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Installing a murphy bed A Murphy bed can be installed in a variety of ways, and many don’t even require any installation at all.

Using a Murphy bed might help you make the most of the space you have.

However, many people who buy a Murphy bed have never seen one in person.

I’ve been in a position like this before, and it made me pause and reflect.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask, “How do Murphy beds work?”

With my pals, I first heard about it, and it seemed intriguing.

After reading a few articles on the subject, I found myself yearning for one of my own.

As a result, I’m willing to share what little expertise I do have on the subject of Murphy Beds.

Is it the case with you? So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are Murphy Beds?

A Murphy bed is referred to variously as a pull-down bed, fold-down bed, or wall bed.

How to Build a Murphy Bed - This Old House

It has a hinged end, so you can either put it vertically against the wall or in a cupboard or closet.

There will be an additional installation process for vertically installed Murphy beds compared to horizontally installed Murphy beds.

Compared to vertically installed Murphy beds, horizontally installed beds have a lower bulk and are less likely to topple over.

Most of the time, installing a Murphy bed is a simple process.

Screwing it into place flush with the wall is a common method.

For further stability, you may need to attach it to a stud.

Steps To Install A Murphy Bed

So, how do you go about putting in a Murphy bed?

What you need to know about it is right here.

Step #1. Look for wall studs

Decide where the Murphy bed will go, and then look for studs in the area where it will be installed.

A wall stud has a smaller cross-sectional area than a pillar and is used to support the vertical framing of a building’s wall.

They are an essential part in the construction of the frame.

In most cases, studs are spaced every 16 inches, but this might vary based on the building.

You can bypass using a stud detector if you’re good at finding holes in the wall by tapping on them.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to see and hear a stud, a stud finder is a good investment.

A stud finder is a good investment if you are unsure if you will be able to see and hear a stud.

Simply turn them on and move them along the wall until they begin to play.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the presence of other large groups can skew the results.

Stud finders can be triggered by large objects like pipes or electrical boxes.

As a result, look for an even distribution of two or three studs.

As a result, you’ll know for sure whether or not you’ve located a stud and avoid damaging the plumbing in the process.

Step #2. Install angle brackets

After you’ve found your studs, you’ll need to drill holes in the wall to attach the angle brackets.

Before you move your bed against the wall and attach it to the wall, attach the angle brackets to it.

Following these steps, if you haven’t already, return to your Murphy bed and complete the installation.

Some types require that you first erect the bed, while others need that you first attach the frame to the wall.

Step #3. Follow bed’s manual

Keep in mind the instructions that come with your mattress.

Even if you don’t need to mount your Murphy bed to the wall, you should still be careful.

They don’t all come with wall-mounted Murphy beds.

Most Murphy beds must be wall-mounted, although this isn’t always an option for everyone.

If you live in a rented apartment or want to move your Murphy bed from place to place, look for a bed that isn’t bolted to the wall.

A Murphy bed with a little extra weight at the bottom is all that is needed in this case.

Weighted Murphy beds keep the bed from toppling over because they reduce the center of gravity all the way to the bottom.

Simple Ways to Build a Wall Bed (with Pictures) - wikiHow

A lower-center-of-gravity option is a Murphy bed attached horizontally to the wall.

These beds make ideal low-lying shelves because they are not the same as Murphy beds that are mounted vertically.

Twin Murphy beds, which may be as low as 3 12 feet tall, are an excellent example of this.

Murphy Bed Dimensions

Murphy beds can conserve floor space while making the overall area more flexible, but they do take up a lot of space. Depending on the size of your mattress, you may expect the cabinet to be between 4 and 5 feet wide.

Due to its height and arcing opening, the cabinet will need to be able to open and close without colliding with a ceiling fan or light fixture because it stands roughly six and a half feet tall. A minimum of two to three feet of clearance around the open bed’s foot and along at least one side of the bed is also recommended.

Murphy beds are sometimes built as free-standing cabinets, however because to their large size, they are noticeable. In a closet, for example, the bed might be installed. As long as you have a 5-foot-wide gap between the door jambs, you may be able to fit a Murphy bed in your closet

The head of the bed on the majority of Murphy beds folds up on hinges. In addition to this, they can be hinged along one side of the bed, allowing the bed to run parallel to the wall. In some cases, this may be a more efficient use of available space.

Murphy Bed Kit

For the quickest way to get a Murphy bed in a spare room with its cabinet, get one that’s pre-assembled. The installation should be doable by a competent do-it-yourselfer equipped with a cordless screwdriver, a level, and some basic hand tools.

There is a lot of work involved in building the cabinet. If you can, do this on the floor and then raise it into position. Is this a crucial part of Murphy beds? Using studs to fasten the cabinet to the wall. Beds are heavy, and the mechanism that opens and closes them uses a lot of force to do its work. You don’t want the unit to come loose from the wall while it’s in use.

A Murphy bed’s ability to function is also dependent on its ability to be square and plumb. Make sure the floor is level first. Installing the sides plumb should ensure that the cabinet is square. This can be verified by taking a diagonal measurement of the cabinet from one corner to the other. It’s square if the numbers add up to a perfect square. If they’re not aligned properly, you may need to shimmy one side up.

The hardware and bed frame should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions once the cabinet has been mounted to the wall and fixed.

DIY Murphy Bed

Building your own Murphy bed has two advantages? Design and expense are under your control. Of course, this is offset by the time it will take to plan, design and construct the unit. Make the bed frame an inch wider and two inches longer than the mattress when creating your own DIY version to accommodate your fingers when making the bed.

Besides the design, you’ll need to decide on the type of hardware you want to utilize for the opening and closing operation of your product. Spring- or gas-piston-based systems are available; they are the same types of mechanisms found on pickup truck tops and tonneau covers. Some carpenters prefer springs over gas pistons because they appear to last longer. Your mattress and bed frame weight will determine the strength of the springs or gas pistons you require for your custom bed.

Mattresses and sleepers must be supported by the bed frame, but it must also be light enough to fold up easily. Most carpenters use 34-inch hardwood plywood to construct Murphy beds. Birch is a wonderful choice since it is easily available and is less expensive than other hardwoods. Finish the exposed edges with wood strips glued and nailed in place or iron-on edge banding if you choose this option.

You’ll like the extra sleeping room when you have guests and the extra floor space when you don’t, regardless of whether you buy or build a Murphy bed.

11 Money-Saving Murphy Bed Projects

DIY Murphy Bed for Small Spaces

With the help of The DIY Village website, Jacque and Matt created a Murphy bed for their creative area. This Murphy bed design can be built from hardwood, plywood, or MDF, depending on your budget. PureBond hardwood plywood was the material of choice for Jacque and Matt. They claim that this high-quality building material contributed to the project’s strength and attractiveness. Additionally, PureBond products are formaldehyde-free and FSC-certified.

Build a Murphy Bed for Less

A real Murphy bed contains a spring or piston lifting mechanism that aids in raising and lowering the platform of the mattress. The cost of making a bed might more than double if you need hardware to open and close the door. Consider the Lori Wall beds kit if you’re willing to forgo some convenience in order to save money. Because it doesn’t require any mechanical parts, you can build a Murphy for a fraction of the price.

Do you know how to open and close the Lori Wall Bed? The design is based on the old-fashioned strength of the human body. The bottom of the bed frame includes rounded “rocker” sides that double as shelving when the bed is closed. Plans and hardware are included in every Lori wall bed kit (more than 200 hinges, screws, connectors, and bolts). Beds come in twin, full, or queen sizes with two different bed orientations: vertical or horizontal.

A Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

We were blown away with Katie’s Murphy bed office setup on the Addicted 2 DIY website. It’s a one-of-a-kind bookcase and desk set created by Katie. The bed cabinet is the cherry on top. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, it just seems like a storage wall.

Rockler supplied the mechanism kit for Katie’s queen-size Murphy bed. For the cabinets and shelves, she followed the step-by-step directions that were provided by the business. After that, she reworked the plans to fit her space and requirements.

IKEA Murphy Bed Hack

His wife, who is a fan of Herbie’s World and Jerry’s Projects, inspired Paul from Renovations and Old Houses to make a Murphy bed out of IKEA’s PAX series.

All three projects included a spring-loaded floor-mounted bed frame. Freestanding gadget that elevates and lowers mattress when assembled and installed. To hide something, simply build a cabinet around it and hide it away.

Hack-a-PAX Murphy Bed

Another PAX IKEA hack, this time for a DIY Murphy bed. To build a full-sized mattress unit, Norwegian blogger Calvin Gross from Huskverna recommends using two PAX wardrobe frames and two LURY slatted bed bases.

DIY Murphy Bed: How to Build a Murphy Bed and Bookcase (Project)

Transforming Sofa

Avalon Awaked, an Imgur user, has created a DIY tutorial on how to make a Murphy bed at a fraction of the cost. IKEA’s Soderhamn collection is the source of this sofa and ottoman. Instead of building the bed from scratch, he bought The Next Bed, an anchorable Murphy mattress frame that can be mounted to a wall or floor. Avalon designed a special mount for the bed frame to allow it to open over the sofa, which makes assembling the unit more difficult. A Murphy bed cabinet with integrated storage was designed using white melamine panels.

A Basic DIY Bed Using Rockler Hardware

Using Rockler’s side-mount premium Murphy bed hardware, David Picciuto of “Make Something TV” teaches how to build a simple Murphy bed. Picciuto includes a video that walks you through the process if the written instructions aren’t clear enough.

Murphy Bed Fit For a Kid

Make some room for a third grader. For Martin Vester’s tiny home office, he made a Murphy bed with built-in shelf from spare bits of an IKEA Ivar storage system. Is there a particular aspect of this project that we enjoy the most? Three of the plywood shelves were turned into a blanket and sheet bench by Martin.

Disappearing Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be bolted to the wall or the floor, and they can also be freestanding pieces of furniture. The Junk in Their Trunk blogging sisters have shared instructions on how to make one that disappears without the use of a costly lifting mechanism. Construction materials include common framing lumber, wafer board for the platform, and thin sheets of finish-grade plywood.

Faux Murphy Bed for Tiny Spaces

Tiny Revolution is the brainchild of tiny house occupants Andrew and Crystal Odom. Due to their limited space, they came up with the notion of an expandable Murphy bed. Why do you need two boxes? An accordion-style bed frame on castors is concealed in the front box. The IKEA foam mattress can be found in the second box.

Kit-Built Bed

Do-it-yourself project Wilding Wall Beds’ Murphy Bed Kit includes all the pre-cut lumber you’ll need to build a practical Murphy bed. Crown molding, paint, and high-quality hardware can all be used to personalize the cabinet once it’s put together. Kits are available in alder, cherry, mahogany, maple, or oak, among others.


The Murphy bed should be placed at the highest point in the room after learning how to install it.

Putting your bed in a slanting area may necessitate mounting it to the wall, even if the instructions don’t say so.

Angle brackets and screws are all you’ll need because your bed doesn’t come with them unless you need them for the installation technique you chose.

Before acquiring a Murphy bed, it’s a good idea to know what kind of installation is required to make it work.

The most straightforward to use, but the most difficult to set up, are floor-mounted Murphy beds.

While Murphy beds that don’t need to be installed are the most difficult to open and the least stable of the three.