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With years of experience in the interior design industry, I’ve had the opportunity to design many different rooms. My day-to-day activities revolve around the selection and installation of curtains.

When it comes to affixing your curtains to the window, it can be a hassle. I’ll show you how to put curtains on corner windows to make life easier for you.

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I’ve learned from my experience installing curtains on a variety of different clients that one of the more challenging components of the job is hanging them on corner windows. It’s more difficult than you might think to hang curtains on a typical wall in a tight perpendicular corner. To learn how to dye polyester curtains, simply follow the methods outlined in the following paragraphs.

Steps on Hanging Curtains on Corner Windows

Step #1: Install the curtain hangers

Installing the curtain hangers is the first step in hanging curtains on corner windows. Install the hangers perpendicularly at the same height.

Step #2: Fix the elbow plumbing piece

Once you’ve decided on a method for hanging curtains on corner windows, the following step is to attach the elbow plumbing component to the curtain hangers. Two hanging rods are connected here.

Elbow connections come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You have to pick one, and make sure the design matches the curtain’s style when you’re making your decision.

Step #3: Insert the curtains

In order to hang curtains on a corner window, the final step is to insert the curtains into the frame. If you want to hang your curtain in a corner, you’ll probably have to do some experimenting.

But don’t be afraid to experiment with new postures as they come to mind. You’ll be floored when you eventually find one that lives up to your expectations.

How to dress a Corner Window

Corner windows can be dressed up in a variety of ways to give them an air of refined and refined splendor. I’ll give you a few pointers on how to go about it.

Drapes Design

The curtain is hung in such a way that when the curtain is pulled, the window provides a darker room and a window that is free of obstructions.

Using Window Shades

This may be the most straightforward method of adorning your corner windows. In addition to providing you with privacy, these shades prevent light from entering your room while they are closed. With them up, you can see clearly without their interfering.

Valances Design

With this idea, you can get a beautifully finished room at the same time. Valances Design, on the other hand, lacks privacy, unlike drapes and window treatments. This can be remedied by installing blinds.

Roman Shades

For those who like a more subdued color palette, this is an excellent choice. The design of Roman shades is simple to raise and lower. This design is perfect if you’re seeking for something sweet.

How to Hang Curtains Against a Side Wall Windows

The majority of the time, windows are placed in the middle of a wall, but sometimes they are placed on a side wall. Curtains can be hung in a variety of ways on a side wall window.

The first step is to decide whether or not you want to use a single curtain. In order to pull back this curtain, it should have a decorative header and a tie-back against the wall. It’s also possible to create a narrow column of fabric, as demonstrated in the image below An eyelet heading can be used to do this.

It has an elegant appearance, which is particularly pleasing to those who prefer something quite plain to their clothing. Moving the curtain to either side of the window is much simpler with this set-up because no tie-backs are required.

A second option is to use double curtains, but only if they are made of a light fabric. When the curtains are open, this reduces the amount of cloth on either side of the curtains.

You may require window coverings to compensate for the lack of privacy provided by light-colored materials of this sort.

Is it possible to hang a curtain without drilling holes?

Yes, there are several options available that you can use to hang your curtain without drilling holes if you don’t want to damage your walls or drill holes in your apartment. There are few easy options you can use to hang your curtains. They include:

Benefits of Window Blinds

Better Control of Light and Heat

A room’s brightness can be adjusted with blinds, whether you like direct sunlight, filtered light, or total darkness. Consequently, their use in bedrooms, home theaters, and offices is a no-brainer. Window blinds can also be helpful in preventing heat and UV rays from entering the home during the summer months. This can help you stay cooler while also preventing fading on carpets, furniture, and other home items.

How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window - The Homes I Have Made

Enhanced Privacy

The benefits of blinds also include providing a level of privacy that isn’t possible with many other window treatments. Because the blinds can be totally closed, robbers will have a more difficult time peeking through the windows. One option for achieving the utmost level of privacy is to install top-down blinds that can be rolled up and down from both above the window frame and below the window sill. With this sort of blind, you can let light into your bathroom while yet keeping privacy.

Wide Choice of Styles, Colors and Materials

Blinds are available in a wide range of styles and price points, regardless of the decor of your room. Large windows and sliding glass doors benefit from vertical blinds, while picture windows benefit from mini-blinds and Roman blinds. For families with children and pets, cordless blinds are an excellent option.

Wood blinds are a beautiful choice for a room with hardwood flooring and traditional furnishings. Plastic, bamboo, vinyl, and aluminum are also cost-effective choices.. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of colors and slat sizes.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to blinds, cleaning and maintaining them is a breeze. The occasional dusting or wiping with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep them looking new for a long time. ‘ When it comes to cleaning and rehanging curtains, you’ll need to do both. In homes with allergy sufferers, blinds are ideal since they are easy to clean and reduce the amount of dust and grime that might aggravate symptoms.

Ease of Installation

For a quick fix to your window coverings, you may want to go with blinds. Installing brackets into a window frame, mounting a blind, and attaching the components normally takes a professional less than a minute. Custom curtains, on the other hand, can take a lot longer to produce and hang than this. To hang and secure store-bought curtains, a competent installer must level brackets, move panels on a rod, hang and secure them.

Option to Layer Window Treatments

Why not combine the benefits of window blinds with the visual appeal of curtains? ‘ If you want more design options, better light control, and increased privacy, don’t be hesitant to combine the two types of window treatments. Consider the type of blind you want first if you’re thinking about this hybrid style. Venetian blinds and roller blinds go well together. If you want a fashionable style, choose a muted shade of blinds with bright curtains. Consider layering white on top of cream or beige to create a subtle yet crisp aesthetic that can be used in any room of the house.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Window Blinds

Window treatment ideas should take into account the size and form of your windows, how you use your rooms, and how much natural light you want to let in or keep out. Get in touch with Thompson Creek right now to learn more about our replacement window choices.

Top Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Your Blinds

Sun-screen, Block-out & Light filtering Roller Blind cleaning

  • Vacuum or use compressed air to blow away dust from the roller blinds.
  • When cleaning roller shades, use a sponge or soft brush immersed in soapy water, then a clean water rinse. Then, let the shades dry completely before removing them from the windows.
  • The fabric coating on blinds should not be damaged by brushing, chemicals, or any other abrasive agent.

Aluminium Venetian Blind cleaning

  • Close the slats on your aluminum Venetian blinds and use a feather duster, soft brush, or cloth to clean them.
  • A moist cloth or spray cleaner can be used to remove aluminum blind stains. The blinds should then be allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can be used by professional cleaning services.

Wooden Venetian Blind cleaning

  • To clear dust off wooden Venetian blinds, use a vacuum cleaner or can of pressurized air (if available).
  • Using a moist towel, wipe down wooden Venetian blinds.
  • Do not use solvents or other abrasive substance to clean the slats.

PVC Venetian Blind cleaning

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust from PVC venetian blinds.
  • Using a moist towel, wipe down your PVC venetian blinds.
  • Avoid harming the slat coating by not scrubbing, using solvents, or using any abrasive substance.

Thermacell Blind cleaning

  • Dusting: Use a duster to dust the shady areas on a regular basis. In most cases, this is all that is required for cleaning.
  • To clear dust, use a handheld vacuum. Use a long-bristled attachment and a low-suction setting.
  • Using a warm water and mild detergent solution, dampen a clean cloth and dab the stain until it disappears. Watch out for rubbing! Ensure that the fabric is thoroughly lowered before allowing it to dry.
  • You can have your shades cleaned ultrasonically by a professional. Do not allow the head rail to be submerged in the mild solution. After reinstalling the shade, let it to dry completely by keeping it lowered.

Blinds, like many other things, eventually wear out. Ask a Harrisons consultant for the best advise and service if your tired-looking blinds are dragging down the room, renovations are taking place or you simply want a change. Our advisors make the buying process simple and affordable by bringing samples and guidance to your home. Look for a location near you now.



I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot today about how to hang corner window curtains. When it comes to how to hang a curtain in a corner, most interior designers are stumped as to how to achieve the same level of elegance and beauty as those set in more usual placements.

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