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You’re probably wondering how to remove scorched water from a glass stove top. You can do so in four simple ways. Seeing even the tiniest blemish or splash is painful for me.

Glass-top stoves have a tendency to appear unclean because of this. If you don’t clean up any dried food residue quickly once, it could burn through your stove’s top the next time you use it.

When anything is burned, the result is a sticky mess that is difficult to clean up. Glass-top stove owners have this difficulty, and I can identify with it, therefore I decided to write this essay. In addition, I had many concerns, such as how abrasively I could clean this material without damaging its surface. What things may I use around the house that aren’t dishwasher safe? That being said, I’m here to offer some advice on how to get this thing clean.

Owning A Glass Stove Top

Electric stoves with glass tops are the most popular. The burners on these stoves don’t produce visible flames like gas stoves do. Instead of a burner, a hot, electrified glass region simulates its operations. To clean these burners, you don’t have to dismantle them like you would on a gas stove. A damp, clean towel is all you need to remove a fingerprint.

How to Clean a Glass Top Stove | Easy Kitchen Appliances

Using a mixture of water and dish soap, a stove can be scrubbed clean. Most of your cooktop’s stains, splotches, and spots can be removed with a light but firm circular wipe. To get things to the appropriate temperature, an electric stove may take longer. A rapid rise in temperature could cause spillage and burn marks on the top.

Glass damage from leaving an electric cooktop unattended can be irreversible, even though such damage from boiling water or other chemicals is extremely unusual. To avoid permanent damage to the stovetop, it’s best to clear up spills as soon as possible.

Ways To Clean Burnt Water Off Glass Stove Top

What’s the best way to remove scorched water from a glass stove? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

#1. Using white vinegar and baking soda

There’s a tremendous desire to use cutting-edge kitchen equipment to remove something that has dried on a glass stove. Soups, sauces, and meats will all benefit immensely from this procedure.

Using a metal or plastic spatula to remove crumbs, for example, can scratch and damage glass-top stoves.

Soak the affected area in a solution of water and vinegar for several hours to get the greatest results. Use a warm moist towel to gently massage the affected area after letting the mixture sit for a few minutes. Without harming the stove’s glass, this will help remove any filth that’s been stuck there.

Baking powder should be sprinkling all over the cooktop once the white vinegar solution has been used to clean it. Baking powder’s alkaline abrasiveness aids in the eradication of any remaining dirt. After that, use a baking soda-sprayed towel soaked in hot water to clean the stove’s surface. Finally, you can use a polishing cloth and white vinegar to give it a final shine.

You may want to read how to clean glass stove top with baking soda.

#2. Cleaning with a scraper

You may want to read how to clean glass stove top with baking soda.

You might be interested in reading about how to clean a glass stove top using baking soda.

#3. Regularly performing household tasks

Wiping down your glass-top stove after each usage is all it takes to keep it sparkling. Soap or microfiber cloths may be used instead of brushes and scouring pads for the best results. After the dish has been served or eaten, it is only possible to do this when the surface has cooled.

#4. The frequency should be once per week

To remove stubborn stains from your stove, you’ll need a more thorough cleaning strategy if you forgot to wipe it down. After it has cooled, apply a thin layer of white vinegar to the affected area. After that, liberally sprinkle the vinegar with baking soda.

Clean cloth that has been soaked in hot water and wrung out well should be used to cover the baking soda/vinegar mixture. After combining, wait 10 to 15 minutes to see the full effect. Then, instead of using a towel to wipe up the debris, use a microfiber cloth to do it. Dip a microfiber cloth in vinegar to remove any remaining stains.

7 Best Glass Top Stove Cleaner

1. Cerama Byrte Cooktop Cleaning Kit for Non Starch Smooth Surface

For glass stovetops, the CERAMA Bryte cleaning kit is one of the best out there. This powerful cleanser is perfect for cleaning cooktops on a regular basis. Cleans the hard-cooked stains and is mild enough to wipe the glass surface without forceful scrubbing.

The kit includes 10 ounces of cleaner, two cleaning PADS, a scraper, and a grip PAD tool, making your task easier.

This cleaner has the added benefit of not including any plastic beads that could scratch your glass table top while being used.

The heavy-duty cleaning formula is developed using a powerful ingredient mix. It deep cleans and shines the stovetop, making it look brand new. It is able to remove even the most stubborn stains and greasy mess while preserving the gloss.

It has passed the laboratory tests and may be used on glass tops without harming the surface. On the list, it is a silicone-free product that is totally biodegradable.

The CERAMA Bryte’s 4.7-star rating and more than 4,000 reviews are proof of its efficiency and quality. It’s a good idea to have a stovetop with a glass surface that is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Formula for powerful cleaning
  • Free of silicone
  • Stovetop safety for glass and other materials
  • Manufacturers of stovetops suggest it.


  • There is a hefty price tag.

2. Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner Multi-Purpose

They are known for their scratch-resistant solutions that clean stovetops without damaging them, and WEIMAN is one of the best.

WEIMAN’s product is a cleaner and polish in one, making it the ideal for cleaning stove tops. Because of its stellar reviews and competitive pricing, it was named an Amazon “Choice” product.

It’s a good bet that if your stovetop is covered with burnt food and baked stains, this is the cleaner for you. It removes tough oil and filth from your stovetop while simultaneously polishing it.

In one easy step, it dissolves caked-on grease, food residue, and other gunk. Using a kitchen towel or soft sponge, apply a small amount to the surface of your stovetop and let it sit there for a while before wiping it clean.

It’s best to let the stains sit for 30 minutes before using a scrubber to remove them.

Even after years of use, this product has been proven to keep the glass stove looking like it’s just been purchased. Make your stovetop gleam with this strong dual-functioning cleaner.


  • Removes dirt and grime without causing itch or irritation
  • Glass top cleaner with a multitude of uses
  • The formula is biodegradable.
  • Effortless and speedy sanitization


  • In the case of glass, alone.

3. Scotch – Brite Cooktop Polish for a Brilliant Shine

Scotch – Brite revitalizing cooktop polish is the perfect alternative to cleaning and scratching your glass stovetop.

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop - Bar Keepers Friend

Using Scotch-revitalizing Brite’s process, your glass stovetop can be restored to its former glory. Now you don’t have to scrub your stovetop as hard and as long as you used to.

Cooktops may be cleaned and polished using Scotch-Brite, and the result is an incredible shine on the glass. For glass, the phosphate-free recipe has been shown safe.

Your kitchen will have a pleasant aroma thanks to the cleaner’s soothing scent. Put a small amount on a paper towel and distribute it over. After a few minutes, simply wipe the substance away with a sponge. A gleaming sheen replaces the once-obvious stains and rough mess. Rinsing is not required after this.

It has been voted one of Amazon’s top-selling glass and electric stovetop cleaners. Clean your hands on a great solvent to get rid of the hard-cooked oil and grime on your stovetop and restore it back to life.


  • The formula is scratch-proof.
  • Phosphate-free
  • It gives the stovetop a brilliant sheen.
  • Use this natural water-based polish to brighten your home!


  • Only applicable to cooktops made of glass.

4. Bar Keepers Friend – Best Glass Top Stove Cleaner

Keep your kitchen clean with Bar Keepers Friend stovetop cleaner. A 13-ounce bottle of this stovetop cleaner liquid is available. The formula is designed to produce a glass surface that is both smooth and clear.

Designed to clean and not scrape, it can remove all kinds of debris, residue, grease and even rust.

It can also remove deposits of Hard Water Minerals off the surface. You may either use it straight on the glass or a sponge and gently rub it in. After carefully cleansing, pat it dry with a towel.

It’s one of the best glass top stove cleaners because it’s safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including glass. Phosphates and harsh chemicals are not present in this product. Brass, porcelain, copper, and chrome are all safe surfaces to use, in addition to glass and other transparent materials.

It’s made with organic components and natural citric acid, so it’s safe to use in the kitchen. It can be utilized in a variety of ways in your kitchen due to its versatility.


  • Cleaner for windows and other surfaces
  • Effective for the most stubborn spots
  • Natural and organic ingredients fill this dish to the brim.
  • Works on mineral deposits in hard water


  • Mild abrasive quality

5. Scotch Bright – Best Glass Top Stove Cleaner with Replaceable Pads

Mild abrasive quality

Intense but gentle abrasiveness.

To make scrubbing stubborn scorched areas easier, the wand on this finest glass top stove cleaner is ergonomically designed. Replaceable micro-surface sponge heads remove grease without scratching the surface.

To have a shiny stove, all you need to do is spritz a little water on it and scrape. Once you’re done, use a clean cloth or towel to wipe down the stove to make it look its best. The heads can be washed with a simple squirt of water.

The gadget comes with two replacement heads and a cleaning wand for glass top stoves.


  • Cleansing without chemicals
  • Designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • No-scratch cleaning methods
  • Cleansing power that is second to none
  • Suitable for use in a dishwasher


  • Only for use with glass tops

6. Weiman Heavy Duty Glass Top Stove Cleaner with Ultra Safe Formula

Stove top cleaners from Weiman are known for always exceeding the expectations of its consumers. Even if your appliance is covered in grease stains, this heavy-duty cleaner will leave a remarkable sheen. See for yourself why people adore Weiman’s cleaning products!

With an eco-friendly composition that is gentle but effective, the cleaner removes difficult burnt areas, oil spills and grease residue from your appliance to keep it running at peak performance.

There are no known side effects from using this glass top stove cleaner on ceramic or glass surfaces, including induction or flat-top electric cooktops. It can even be used on halogen glass. Plastic bottle with flip-top cover that prevents leakage. Pour the creamy cleaner on your stovetop and wipe it off with a clean cloth or towel as you normally would.

There is no need for a special sponge or pad because the formula is powerful enough to remove the residues.

To remove baked-on grime and to keep your stove looking its best, try Weiman. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the stove after each meal, this is your best bet.


  • The formula is biodegradable.
  • All surfaces are safe to use.
  • An easy-to-use cleaning agent
  • The gloss is restored.
  • There will be no spitting


There are no drawbacks.

7. Magic Glass Professional Kitchen – Best Glass Stove Cleaner for Premium Cleaning

If you are looking for something that cleans your glass stove with a professional finish, then you need to consider this massive glass top cleaner by Magic.

If you’re looking for a professional-grade glass stove cleaning, go no further than Magic’s huge glass top cleaner.

Stay clean technology extends the life of the polish and keeps your kitchen looking its best by adding an invisible barrier to the stove’s surface.

The interface is straightforward, making it a breeze to work with. When you remove the seal from the bottle’s cap, use a small quantity to coat the bottom of the pan. When all the stains have been covered, use a clean paper towel to scrape the stove. Because it uses a mixture safe for both ceramic and glass surfaces, the Magic stove cleaner is the finest option for cleaning a ceramic stove top.


  • Maintaining a polished appearance over time
  • All varieties of cooktops are safe to use.
  • Returns the appearance to its former glory
  • Cleaning without leaving any scuff marks
  • The formula is non-abrasive.


  • For a thorough clean, rubbing is required.

Some Considerations for Choosing the Best Glass Top Stove Cleaner – Buying Guide

Stoves are a crucial aspect of the kitchen’s infrastructure. If you’re planning to redo your kitchen, a gleaming stove will draw attention and pique interest, whereas a discolored stove has the opposite effect. Then you need to realize that the best stove top cleaning depends a lot on your choice.

Some individuals consider cooktop cleaners to be a minor inconvenience that doesn’t merit more study. However, you’ll be amazed to learn just how crucial it is. When shopping for a stovetop cleaning, keep the following information in mind.


All that a cooktop cleaning consists of is a concentrated solution. Make sure the stovetop cleaner you purchase has a neutral pH. A pH formula with a neutral value of 7 is neither acidic nor basic (on a range of 0 to 14). It aids in preserving the surface’s inherent radiance and lustre. Furthermore, it is best used to clean stainless steel equipment.

Ease of Use

It is important to find a stovetop cleaner for grease that is simple to use. There are a slew of excellent products on the market today, each one better than the last. Always choose a cleaner that is both efficient and effective.

Surface Friendly

This is an important consideration. Make sure to double-check that the stovetop cleaner you’re considering is compatible with your appliance before purchasing. Using a ceramic cleaner on a glass surface stove is a no-no, and the opposite is also true. Streaks will appear on your stove if you use a chemical that doesn’t match the surface.

A scratch is worse than a grease stain in the long run, so it’s critical to know what you’re dealing with before you start cleaning.


Because a cooktop cleaner doesn’t last a year, you can’t just buy it once and forget about it. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the price and what your budget can afford. You should always stick to the greatest glass top stove cleaning, which is easily obtainable and respects your financial constraints. Of course, you can’t afford to buy a new stovetop cleaner all at once.


Which is the best glasstop stove cleaner?

Cleaner kits from Weiman are the best and most popular among stovetop users. Almost any model of stove can benefit from its cleaning formula.

How do you use a glass stove cleaner?

Pour an adequate amount of cleaner paste onto your stove and wipe it using a clean paper towel or cloth. For the finest results, you can leave the cleaner on for a longer period of time.

How do you clean an electric stovetop?

Pour an adequate amount of cleaner paste onto your stove and wipe it using a clean paper towel or cloth. For the finest results, you can leave the cleaner on for a longer period of time.

Can I use the same cleaner for glass and electric stovetop?

Using a clean paper towel or cloth, wipe off your stove with an adequate amount of paste cleanser. For the best effects, you can also leave the cleaner on for some time.

How do you get burnt water off a glass top stove?

Spray vinegar liberally on the stovetop when it has cooled. After spraying the liquid, liberally sprinkle baking soda on top of it. Take a clean towel and soak it in the hot water, wringing away the excess water. Place the towel over the stovetop with the baking soda and vinegar. Wait a few minutes before serving.

How do you get burnt water off a ceramic stove top?

For a few minutes, soak a dishcloth in warm soapy water. A large enough cloth should be used to cover the entire cooktop and wrung off any excess water. Then, cover the baking soda with a damp towel and wait 15 minutes.

5 Steps: Clean Burnt Stove Top Glass With Baking Soda And Scraper

What should you not use on a glass top stove?

What to avoid doing Stone or cast iron cooking utensils. Glass stovetops are delicate, yet cast-iron skillets are weighty. Pots that can take a beating. You should never drag anything across a non-porous stove surface. Abrasive cleansers. ‘ Spills. Use a stool to get up and down from the couch. Utensils. Cooling. Cream cleansers for the cleaning industry.

Can Magic Eraser be used on glass top stoves?

To clean a glass stove top, here are the steps: Rinse with fresh water. The Magic Eraser or a glass stovetop cleaner can be used to remove any leftover stains. Both are effective in removing the cooked on stains that are more difficult to remove. A glass cleaner or wipe can be used to remove any streaks from the surface.

Can you use glass cleaner on a glass cooktop?

Glass Stove Top Cleanup: Clean water should be used to wash away any residue. Use a glass stovetop cleaner or a Magic Eraser to remove any leftover stains. For those stubborn stains that are tough to remove, both work. The surface can be cleaned using a glass cleaner or a wipe to remove any streaks.

What is the best cleaner for glass-top stoves?

Friend of the Bartender It is safe to use on glass-top stoves because it is moderately abrasive. Use a wet washcloth and some of the powder to gently clean the troublesome region. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed with a damp microfiber towel.

Will baking soda scratch glass cooktop?

Since the glass stovetop will not be scratched by the baking soda, there is no need to be concerned. Use a razor scraper if you’re still having trouble getting everything off. It’s best to remove stubborn areas from the stove while it’s still damp.

Can you ruin a glass-top stove?

Popularity of glass-ceramic electric stovetops can be attributed to their ease of cleaning compared to gas or electric coil models. However, if you own one of these stoves, you should exercise caution when wiping it down. It is possible to permanently damage an appliance by making a mistake.

How do you clean a black glass stove top?

Clean black glass stove tops using vinegar, an ingredient you probably already have in your cabinet. Using vinegar to clean and degrease a glass stove top is an inexpensive, natural, and effective method. Spray your glass-top stove with white vinegar after filling a spray bottle with the solution.

Will a magic eraser scratch glass?

YES! Using them can aid in removing stubborn stains from glass. The glass is not scratched by Magic Erasers. It is made of Melamine foam, which is non-abrasive but only agitates more deeply entrenched substrates.

Can you use Soft Scrub on glass top stove?

Using commercially available goods designed for glass top stoves is the most convenient method of cooking with these materials. A non-abrasive scouring pad, a glass top stove razor scraper, and a gentle scrub product will make cleaning your stovetop a breeze. Use a scouring pad and liberally apply a gentle scrub cleanser to the glass.

Can you use Dawn dish soap on glass top stove?

Always use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser on your stovetop to prevent damage. Cleaning cooktop surfaces with Dawn® dish soap is a breeze, whether they’re made of glass, ceramic, enamel, or stainless steel. It’s that simple. The special mixture quickly breaks down grease particles while remaining soft enough to avoid any harm.

How do you clean a glass stove top with vinegar?

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and set it aside. Apply the vinegar to the stovetop in a thin, equal layer. Your stovetop should be covered in baking soda at this point. The vinegar and baking soda will combine to form a bubbly cleanser that will remove dirt and grease.

How do you clean a glass top stove with hydrogen peroxide?

Dish soap and hydrogen peroxide are combined in a small basin to begin the cleaning process. Pour the mixture onto the stovetop and use a sponge to stir it around. Let the mixture settle for four minutes before using a brush or sponge to stir it up. Clean your sponge with warm water and wipe off the excess on the stovetop..

It’s A Wrap!

Cleaning the stove is a must if you want to keep your kitchen spotless and well-organized. Metal and glass are popular materials for table tops. Since glass cooktops are so attractive, they’re in high demand, but their sensitivity makes cleaning them difficult. A glass cooktop can be easily cleaned with the right tools and equipment. It doesn’t matter, because you already know how to remove scorched water from a glass stovetop. Visit this page for more information on stove top cleaning and how to remove burnt on grease from the stove top.