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Here, we’ll show you how to wear a stack of anniversary and wedding bands on one finger, or distribute them around several fingers, or even switch hands. If you want to know the proper way to wear a wedding band or an anniversary band, this course is for you.

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What is an Anniversary Band?

The only difference between an anniversary band and a wedding band is that an anniversary band is presented in lieu of a wedding ring on your anniversary. Traditionally styled, an anniversary ring may include diamonds or gemstones, or it may be made of solid gold or platinum with a classic band. Women are typically the recipients of anniversary rings, but matching anniversary bands can also be an option for couples celebrating a milestone anniversary. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to discover the perfect anniversary ring for her.

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What Anniversary Do You Get an Anniversary Band?

Anniversary bands can be given or received at any time. There are no specific guidelines for when you should present or receive one. The 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries are often celebrated with an anniversary ring, while other couples like to mark other years with a ring because it’s unexpected. Any year you wish to commemorate being married with an anniversary ring is a good year to give it as a present.

Renewing your vows is another reason to present your spouse with an anniversary band. You can show your love for one another by giving each other a gorgeous ring. Choose the stone that corresponds with the traditional anniversary gift for the particular year of your marriage to add an extra dose of sentimentality to your anniversary ring.

Guide On How To Wear Anniversary Band With Wedding Set

Stack the rings together in one finger

Stacking the anniversary band and wedding band together is the most typical way to wear them. If the rings are small or thin, this alternative will also be visually appealing.

An attractive appearance and less chance of losing or forgetting a band are the main advantages of a bracelet with multiple bands. If you’re going to wear your wedding and anniversary rings together, make sure that their styles complement one another.

Consider wearing your wedding band first, then the anniversary ring on top, to see how it looks. It’s customary to place the wedding band near the heart when pairing an engagement ring with a wedding band.

Use different fingers for each band

Stacking a large wedding band and anniversary ring on the same finger on your left hand would seem unattractive.

The wearer will be uncomfortable if both rings are hefty and thick. Choose any finger for the anniversary band, but don’t remove your wedding ring from your left hand.

There is a wide range of options available to the wearer, including the ability to swap it out with another ring depending on the occasion. In the event that you enjoy having a variety of rings on your hands, this style can be completed by adding more rings.

Put one ring on the other hand

It is common for people to wear their wedding ring on the left hand and their anniversary band on the right hand. This style has numerous advantages, including the fact that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing more than one ring at a time.

Both rings could be quite huge, so you’d prefer to display them separately on each and every finger. Some couples prefer to wear their anniversary band on their right hand rather than their left, for sentimental reasons.

Putting the wedding ring on the left hand is common knowledge because it’s considered to be the most heartfelt. There are several reasons why a person might not want to combine their wedding ring with other memories from a different life event.

Wear the anniversary band on the right hand

The right hand is a fantastic area to wear an anniversary band if you don’t want to overcrowd one finger. This will allow you to show off the beauty of your rings in all their glory.

Some ladies choose to wear their wedding band and anniversary band on the same hand if they have a huge engagement ring. In the event that a woman’s rings don’t complement each other, or if she has a large, eye-catching ring, these selections are ideal.

Upgrade your wedding band with a larger anniversary ring

Some couples choose to upgrade their wedding band instead of purchasing a brand new anniversary band. As an option, you can add new stones, replace smaller gemstones with larger ones, or even replace the entire ring with another. The possibilities are virtually endless!

For ladies who don’t generally wear jewelry other than their engagement and wedding rings, an enhanced wedding band is a terrific option. A new look and feel, yet with the familiarity they’ve come to expect.

Do You Wear A Wedding Band With An Anniversary Ring?

Whether or whether you wear your wedding band with an anniversary ring is up to you; it’s not a requirement. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to wear both rings.

There is no protocol that prescribes how these rings should be worn or combined. On the one hand, they can be held together by a single finger; on the other hands, they can be separated.

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How Is An Anniversary Band Worn?

Personal preference dictates whether or not you wear the anniversary band. You may want to think about how it will seem or how it will feel to you in terms of style.

Large or artistically made anniversary bands, for example, are worthy of display. Consider wearing your anniversary band on your right hand instead of your left, as the wedding band is already on your left.

The anniversary band can be worn on any free finger on your left hand if combining the rings doesn’t make it too crowded on your left hand. Stacking basic anniversary bands on top of a wedding ring is a common way to wear them.

What Hand Do You Wear An Anniversary Band On?

Most people wear their anniversary ring on the right hand since they save their wedding and engagement rings on the left for special occasions. It’s fine to wear the anniversary band on your left hand, although there is no restriction against it.

Do You Wear Your Wedding Band On Top Or Bottom?

If you’re stacking rings, the wedding band normally goes on the bottom. In this form, the wedding band is placed lower on the finger to bring it closer to the wearer’s heart.

Is It Bad To Propose With A Wedding Band?

With a wedding band, it’s perfectly acceptable to propose to a loved one. However, you’ll know your bride-to-be best, so you can decide whether you should give a separate engagement ring.

It’s quite acceptable to propose with a wedding ring in your hand. However, it’s up to you to determine whether or not to gift a separate engagement ring to your fiancee.

How to Complement My Wedding Set with an Anniversary Band

Which finger

Your anniversary ring can be worn on which finger. Wearing it on the same hand, a different finger on the same hand, or the other hand can all help you narrow down your options when it comes to the ring. You can wear an anniversary ring on whatever finger or hand that you choose, as there is no wrong choice.

Metals & settings

Anniversary rings should be made of the same metal as your wedding and engagement bands. Having a conventional and easy-to-wear wedding set means sticking to a single metal tone, even whether you wear fine or costume jewelry in the meantime. When it comes to the style of engagement ring you’re wearing, it’s important to match the style of the band.

Quality first

The hue of a diamond is more important than its clarity in smaller diamonds. When it comes to smaller stones, imperfections and defects are harder to spot. If you must give up on one of the four Cs of a diamond, pay more attention to the color.

Pretty Proportion

Styles and widths are available for anniversary bands. When selecting an anniversary ring to go with your other bridal jewelry, keep in mind the ring’s width and height. Choosing a band of the same size as your engagement ring will ensure that the two pieces don’t look out of place together.

Band together

In honor of your anniversary, choose a diamond anniversary band. An eternity ring and a classic diamond anniversary band are two popular types. Many people feel that these rings represent an everlasting love. There are a wide variety of options, and a diamond ring is a particularly special and memorable one. Engagement rings with halo settings look stunning with diamond bands, which go well with a variety of wedding band styles. Diamond bands can also be used to compliment one another.

The question of color

These rings are another common method to mark an anniversary, and there are unique stones selected for each year. Even if you don’t have a lot of money or a lot of stylistic preferences, you’ll be able to select the perfect gemstone. Choose a color stone that complements your other rings if you plan to wear an anniversary ring on the same hand as your wedding and engagement rings. You can always wear the ring on the other hand if you don’t want to match your outfit.

How to Complement My Wedding Set with an Anniversary Band

A wedding anniversary ring might be a great opportunity to express your current style preferences, if you’ve been married for many years. When it comes to selecting an anniversary band, the first thing to think about is how you want to wear it. Is it intended to be worn in addition to or in place of your wedding band, or will it be worn on the other hand entirely? Choose a more obvious statement ring if your anniversary band will be the only jewelry you wear. This option may be preferable to those who want their wedding rings and their new anniversary band to be stacked on the same finger. As a sign of everlasting love, an eternity band adorned with diamonds extends all the way around the finger. This elegant choice goes well with most wedding ring settings.

Next, you’ll need to select a gemstone and metal for your jewelry. You may get diamond anniversary rings, but you can also get rings with emeralds, sapphires, opals, garnets, and more. Consider a ring with gemstones that correspond to the birth months of your children or the favorite gemstone of your spouse. A white gold eternity band can be paired with a yellow gold or rose gold eternity anniversary band to create an on-trend mixed metal design for your wedding.

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Traditional Metals & Gemstones by Anniversary Year

You can limit down your options for an anniversary ring by learning about the traditional jewels and metals for each anniversary year. What gemstones are the best for every anniversary year? Check out the experts’ picks.

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold Plated
  • Garnet is the color of the second anniversary.
  • Pearl is celebrating her third anniversary this year.
  • Blue Topaz for the 4th anniversary
  • Five years: sapphire
  • Celebrate six years with an amethyst ring.
  • 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • the 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • In honor of our 11th anniversary, we’ve picked a turquoise color.
  • Year twelve: Jade
  • Citrine marks the 13th anniversary of its discovery.
  • Opal, on its 14th anniversary
  • Ruby’s 15th birthday
  • Emerald is the official anniversary color for the twentieth year.
  • Silver Jubilee: 25th anniversary
  • Anniversary of the Pearl Jubilee: 30 years
  • The Emerald for the 35th anniversary
  • 40th anniversary: Ruby
  • 40th anniversary: Ruby
  • Ruby’s 40th birthday
  • Alexandrite celebrates its 55th birthday!
  • Diamond 60th anniversary
  • Platinum Jubilee: 70th anniversary
  • The Sapphire Jubilee: 75th anniversary
  • The Ruby Jubilee of 80 years:


It’s done! You now know how to wear an anniversary band with a wedding set in three different ways. Put them on your left ring finger, a different finger on the left hand, or wear both the anniversary band and a different band on your right hand.

There aren’t any hard and fast regulations to abide by. However, take in mind the overall design and comfort of the room.