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Who sells stove burners? It is essential to have a stove in one’s home. Having it on hand is a necessity when you’re cooking. You’d expect hot food to be available at all times. When a stove’s burners are removed, it won’t be able to function properly.

Read the names of these stove components to get a sense of what a stove burner is. Using a stove burner, you can warm up your kitchenware like pots and pans.

Now you’ll understand why this is so important for your stoves. If you want to buy these, there are two options available to you. These are the options we’ll be mentioning below, and you can either try one or both of them if one doesn’t work for you.

Options On Where You Can Buy Stove Burners

What about stove burners? Our discussion on stove burners earlier stated that they are essential and that they may be used in many ways. Before going out to find a store to buy one, be sure you know exactly what you want.

We’ve provided you with two options. Before making a final decision between the two options we are going to present, please take a moment to review them both.

SmartBurner - Stove Fire Prevention Device | Pioneering Technology

Option #1. Hard wares are a must to visit

Hard goods is a great place to shop for household essentials and appliance parts. Appliance stores provide gadgets, but usually only sell them as a set, making it difficult to buy just the bits you need.

For stoves and the rest of the appliances we use on a regular basis, hardware is a much better alternative because they have the parts we need. If we need to fix anything in our home, including our stoves, we can get a lot of parts at this one location.

When it comes to stoves and stove burners, there are a lot of people who can help you out. Choosing the right stove burner for your stove is made easier with the assistance of these guides.

However, you must first determine what model or brand of stove you currently own. It might be a critical consideration when purchasing a stove burner.

If you still have the box or even just the book guide upon your purchase, it is indicated the brand and the model of the stove you have. Don’t forget to bring at least a picture of it if you don’t have it. They’ll be able to figure out which stove burner is best for yours with the use of this information.

Option #2. Adding to cart (online)

Second, it’s nothing new. As far back as I can remember, it was a common way to shop, but it has since become more widespread. In times of epidemics, e-commerce has become a new trend and an invention.

A lot of individuals are in a state of crisis at this point in the epidemic because they’re terrified of going out too much and don’t want to participate. Shopping online for stove burners is an excellent alternative.

Even though it may seem like a simple task, there are a lot of variables to consider. In contrast, you have no one to turn to for help. Using any and all available resources, you should be able to discover the answer.

These days, there are a plethora of choices available on the internet; make sure you pick one you can trust. If you want to prevent being scammed or having a transaction go bad, go with those from well-known companies. However, you may also look at product reviews and the number of stars it receives. That’s a good indicator of its overall quality. Find gas stoves at the greatest prices on the internet to help you.

How much is the stove burner?

The value of your stove burners is determined by the sort of burner you require, but we will provide you with a competitive price that is still within your means while still performing admirably and serving its intended purpose. A stove burner usually costs at least $15.

Buying a stove burner could cost as much as $50 or more at its most expensive. That’s based on the greatest stove burners you can get on the market. Always exercise extreme caution while interacting with other people or content on the internet.

Avoid sites with ads and those claiming to have lottery entries as much as possible. Please refrain from handing up your personal information to pages that ask for it. It’s possible that you’ll be put in danger as a result of it. Single burner prices and online discounts can also be found here.

The Best Portable Electric Burners for Cooking on the Go

Best Overall: Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner

Favorite Things

  • Easy-to-maintain, flat surface
  • The control knob doesn’t get too hot to the touch.
  • Affordable

Something That Frustrates Us

  • Using a metal body for a long period of time causes it to overheat

Cuisinart’s portable burner is easy to use and may be used for a variety of purposes, such as preparing meals for a large family or setting up a buffet. It has a single control knob that switches it on and sets the temperature to six different levels. Lights indicate that the burner is on and ready to use, just like in a waffle maker.

Using a cast iron burner element, you can keep meals warm even after the burner is turned off. The 1,300-watt plate from Cuisinart claims to be able to bear 8 to 9 pounds of weight. The stainless steel components of an earlier version of this device also heated up according to our tester, however the side panels and control knob remained cooler even after long cooking times. The low-profile body and flat burner make cleaning a breeze.

There are one burner and one burner diameter, and it can hold 8 to 9 pounds of food at a time. The surface is cast iron, and the dimensions are 11.5 inches by 11 inches by 2.5 inches.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: CUSIMAX 1500W Portable Hot Plate

Favorite Things

  • Miniature proportions
  • Added protection is provided by features such as automatic shutoff and rubber feet.
  • Cost-effective

Something That Frustrates Us

  • The heat radiates from the skin to the rest of the body.
  • Only suitable for light loads

The cast iron burner on Cusimax’s hot plate receives additional power from the hot plate, allowing you to select from seven different temperature settings. The burner may be turned on and off using the burner’s two knobs. It is made of black stainless steel and is attached to the wall. Even though the exterior’s smooth surface and flat cast iron burner make cleaning a breeze, the black paint job may eventually show scratches or other imperfections.

Cusimax suggests utilizing pans with a 7.1-inch base or smaller even though the burner size is stated as 7.4 inches, limiting your variety of cookware possibilities. With high-temperature cooking, our tester was concerned that the body and control knobs of this appliance became too hot to handle. Although the burner can be shut off if it overheats due to a built-in safety device, the housing is not affected.

There are one burner and it is 7.4-inches in diameter; the maximum power level is 1,500 watts; there are no side burners; and it can hold up to six pounds of food.

Best High-Power: Broil King PCR-1B Professional Cast Iron Range

Favorite Things

  • Heat control with a temperature range
  • power of 1,500 watts
  • Stability is ensured by nonskid feet.

Something That Frustrates Us

  • Burner size has a light weight restriction.
  • Somewhat high-priced

This high-performance Broil King model is up to the task as a cooking staple. Simmering to boiling may be accomplished with precision thanks to the burner’s 1,500-watt solid base and thermostatic temperature control. To keep the desired temperature constant, an internal thermostat controls the burner; the power light turns on and off to signal this.

With a 9-inch base, Broil King claims this burner can hold 6- to 8-quart pots. The appliance’s instruction booklet warns that pots smaller than the burner’s 7.125-inch diameter may not heat effectively. Unlike many coil burners, the flat burner surface is more stable and easy to clean, and it is compatible with a wide range of cookware. Cleanliness is a breeze with the burner’s porcelain casing.

Size: 14×11.5×3.25in | Power: 1,500 watts | Number of Burners: 1 ; Burner Diameter: 7.125in | Load Capacity: 10 lbs. per burner

Best Budget: Imusa GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

Favorite Things

  • A little footprint
  • Effortless
  • Temperature readings that can be adjusted by the user

Something That Frustrates Us

  • Shuts down after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Most likely, I’m not capable of handling significant responsibilities.

It’s possible that this burner is all you need if money is an issue. In addition to being perfect for professional lunches and late-night dorm snacks, it may also be used for a quick everyday supper in a hurry.

A coil burner, a drip tray, and a power light are all included in the portable unit. Temperatures can be adjusted at any point within the three levels indicated by a knob that turns on the burner. For a device of its size and weight, it packs a surprising punch, producing up to 1,100 watts of power. Still, it isn’t meant to cook for a long period of time. You should not use it for longer than 60 minutes in a two-hour period, and the burner switches off when it becomes overheated.

1 burner | 5.5-inch burner dia. | 10 pounds of load capacity | Surface Type: Coil | Dimensions: 9.45 x 9.06 x 3.54 in. | Max Power Level: 1,100 watts | 1 burner |

Best Double: Black + Decker DB1002B Double Burner Portable Buffet Range

Favorite Things

  • Lightweight
  • Modes of heating and cooking
  • Effortless

Something That Frustrates Us

  • To turn off, you must unplug.
  • Cleaning is a hassle.

A family reunion or full-size stove breakdown may necessitate the usage of an extra solitary burner. This unit’s 1,000-watt burner allows you to cook on high heat, while its 500-watt burner can be used to keep a dish warm or prepare delicate components. There are eight temperature settings on each burner’s knob, including “low heat” and “warm,” the latter of which is a little hotter. You have to unplug the gadget to totally turn off the burners, which is a problem.

SmartBurner - Stove Fire Prevention Device | Pioneering Technology

Weight: This machine weighs less than 3 pounds despite its size, making it easy to transport According to Black + Decker, the weight of the pot is irrelevant as long as it does not exceed the burner’s diameter. However, cleaning the coils might be a difficult task. In order to keep your Black + Decker unit in good working order, Black + Decker recommends using a moist cloth to clean the base and burners once the device has cooled down.

There are two burners, each with a 5.25-inch diameter burner with a maximum power level of 500 and 1,000 watts, and the burners can hold an unlimited amount of fuel.

Best Infrared: Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Countertop Cooking Burner

Favorite Things

  • The temperature rises swiftly.
  • Any cookware can be used.
  • The foundation is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Something That Frustrates Us

  • Recommendation: Use pans with a smaller diameter.
  • It can be difficult to keep a steady temperature under control.

Infrared burners, like ceramic stovetops, employ radiant coils to heat food rapidly and efficiently. Radiant heat can be used on any pan, unlike an induction burner, which requires pans that can respond to its electromagnetic field. Pans with flat bases around the 7.5-inch diameter of the burner still get the thumbs-up from Ovente. As an added plus, the device’s glass surface is easy to clean.

On the 1,000-watt burner, you may choose from six temperature settings and a “0” setting. Because of infrared heat technology, even at the maximum setting, you can prepare food without overheating your kitchen floor. Heating elements on this burner cycle on and off when it’s being used.

Dimensions: 12.2 x 11.4 x 3.7 inches | Power Level: 1,050 watts | Burner Diameter: 7.5 inches | Load Capacity: 11 pounds / 11 kilograms / 11 pounds

Best Induction: Max Burton 6600 18XL Digital Induction Cooktop

Favorite Things

  • Burners with large diameters
  • Can accommodate different-sized containers.
  • Effortlessly and swiftly boils water.

Something That Frustrates Us

  • It’s possible that the Temperature mode isn’t very user-friendly.
  • After three hours, the computer shuts down on its own.

Additionally, Aervoe’s extra-large Max Burton burner can accommodate some of your heaviest induction equipment while still heating up quickly. There is a 9-inch burner, which can accommodate 60 pounds, that can be used for everything from cast iron skillets or stainless steel saucepans to pressure canners, water bath cannisters, and stockpots that are induction compatible.

Despite its high output of 1,800 watts, the burner’s heat does not reach the burner’s housing since it is transferred straight to the pot. You can adjust the device’s temperature and power level. In order to receive an exact temperature reading, the device comes with a wireless temperature probe. Induction temperatures are measured at the point where the pot’s base touches the burner and may be hotter than the food within, as our tester of a smaller Max Burton portable burner discovered.

With a diameter of 9 inches, this burner can hold 60 pounds of food.

One of the best countertop burners on the market right now is the Cuisinart Countertop Single Burner. Consider the Max Burton Digital Induction Cooktop 18XL (see at Amazon) or the Broil King PCR-1B Professional Cast Iron Range (view at Amazon), but be prepared to shell out more money.

What to Look for in an Electric Burner

Burner Size

If the diameter of your cookware’s base is near to the diameter of your burner, you’ll obtain the best efficiency and even cooking. Smaller skillets, saucepans, and even woks and coffee pots can be found in the 7- to 9-inch range. You should make sure that your portable burner has adequate space to accommodate wider sauté pans and stockpots.

Load Capacity and Wattage

Unlike full-size cooktops, portable burners lack the bulk and power of a normal multi-burner kitchen range. The wattage and capacity of the burner you choose should be checked to ensure it is suitable for the task at hand. This burner is better at heating large, full pots to boiling when the wattage is greater. Burners that can bear more weight are better suited for more specialized uses like beer brewing and canning as well as everyday cooking.

Burner Type

The top of a portable electric burner can either be flat or coiled. A typical heating element, such as an induction or infrared one, may be installed beneath a cast iron or smooth glass surface when the surface is flat. For a lower price, coil burners may not be able to handle as much weight and may be more difficult to clean. However, flat burners, despite their increased stability and sturdiness, are more expensive. Cookware that is compatible with induction burners is required.

The Best Electric Cooktops on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best-rated electric cooktop

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

It takes a little getting used to when cooking on an induction stovetop. One reviewer advises: “Begin by ensuring that a magnet will attach to your cookware.” When they get their hands on the correct cookware, many reviewers are hooked. Another person says, “It’s simple to use.” In addition to temperature and heat factor, time can be used to control it. It’s a breeze. To boil a pot of water, raise the heat to medium-high. Bring it to a boil, then lower the heat to the point where you can get the amount of water you need. Then, set the timer for the amount of time it will take to complete. Leave it alone; it’ll take care of the rest.” The single burner’s convenience when downsizing or remodeling a kitchen is frequently mentioned by reviewers.

Induction cooktops, says one who “recently” downsized their living space, are safer, have less heat for the surrounding areas of cooking, are efficient in electricity, are cleaner, and are easy to clean. Reviewers frequently point up the savings in heating and electricity, saying things like, “More energy efficient than gas or electric. Easy to carry everywhere thanks to its small size. Quicker to cool down. Additionally, “Heats up quickly. Over the gas top it saves a lot of time and energy while also producing a lot of heat for the RV. A reviewer comments, “Induction cooktops are like magic, you have to use one to truly grasp how fantastic they are.” Many others compare cooking on this induction cooktop to performing a miracle. This one has a lot of great features, and I had no trouble getting used to it. After using one of these, it’s hard to go back to a standard stove top.”

Best-rated (less expensive) electric cooktop

Proctor Silex 34103 Fifth Burner

According to one user, his Proctor Silex electric cooktop has endured “omelets,” “four-hour beans,” “pancake batter spills,” “and pretty much all the crusty kitchen remains I have drip-dropped and dragged its way,” he says. Whether you’re a college student, a freelancer, or newlyweds, this burner is for you.” Cleans well, is very light and easy to use, and is really long-lasting.” Another reviewer thinks this is a great gift for the holidays. While cooking for friends and family during holidays, “I constantly run out of burners, and this would be a great replacement.” The same is true for a second reviewer, as well as a safety net: “When the kitchen stove is fully utilized, I use this burner as a backup. In the event of a power outage, I plan to utilize it with a generator.”

Best cast-iron electric cooktop

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

Because it’s composed of cast iron, this Cuisinart burner gets high marks for both cooking and heating with cast-iron cookware. One customer complains, “We bought a new ceramic-top stove and read we weren’t meant to use cast iron skillets.” Then why don’t you just get a new skillet? As a result, I purchased this hot plate. In the same way as a stove top operates.” “The cast iron burner plate is easy to clean and I don’t have to worry about scratches,” adds another. For those occasions when you need to cook for a large group or want to fry something like bacon outside without worrying about grease splattering all over your kitchen, this burner is a great option. Another user says it “heats up incredibly fast, no odd aromas.” “Honestly even as a diehard gas stove lover, I sometimes completely forget that this isn’t part of a genuine range,” they say.

Best heavy-duty electric cooktop

Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range, Stainless

Many of the testimonials for this burner come from folks who are canning or making bone broths, both of which demand a lot of heat for long periods of time. “The heat up is fast, the control is straightforward, and the build is top notch,” a canner explains. As a counter top stove burner, the finish is lovely enough to handle our tea pot and sit next to our glass top stove.” It has a cool, industrial vibe to it. For canning, “it has no difficulty heating and holding heat.” It has endless heat settings and can be turned all the way up to boil things, or turned all the way down to keep something simply warm,” the broth simmerer explains. Because of the stainless steel base, it stays cool to the touch and does not damage the laminate tabletop it sits on. “Very well-finished cast iron surface provides good friction to hold pots in place,” writes another reviewer who simply wanted to buy a high-quality hot plate. Using cast-iron Dutch ovens is a breeze thanks to the precise control of the heat output. Many of these five-star reviews come from die-hard canners like this one, who says, “I use a pressure canner and it is tough for me to maintain a pretty steady pressure in the canner on my stove top. For me, this line has turned pressure canning into a hobby rather than a chore. Anyone who cans their own food should definitely check this out.

Amazon.com: ROBAM G413 30” Gas Cooktop Stove with 4 Italian-Made DEFENDI Burners (Pure Copper) | 20,000 BTU w/Flame Failure System, Matte Cast Iron Grates (Including Wok Grate) | Natural Gas Or LPG : Appliances

Best induction electric cooktop

iSeLER 1800W Sensor Touch Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop

According to one reviewer, “I’ve spent anywhere from $50 to $300 on these burners, and so far this induction burner has been my best.” My tiny little electric burner (even cast iron) just can’t keep up with this burner’s performance when used with the correct pan. The buttons are praised for their ease of use, even with greasy hands. User: “I’m like the fast heating, immediate cooling down and easy touch temperature control for cooking.

” This reviewer says, “Simple to use. It is safe.” Use the knob to set the temperature or power level after pressing a few buttons to turn it on. To make things even better, it’s safer for my elderly mother in law to use than exposing electric coils or using burning gas.” ” “Functionally safe, quiet, time efficient, easy to clean and maintain accurate temperatures over an extended period of operation” is how another reviewer describes this cooktop. However, we can see it being used for a wide range of cuisines. As a result, it’s the ideal size for a small dining room table and a fantastic value.

Best quiet induction electric cooktop

Duxtop LCD 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9600LS

It’s true that an induction cooktop excels at quickly heating water to a rolling boil. But, as one reviewer points out, “it’s also necessary to be able to hold something at a constant temperature, in this case a low temperature, for a period of time,” which is why they previously used their old stovetop to “simmer” dishes. This isn’t the case any longer.” In addition to being consistent, the burner receives excellent accolades for its quietness. Cooking on this stove is a pleasure because to its sturdy construction and appealing design. The controls are easy to understand and use. The noise level is modest,” says a reviewer of the product. Another person described the burner’s sound level as “not whisper-quiet, it being readily audible even on low settings. My microwave’s fan, on the other hand, is a lot louder.

Best double electric cooktop

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner

The two-burner hotplate/warmer gets high marks from reviewers who are impressed with its performance. To boil water, I used this, and it worked fast and easily. It’s perfect for large holiday meals where you would wish for additional burners or the ability to store anything on low heat so that it can be served hot later. This two-burner stove has a lot of fans among young adults in higher education. With three other roommates, I am a graduate student.” Our flat just has one stove. Our kitchen can only fit two persons at a time. This aids me in the midst of a hectic kitchen schedule.”

In addition, it meets a few requirements for the workplace. One customer says, “Bought this for my workplace kitchen and it’s been working out nicely.” “Employees appear to enjoy it a lot,” says one. It’s a good size, so it won’t take up much room, and it has a sleek appearance, so it goes well with our modern decor.” Also, even people with a lot of room have fallen for its charms: As much as I have a full kitchen, I bought this since the oily smell of stir-fry gets all over my house, even though I have a full kitchen. A delicious stir-fry in my backyard was my goal. It didn’t let me down. Using this device, I was able to stir-fry outside and prepare my favorite recipes without having smoke and the fragrance of stir-fry in my house.”


Can you replace a stove burner?

Avoiding a costly repair call is possible with most electric range burner problems. Replacement of a burner or burner socket is simple and fast.

What do you call the burners on top of the stove?

The burner of a stove is referred to as a “stove eye.” Electric stove burners are sometimes referred to as “stove eyeballs,” a term you may or may not have heard yet.

Are electric stove burners universal?

Burner setups and styles range from simple to complex, depending on the model…. Burner elements vary from maker to manufacturer, but many, if not the majority, are interchangeable.

How do I know if my stove burner is bad?

It’s easy to tell if the burner is broken by plugging in a working burner from a different block and turning the switch on. You need to change a burner if the new burner gets too hot. This test does not necessitate the stove being unplugged.

What are stove eyes called?

The burners are also known as “Whirlpool stove eyeballs.” On a Whirlpool brand stove, specifically the burners. Once you get acquainted to the layout, cleaning them is a breeze. Cleaning the eyes on a gas stove does not necessitate removing them.

What is the black thing on the stove called?

Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. When cooking with gas, I refer to them as burners (place it on the back burner).

Are all oven burners the same?

The burners on a gas stove are, in fact, all the same size. All of the fire is contained in a cast iron firebox to the side, and covered apertures of various sizes and locations are provided for pots and pans that need to cook at different temperatures.

Can I use any stove element?

That depends on how you define “yes” and “no”. Many connectors are generic, while others are exclusive to a particular brand. As long as the wattage and the fit are the same, there should be no problem with the two devices.

How do you measure electric stove burners?

Do you measure from the edge of the surface element to the back of the prongs, or do you measure across the surface? The larger part measured 10 inches from the border to the back of the prongs, while the smaller element measured 8 inches.

How do you get melted plastic off an electric burner?

It’s a good idea to set up your portable burner outside before attempting to remove melted plastic from it. Use a heat-resistant silicone spatula or a wooden spatula to scrape off the plastic from a coil or cast iron burner. Turn the heat up to high once you’ve removed as much as you can and let the rest cook off. On a glass-top burner, use baking soda instead of scraping the plastic off.

How does an electric burner work?

To heat the pot above, most electric burners use coils that are either exposed or hidden beneath a glass or cast iron surface. Unlike the coil burners, the cast iron burners are formed of solid metal, rather than a coil tube. An electric burner with a glass-top allows you to keep your food at the right temperature by cycling on and off in order to maintain it. With an induction burner, magnetic energy is generated and transferred through the glass top to the pot, which is thus heated directly with a constant and consistent amount of power.

Will a portable electric burner boil water?

There are many portable electric burners that allow you to boil water—the key is how much water you want to boil, and how long it will take. Many variables, like water temperature, altitude, and whether or not your pot has a lid, play a role in determining the response. Surface area, power level, and heat source are all variables that can be influenced by the burner. Burner size, power, and efficiency all play a role in how quickly water comes to a boil.

Is there anything you shouldn’t use on an electric burner?

All varieties of metal cookware can be used on standard electric burners, whether they are portable or built in. Cast iron retains heat better than aluminum, but aluminum warms up and cools down faster. Stainless steel is somewhere in the middle. Cast iron and ceramic cookware, as well as heavy pots, should be handled with care when cooking on glass-top burners, as they are prone to scratching. Put your glass and plastic pots and pans to good use in the future.

Front Control Gas Range with Tri-Ring Burner | GE Appliances

If the pan has good contact surface, the induction burner works well with cast iron and stainless steel pans. “I use a lot of cast iron from Smithey.”


That’s all there is to know about stove burners. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of where to look. I hope that these choices can assist you in discovering what you should be on the lookout for and ensuring that you are protected and directed throughout the buying process. Choose carefully, especially if you’re doing your purchasing online. How to change fire bricks in a wood stove? Here are some other fantastic articles on stoves With baking soda, how do you clean a glass stovetop? If you have some spare time, you can take a look at them. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!