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I’m looking for a place to purchase new stove knobs. In some occasions, our culinary utensils, such as stoves, can be damaged if we aren’t careful. In most cases, stove knobs get broken or lost. Stoves with broken or missing knobs are a pain to deal with. We strongly advise you to fix or replace yours as soon as possible. If your previous one is damaged, you’ll need to replace it.

It’s not difficult to find stove knobs, depending on your stove’s availability and design. It’s possible that a set of universal stove knobs would work as well, though. You only need to do some research and learn more about it in order to get started.

Options On Where You Can Buy Stove Knobs

When a critical component is missing from your stove, it will not be able to function properly. This includes your stove knob, of course. Your stoves will need it to turn on and off, and you’ll also need to control the volume of flames. I’m looking for a place to purchase new stove knobs.

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When we need to fix something in our home but don’t have the right supplies, we all end up at the same place. Then again, there are situations in which no more can be obtained.

We’ve got your back, and we’ll provide you with a list of places where you can get your stove knobs. As a result, switching on your stoves will no longer be painful for you.

Option #1. Hard wares

It is not uncommon for people to visit their local hardware store in search of the parts they need to fix items around the house. Almost any appliance part or tool you may possibly need can be found in their inventory.

There’s a good chance you’ll also discover your stove’s knobs there. In addition, as previously stated, you would need to know the model type of your stove and what stove knobs are compatible with it.

Ask for assistance at the counter or from the store staff at the aforementioned hardware if you need it. Their expertise in this area is extensive and can be of great benefit to your endeavors.

Only if you live in a city and are within a few meters of a hardware store is it best to locate one nearby. However, if you’ve had enough of traveling and are stranded in the middle of nowhere, there is an alternative for you.

Option #2. Online shopping

If you’re going to purchase online, do your homework and have a good notion of what you want to buy. Take a look at the many components of a gas stove and their respective purposes. This might provide you with a better understanding of the knobs on your stove.

Stove knobs can be purchased from a variety of internet retailers, each offering a different selection and price point. However, due to the fact that we are unsure of its location, not all are both economical and safe to order.

You might want to check out reading online product ratings in order to avoid unexpected complications when shopping online. This can help you a lot in determining whether or not a product or a website is legitimate and reliable.

Look for a product that has a lot of positive reviews and a star rating that is near to 5 stars. To avoid getting cheated, you should also look for online selling platforms.

Think about where the shop is located and how long it will take for it to arrive. For now, this isn’t realistic because it could take quite some time.

How much are stove knobs?

Preparing yourself by knowing the cost of a stove knob will help you get a handle on how much you’ll spend. We’ve provided an estimate based on the style and model of your stove.

You may expect to pay at least $3 for a typical stove knob; the price can go much higher depending on the quality. Let’s assume $50 is the absolute maximum you’re willing to spend on a stove knob. That’s a reasonable price for a high-quality item.

Are there universal knobs?

As far as we’re concerned, universal knobs, or what we refer to as regular knobs, are safe for you to use. Generally speaking, universal knobs are the most compatible with different brands.

In order to replace gas stove knobs, you need study up on the procedure. Using this article, you’ll learn how to replace your stove’s knobs, as well as which knobs to buy.

There are a number of reasons why universal knobs can be used on any type of stove. Add your own thoughts on what you currently need to make a decision on when shopping online by checking out this page.

7 Best Stove Knob Covers for Households with Dementia Patients

1. Safety 1st Clear View Child Proof Stove Knob Covers-Set of 5

Safety 1st has been making home safety goods for more than 30 years, and these child-resistant stove knob covers are a perfect example of this mission.

In order to keep children and those with dementia from gaining access to stove knobs, these stove knob covers fit flawlessly over a variety of stove models. Open the hinged cover of the stove and turn the knob whenever you wish to use it. As you can see right through the covers, there’s no need to open them to check if the stove burners are on or off.

These stove knob covers are composed of heat-resistant plastic for the sake of long-term use. They can withstand continuous use, heat, and wear, so they’ll last longer. However, they should only be used indoors. In a pack of 5, they’re enough for most stove burners.

Oversized and universal in style, these knob covers can be used on virtually any modern stove or appliance. It’s as simple as removing the stove knobs, opening the cover, holding the base in one hand and pressing on grip in the other with the other, raising the clean cover and securing it over the control post with one hand.

To secure the posts, you’ll need to reinstall the knobs and push them firmly into position. When you hear a click, it’s time to close the stove knob cover.


  • Installing it couldn’t be easier or faster.
  • Prevent children and patients with dementia from accessing the area, but make it easy for other adults and caregivers to do so.
  • Durable, heat-resistant strength.
  • Designed to fit over a wide range of knobs thanks to its big universal design.
  • Contains enough for use on the majority of stove burners because they come in a 5-pack.
  • It’s quite reasonable.


  • After prolonged usage, its hard plastic produces scratches on stainless steel appliances.
  • The hinge pins, which join the bottom and top halves, are flimsy and prone to breaking or slipping out.

2. Safety Novelty Universal Child Proof Clear View Stove Knob Covers

Safety Novelty stove knob covers, like the ones from Safety 1st, come in a five-piece set, making them suitable for use on most modern stove burners. If you don’t know whether the stove knobs are in the correct position, this transparent design makes it easy to tell at one glance. Plastic that is heat-resistant and long-lasting is used to make them, so they can withstand the circumstances of being used on a stove burner.

The universal design of these Safety Novelty stove knobs allows them to fit over any stove knob style or model. In this way, you can avoid having to try them out on your stove burner before buying them.

These stove knob covers may be installed in a matter of minutes. Taking the knobs from their posts, removing cover, and placing the base’s opening over the stove’s knob posts are necessary. Afterwards, you’ll put the stove knobs back on, press them into place, and then secure the covers.

Not only are these stove knobs ideal for households with children, but they are also great for households when someone in the household has dementia. These stove knob covers prevent children and people with dementia from turning the knobs, but they may be opened easily by an adult in charge.


  • As they cannot be opened by twisting, turning, pushing, or pulling, they are safer.
  • Installing is a breeze.
  • Because of their form and size, they may be used with virtually any type of stove knob you can think of.
  • In a set of 5, these are enough for most stovetops.
  • Affordable.
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures is an important consideration.


  • The hinges are flimsy at best.

3. Eudemon 6-Pack Kitchen Safety Stove Knob Mini Covers

A set of six Eudemon kitchen safety stove knob covers is more handy for customers with larger stove burner models than the two models mentioned above. Their design is also more suitable for compact gas controls. Also, oven knobs can be used.

Before selecting stove knobs, it is imperative that you measure the diameter of the knobs. There should be at least 2.8 inches of space between two stove knobs, and the diameter and height should both be less than 1.65 inches. Before you buy a cover, measure the knobs on your stove or oven to make sure they’ll fit.

These stove knob covers are transparent, allowing the user to see whether the stovetop is on or off, as well as the position of the knobs on the temperature control markers, making it easy to see the status of the knobs.

Even though the stove knob covers have a tiny appearance, the big apertures allow for a considerably simpler installation. No tools or drilling are required for installation, and they are attached to the stovetop with 3M tape that is simply removed with a hairdryer. For convenience, they can be fitted on both removable and non-removable knobs.

PC material, which can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, is used to make the knobs, making them ideal for any stove with small knobs. Not only are these knob covers wonderful for keeping children safe, but they can also help keep patients with dementia calmer, which is a win-win for everyone.


  • Installing it is a breeze.
  • Strong, long-lasting, and resistant to heat.
  • Transparent, so that the status of the knobs may be seen clearly.
  • Open with one hand is more difficult for children and patients, but easier for caregivers.
  • Their use on oven and stovetop knobs makes them extremely versatile.
  • Installable on both removably attached and permanently attached knobs.
  • They attach better to the oven thanks to the 300 M adhesive.


  • It’s only meant to fit small knobs; larger knobs will be too wide for it.

4. Clear Child Safety Stove Knob Covers-Baby Proof by Jool Baby

Designed by Jool Baby, the Clear Child Safety Stove Knob Covers have a modern look that merges seamlessly with your stove and other kitchen appliances. In addition to their timeless appearance, their simple design ensures that the status of the knobs can be clearly seen in terms of whether they are on or off.

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As a result of their huge universal design, these knobs can fit over a wider range of stove knobs than other brands. These Jool Baby blankets are therefore incredibly adaptable and handy.

Because of their strength, heat resistance, and durability, these stove knobs are ideal for use in hot environments. Adults can easily open the robust, hinged transparent lid.

As a result, the knobs are more difficult for children and those with dementia and other mental disorders to reach, making them safer for everyone in their household.

Installing and removing them from the oven or cooker is also a breeze because you don’t need any specific tools or training to do so. There is a lifetime money back guarantee if this product does not meet your expectations.


  • Removes from stove with ease.
  • Strong, long-lasting, and resistant to heat.
  • The knobs are clearly visible because they are made of clear plastic.
  • Installing these knob pulls is a cinch thanks to the huge universal design.
  • If you’re not happy with the merchandise, you’ll get a full refund.
  • Designed to be safe for children, but also convenient for parents and carers.


  • Thus, they may be readily removed from the oven or cooker.
  • They are devoid of any sort of button or grip made of rubber.

5. Baba Mate Clear View Safety Stove & Oven Knobs

Over small knobs smaller than 2 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height, Baba Mate stove knobs and oven knobs are made to fit. It is recommended that the space between two adjacent knobs be at least 2.4 inches.

If your stove or oven knobs don’t meet these dimensions, these knob covers won’t fit over them. You’ll need to measure them first. In high-temperature environments, they’re composed of TPR materials that are heat-resistant and robust, making them excellent. It is possible to use these knobs on both stove and oven knobs.

Your kitchen appliances and décor will fit seamlessly with these appliances because of their minimalist style. You can see the position of the knobs at a glance thanks to their simple design. They’re simple to install and come with a strong 3M industrial tape that secures the base to the stove or oven, increasing safety.

Using 3M tape does not damage or scratch the oven or stove because it is easy to peel off and does not leave any residue. Even first-time consumers can use these covers because they don’t require any specific skills or tools to install or remove them.


  • The stove or oven may be installed and removed with ease.
  • The 3M tape makes them more secure to the oven or stove, making them safer for children.
  • Being transparent allows you to see where the stove knobs are in relation to one another.
  • As they can be used on both burners and ovens, they are versatile.
  • Safe for children, but easy to get there for adults in charge.
  • Durable, heat-resistant strength.


  • Small knobs only; larger knobs will not fit.
  • It’s hinges aren’t holding up as well as they should be.

6. Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers-2 Packs of 5

This is the second Safety 1st knob cover model to appear on this list, demonstrating the brand’s esteem. There are two 5-packs of these stove covers, which is enough for most large stoves, with some spares for future use. They are built of heat-resistant and sturdy materials that guarantee long-term use. Adults and other caretakers can easily flip open their lids anytime they wish to switch on the cooker.

When you remove the knobs and install these covers, all you have to do is put them back in their places and reinstall the knobs. In order to install these covers, you won’t need any particular equipment or knowledge. As an option, the covers can be attached to the oven or stove using a non-adhesive mounting method, which is both convenient and reusable.

As a result, they may be used to cover the knobs of all stove models, including the newest ones. You can see exactly where the knobs are at all times without having to open their lids, making them ideal for kitchens with a wide range of decor styles.


  • Installing and removing it is a breeze.
  • These come in two 5-piece packets, which is enough for even the largest cooks.
  • They have a new universal design that can fit over most stove knobs.
  • It’s difficult for youngsters and the elderly to open, but simple for responsible adults.
  • Strong, long-lasting, and resistant to heat.
  • Have a simple layout that makes it easier to tell where the knobs are without looking.


  • You’ll need to measure and compare the knobs’ sizes before purchasing them.

If a stove or oven is left near a child or a person with dementia, they are at risk of getting burned, starting a fire, or suffering from gas poisoning. Thanks to these stove knob covers, you can now select the best and childproof your ovens and cooking appliances. You’ll be able to rest easy even if you have to leave your children or a loved one with dementia for a short time.

7. Eudemon Clear Kitchen Stove Knob Covers

Designed to protect children, these “bubble” coverings fit over existing stove knobs. Once placed, the bubble should spin freely and the knob should not turn when someone tries to turn it. Covers can be installed by snapping over a stove knob, with a clear bubble base in place behind it. As the stove may switch on in various conditions, be cautious when using.


  • Knob covers might be a deterrent to using a stove for some people.


  • For people with low hand strength or arthritis, it is difficult to remove. Having to remove and reinstall the knob covers every time the stove is used might be a nuisance.
  • Both the knob and the cover are removable.


Can you replace knobs on a stove?

Replace the knobs on your stove if you want to give it a new look, or clean and reinstall the knobs. For most major stove brands, replacement knobs can be purchased. They can be used with a wide variety of different types of knobs.

Are all stove knobs the same?

For most major stove brands, replacement knobs can be purchased. They can be used with a wide variety of different types of knobs.

What are the knobs on stoves called?

An oven, range, or stove’s control knob, known as a valve knob, is shown here. Surface burner temperature can be controlled with this feature. Black plastic is used to make it.

How much does an oven knob cost?

It is possible to get knobs that look and work like the originals for a fraction of the price. Most oven and stove parts cost $5 to $12, however the price can vary widely by model and manufacturer.

Where can the controls be located on a cooktop?

There are knobs and controls on the top of cooktops. Because they are more difficult for small children to reach, this provides an additional level of safety. Countertops are where you’ll find your cooktops.

What is the burner inside the oven called?

Ovens are primarily used for baking or broiling food, and the lower section with a door is known as an oven. The appliance’s top-mounted burners are referred to as the stove top, but they can alternatively be referred to as the cooktop or the hob.

Are all oven knobs removable?

When the actual markings on the knobs of your stove are worn or washed away, they need to be replaced. A major problem with plastic knobs is that the marks might be erased over time. In this instance, replacing them is the only genuine remedy.

How do you turn off a broken oven knob?

To fix the damaged knob, simply wrap your index and middle fingers around it. The knob’s uncovered face can be pressed with your thumb. Remove the knob from the stovetop. Remove the knob from the stove’s protruding peg. The hole on the back of the replacement knob should be aligned with the peg on the stove’s surface.

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Why is my stove knob not turning?

Pull the plastic knob out of the socket. Try squirting some WD-40 over the metal peg (the plastic knob goes over it) and gently grabbing the metal peg with some pliers and turning it slowly. Don’t put too much pressure on it, or it could break. Replace the peg when it has been loosened.

What is the difference in a stove and cooktop?

What is the difference between a cooktop and a range? For the most part, a cooktop removes the oven and merely occupies counter space. Instead of being on the front, the burner’s controls are located on the counter’s top.

Why do gas stoves have knobs on front?

In a gas appliance, the controls would be in the front, because reaching over hot flames is dangerous in and of itself. Reaching over hot elements on an electric stove isn’t a big deal if you’re careful.

What is better cooktop or range?

When it comes to compact kitchens with limited wall and cabinet space, experts generally agree that an electric range is the best option. Countertops are taken up by cooktops, but the base cabinets are left empty. The space requirements of a single wall oven are similar to those of a normal range, but they provide for greater placement flexibility.

Are stove burners universal?

Various burner layouts and designs of electric ranges and stovetops are available. Burner elements vary from maker to manufacturer, but many, if not the majority, are interchangeable.

What is the bottom of the oven for?

Warming or broiling drawers and storage drawers are usually much deeper. In this case, you probably have a storage drawer because there is no warming button and the area appears to be an empty, deep drawer. Cast iron pots and pans can be safely stored here because the oven’s heat prevents rusting.

What are the black things on the stove called?

The most senior member. When cooking with gas, which literally burns, I sometimes refer to them as “burners.”

How do I fix the temperature control knob on my oven?

An oven with a knob for setting the temperature Remove the TEMP switch. The screw only needs to be loose enough to be moved. If the oven overcooks or undercooks, turn the screw to Cooler or Hotter. Reinstall the knob after tightening the screw.

How do you light a gas oven without a knob?

To light the pilot light, place a long match or lighter near it or in the hole designated for that purpose. Use a milder with a long tip to light a long game with your hands that are not holding the oven knob (such as a BBQ lighter). Once the pilot light is on, slowly transfer the flame to the hole in the ground.

Are cooktops worth it?

If you’re torn between an electric or gas-powered vehicle, know that both performed admirably in our testing. The best electric cooktops, on the other hand, surpassed the best gas versions because the high-powered electric burners provided faster heat. In addition to its efficiency, gas-fired cooking has its adherents.

Why are Rangetops more expensive than cooktops?

Installing one of these devices often necessitates more counter space than a normal stove. In addition, rangetops are typically more expensive than standard cooktops. Even though they cost more, their superior heating capabilities and professional look is more than worth the money.

Can I put a wall oven under a cooktop?

The front of a cabinet is used to house a wall oven. Only the top and the sides of the cabinet are covered. A wall oven and a drop-in stovetop can be installed in your home.


Do you know where I can get some new stove knobs? We hope that you will be able to locate a replacement knob for yours that is both functional and attractive. You may also be interested in learning about where to get a stove burner. A fantastic resource for cleaning rust off a cast-iron stove is this article on how to do it.