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How to fold the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller in four easy steps is the subject of this tutorial. We’ll go over the fundamentals of disassembling, collapsing, and reassembling. Folding your stroller should be a breeze if you pay attention to the directions provided.

5 Benefits of Using Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Strollers


Having a child or children requires a significant outlay of cash in the form of monthly mortgage payments, utility bills, medical care, and a long-term school budget. A double stroller can save you money in the long run because it may be used for future children who are added to the family. The nanny may also take care of both the newborn and the older child without having to buy a separate stroller.


It’s common knowledge that moms, and even babysitters, have an enormous amount of responsibilities at home, but do you really believe that they can do all of these household errands with two babies? Choosing a double stroller is the greatest option for you because you can take both of your children with you while completing home chores, removing the burden of child care off your shoulders. Because of this, a double stroller is an excellent way to keep your infants close to you without exhausting yourself unduly.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller | Lightweight Double Stroller | Kolcraft

Hassle-free travel

Because of your busy schedule, you may need to leave the house to make a meeting or run some errands for the family’s forthcoming meal. Clearly, having to deal with two toddlers at once makes things difficult and requires a great deal of effort. Having a double stroller, on the other hand, is a simple matter of unfolding it rather than folding a double stroller. Aside from the fact that you may save a lot of space, it is also easy to carry your kids about, resulting in an instant bonding experience for you as well as your tiny ones. If you plan on taking your family on a long road trip, a travel system, a double stroller and an infant car seat all in one, will be an invaluable tool.

Wide array of style and versatility

As there are numerous models to choose from, a double stroller may accommodate not just twins but also children of all ages. With the tandem double stroller, parents can place one child in front of the other, which prevents bickering and keeps the other youngster awake at night. In addition, because tandem double strollers are thinner, they may fit through conventional doorways with ease. You have a wide variety of options for personal style, all of which are influenced by your wants and needs.

Strong and long-lasting.

Having two children at the same time necessitates a double stroller that is built to withstand a lot of abuse.

It’s true that twin strollers have certain advantages, but you should first evaluate your own situation. Buying a single baby stroller is the better option if you plan to have a kid in the near future, or if you plan to wait a long time before having another one. It is important to remember that children are a gift from God; treat them with the utmost respect and care, just as he treated us.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller Review:

Size & Weight

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus weighs only 23 pounds (less than other single strollers!) and can accommodate children weighing up to 40 pounds in each of its four seats (80 lbs combined). Not a lot of weight, but it should be enough to get you through the early years of childhood.

This stroller is Disney-size approved and measures 31 inches wide, which should fit through most ordinary doorways. Yay!

Car Seat Compatibility

The answer is “none.”


With a width of 12.5 inches and a 5-point safety harness, the seats in the Cloud Plus Double are quite roomy for a car of this size. Although the seats recline little, only approximately 30 degrees from vertical, it is worth noting that this is the sole option. It’s not likely to have the deep recline that you see in some of the more expensive travel strollers, though.

The deeper the recline, the better it will be for your baby’s sleep. With this stroller, it may not happen. That’s all I have to say.

The three-tiered canopies of the Cloud Plus Double are well-equipped and can be controlled separately (with mesh peek-a-boo windows for added airflow and to check on those babies). Not the largest, but also not the tiniest canopies in the world.

You can store your diaper bag under the stroller, as well as other smaller goods like blankets, hats, toys, and snacks. The storage bins under the stroller are spacious enough to hold all of these things and more.

The stroller’s underseat storage compartment can hold a surprising amount of groceries.

As a bonus, the stroller comes with an adult tray that has two drink holders, as well as removable child trays that have sippy cup/juice box holders for the little ones.

People love the built-in cupholders on these unique child trays, so there’s no doubt about that.

Because the handlebars aren’t height-adjustable, this isn’t the best solution for parents who are very tall.

Folding and Using the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller - YouTube


Surfaces like as level sidewalks and amusement parks are ideal for our Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double. It’s useless in more difficult terrain, such as sand or grass. However, it does have front wheel suspension, which makes it easier for parents to push and provides a more enjoyable ride for children.


In addition to its small weight, the self-standing fold of this stroller makes it ideal for bringing on holidays. This stroller is very easy to fold, but it is not a particularly compact fold, like a double umbrella stroller or a tri-fold.

Steps on How to Fold Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller:

Make sure the front wheel locks are unlocked in the first step. In order to remove the locks, lift the grey lever at the back of each side of the stroller and pull it outward until it no longer touches the frame of the stroller.

Then, firmly push down on both levers until they click into position (kind of like how a seatbelt buckle works). To begin folding your Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller for storage or travel, just loosen the tension on each side of the stroller.

Once you’ve removed the infant car seats and everything else attached to your baby equipment using hooks or straps, proceed on to step 3. Lift one handlebar as high as possible while the other handlebar remains on the floor. Push both levers down until they click into place securely (kind of like how a seatbelt buckle works).

To fold the front wheels, draw them toward you and squeeze your hands inwards to reduce strain from each wheel. Before folding, make sure all extras are out of the way. You’ll need to lift one handlebar to its maximum height before you do anything else.

This side’s frame and wheels will be compressed as a result of your hand’s downward motion. When you’re done using the bar, just fold it in half and refold it for storage or travel! Each of the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller’s four pieces should be assembled in the same manner.

Unlock Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller

To pull your child out of a stroller with two seats, just unfold the stroller and lift the side they’re sitting on. Afterwards, lower the other end of the seat so that just one child is seated at a time, and then remove the restraints from both of them by pulling on both sides until they are free.

This is a great solution for tight doorways because both sides fold flat like an airplane wing, so they take up very little space.

How to unlock a stroller

The umbrella lock on top of a stroller is a durable and safe method of unlocking a stroller. For this technique to work, you must have no other objects blocking its path, so be careful not to put anything in its way. After putting your hand through the handle, gently press the end of your umbrella down.

What is Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller and Its Features?

It is possible to use the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller to transport two children, each weighing up to 40 pounds, up to the age of four. As a result, it will be ideal for households with two young children.

If you’re a busy family on the run, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller’s spacious storage basket underneath the seats is a must-have accessory. To make things easier, fold one side down so that only one youngster can sit at a time (or just put them front first).

The fact that both sides open flat like airplane wings means you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space.

How to open a Graco click Connect stroller frame

Parents in search of versatility and ease will appreciate the Graco Click Connect Stroller Frame. How do you open the only frame that allows you to use your stroller with a car seat or bassinet?


All you have to do to lock it in place if it’s folded up is press in on either side of the handle and push down until it locks in place.

Additionally, you can grip the rear in a wheelbarrow fashion and push down on the handles while pulling each leg outward. Let go of one handle and push down with the other to see if it helps.

That’s all there is to it! This video shows you how to fold the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller.


Take the wheels off the stroller and press them inward until they lock into place, then repeat on the other side of the handlebar. This may make folding the stroller a little easier.

Instead of pulling inward on one set of handles, consider holding on to the opposite set while pulling outward. It’s also possible to remove the back wheelbarrow-style by unscrewing each bolt in a counter-clockwise motion; be careful not to lose any parts or you’ll have to get replacements from Kolcraft.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller Review: Good pick for trips!

How to fold a click Connect stroller

One of the most popular strollers on the market, the click connect has two independent frames that join in the middle. Unlocking the stroller is as simple as pressing down on both of the levers at the top corners of the frame, one with each hand, before folding it up.

Unlock the handles and fold them back toward you. Then, push the handles together until they lock into place. As a last step, you can either raise up the front half of the handle or snap it under itself so that your child’s hands won’t be able to get entangled.

Bottom Line

Given its reasonable price tag, this stroller is extremely well-regarded and frequently used for short trips. When folded, it stands on its own. There are plenty of trays for both parents and children, despite the plain design.

With the exception of the limited recline, the non-adjustable handlebar and the lack of an option to use a car seat, there are few negatives to this stroller.

It’s a decent travel stroller for the money, and you won’t have to worry if it is damaged or stolen while you’re away.