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How big is Shaq’s bed, exactly? In terms of sleeping space, Shaq has a 15×30 foot mattress.

Those of us who appreciate the extra space and luxury of a king-sized bed can rejoice; this has long been a desired reality.

While this may be true in most cases, it is clear that certain people are still missing out. Of course I mean the powerful here.

The size of Shaquille O’Neal is obvious to anyone who has watched him play. On the other side, his height was a major factor in his baseball success.

Shaq’s Bed

Shaquille O'Neal's OG Home in Orlando -- with the Superman Bed

Anyone who has seen Shaquille O’Neal play basketball will immediately notice his towering stature. However, his success on the baseball field can be directly attributed to his stature.

Even more exciting is the prospect of discovering how large a bed he enjoys. Are you curious to find out which bed Shaq used? In that case, let’s get going.

Facts About Shaq’s Bed

You might be wondering how tall Shaq is compared to the size of his bed. In an episode of The Cribs on MTV, this is Shaq’s bed.

How big do you think it is? These are the true numbers, no joke!

This former NBA great needs at least 450 square feet of space to move around in comfortably, given his height and weight.

In a standard single-family home in 2010, Shaq’s 15 x 30-foot bed would take up around 20 percent of the available area.

It has an extraordinarily wide range and size. If only I could roll right over it, rather than tripping and falling.

Given the short notice, Shaq was gracious enough to offer us a tour of his home, but what about the other NBA players?

Given that many of them are as tall as, if not taller than, him, do they have the same sleeping needs?

A typical American mattress is 20.3 square feet in size, which is 11 times the surface area of an NBA basketball and more than enough to fit a California King bed.

This is nothing compared to Shaq’s typical California King bed.

The typical American home isn’t nearly as cramped as Shaq’s is, so he can’t claim to be space-starved.

In a home large enough to accommodate a basketball court, there is no need for a bed any larger than a twin.

Over 20 NBA players have been recorded as being taller than 7 ft. 3 in.

In general, they’re taller than Shaq and probably don’t share his interest in jokingly-estimated bed sizes.

They are, on average, taller than Shaq and probably aren’t as amused by his attempts at estimating bed sizes in jest.

This group of people might be forced to share a bunk in an unusually planned hotel due to an unexpected time travel visit.

Due to the unanticipated time travel guest, it is possible that these individuals will be required to share a bunk in a motel with a curious layout.

There is room for 450 people, including tourists and American citizens, if the NBA players were relocated elsewhere.

In accordance with NBA requirements, the beast bed could hold an NBA game with space for 215 spectators.

When the game is over, everyone may kick back and take the night off.

How Big Shaq Bed Is?

Recently, the mattress company sent the biggest man in the Hall of Fame a set of sheets measuring 72 inches by 98 inches, emblazoned with the Shaq Dunkman logo.

This is 14 inches more in length than a California King, which is already quite spacious.

Probably the most comfortable bed anyone has ever laid eyes on.

O’neal confessed that the king-sized bed was a major factor in his decision to purchase the residence.

Cover art prominently features a smiling Superman.

The 41-year-old basketball whiz claims Superman as his personal “symbol,” and the house he shares with his wife and two children is decorated with hero emblems.

Shaq, who is 7 feet 1 inch tall and wears a size 23 in his tennis shoes, has harshly criticized the concept of “living enormous.”

He bought a smaller condo in Mount Dora, Florida, for slightly more than $235,000 as an alternative to purchasing a larger house.

Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wet bar, a play area, and cherry-cabineted woodwork can be found there.

It’s unclear whether this new Miami project is a gift, a company, or an attempt to replicate his inherited Moroccan vision, which featured eight rooms. It’s not quite obvious at this point.

Shaq’s Custom-Made Bed: 20 Other Things About His House And Lifestyle

Shaquille O’Neal’s $350 million in wealth doesn’t convey the complete tale. To rephrase, this is a guy who is flush with cash from every direction. There is a lot of information about his assets that he protects with a strong password. Several millionaires, according to rumors and reports, have bought his properties. One another internet rumor claims that Shaq bought Trump or LeBron a Rolls Royce Phantom. Almost always, these tales are proven to be totally false. However, they are used to misrepresent reality. Therefore, we will not discuss the items Shaq still possesses. This information seems to be refreshed everyday. Here, we shall detail the things he has actually acquired, including those we have seen and can attest to.

Shaq Bed | the bed i slept in my first night in Taiwan. Big … | Flickr

You may have heard or read about Shaq’s luxurious handmade bed. The large guy found that a Tempur-Pedic bed was the best spot to unwind after a long day of shopping. He then shared a photo of himself to Instagram demonstrating how ridiculous he looked occupying the tiny bed designed for humans. For someone as tall as Shaq (7’1″) and as heavy as he (over 300 pounds), such mattresses would be too small for comfortable sleep. In an Instagram post, he asked whether the Tempur-Pedic crew could customize a bed to his specifications. They were able to perform above and above expectations. In short order, Tempur-Pedic shipped Shaq a mattress measuring 72 by 98 inches. In case you were wondering, it’s 14 inches longer than a California King. That got us to thinking, to say the least. Who else has oddities, and has Shaq ever done anything out of the ordinary? There are twenty other oddities in Shaq’s home and lifestyle that you should know about, such as the largest custom-made bed in the world.

The Other (Massive) Bed

Shaquille O’Neal’s 76,000-square-foot mansion was formerly the largest celebrity residence ever purchased. That’s what Shaq himself said, despite disagreements about the exact square footage. In the grand scheme of things, the size of the house is all that matters. MTV Cribs’ Shaq showed off the residence in an episode and said

The Big Day (Million-Dollar Investment… All Gone The Same Day)

Before signing his first NBA contract, Shaq inked his first endorsement deal. Shaq has told this story many times, seemingly attesting to its influence on his business acumen. Although he made other financial mistakes later in his career (hey, he’s only human), none were as heinous as this one. He signed a $1 million contract for an endorsement arrangement.

Shaq’s first endorsement deal was inked before he even signed his first NBA contract. Shaq has told this story numerous times over the years, leading some to believe that it influenced his view of the economy as a whole. He made other financial mistakes later in his career (he’s just human, right? ), as we’ll see, but none as heinous as this one. The endorsement deal he signed was for $1 million.

The Cars (That Have To Be Customized)

Although we will discuss a select number of automobiles, our primary focus is on Shaq’s routine automotive modifications. The big guy always has to make sure the car he buys has a seat that reclines at least nine inches. Because of this, the car can take on a very diverse appearance depending on the situation. For instance, Shaq owns a jeep that was converted from four doors to two doors. The vehicle would have been more comfortable without the back seats or the extra doors.

Big Bicycle Has 36 Inch Wheels

DirtySixer produces bikes for riders over 6 feet tall. Shaq, at 6 feet and 6 inches tall, towers over the average biker. Heavy and tall, he presents a challenge even to custom bicycle manufacturers who focus on extra-large frames. They made one for Shaq to flaunt their skills.

CNC milling technology was used to custom-make each part.

Unique features like fillet-brazed welding were incorporated. The finished product is breathtaking, and Shaq appeared to like the preview. To put this in perspective, consider the standard 24-inch wheel and 700C rim size found on most large-framed bicycles. Shaq’s bicycle has 36-inch wheels.

The Monster Truck “F-650 Extreme”

Anybody who has seen Shaq pull up to a game in a modified semi-truck knows that he has a garage full of big cars. He does, however, still own a massive pickup truck.

His pickup was modeled after the F-650, a heavy-duty commercial truck.

The 6.7-liter V-8 engine produces 330 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque, making it a formidable powerplant. The luxurious F-650 Extreme was then customized to fit Shaq’s massive frame. To put the $125,000 truck next to a Ford F-150 is comical.

A Good Tipper When He Gets His Meal Quickly

Shaquille O’Neil has a reputation for being a generous tipper. According to him, he informs the server immediately.

If you can hurry up and bring my food to me, I’ll increase my tip for you.

(It would be inexcusable to make the monster go hungry for an extended period of time.) The man claims that this expedites his ability to obtain meals. Shaq told Jimmy Kimmel host that he always inquires as to the preferred tip amount from wait staff. Typically, it doesn’t amount to too much. A female waiter once asked for $4,000, according to one account. Shaq gave her what she wanted without putting up much of a struggle.

Fish Tank In Speakers

Since he was making millions of dollars a year when he was younger, Shaq was a more flamboyant player than he is now. Shaq thinks the NBA used to be more glamorous than it is now, but in strange ways. Look at Shaq’s taste in music or movies or speakers. When everyone was pimping their cars in the Xzibit style with big car stereos, Shaq wanted to up the ante. One of his workers converted his car speakers into aquariums. As a result, that’s exactly what they went and did.

After a long day of rehearsals, they returned home without even taking their goldfish out of the aquarium.

I didn’t let go of the speaker controls the whole time. When they got to the practice area, the fish were already dead. Tragic. Shaq eventually realized the device was ineffective and gave up on it.

Diesel Semi-Truck Aquarium

It’s no secret that Shaq loves fish. This is how it has always been for him, and it always will be. Tanked’s crew got to work on an aquarium for Shaq as soon as they found that he was a fish enthusiast and wanted to impress his guests. The final product was a custom-built tank that could be stored within the truck’s cabin. The aquarium’s back conceals a real truck horn, making it sound like a real car’s engine is running. In contrast, Shaq’s $30,000 aquarium isn’t even the most impressive one in his home.

Shaq-Apulco (Referring To His Backyard)

Shaq often refers to himself as Shaq-Apulco. What he’s referring to can be anything from a swimming pool in the backyard to a nickname he was given when out and about. We use the term to refer to his swimming area and yard.

Shaquille O'Neal Lists His Supersized Orlando Mansion For $28 Million

Although the indoor pool at Shaq’s extravagant estate is impressive, the outdoor setting is even superior.

Indoors, there’s a lap pool, a gym, and a steam room that are all top-notch, but outside, he had a massive pool built to look like a beach. Everyone can feel secure swimming in this paradise reminiscent of a forested area.

Jewelry (That He Sometimes Regrets)

In his early years as a professional, Shaq admitted he had a problem with spending too much money on jewelry. I spent a lot of money on jewelry. Unsatisfactory jewelry. Rings and other dangling ornaments for trucks. The man said, “Rapper bling.” While he has no regrets about his taste in diamonds or chains, he does regret one aspect of his early jewelry choices.

At one point, I dropped sixty grand on a pair of earrings at a jewelry store.

That, at least, was his take on it. Also, I lost my earrings on the way back to the car from the jewelry store. The store clerk accused me of stealing the bag when I returned to the store. Afterwards, I swore, “I will never again purchase jewelry of such quality.”

The Three Bentley Cars Purchased Out Of Pride

When one rises from relative obscurity to become wealthy, it’s human nature to become arrogant. Salesman who ignored Shaq treated him the same way. In Beverly Hills, where I used to play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, you can find a dealership for Rolls-Royce automobiles. Once upon a time, when I was a young lad, I would ride my bike straight by it,” he continued. In contrast, I casually strolled in one day. Two Bentleys were being bought by Mike Tyson as I walked inside the dealership. I asked the salesman, “Sir,” how much it was while dressed in shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops. Finally, he elaborated by saying

Is “Can you afford it, young man?” the real question.

I went out and bought three Bentleys because I was so angry.

Massive Indoor Basketball Court

The centerpiece is Shaquille O’Neal’s lavish waterfront mansion, known as the Shaq Center, located near Orlando.

The baseball field and recreation complex take up 20% of the total 76,000 square feet of land.

As we’ve seen on numerous tours and in press conferences, this location is quite breathtaking. There are showers, lockers, a gym, and whatever else you would need at the court. Do you find it odd how rarely the center’s full capacity was used? After Shaq bought the estate, he was the only one who lived there. He had no spouse or children when he checked into the hospital. He eventually separated from his wife and was left with his long-term live-in lover.

Investment Mistakes (Including Turning Down Starbucks)

It’s hard to believe, but Shaq has made his fair share of poor financial decisions.

He turned down a massive contract with Starbucks before they were even as well-known as they are now.

According to Shaq, “Black people don’t drink coffee,” so he declined an offer to become an investor and ambassador for Starbucks because of this stereotype. Shaq felt this way about coffee since he didn’t grow up around caffeine drinkers. This strategy to develop Starbucks stores in predominantly black communities would not have been possible without Shaq. This has led to them appearing on virtually every corner across the nation.

Coin-Operated Car Washes

The operation of coin-operated car washes was and is one of Shaq’s many enterprises. His business manager suggested he get engaged, and the basketball star did. Shaq realizes now that he did not have the business understanding and common sense he has now. When washing cars, Shaq would stuff his spare coins into sleeping bags and other random objects.

Instead of putting the coins in the bank, Shaq decided to keep them because he didn’t think banks accepted significant amounts of change.

He received a call from his business manager out of the blue, telling him that the company’s money had mysteriously disappeared, along with approximately $200,000. Shaq assured the guy that he had that much cash in quarters locked up in his safe.

The Custom Gallardo

When compared to the competition, perhaps Shaquille O’Neal’s customized Lamborghini Gallardo is the greatest. There isn’t much left of the original car here.

As a result, the seats are situated forward, the roof and windows are set further back, and the doors are significantly larger.

This version is roughly 12 inches longer than the norm. Gaffoglia, the company’s CEO, said he made it a point to keep the Gallardo’s “visual purity” while adding practical features. To accommodate Shaq’s size, we enlisted the help of our aeronautical and coachworks departments, but other than that, the car is visually indistinguishable from a stock Gallardo.

Custom Triangle Aquarium

Shaq was so moved by Tanked’s Diesel Truck tank that he promptly set to work designing his own marine habitat. If you want Animal Planet to come back and look at more of your work, just give them a call. ‘ Here, though,

Therefore, Shaq decided to dedicate a whole room in his home to the finest living tank in the world.

A free 800 gallon tank might be constructed for him by Tanked. All told, its three separate air pumps require more than 800 pounds of materials and water to build. We can’t predict what will happen if/when Shaq tires of the Egyptian theme.

Burmese Python Snake Tank

Although Shaq admits he is afraid of snakes, he seems to have no problem keeping a giant snake aquarium in his living room. He keeps two Burmese Pythons in a tank. If you didn’t already know, these snakes pose a serious threat to humans.

Among the largest snakes found anywhere in the globe.

The typical length of one of these reptiles is four meters. However, Shaq’s are actually gigantic pythons, so don’t be fooled by their seeming youth and little size. Take it for granted that there are indeed two of them in your house…

The Savvy Investor (Google, FIVE GUYS, And More)

Shaq has shown himself to be a savvy investor ever since his NBA rookie days. We don’t have precise information about his holdings, but we do know who he’s collaborating with. We chose to highlight only a few of his many noteworthy accomplishments rather than recount them all in detail.

As of the time of this writing, Shaq’s Google stock is worth more than $700 per share.

Five Guys Burgers, the company he started, gave him a 10% interest. He is the owner of 40 gyms, the Met Miami, several nightclubs, vitamin water, and muscle milk. His NBA holdings extend to the Sacramento Kings. Because of his substantial endorsement arrangements, he is able to retire with an annual income of over $20 million.

Bedroom Fit For A King

Shaq’s private suite in his Orlando-based Disney castle. Although there are a total of 13 bedrooms in the mansion, the one he occupies takes the cake. The exact square footage is unknown to us, but suffice it to say that it’s huge. Around 1,500 square feet of space is devoted to his personal toilet and shower. There are four showers in total, two on each side, but only one is big enough for Shaq. He also has multiple closets, each with its own dedicated closet space. Seriously. There is a large walk-in closet and a second closet connected to it.

A Very Sweet ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Shareef, Shaq’s oldest son, turned 16 not too long ago. It was clear that Shaq wanted to show his son how much he loved him, so he made a special effort to do so. He invited about 400 individuals to a lavish party he threw. Even Post Malone, the rapper, made an appearance. Shareef’s gifts, however, were the center of attention.

Shaq gave him a vehicle and a Lamborghini as a gift. As you might expect, there was a hitch. According to Shaq himself:

To which I reply, “It’s called a reward system,” he says. What you’re doing is fantastic… To put it another way, they are mine by right of purchase. When you want to use Lambo, you can use it. You have been awarded an A+. I keep it in the garage. Keep things in perspective, all right? I purchased them with the intent of presenting them to him, but I was too preoccupied to do so on the day in question. However, he is the legal owner of such things. If you maintain a perfect GPA, son, the Lamborghini is yours to drive anytime you like. He’s a terrible student because he consistently gets B’s or lower in most subjects. I suggested that he maintain a B average in school so that he could be eligible to get a Jeep as a graduation present. One of my skills is making something look more expensive than it actually is. An accurate statement would be that a Lamborghini costs more than a Jeep. Since that’s what the younger crowd wants, I plan to bling it out and give it to him as a graduation present when he gets his license.


How big was Shaquille O Neal’s bed?

The length of the sleeping area is around 15 feet, and its width is about 30 feet. When compared to the average California king bed, which takes up only 42 square feet of space, the 450 square feet of floor space here is rather impressive.

What size mattress does Shaq have?

The Hall of Fame center requested a mattress with his Shaq Dunkman logo on it, and the company complied. A full 14 inches more in length than the California King, which is already rather spacious.

Photos from Relive the Wildest and Weirdest Moments From MTV's Cribs - E! Online - CA

Who owns the biggest bed?

When it comes to beds, which one is the largest in the world? Hertme, Netherlands is home to the largest bed in the world, as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. It measured 86 ft. 11 in. in length and 53 ft. 11 in. in its breadth. J

What kind of mattress does Shaq use?

Before now, Shaq had been vocal about his displeasure with Tempur-Pedic on Instagram. Tempur-Pedic heard his pleas and delivered a “Shaq-size” TEMPUR-Cloud mattress, much to his joy. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the mattress is 72 inches wide and 98 inches long.

Where does Shaq live treehouse?

In an episode of Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters,” basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal was inspired to open a speakeasy in a treehouse. The treehouse in McDonough, Georgia was built by Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters, who calls himself a “tree whisperer.”

How much does Shaq mattress cost?

There is still some mystery as to whether or whether this is a gift, an investment, or a replacement for the eight-bedroom Moroccan fantasy mansion in Miami that he sold for $16 million.

How big is Shaquille O Neal’s biggest bed?

It’s common knowledge that Shaq has a thing for Superman. Because of the Superman emblem he has tattooed on his arm, he goes by this name. A Superman-themed 15-by-30-foot bed was custom-made for Shaq to accommodate his hulking frame. The bed will fit into a room that is at least 450 square feet in size.

How much did shaqs Superman bed cost?

In 2019, Shaq paid $22 million for a Los Angeles mansion, but when it came time to sell, he decided to put it on the market for a lower price.

How big is a Caesar bed?

A mattress that is 7 feet, 3 inches long will be 8 feet wide (220cm). Everything from bed frames to mattresses to linens and bedding is available in Caesar sizes.


Learning about Shaq’s luxurious bed is a real treat. Not even if I see it a hundred times.

It looks gigantic in movies, but I haven’t seen it in person yet.

It’s probably safe to assume that my whole family could sleep on it without any of us feeling cramped.

We can probably turn over and toss on the platform without worrying about sliding off the bed. I shared your opinion.