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Are you curious about how to use a blow dryer to straighten hair? When blow-drying, the only way to achieve silky, straight hair is to dry hair that hasn’t been wet.

To make your hair easier to dry with a blow dryer, put on some hair spray before you begin drying your hair.

Use a ceramic hairbrush with the best hair dryer to achieve a sleek, sculpted style. A few simple techniques allow you to perform the expression with increasing quantities and flawless outlining. When it comes to princess hairstyles, a straight blow-dry is easy to incorporate no matter how long, medium, or short your hair is. Consequently, if you’re interested in this article and want to learn more about how to straighten your hair with a blow dryer, check out the end of this article!

Steps To Straight The Hair With Blow Dryer

Are you fed up with your unkempt hair and want to get a sleek, straight style with a blow dryer? There is no need to panic if this happens. We’ve covered all the measures you need to do to get rid of your hair that’s been frozen in place. To use a blow dryer to straighten your hair, follow these steps:

#1. What Should I Do Before Straighten My Hair with a Blow Dryer

You should be aware of and ready for a few things.

Knowing Your Hair Type

The first step in straightening your hair is to determine your hair type. Knowing your hair type can help you choose the best method of blow-drying and get straight hair in the process. ‘

How To Straighten Hair For Men: 4 Different Ways

For example, if your hair is naturally straight, you may not need any special method to straighten it, other than blow drying it. For those with naturally curly or afro-textured hair, these drying techniques can be necessary.

Get a Hair Comb or Round Brush

You’ll be able to blow dry your hair more securely if you pick a brush that’s easy to handle. It also makes it easier to straighten your hair in a shorter amount of time. You don’t want your hair to stray from the brush when you brush it downwards. It is possible to select a brush that is appropriate for the type of hair you have. If you have thick or long hair, a brush with deep teeth is your best bet.

Hair Products (Optional)

If you’d want to give your hair an extra boost of hydration, try using some hair products. Heat damage, frizz, and split ends can all be prevented with the use of hair prep products.

Lightweight oils and serums can be applied to your hair after blow-drying to keep your hair straight and glossy without weighing it down.

A Hair Dryer with Nozzle Attachment

One segment of hair receives targeted airflow from a hair drier concentrator nozzle. We must blow dry our hair in portions in order to achieve a straight look. For this reason, the job of the nozzle is crucial.

#2. How to Use a Blow Dryer to Straighten Hair

All right? Let’s begin the process of straightening your hair one section at a time!

Wash your hair

Hair that hasn’t been washed first can’t be straightened. Blowing dry will damage and break your hair because it’s too dry to straighten and too hard to straighten.

Dry your hair with a towel

After you’ve washed your hair, pat it dry with a towel or a soft cloth, but don’t blow-dry it. When straightening hair with a blow dryer, the hair should be slightly damp but not dripping wet.

After towel-drying your hair, you can condition it using hair care products that protect and maintain the health of your locks.

Brush a section

You can now begin by brushing a small area. It’s important to clip your hair if you have thick hair, since the airflow we’ll direct later may be affected.

Blow out the section

Take care to set the temperature of the blow dryer to a high level and ensure that the airflow is moving at a rapid rate. You can now begin the process of blowing out.

When you are brushing your hair section down, you should direct the airflow toward the brush, and you should use your brush to pull through and straighten your hair slowly. Get your hair straight and dry by moving the drier and the brush together. In order to achieve straight hair, you need to apply tension to the hair.

Continue the process until the piece is perfectly straight and thoroughly dried. Finished. You don’t want to burn your hair out by putting the dryer straight on it. Before moving on to the next area, make that the previous section has dried and is straight.

Maintain your straight hairstyle with cool air

One final step is critical once you’ve completed all of the parts. As a rule of thumb, put your hair drier on cool and let the soft airflow close the cuticle of your hair. If you want, you can use your brush to gently draw your hair through.

Applying serum or argan oil to your hair will leave it silky and shining. And you’re all set to leave the house with your hair in a straight style.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below to learn how to straighten your hair using a blow dryer so that you don’t make a mistake.


In order to avoid frizzies while blow-drying your hair, you should always point the dryer downward. Anti-frizz serums and pomades can be used to control flyaways. Apply the product to your hair as directed by the manufacturer after dispensing a little amount into the palm of your hand and gently rubbing it in. Apply a flat iron to your hair at the end of the preceding stages to achieve flat hair. Allow the flat iron to warm up before putting it on your hair. Select sections of hair and glide heated flat-iron along hair, starting at the roots and moving past the ends, as per blow-drying recommendations. Repeat if necessary to flatten hair completely.


When using a blow dryer or a flat iron near water or children, exercise normal safety precautions that apply to all electrical appliances. After using the blow dryer and flat iron, unplug them and keep them out of the reach of children until they have cooled down.

#3. Best  Hair Dryer for Straightening Hair

If you’re not happy with your current hair dryer, you can also check out our top three selections for straightening hair dryers.

1. Revlon 1875W Damage Protection Infrared Hair Dryer

Using infrared heat and tourmaline negative ionic technologies, the Revlon hair drier provides optimal protection and shine for your hair.

For straightening your hair, it comes with three clips and an excellent hairdryer nozzle, which means you don’t need any further equipment. When the situation calls for it, a diffuser attachment can be used to generate curls.

How to Blow-Dry Your Hair Straight (Step-by-Step) - YouTube

Second, the TREZORO Professional Ionic 2200 watt Blow Dryer

When straightening your hair, the TREZORO blow dryer’s sophisticated ionic technology offers a healthy and safe atmosphere. Straightening hair with it is a piece of cake.

You’ll be able to simply style your hair with a strong motor. You may also straighten your hair with greater precision thanks to the accompanying small and wide nozzles.

3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K 1875 Watt Professional nanoe Dryer

Panasonic claims that their nanoe moisture technology can hold 1000 times more moisture than normal ions and uses it in its products. Straightening our hair is a breeze with this.

Using a blow dryer to straighten hair is a nuisance because of the damage caused by heat, and the moisture held by the dryer is a powerful weapon in the fight against heat damage.

You’ll get the best drying and straightening results with the dryer’s three professional attachments.

4. Revlon Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

With its concentrator nozzle, the Revlon Infrared heat hair dryer can straighten even the most obstinate hair.

Three sectioning hair clips are also included to help with styling.

Although the attachments were a little tough to insert, the device didn’t get too hot to the touch after use, which was a disappointment.

Using this dryer will help you achieve voluminous hair if you are concerned about the appearance of your hair after straightening.

This hairdryer didn’t have any concerns with noise or weight, therefore I was able to simply style my hair.

For those seeking for a cheap hair straightener, this is an excellent choice.


  • The drying process is quick and efficient.
  • Affordable
  • Intriguing style
  • The app is simple to use.


  • A shaky structure
  • There isn’t a dual voltage system.

5. GHD Air Hair Dryer

Since the results were the closest to a professional salon blowout, this is my favorite blow dryer. Smoothing out your hair with the ghd Air Hairdryer is easy when you have frizzy hair.

In terms of noise, this hairdryer is among the quietest on the market. As a result, you won’t be bothered by it at all.

The lightweight nature of the device made it easy to use, but its huge size may make it difficult to hold and focus.

The concentrated nozzles will greatly increase the quality of your hairstyle and make your hair appear sleek and straight, despite the fact that this may not be the fastest method.


  • Well-balanced
  • Easy-grip
  • High-speed airflow
  • Quite
  • Properly distributing heat


  • The cold shot does not eradicate all of the hot air.
  • Expensive
  • It’s not the best choice for drying clothes.

6. T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

For me, this hair drier was a must-have because it was one of the most attractive models on the market.

Its glossy black exterior and rose gold accents are sure to catch the eye of anybody who sees it.

This is the top-of-the-line hairdryer on our list, and as such, it comes at a higher price. However, it provides excellent airflow and is quite easy to operate.

A velcro tie makes it simple to use, and the performance and drying time are excellent.

Despite these shortcomings, this device has received a lot of positive feedback.


  • Lightweight
  • Controls for turning up the volume
  • a purely aqueous hat
  • Sensor that automatically pauses
  • Technology that uses T3 Digital Ion Air


  • After a few usage, the concentrator may explode.
  • Low resistance to wear and tear

7. Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer

My hair straightened out very well, but the diffuser attachment fell off as soon as it came into contact with my head.

If you’re like me and have thick hair, styling your hair using the Notion Ceramic hairdryer may take some time. However, it does a good job of straightening for the price.

how to blow your hair straight,Limited Time Offer,slabrealty.com

There were no unintentional button presses during styling despite the fact that the buttons are positioned on the handle.

The temperature settings aren’t exactly user-friendly.

The hottest setting is dangerously hot, and may even burn your hair if you use it too often. The cool shot, on the other hand, is ineffective and merely emits warm air. Cooler weather would have been nice.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • a good deal for the money


  • For thick hair, it takes a long time.
  • Not all of the heat can be eliminated by using a cold injection

7. Remington Hydraluxe Pro EC 9001

Another attractively designed hair dryer has caught my eye, and this one is no exception. The Remington Hydraluxe Pro is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications because of its versatility.

A diffuser is included, which may be used to dry and define your curls or waves while straightening your hair.

With this one, you won’t have to worry about overheating because it comes with a heat regulator that can keep the gadget from overheating.

My tough, wavy hair straightened in record time with this appliance. However, there are a number of downsides to this option. Using it results in a lot of noise, which is really distracting.

Because of its size and weight, it might be a challenge to move around. If preventing heat damage is a top issue for you, I’d go with this one.


  • The drying process is quick and efficient.
  • Thermostat
  • There are three attachments included in the package.
  • Intense motor power


  • Bulky
  • Noisy

8. Revlon one-Step Hairdryer and Volumizer

If you’re a lazy bum like me, then this is the hair tool for you. It’s fair to say that the Revlon one-step hair dryer is an improved version of the hot brush.

With this two-in-one device, you can dry your hair quickly, straighten it, and give it a little extra volume. This is an excellent device for beginners because it is so versatile.

As someone who suffers from extremely thick and coarse hair, I can attest to the fact that this hair dryer is a godsend.

However, the device is cumbersome and obtrusive, which is a deal breaker. People with short hair may not be able to use this product because the barrel is so large.


  • Effortless and stylish
  • Increases the sound’s intensity
  • Flexible
  • Excellent for those who are just starting off.


  • Loud
  • Heavy
  • Versatility is lacking
  • Rough drying is not an option.

10. T3 Fit Dryer

This dryer is among the smallest on the list. It’s a breeze to use and style your hair using this product. This is a great option if you’re on the go and need a portable hair dryer.

Despite its mild air flow, this device is really effective at styling your hair.

The handle cannot be folded, which is a downside, but the dryer itself is surprisingly durable for its size and weight. If you have long hair, you’ll have to wait a while to dry and style it with this one.


  • Compact
  • An air current that is not too strong
  • It’s ideal for a trip.
  • Powerful
  • a great photo that’s been locked in
  • Suitable for usage on a regular basis


  • Heavy and ominous sounding chord

11. ParLux Alyon Air Ioniser

You can use this hair drier to straighten and smooth your hair with the help of a nozzle.

This is one of the best machines on the list, in my opinion, due to the fact that it produced salon-quality outcomes for me.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this dryer because of its excellent performance and design. So many hues are available for the ParLux Alyon Air Ionizer, including pink and gold as well as gold and green.

This is one of the most user-friendly dryers because it is quiet, light, and allows for quick and simple adjustments while in use.

Those of you with thick, curly hair who find it difficult to straighten with a standard hair drier will want to give this one a shot.


  • Lightweight
  • Is there a lot of noise?
  • The best results possible.
  • Suitable for thicker hair.


  • None

Dryer Ceramix Xtreme by BabylissPRO

In the case of uncooperative locks, the BabylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer is your best bet.

Even though it’s a strong dryer, it doesn’t get hot enough to harm your hair.

After straightening my hair with this drier, I observed that my hair was lustrous and devoid of frizz.

Stubborn hair can be tackled by using the micro-concentrator nozzle, which is ideal for professional results. It also works quickly on the hair, resulting in more rapid effects.

Despite its weight, this dryer is capable of producing high-quality results and showcasing the dryer’s strong performance.


  • Effortless and speedy
  • Suitable for thicker hair.
  • Makes hair appear more vibrant and glossy
  • Thermoelectric shielding
  • Anatomical handgrip


  • Controlling a button is a challenge.
  • Heavy

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you’ve learned how to use a blow dryer to straighten your hair. If you use a blow dryer to straighten your hair, we’ve covered all of the necessary stages above. It was a pleasure having you with us! Curling hair using a blow dryer brush is an option, as is finding out which blow dryer is ideal for black hair.