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This is the answer for those who want a queen-sized bed yet have a modest bedroom. You are not alone in experiencing this. The people of Malaysia spend a lot of time in bed, and we at Ruma Home have helped a lot of people make the most of their space by providing bed frames that can be tucked into corners.

You shouldn’t have to choose between a spacious bed and a tasteful bedroom design. Your bedroom should be treated as a work of art and a place of spiritual refuge.

To that end, let’s check out some space-saving strategies for bringing a queen-sized bed into a smaller room, as well as some recommendations for where to find the best bed frame in all of Malaysia.

Guide To Small Room Arrangements With A Queen Sized Bed Frame

1. Plot Out The Right Size

To succeed, it’s necessary to cut through the fluff and get to the meat of the matter. A queen-sized bed frame would fit in a bedroom that is 160 centimeters wide by 200 centimeters long. The only remaining concern is whether or not there is adequate space for movement.

How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed | Casper

Keep at least 60 centimeters of walking space on all sides of the bed. The vehicle’s entry and exit points must be sufficiently large to prevent accidental harm. Keep a space of 90 centimeters (approximately 35 inches) between your door and your bed.

Be careful to check these boxes to see if your bedroom ‘takes the test’ before you start decorating. In that case, a super single bed is a more practical choice.

2. Make The Bed The Focus

Many people do not limit their bedroom’s functionality to sleeping. They utilize them for a variety of purposes, including storing clothes, doing homework, and relaxing in an armchair with a good book. Even though a king-sized bed will consume most of your living area, there are a few more factors to think about.

You can fit a table or a wardrobe into the space if you shift your bed to the side. Construct a bed platform with storage space underneath, then put floating shelves on any empty walls. Sliding cabinets is a great way to make the most out of limited floor space.

The secret is to put the bed in the middle of the room and arrange everything else around it. Don’t clutter the space you have with unnecessary, large items of furniture.

3. Skip The Headboard

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may not need a headboard for your bed frame.

Overstuffing the headboard makes the room look smaller. A divan, which does not have a headboard or a box foundation, is a more practical choice for a bed. They are just as sturdy, yet taking up less room in the overall design scheme.

If you really must have a headboard, try getting one that has been customized to serve many uses, such as a shelf for displaying artwork or a wall niche for storing books to read before bed. You can also fake a headboard by painting or wallpapering the wall.

4. Try Choosing A Slimmer Frame

Though a headboard isn’t strictly necessary, a bed frame is a necessary component of any bedroom set. On the other hand, small rooms should not have large, bulky frames.

Use a more compact bed frame as opposed to one that takes up too much room in the bedroom. Use slanted or angled legs that are taller, more understated, but more sturdy, to lift the bed off the floor. Leaving a space or clearing in a room gives the appearance that it is more spacious than it actually is.

5. Choose Light-Coloured Sheets

Having mastered the fundamentals, you may shift your attention to expanding the optical illusion that is your bedroom. Darker hues are more likely to concentrate in a small space. What this means is that you should choose bed linens in light, warm hues and neutral tones and stay away from patterns that are overly busy or too large.

You’re not restricted to a single color scheme or minimalist design when picking out your bed linens. Patterns on a white or cream background can be updated by combining them with cozy neutrals, charming pastels, and bold primary colors.

6. Clear Away And Avoid Extra Bedding Pieces

In this case, keeping things straightforward is preferable. While adding “plush and coziness” to your bed, bed skirts and dust ruffles can take up a lot of valuable floor space. Avoid bulky, heavy items and choose instead for smooth, simple pieces in natural fibers like linen and cotton if you’re going for a breezy, light look.

7. Make Your Bedroom Feel Larger And More Spacious

The bed should be placed in the middle of the room to facilitate this. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom; give it the space it deserves. If you have a queen-size bed frame, this is especially the case. Once you have the main piece in place, the rest of the decor will fall into place with much less effort.

8. Play With The Paint

If you paint your bedroom walls a light color, it can provide the illusion of more space.

To make your home seem more airy and bright, try using pale rose, white, or light grey as the primary color scheme. Darker colors are OK if they make you feel more at ease. For example, if you want your room to be both elegant and private, you may paint the walls a dark hue of blue or grey. If you want dark draperies, you should think about how much light comes into the room.

9. Mount Curtains As Tall As Possible To Make Your Room Seem Taller

If the curtains are long enough, they will touch the ceiling, giving the impression of greater height. Pick drapes that will reach the floor even when fixed on the ceiling. You may let in morning light while keeping the afternoon sun out of your room by installing double-layered curtains, one of which is sheer and the other blackout.

How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed | Casper

10. Mount Mirrors On Your Walls To Reflect Light And Make The Bedroom Seem Bigger

Doing so will give the impression that the space is more expansive than it actually is. Choose a bedspread with care, avoiding ones with too many colors or patterns.

11. Think Vertically

You are working with a cramped environment that might use some expansion. Consequently, the addition of a queen-sized mattress significantly limits this area, bringing up the question of available storage. You’ll need to get creative if you want to find some way to make more room.

You can only go upward, not outward. Put in a platform bed or a bed frame with drawers for convenient under-bed storage.

It is also important to have shelves and cupboards in the bedroom for vertical storage and organizing.

12. Use Visual Tricks

Do you think that’s because it actually is?

One of the best small bedroom ideas is to use visual components to create the illusion of greater space, especially if you have a queen-sized bed in a small room. Think about this for a minute:

  • A rug is the perfect way to round off a room and make it feel more spacious. To properly place your mattress on the rug, position it so that it is halfway under the bed.
  • You can make a room feel more spacious by hanging mirrors on the walls. These mirrors not only reflect light, but also make it appear as though there is more area in the room than there actually is.
  • White or off-white paint makes a room look brighter and more open.

None of these solutions actually increase the available space, but they provide the illusion of extra room.

13. The Best Mattress for Any Space

It is possible to fit a queen-sized bed into a space of this size without compromising the room’s attractiveness.

So, where can I find a queen-sized bed?

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14. Put it against the wall

In addition, a walk-in closet is a great way to make the most of the space you already have in your bedroom.

Put it up against a wall, window, or other space-saving feature to free up floor space.

The space under the bed can be utilized more effectively this way.

When you rearrange things like furniture, you open up floor space that you may use whatever you choose.

A bed at the room’s focal point is a terrific design choice, so we suggest you make that choice.

However, it limits access to some areas and takes up a lot of space in the vicinity.


What size room do you need for 2 queen beds?

There should be at least four feet of space between the two queen-sized beds, with additional space for a television, dresser, and suitcases given that this is a holiday rental.

Can you put two queens together?

Two queen beds linked with a queen bed connector create a bed that is 120 inches wide and 80 inches long. At least two to three feet of space is needed on each side and at the foot of the bed.

How Do queen beds work in small bedrooms?

Here are eight suggestions for squeezing a queen-sized bed into a room measuring just 10 feet by 10 feet: A larger rug is required. The bedroom with the longest wall wins. Bedside tables can be used instead of nightstands. Think about getting a child a dresser. Put up some Heavy Drapes. To do this, a tall headboard is required. You should choose a neutral wall color. Don’t try to fit too much furniture into a small space.

Can I fit a queen bed in a small room?

You might think a queen-sized bed is out of the question in a small bedroom. A queen-sized bed can fit into a space as tiny as 10 feet by 10 feet, so that’s fantastic news. With a little bit of imagination and a well-planned minimalist bedroom layout, the sky’s the limit.

What size room fits 2 beds?

Practical advice on selecting the right bedside table Mattress dimensions The following are the bare minimum dimensions for a bedroom: The two-bed space (two single beds) Here are some plans for a twin bedroom that is 9 square feet (2.74 x 2.75m) Equal to that of a standard double bed In order to view bedroom plans for a double bed measuring 9 feet, 6 inches by 9 feet, 6 inches, please click here (2.74 x 2.9m).

How do you join two queen beds together?

Two mattresses can be kept in place with the help of two fitted sheets. You can use a ratcheted strap around the perimeter of the beds if they don’t fit together tightly enough as is.

What is the smallest size room for a queen bed?

When it comes to the typical bedroom, a queen bed is the best option because it can comfortably sleep two adults. Sizes range from 6.6 to 5 feet in length. A bedroom for a queen-sized bed needs a minimum of 10 by 11 feet.

How do you bridge the gap between two mattresses?

Learn how to set up a bed bridge with this detailed tutorial. Let the bed bridge expand to its full size once you’ve removed it from the packaging. Place the bed bridge across the space between your beds and press the mattresses together. The belt can be used by looping it around the entire bed and then through the buckle. Fasten your belts and straps more securely. Having more space to stretch out on is a perk of upgrading your mattress.

How do you hold two single mattresses together?

To begin, the bed bridge will have a foam component that will overlap both mattresses and fit in the space between them. You and your spouse can make two single mattresses into a king-size bed by placing this foam “bridge” between them.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas For Every Style - See It Now - Lonny

Will a queen size bed fit in a 8×10 room?

The standard dimensions for a queen bed are 5’6″ wide by 6’5” long. A queen-sized bed and its accompanying furniture require at least 10 square feet of floor space to allow for comfortable movement around the bed and the placement of other pieces of furniture.

How big should a bedroom be for a queen bed?

Your bedroom should be at least 9.6 square feet in size to accommodate a king bed, and at least 10 square feet in size to accommodate a queen bed. The answer to this question is mostly determined on the size of your bedroom and whether or not your existing furniture can accommodate a queen-sized bed.

Where should I put my queen bed?

Such a setup is most suitable for a Queen. The bedroom is sufficiently wide to accommodate a bed in a parallel position to a closet. Bed and Mattress: A dresser and two nightstands flank a queen-size bed in this design. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you could want to utilize floating shelves or a smaller dresser as nightstands.

Where is the best place to put a bed in a small room?

Put your bed in the center of the wall that will be seen first. (Usually it’s the wall that’s directly across from the entrance that’s to blame.) With the bed at the room’s geometrical center, a small bedroom might feel more spacious. Both the left and right sides of the duvet offer access.

Is a queen bed too big for one person?

A Queen size bed is perfect for couples who like to sleep close together, as well as for guests or smaller master suites. It’s also a practical option for singles who tend to take up a lot of room in bed (a problem known as “sprawling”).

Is a 10×10 bedroom too small?

A Square With a Dimension of Ten Feet In other words, while a room measuring 10 by 10 feet might not be what most would call big or broad, a space measuring 7 by 7 feet is still very small. A bed the size of a twin should fit in there without a problem.


Putting a queen-sized bed in a small room is simple once you know the tricks of the trade.

I really hope you can put these simple tactics to use in the future.

If you think there’s enough space for some design, this area is the size of a queen-size bed rug.

What a pleasure it is to have you here today!