shaquille O’Neal’s opulent waterfront residence in Orlando, is its centerpiece.

20,000 square feet of the 76,000-square-foot land is devoted to the baseball field and recreation complex.

We’ve seen this site in a number of interviews and tours, and it’s very stunning. The court is fully equipped with locker rooms, showers, a gym, and everything else you could possibly need. Isn’t it curious how often the center’s full potential was utilized? When Shaq purchased this mansion, he was the only one who owned it. When he arrived at the hospital, he was single and had no children. Then he divorced his wife, leaving him and his live-in girlfriend to fend for themselves for a while.

Investment Mistakes (Including Turning Down Starbucks)

People find it hard to believe that Shaq has ever made a bad business move, but he has, and he has made a lot of them.

Even before Starbucks became as popular as it is today, he rejected down a huge contract with them.

Because, in his words, “Black people don’t drink coffee,” Shaq says he turned down the opportunity to become an investor and spokesperson for Starbucks. Because Shaq’s family and friends didn’t drink coffee, he held this view. Without Shaq, the plan to open Starbucks locations in African American neighborhoods could not go through. As a result, there is now one on nearly every street corner in the country.

Coin-Operated Car Washes

Coin-operated car washes were, and still are, one of Shaq’s many businesses. The basketball star’s business manager recommended that he become involved, so he did. Shaq recalls that he lacked the economic acumen and common sense he possesses now. At the car wash, Shaq would put all the spare change into anything he could find, even sleeping bags.

Shaq decided not to deposit the coins because he didn’t believe banks took in large sums of change.

An unexpected phone call from his business manager informed him that nearly $200,000 had gone missing from the company’s finances. That amount in quarters was certainly sitting in Shaq’s safe, Shaq told the dude.

The Custom Gallardo

Shaquille O’Neal’s bespoke Lamborghini Gallardo may be the best of the bunch. Almost every aspect of this vehicle has been altered.

The doors are larger, the roof and windows are further back, and the seats are further forward as a result.

Compared to conventional models, this model is about 12 inches longer. According to the CEO of the company, Gaffoglia, he sought to preserve the Gallardo’s “visual purity” while making it usable. “We relied on our aeronautical and coachworks divisions to ensure Shaq could fit in the car, but the naked eye could not notice any modifications from the original Gallardo,” he continued.

Custom Triangle Aquarium

Tanked’s Diesel Truck tank was a huge inspiration for Shaq, who immediately began planning his own aquarium. Call Animal Planet again and have them come in to look at more work. ‘ In this case

As a result, Shaq set out to turn an entire room in his house into a shrine to the world’s greatest living tank.

Tanked would build him a tank of 800 gallons for free. More than 800 pounds of construction materials and water are used in its three independent air pumps. Shaq may like the Egyptian motif for the time being, but we’re not sure what will happen when he gets tired of it.

Burmese Python Snake Tank

Having a large snake tank in Shaq’s living room, which he acknowledges he is terrified of, is a mystery. There are two Burmese Pythons within the tank that he owns. These snakes, if you didn’t know, are dangerous.

Some of the world’s largest snakes.

These reptiles can grow up to a length of four meters on average. It may seem as though Shaq’s are very young and little, but they are actually enormous pythons and terrible to look at. Assume that there are two of them in your home…

The Savvy Investor (Google, FIVE GUYS, And More)

Since his early days in the NBA, Shaq has proven to be an astute investor. Despite the fact that we don’t have exact data on his portfolio, we know who he’s working with. Instead than going into detail about each and every one, we decided to focus on a few of his more notable achievements.

As of this writing, Shaq’s Google stock is trading at more than $700 per share.

He has a 10% stake in Five Guys Burgers, which he founded. At least 40 fitness clubs, the Met Miami, a few nightclubs, vitamin water and muscle milk are all owned by him. Even in the NBA, he owns a stake in the Sacramento Kings. In retirement, he’s making more than $20 million a year because to his lucrative endorsement deals.

Bedroom Fit For A King

This is Shaq’s chamber at his Disney castle in Orlando. The estate has a total of 13 bedrooms, but his master suite is the crowning glory. We don’t know the actual square footage, but it’s enormous. The overall square footage of his private bathroom is around 1,500 square feet. There are two showers on each side, but only one of them is large enough to fit Shaq. He also has a number of closets, each of which has its own closet. Seriously. You’ll find an enormous walk-in closet with a second one attached.

A Very Sweet ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Just recently, Shareef, Shaq’s eldest son, turned 16. Shaq went all out to show his son how much he cares. He threw a huge bash, inviting almost 400 people. Even rapper Post Malone performed. However, it was Shareef’s presents that had everyone’s attention, as

Shaq not only gifted him with a jeep, but also a Lamborghini. There was a snag, of sorts. In his own words, Shaq said,

“It’s called a reward system,” he says. You’re doing a wonderful job… To put it another way, because I purchased them, they are legally mine. Lambo is yours, and you may have it whenever you want. You receive all A’s. My garage is where I keep it. Don’t get things twisted, okay? I got them for him, but I didn’t give them to him on that day since I was busy. But he owns them. The Lamborghini is yours whenever you want it, son, if you get all A’s. Low B grades indicate that he is a poor student overall. I advised him to aim for a B average in order to qualify for a Jeep when he gets his driver’s license. Making something appear more expensive than it actually is is one of my specialties. As a matter of fact, a Lamborghini is more expensive than a Jeep. Because it’s what the little kids want, I’m going to decorate it for him when he gets his license and gift it to him in a flashy way.”


How big was Shaquille O Neal’s bed?

Approximately 15 ft. long by 30 ft. wide is the circumference of the sleeping space. It has a floor area of 450 square feet, which is astounding when compared to the 42 square feet of a normal California king bed.

What size mattress does Shaq have?

With his Shaq Dunkman emblem emblazoned on the mattress, the manufacturer gladly obliged the Hall of Fame big man’s request. 14 inches longer than the California King, which is already a generously sized piece of furniture.

Photos from Relive the Wildest and Weirdest Moments From MTV's Cribs - E! Online - CA

Who owns the biggest bed?

What is the world’s largest bed? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hertme, Netherlands, has the largest bed in the world. It had a length of 86 feet, 11 inches, and a width of 53 feet, 11 inches. J

What kind of mattress does Shaq use?

Some time ago, Shaq took to Instagram to air his grievances about Tempur-Pedic. To Shaq’s delight, Tempur-Pedic has reacted with a TEMPUR-Cloud mattress made specifically for him in “Shaq-size.” The mattress measures 72 inches wide by 98 inches long, as specified by the manufacturer.

Where does Shaq live treehouse?

Thanks to Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters,” basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal now owns a speakeasy in a treehouse. Treehouse Masters’ Pete Nelson, a self-described “tree whisperer,” created the treehouse in McDonough, Georgia.

How much does Shaq mattress cost?

If it’s a gift for someone, an investment, or a replacement for his eight-bedroom Moroccan fantasy home in Miami, which he sold for $16 million, it’s still not clear.

How big is Shaquille O Neal’s biggest bed?

Shaq’s affinity for Superman is well-known. It’s a nickname he goes by, and he has a Superman insignia tattooed on his forearm. In order to accommodate Shaq’s enormous physique, a 15-foot-by-30-foot bed decorated in the style of Superman was built for him. A 450-square-foot room is needed to accommodate the bed!

How much did shaqs Superman bed cost?

When it came time to sell Shaq’s Los Angeles mansion, he chose to offer it on the market instead of trying to get the $22 million asking price he paid when it was previously sold in 2019.

How big is a Caesar bed?

The length of a 7’3″ long mattress is 7’3″ wide, which is 8 feet wide (220cm). We have a wide selection of Caesar-sized bed frames, mattresses, linens, and bedding.


Shaq’s bed is amazing to learn about. Even if I watch it a hundred times.

I haven’t seen it in person, but I’ve seen it on films and it’s very enormous.

It’s a safe guess that my entire family could fit on it and sleep comfortably.

On top of the bed, we may be able to toss and turn without falling. I thought so, too.