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How do I make my donation to GoFundMe anonymous? Donations can be made anonymously by adding a note on the donation receipt, which can be found in your email. Simply click “improve your impact,” then “make donations and comments private.”

Most of you would prefer not to reveal your identity while making a donation. That’s not a bad concept, though. I mean, there are occasions when I’d prefer to make a donation without anyone else knowing about it.

Donations made through internet channels, however, are not truly anonymous. In order to protect your identity, you can’t store information such as your bank account number or the name of your credit card holder. The organizers, on the other hand, are free to keep it a secret. This guide will assist you if you choose to make an anonymous donation via a GoFundMe campaign. We’ll walk you through the process of donating money in a way that no one can see it.

GoFundMe Anonymously

Anonymous donations can still be made on GoFundMe, whether you’re concerned about security or privacy. Before and after the donation process, setting up could be done.

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Before Donation

Let’s get started by making the donation anonymously first. However, there are a few easy steps you must take before you can get started. After completing these procedures, I was able to donate anonymously.

Step #1. Visit the GoFundMe page

Start by logging into your account or visiting the GoFundMe page of the person you’d like to help. Find and click on the “Donate Now” button if the page is visible on your computer screen.

Step #2. Find the setting

To make a donation, you’ll be asked to fill out a form with your financial information. You will see a checkbox at the bottom of the form that specifies that your name should not be publicly shown. The final step is to check the box.

Step #3. The next step is to finalize your donation

If you don’t double-check your information, your money will be refunded and your help will not get to where it needs to go. Don’t hesitate to use the “Donate Now” button if you’re certain. Once you’ve clicked the button, your information will be saved and you’ll be taken through the banking procedure with your donation. However, if you misspell or input wrongly, you can cancel the procedure and get your money back.

After Donating

After making a donation to GoFundMe, how can you make it anonymous? Some people, however, want to donate anonymously for religious or security concerns, so it’s not uncommon. If you’re one of those folks, you can donate after the contribution process in an anonymous manner by following these instructions.

Step #1. Find the receipt

When asked to fill out a form, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. To begin, look through your email for any correspondence regarding your donation receipt. If you’re having difficulties finding “Thank you for your donation,” you can enter keywords like “Thank you for your donation” into the search box.

Step #2. Open the receipt

Upon locating it, open the mail to reveal the bottom portion of the invoice. The words “increasing your impact” can be found there. It applies to a different location with your contribution. It will take you to your donation settings if you click on it.

Step #3. Add a comment

Go to your GoFundMe account by clicking the “Add comment” button. GoFundMe’s privacy and communication section will appear on the right side of your account once you’ve logged in. Underneath, turn on the “Make donations and comments private” switch. The organizer will still be able to see your name if you enable this option.

No Donation Receipt

Requesting a fresh donation slip through the GoFundMe contact form if you haven’t received one from your most recent donation is still possible. Here are the steps you need to do. GoFundMe’s contact form is the first step. Manage donations by clicking on the “Which describes you?” title. A donation receipt can be obtained by asking for a receipt and entering an active email address.

Giving Anonymously

Studies have shown that donors who contribute anonymously do so to avoid or break social standards, according to the findings of certain researchers. Self-serving activity, often known as altruism, may help the giver gain a better sense of self-awareness and enhance their reputation. Another possible reason why people act generously while concealing their identity is in order to escape societal judgment, according to several of these studies results. It’s understandable that some people will be condescending and condemn your conduct as being disrespectful to them.

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Why We Love GoFundMe

For both personal and nonprofit fundraising, GoFundMe is a go-to source of funding on the web. It’s a wonderful option for a wide range of urgent needs, from medical expenses to religious campaigns, thanks to its low costs and high success rates.

In addition, it’s one of the most well-known names in the fundraising industry, which means friends, family, and other supporters will feel comfortable about giving through a well-established and safe platform.

Facts to Know About GoFundMe

To highlight GoFundMe’s enormous reach and impact on all types of fundraising, here are some fun facts:

  • GoFundMe fundraisers are more popular than those on any other platform.
  • Every year, GoFundMe pages receive more than 31 visitors every second, which works up to more than 1 billion visits.
  • An average of $13 in donations is generated for each GoFundMe post on social media.
  • GoFundMe users are more likely to be younger than the typical contribution demographic for nonprofits.
  • Donations are processed on the GoFundMe site at a rate of 30 per minute.

GoFundMe’s Most Noteworthy Features

Organizations and donors alike benefit from GoFundMe’s straightforward platform, which is accessible from both sides. Here are a few of their most notable attributes and benefits:

  • With GoFundMe’s donation button widget, individuals can quickly and simply include their campaign into their own personal websites or blogs without the help of a third party. They will be able to increase the amount of traffic coming to their crowdfunding page as a result of this.
  • Raising money as a group is simple thanks to GoFundMe’s group fundraising features, which are available to anyone and everyone. Each participant can share the campaign, thank donors, and keep track of their progress while the cash gathered are used for a common purpose. ‘
  • An organizer’s GoFundMe campaign contains a real-time fundraising thermometer that shows how close they are to their target once they have set it. It’s a terrific way to increase donations and make use of gamification techniques in the process!

1. Fundly

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Mobile-First Fundraising

One of the most effective platforms for crowdfund raising is Fundly’s. What I like about crowdfunding is that it’s simple to set up and it doesn’t matter whether or not you accomplish your objective. Keep it all (KiA) model encourages fundraisers to focus on promoting their campaigns and attracting new donations rather than focusing on the deadline or the impending objective of their campaign.

Raising money has never been easier with Fundly’s platform, which allows contributors to upload media, share updates, and tell their stories all in one place.

Why We Love This Platform

Customizing your campaign on Fundly is as easy as adding logos, a backdrop image, custom colors, and more.

The customer support offered by Fundly is also among the best. You can rely on Fundly’s customer support team to assist you solve any fundraising issues you may encounter.

The 360MatchPro matching gift automation tool is also integrated.


There is a 4.9% platform fee, a 2.9% credit card processing fee, and an additional $.30 per transaction with Fundly.

2. Givebutter

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Donor Management

Everything you need for campaign fundraising is available in a format that is easy to adapt and share.

You may add videos, tell your supporters about your campaign, and get creative with the all-new supporter feed. Besides that, your fans can collect money as a group and monitor the status of their group’s fundraising efforts.

Why We Love This Platform

Givebutter has earned a name for itself in the online fundraising arena with its easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Matching gifts may be captured and more money is generated by integrating with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation.


To use Givebutter Base’s Collect, Fundraise, Events, Platform and Livestream Fundraising capabilities, simply sign up for a free account.

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3. Bonfire

Best GoFundMe Alternative for T-Shirt Fundraising

T-shirts from Bonfire are a terrific way to keep your donors involved in your cause long after your current campaign ends.

Creating t-shirts and promoting them for sale is as easy as creating a crowdfunding campaign. You will be paid in full once the orders have been printed and shipped to supporters.

This service allows you to run campaigns for up to three weeks, and if you don’t meet your sales goal, you can restart your campaign.

Why We Love This Platform

In addition to the Jane Goodall Institute, the Women’s March on Washington and Susan G. Komen Foundation of Greater New York, Bonfire has completed a lengthy record of successful initiatives.


Bonfire charges a 3.5 percent processing fee and a 4.5 percent platform fee for additional donations, but you keep all of the money you make from your sales.

4. Snowball

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Auctions and Events

Every organization can benefit from Snowball’s comprehensive fundraising tools. You may now raise more money in less time than ever before by using online donation pages, fundraising thermometers, text-to-give services, and many other methods of raising funds.

With a complete platform like this, you can control every step of the donation process, from promoting your cause to organizing and analyzing donor data.

Why We Love This Platform

Your donors will love how simple it is to use Snowball. A fresh donation page may be set up fast, shared with fans all around the world, and donations can start pouring in almost immediately.


To get started, sign up for Snowball’s Essential Plan, which includes an optimized online donation page, a CRM dashboard, and the ability to set up recurring gifts. For $549 a year, you may upgrade to their Premium Plan and have access to more features, including limitless online donation pages, event tickets, and text-to-give options.

5. 99Pledges

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Walk-a-Thons

In the spirit of “event-a-thon” style fundraisers, 99Pledges is designed to make it simple to share and manage your campaign’s progress.

Each participant in a 99Pledges fundraising campaign receives a donation page to share with friends, family, and followers via email and social media.

Getting your fundraisers to compete with one another is a fun way to motivate them. It’s easy to see who’s on top using 99Pledges, which keeps tabs on everyone’s progress.

Why We Love This Platform

Donations can be made easily and conveniently with 99Pledges campaign pages, which are available online and on mobile devices. This is a great approach to boost donations for a wide range of well-known charity events. If you’re stuck for ideas, they have a list of fundraisers that make good use of their platform.


99Pledges does not charge any platform fees or start-up costs for fundraisers, and the service is completely free to use. The only costs are the regular 2.9 percent + 30 cents per transaction credit card and PayPal processing fees. Donations made with cash or a cheque are tax-deductible at their full value.

6. Indiegogo

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Product Innovation

Indiegogo is a great place to raise money for artistic ventures or start a business. Indiegogo allows fundraisers to sell their products in their marketplace if they accomplish their goal.

It’s sad, but because Indiegogo is a “all or nothing” (AoN) crowdsourcing platform, fundraisers may only expect to receive funds if they fulfill their funding targets by the time set.

Donors are given easy access to social sharing capabilities through this platform. Using your campaign’s own social media pages, you may spread the word about your cause.

Why We Love This Platform

Indiegogo has made it simple for people to raise money and promote their products, services, and initiatives. It’s simple to use, and each crowdfunding effort appears to have been meticulously planned.

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Additionally, Indiegogo has a mobile app available for those that need to stay on top of their campaigns while on the go!


A 5% platform fee is charged by Indiegogo. There may be a 3-5 percent processing fee for some types of donations.

It’s A Wrap!

That is all that matters. Regardless of the cause, you’ve had a positive impact. It gives me a sense of self-worth to know that I’ve helped someone, no matter what I’m going through, even if I don’t know them. Regardless of the reason for their donation, whether or not they reveal their identify will greatly aid the organizers in accomplishing their goal. Regardless of whether or not your name is well-known, the most important thing is that you made a difference. Don’t forget to check out the other articles on this topic; you may learn how to donate anonymously and set up a PayPal donation.