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Consider a red-and-blue color scheme if you’re planning a rose gold-themed wedding. If you’ve decided to go with a color theme for your wedding, we’ll show you how to incorporate it into your decor.

In that vein, feel free to peruse our blogs for further ideas on wedding décor. There are many ways to design a bridal arch with fabric, for example.

What color is rose gold?

In jewelry, the term “rose gold” refers to a dark pink color with golden undertones. Copper and yellow gold are mixed together to generate the alloy known as rose gold. When copper is utilized, the color can range from a bright pink to a darker brown.

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What does rose gold symbolize?

When it comes to engagement rings, rose gold is frequently associated with classic and romantic themes (Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively both wear rose gold rings). When coupled with black or silver, rose gold takes on an edgier, more fashionable vibe because to its pink hue. Look for a rose gold setting with a morganite stone for the ultimate pink engagement ring. When it comes to rose gold wedding jewelry, you can rest assured knowing that it’s a long-lasting metal, lasting even longer than yellow gold. It’s less likely to bend or scratch because of the rose gold’s copper content.

What Colors Go Well With Rose Gold For A Wedding?

White and pastel pinks

Pastel pinks and blush pinks are good choices for a wedding since they combine well with rose gold. If you want to avoid a completely monochromatic wedding, you can add white to the mix.

If you’re going for a rose gold theme, using a variety of pinks and accenting the decor with white makes everything look seamless without being too similar. Your wedding invitations, menus, and gift boxes can use this color scheme because they are eye-catching.

Style the bridal party in whites and pastel pinks to go with rose gold accents. Your bridesmaids’ dresses can be rose gold, and pastel pinks or white can be used as accessories if your wedding has a rose gold motif.

Blue, purple, and burgundy

If you’re planning a rose gold wedding and want to make a statement, consider using a color scheme of blue, purple, and burgundy. You don’t want a stark contrast between these colors and rose gold, so pay attention to the hues.

Wedding flowers are an excellent illustration of how this color scheme can be used. The bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral decorations can be seen at the wedding.

Your florist can use burgundy, blue, or purple accents into your rose gold-themed floral arrangements. Also, if you’re deciding who gets flowers at the wedding, you might want to ask them whether they’d like the bouquets to reflect their personalities.


A bold color like rose gold might be frightening to work with, especially when it’s paired with something as flashy as a metallic. However, a combination of metallics and rose gold for a special occasion like a wedding would be exquisite and appealing.

What other metallic colors go well with rose gold? Rose gold wedding accessories can be enhanced with silver and gold elements and accents.

This would look great with rose gold-colored cards and a golden embossed logo or wording on them. On the other hand, rose gold and silver accessories and embellishments look stunning when combined.

What Is The Complementary Color Of Rose Gold?

Gray is the color opposite of rose gold on the color wheel, making it its complementary hue. Other sources, however, refer to some shades of green as a complementary color for rose gold.

With this in mind, a decorator can use the complementary color of rose gold to create an interesting contrast. However, if the couple is looking for something elegant or semi-traditional, you must exercise caution while combining colors for their wedding.

What colors go with rose gold?

For the most part, white and other related colors, such as cream, go nicely with rose gold. Soft pinks and blue-green tones can also be used to create an interesting palette.

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These color schemes are ideal for weddings because they aren’t gaudy or inappropriate. When it comes to wedding color schemes, the bride and groom will ultimately have the final say, since more and more couples are breaking with tradition.

Does Rose Gold Look Good With Burgundy?

It is true that gentle colors and pastel pinks are classic combos with rose gold, but burgundy is another color to consider with the already assertive rose gold. Burgundy doesn’t have to terrify you because it pairs wonderfully with rose gold.

For a fall wedding, this is a great mix. To make the gold and rose gold centerpieces stand out, use burgundy as an accent color.

Does Rose Gold And Red Go Together?

There are certain tints of red that don’t work well with rose gold. For example, because they are so dissimilar, vivid reds don’t belong in a space with rose gold accents.

In contrast, rose gold goes well with reds like burgundy or wine. Burgundy is a dark red color that works well with a rose gold color scheme.

Does Gold And Rose Gold Go Together?

Gold and rose gold, both of which contain a coppery undertone, look stunning when used together. To keep things from looking too monochromatic, you’ll need to add a few more colors, like silver, to the mix.

White can also be added to the metallic tones to give them a little contrast. If you’re looking for a new look with gold and rose gold, try pairing them with neutral hues and cool pastels.

What color flowers go with rose gold?

When it comes to the rose gold color, it doesn’t really require much else to stand out. There are a variety of flowers that can be used to accent a rose gold wedding: white, blush, light blue, purple, and greenery.

Rose gold wedding decor ideas

Getting married in a rose gold setting? These suggestions will assist you in visualizing how you might use the color both inside and outside of your home.

Rose gold wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are one of the first items your guests will see, and they’re a great way to give them a taste of your color scheme. Invite guests to your wedding or event by decorating the envelopes, RSVP cards, menu, or any of the above in metallic rose gold foil.

Bridesmaid gift box

If you’re giving curated gift boxes to your bridesmaids, consider include some rose gold things to tie them in with your wedding’s color scheme. Some of the choices include wine mugs, sunglasses, and jewelry (check out the WeddingWire Shop for even more ideas).

Rose gold bridesmaid dresses

Gowns with rose gold sequins are a popular choice among glam bridesmaids around. It’s also possible to wear a rose-colored dress as the bride instead of the conventional white gown.

Rose gold wedding bands

Rose gold wedding rings are here to stay, but you can also go with a mix of metals. Don’t be afraid to mix and match platinum silver and rose gold jewelry.

Velvet engagement ring box

A fashionable jewelry box is a great location to keep your engagement ring or wedding band when you’re not wearing it, so why not get one? In wedding flat lay shots and long after the big day, a rose velvet memento box looks lovely

Wedding day perfume

Is there anything better than a wedding day perfume that smells as good as it looks? A classic, this rosy pink bottle with a delicate ribbon is a great option for any occasion.

Rose gold wedding shoes

There are no longer any rules about what kind of shoe you can wear on your big day—you can wear whatever you like. Any bride looking to amp up her style with a touch of glimmer might consider wearing a pair of heeled rose gold sandals.

Wedding ceremony programs

Look for ways to incorporate your rose gold wedding motif into the tiniest of things. Programs for the wedding ceremony are embellished with rose gold initials and twine.

Rose gold letter balloons

These letter balloons are a great photo prop for your wedding, but they’re also a simple way to incorporate rose gold into your overall theme. This is a good idea for a bachelorette or bridal shower, but if you’re planning a big wedding, it could be better to display your date, hashtag, or other welcoming slogan.

Framed wedding sign

If signage is a significant part of your wedding decor, add a rose gold frame and some fresh foliage to complete the effect.

Champagne wedding escort cards

Make your reception guests’ seating assignments more exciting with drinkable escort cards. Add a personalized rose gold stirrer engraved with the names and seating assignments of your guests to your champagne glasses (or any other beverage of your choosing).

Decorative rose gold shelf

Rent a rose gold shelf or table and fill it with candles, flowers, greenery, and sweet treats to create an instant (but fashionable) accent wall at your wedding location.

Rose gold lighting fixtures

One of the best ways to personalize a wedding location and make it your own is through creative lighting design. A fanciful rose gold wedding would be perfect for this collection of mix-and-match lighting fixtures.

Wedding centerpiece vessels

You can use rose gold concoctions to enhance the beauty of your floral centerpieces if you’re planning an outdoor or rustic wedding, for example.

Rose gold place setting decor

Decorate your reception place settings with painted rose gold leaves for a fall wedding. Seasonal place cards can be created by writing the names of visitors on the leaves, but we think they look just as beautiful without any calligraphy.

Laser-cut wedding place cards

If you’re seeking to take your rose gold wedding to the next level, or if you want to incorporate a very customized aspect to an intimate wedding celebration, these ultra-chic place cards are an excellent choice.

Copper pipe wedding backdrop

Because copper and rose gold are so similar in color, we recommend using both in your rose gold wedding decor. You can modify a copper pipe structure with flowers and foliage to match your individual wedding vision; ask your venue or check local event rental firms for information on how to do this. Industrial chic wedding style is the final product.

Wedding reception chairs

Decorative wedding chair options, like these rose gold metal chairs, can be interesting to play with with to give your wedding a unique look. If you’re looking for methods to save money, consider renting unique seats for you and your spouse instead of renting a large number of chairs.

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Rose gold wedding cake

Rose gold can be incorporated into your wedding cake with edible foils and paints.

Wedding cake stands

By using cake stands, votive candles, or rose gold table linens in place of your actual wedding cake, you may still include rose gold into your dessert presentation.


It’s done! For a wedding, we learned what colors went well with rose gold, and now we have some new color schemes to experiment with.

Rose gold goes well with pastel pinks, whites, metallics, and even more unusual hues like burgundy, blue, green, or purple. These colors can be used as accents against rose gold for weddings.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.