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Do you have any questions about how to use a diffuser with a hair dryer? One of the most common methods of using a diffuser to dry your hair is to place the tip of your hair on the diffuser and scrunch it upside down.

This minimizes irritation by preserving the original structure of your hair while it dries. If you want a haircut with a little extra volume, turn your head up and diffuse your hair from the roots down.

What are hair dryer diffusers, and have you heard of them before? You’ve made it to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over all of the information you need about hair dryer diffusers, including how to utilize them. Let’s get started with this piece!

What Is A Diffuser?

To put it simply, a hairdryer diffuser is a spherical, plastic attachment that can be fitted onto the nozzle of your hairdryer. When using a diffuser, the airflow is dispersed over a larger, more uniform region.

For those with curly or wavy hair, diffusers are an excellent way to maintain the curl pattern. Curls can easily get frizzy if you don’t use a diffuser.

How to Use a Diffuser on Curly Hair - 5 Tips for Blowdrying Perfect Curls

How Do You Use A Diffuser?

To keep your hair from getting tangled in your diffuser, set it to the lowest heat and speed setting possible. This is a time-consuming technique, but it’s well worth it for people who want to get rid of their frizz for good.

You may customize the airflow with our Airshot diffuser to suit your hair type. This can be accomplished by varying the airflow through the nozzles.

Diffuser your hair by pressing it against your scalp while blow drying. Use the diffuser instead of applying heat directly to your face. Maintaining a steady airflow will keep the diffuser in place over nozzle.

Apply a curl defining product before using a diffuser to get the greatest results.

What does a hair diffuser do to your hair?

You receive a consistent stream of air when you use a blow dryer with a standard connection. Dispersing the concentrated stream of air helps to preserve natural curly hair patterns by preventing them from being disturbed. As a result, you’ll be able to dry your waves and ringlets in record time and enjoy the reduced frizz, enhanced definition, and increased volume that results.

Who Can Use A Diffuser?

Anyone can use a diffuser attachment, but if you have afro or naturally curly hair, you’ll get the finest results. If you have naturally wavy hair, you may want to give this method a try to see if it may bring out your natural curl pattern.

Steps For Using The Hair Dryer Diffuser

Is this your first time utilizing the hairdryer’s diffuser? And you don’t know how to dissipate it either. The good news is that you don’t have to worry. We’re here to assist you. This section will teach you how to utilize a diffuser with a hairdryer. The following are the basic procedures for using the diffuser:

1. Hydrate and detangle hair

The shower is the perfect place to start for beautiful curls. After shampooing your hair, apply a moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair’s natural oils from drying out because they have to travel through the coils of your hair to reach the ends. For the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Beauty Lab conditioner tests, Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Coconut Milk Conditioner came out on top.

Then, while you’re still in the shower, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your condition to smooth out knots without damaging your hair. Keep your curls from drying out by combing them while they’re still wet. As a result, detangling your hair in the shower is a good idea, and you should allow the curls take their natural course when styling.

2. Wrap wet hair with a T-shirt

Wrap your hair in either a T-shirt, soft cotton rag, or (best of all!) microfiber towel and squeeze out the excess water when you get out of the shower. Using a cotton towel instead of a terrycloth towel will reduce the amount of frizz in your curls because cotton is a softer material.

Lexie Sachs, Director of the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, argues that using a towel with more texture leads hair to break. “Hair is less likely to be damaged if you dry it with a smoother fabric since there is less friction.”

3. Shape and form your curls

Before twisting or scrunching your hair, lightly brush your fingers through your wet hair to untangle it. Remember that combing out your curls can alter the curl pattern and cause frizz, so be mindful of this (yes, even while wet, and even with just your fingers).

After that, use a mousse for curly hair, a cream for curls, or a leave-in conditioner to hydrate and shape-stabilize the hair as it dries. Twirl wet hair in place around your finger to ensure that the curls retain their structure and look finished..

It’s common knowledge among curly girls that the “rake and shake” method popularized by Ouidad calls for sectioning the hair and raking product through each segment, followed by a “shake with your wrist to encourage curl creation.” Everything comes down to personal taste and what works best for your hair.

4. Put the diffuser to work

Diaz always suggests spraying your hair with a thermal protectant before styling it with heat “to put a barrier between the hair and the heat.” Diaz Be sure to get between the layers of your hair while applying your preferred heat-protecting spray. Your hair will be shielded from harm by using this.

Before drying your hair, pull a part of your hair into a diffuser, then lower the temperature of your hair drier to avoid drying out your curls. If you don’t want to seem like a modern-day Chia Pet, White advises using your fingers to mold your hair while holding the diffuser.

How to Use a Diffuser Without Ruining Your Curls | NaturallyCurly.com

When drying your hair, begin at the ends and work your way up to the roots. In order to get more volume at the roots and dry the back and center of your head, you can also flip your head upside down.

5. Stop while you’re ahead

Diaz recommends using your diffuser on low to “gently diffuse hair to about 80% dry,” so keep using it on all of your hair. It will seem hydrated and bouncy if you let it air dry in the end.

Let go of your hands once you’ve finished styling. A smooth finish can be harmed if you disturb the hair when it is wet because it is more susceptible than dry hair. The more you touch curly hair, the more frizzy it will look, as a general rule. It’s time for you to get used to letting those curls hang out. Air drying and diffuser drying are clearly distinct methods of drying. I’m in awe of these luscious locks!

Top Tips

Hair is easier to detangle while damp. Frizz is less likely to occur if you do this. A wide toothed comb can help your hair establish its natural curl pattern while you’re in the shower.

When drying your hair with a towel, try to avoid rubbing it. It is less irritating to the hair to wrap your hair in a t-shirt, soft rag, or microfiber towel to squeeze out excess water. This results in less frizz in your curls.

Begin at the ends and work your way up to the roots as you dry. To get more volume at the roots, turn your head upside down.

-Blow-dry the hair until it is roughly 80% dry. Allowing it to air dry toward the end will result in a pliable, moisturized appearance.

The Best Hair Diffusers To Try Now

Interested in trying one of these must-have attachments for your hair dryer? Listed here are the top 12 diffusers for curly hair currently available.

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser

This diffuser attachment is a must-have if you’re a fan of the Drybar blow dryer. No Drybar blow dryer, but you just can’t get enough of the bright yellow color? Fortunately there’s an alternative. You’re in the clear. Almost any blow dryer will work with the diffuser! The airflow from your blow dryer is broadened and slowed down by the universal diffuser, which helps naturally curly hair be gently dried, defined, shined, and reduced in frizz.

Conair Volumizing Diffuser

Conair’s Volumizing Diffuser is a great option if you’re searching for an inexpensive diffuser that consistently produces beautiful curls. Lifting the hair while diffusing the air helps to create sculpt or molded styles for permed, naturally wavy, or curly hair, which is easier to style with the diffuser than without it.

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser

Curly, fine, or difficult-to-manage hair can benefit from this tourmaline-infused diffuser. This product’s ionic finger extensions transmit gentle and even heat to speed up drying, while also encouraging hair health and increasing shine, all while minimizing damage. Infrared and ionic energy from the tourmaline gemstone is harnessed by T3 to provide extraordinary hair health by decreasing frizz and locking in the moisture.

How to Use a Diffuser for Natural Curls | IPSY

Elchim Cocoon 3900 Diffuser

Regardless of your hair type, this professional diffuser will do the trick. results in voluminous hair that’s easy to style and that shows off your own natural curls. The 3900 Titanium, 3900 Healthy Ionic, 8th Sense, and Light are all compatible.

DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser

With this innovative, global diffuser, your curls will never be the same. As a result of its 360-degree airflow, it provides a faster drying time than typical diffusers. Moisture is preserved in the innovative ceramic inner core, which prevents curls from drying out or becoming frizzy. In addition to adding touchable volume, the revolutionary DevaCurl DevaFuser provides natural curls magnificent shape and definition. Perfect for naturally curly, wavy, or very wavy hair types!

Bed Head Curls In Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

The Bed Head 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer is ideal if you’re ready to give up the diffuser attachments and go all in. Natural curls and waves are accentuated by the unique design of this product. With Tourmaline ionic technology, the curls are defined and enhanced while maintaining their natural shine, all while fighting frizz and creating frizz-free volume. Because of its unique architecture, it is possible to style huge regions at once.

Frcolor Foldable Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser

Think you can’t fit a hair diffuser into your carry-on? You’re wrong! You don’t have to let your hair suffer while you’re on vacation thanks to this convenient diffuser. A foldable silicone construction keeps your ringlets in pristine condition wherever you go.

Dyson Supersonic Diffuser

This accessory is a must-have for owners of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers. In order to achieve perfectly defined curls and waves, this cutting-edge attachment uses uniform diffusion.

Hot Tools Finger Diffuser

The Hot Tools Finger Diffuser is a small attachment for hair dryers with nozzles up to two inches in diameter and is a favorite among hair professionals. Hair is lifted and separated by the precise placement of fingers or spikes, revealing your hair’s inherent texture.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser

This hair dryer diffuser has a deep-set concave feature that allows you to rest more hair in the compartment for a faster drying period. Soft, bouncy hair with enhanced natural texture is the end result.

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser

In addition to Bio Ionic’s blow dryers, this Bio Ionic diffuser is compatible with most other blow dryers. In addition to the 12 air outlets, the design is composed of volcanic mineral, which helps infuse micro moisture into your hair follicles.

Dyson Supersonic Gentle Air Attachment

There will be two Dyson products on this list, because the brand is so fantastic. Specially designed for delicate hair and scalp sensitivity, the Supersonic Gentle Air Attachment is an iron-based instrument. People with curly and wavy hair can use it to get defined and frizz-free hair thanks to its gentle, cooling airflow.

It’s A Wrap!

Hair dryer diffuser use was something we were excited to teach you. When it comes to using a hair dryer diffuser, you don’t have to stress out about how to do it. Follow the instructions in the preceding step to achieve silky, lustrous hair using a hairdryer diffuser.