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For those looking for buckwheat pillows, it’s safe to suppose that Amazon’s e-commerce platform will come in handy. Because of that, this post will go over what buckwheat pillows can be found on the market. You can also use this information to choose the best buckwheat pillow for your needs.

While buckwheat pillows have several advantages over other types of pillows, it’s critical to understand what makes them unique. You’ll be able to rapidly select among the available options in the market this manner. There are a variety of cushion types to pick from if the characteristics don’t work out for you.

Where To Find A Buckwheat Pillow


Hullo and Sachi Organics are two popular brands of buckwheat pillows that can be purchased on Amazon. A buckwheat pillow can be tried at a reasonable price in the first place with the former. You can also select from three different loft options.

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Hullo’s cover and fill are both long-lasting and can be used as bulks. When it comes to fill, Sachi Organics focuses on using natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, rather of synthetic fibers. You can also adjust the ratios to your liking.

These examples of brands include information on how to try and return products as well as how to get them. You may also want to look into other buckwheat pillow brands, since they are becoming more popular. Keep an eye out for counterfeits, and only buy from reputable vendors.

What Is A Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat seed hulls are used to fill Japanese buckwheat pillow cases, which is where the pillows got their start. To get the support you need, you can add or remove hulls, but keep in mind that the hard shells of these seeds nevertheless result in a firmer pillow than other kinds.

What is buckwheat?

As a type of grain, buckwheat can be found in many Asian countries. For pillows, mattresses, and other bedding, husks from this plant are sought after because they provide a sturdy filler. A valuable crop, not simply for food but for the use of its hulls as well.

Buckwheat hulls’ uniqueness as a fill is a mystery. In comparison to latex and feather pillows, these are hypoallergenic because they are made of natural materials. In addition, they keep cool because they don’t retain heat from the wearer.

For long-lasting comfort, you can buy large quantities of buckwheat hulls to use as a pillow filler when necessary. You simply have to wash the pillow cover, not the hulls, when it comes to upkeep.

Why Use A Buckwheat Pillow?

A buckwheat pillow, as previously stated, is a one-of-a-kind product because of its comfort and durability. By adding or subtracting hulls, you may customize the loft to suit your preferences and still get a firm cushion. As a bonus, they don’t retain heat, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.

Survive but not least, the hulls themselves will last for a long time without any maintenance. There are a number of companies that sell hulls in bulk, so it’s simple to replace your supply. Some people, on the other hand, may prefer a softer and lighter mattress.

Buckwheat pillows may not be to everyone’s taste because of their firmness. The buckwheat hulls in these pillows tend to make them heavier than other types of pillows. Alternatively, you can use brands that mix hulls and other materials as fill and modify the volume as needed.

Are buckwheat pillows dust mite resistant?

That buckwheat hulls are in such high demand is evidence of their suitability as a pillow filler. Another reason why buckwheat pillows are superior to other types of pillows is that they are resistant to dust mites or pests. For insects and bugs, a conventional buckwheat pillow’s ingredients are not appealing to thrive in or treat as a food source.

Can you use buckwheat pillows for support and pressure relief?

Sleepers appreciate the support and pressure alleviation that Tempurpedic pillows provide. A buckwheat pillow, on the other hand, can be used in a similar manner. This pillow’s firmness helps you maintain a regular sleeping posture.

If you sleep on your side or back, you should be able to keep your spine in a neutral position using this pillow. In addition, buckwheat pillows have a high loft, so you won’t sink into the pillow and destroy your spine alignment as you sleep.

The Best Buckwheat Pillows

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

The hulls of buckwheat are used as the fill.

Toughness: Tough

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who want a cushion that provides both strong and gentle support
  • Adjustable loft pillows are preferred by some sleepers
  • Sleepers who enjoy a good night’s rest


  • Loft height is fully adjustable.
  • An airflow-enhancing design is implemented.
  • Cotton twill shell that is machine washable

For starters, there’s the Hullo, an American-made buckwheat pillow. If you’ve never used a buckwheat pillow before and want to do it on a budget, the Hullo is a fantastic place to start. There are three sizes to choose from: small, standard, and king. With Hullo, you may return the pillow for a full refund if you don’t like it during the 60-day return period.

Adjustable loft, yet a reasonably solid sensation regardless of fill amount is maintained by the pillow. This makes it excellent for those who prefer to sleep on their side or back. Organic cotton twill is used to make the cover, which allows for excellent airflow and durability. The pillow’s cover and hulls are both naturally resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting product. Additionally, Hullo offers 10- or 20-pound packages of hulls when you need to refill the original fill.

You won’t have to clean the Hullo’s fill, as you would with other buckwheat pillows, but you may machine wash and dry the cover. Depending on the size, the pillow can weigh anywhere from 4 to 12 pounds when fully loaded. All orders placed within the 48 contiguous states of the United States are eligible for free standard shipping from Hullo.

Turmerry Buckwheat Sobakawa Pillow

Prices range from $45 for a small neckroll to $69 for a large one.

The hulls of buckwheat are used as the fill.

Toughness: Tough

Who it’s best for:

  • People who like their pillows to be extra firm and supportive.
  • Those in search of a pillow whose loft may be adjusted
  • Seekers of high moral and ethical standards


  • Unbleached organic cotton covers buckwheat hulls farmed sustainably
  • Travel-friendly choice available in six different sizes.
  • Ordering extra hulls in bulk is an option for owners

For those on a tight budget, the Turmerry Buckwheat Sobakawa Pillow is an excellent choice. It has buckwheat hulls, like other sobakawa-style pillows, which may be added or removed to change the loft. This makes it excellent for those who like bigger pillows one night and flat cushions the next. Every time an owner needs to refill their supply, Turmerry offers more hulls in bulk.

Sustainable Midwestern U.S. hulls with an organic, unbleached cotton cover make this pillow an excellent choice for eco-conscious buyers. Cotton is breathable and allows air to circulate freely through the interior, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

The pillow comes in six distinct sizes. In addition to regular, queen, and king-sized bedspreads, there are also neckrolls and traditional “mini”-sized bedspreads available from Japan. Travel pillows, which weigh 2.5 pounds and can be compressed to fit into small suitcases, are the final option.

This pillow is accessible to first-time buyers because it is available in six different sizes at a reasonable price. In all of the United States, ground shipping is completely free. A full refund is available for pillows that have not been used or cleaned within 30 days of the original purchase date. All pillow purchasers will be given a one-year warranty.

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Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow

a 14″ x 20″ painting costs $95 10.9 inches by 6 inches is priced at $109 $139 for a 16″ x 28″ painting.

Buckwheat Hulls: Organic Buckwheat

Toughness: Tough

Who it’s best for:

  • A pillow that can be adjusted in loft is ideal for those who need it.
  • Those who prefer to sleep on their backs
  • Shoppers who care about the environment


  • Fill can be added or removed to alter the loft.
  • Buckwheat hulls, organic and non-GMO, make up the filling.
  • An organic cotton pillowcase is included.

It’s a terrific option for those who prefer to purchase organic and responsibly created products. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a renowned authority on organic textiles, has certified both the cotton cover and the non-GMO buckwheat hull fill. Hulls can be added or removed to change total loft, making the pillow suited for most people regardless of their sleep position – however back sleepers will undoubtedly feel the most comfortable with it.

Another benefit of this cushion is its ability to regulate one’s body temperature. In order to keep the pillow’s core temperature at a comfortable level, the hulls and cover work together to encourage even airflow throughout the inside. Cotton and buckwheat hulls are known for their natural resilience, so you can anticipate your pillow to last much longer than the norm.

The pillow from Sweet Zzz comes in three different sizes. The queen size is ideal for those who like a more traditional rectangular design. As an alternative, you can choose from a Japanese-style throw pillow-sized cushion or from a cylindrical cushion that can be utilized to support your neck or head. First, you’ll need to remove the hulls from the cover before washing and drying it.

All pillow orders inside the contiguous United States receive free standard delivery. In addition to a one-year warranty and a 50-night sleep trial, Sweet Zzz also offers a pillow trial.

Bean Products WheatDreamz Buckwheat Hull Pillow

$41 – Travel/Toddler, $46 – Japanese $70 – Standard price A queen is $80 and a King is $95

Buckwheat hulls make up the entire content.

Toughness: Tough

Who it’s best for:

  • The back-and-side sleepers
  • Pillow buyers in need of an adjustable loft
  • Sleepers who enjoy a good night’s rest


  • With an adjustable loft, you get solid support.
  • Organic cotton twill can be used for the optional cover.
  • Traditional sobakawa sizes as well as travel sizes are available.

Although it has the same adjustable loft and extra-firm feel as many of its competitors, the WheatDreamz Buckwheat Hull Pillow offers more personalization possibilities, making it a tempting alternative for buyers. Millet hulls are also available as an alternative to buckwheat hulls for those who prefer a softer cushion without sacrificing strength or stability. Adding millet hulls into the mix for an even more well-rounded fill is an option in the third fill option.

White and natural organic cotton coverings are also available, as well as no cover at all if desired. In warmer climes and for hot sleepers, the WheatDreamz is ideal because of the cotton’s breathability and the hulls’ ability to move air. In addition to the typical “sobakawa” Japanese toss, a tiny form is available for traveling or for small children.

There is no need to buy an a new pillow when you need to replace the fill in your Bean Products buckwheat and millet hulls. Customers may return unopened pillows in their original packaging within 14 days of placing their original order for a full product refund. Used pillows are non-refundable.

PineTales Cooling Pillow

120 yen (about $120) $160 – The Normal

GOTS-certified, organic buckwheat hulls fill the hulls.

Toughness: Tough

Who it’s best for:

  • Who prefer hard surfaces for their heads and necks to rest on.
  • Sleepers who enjoy a good night’s rest
  • Customers who choose to purchase goods that have been produced in a manner that is more environmentally friendly


  • The cover is made of bamboo-derived rayon that is breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • 100% organic clam hulls are used in this recipe.
  • Bulk buckwheat hull purchases are also available.

Temperature management is normally excellent with buckwheat pillows due to their open hulls, which allow air to flow easily between them. An additional breathable cover is provided by the PineTales Cooling Pillow’s moniker. To keep you dry on humid evenings, the cover fabric is made of rayon from bamboo, which absorbs very little heat and has moisture-wicking capabilities.

It’s possible to change the loft of the pillow by adding or removing buckwheat hulls at any moment. There are many places where you can get additional hulls in bulk. Sleepers come in basic sizes. Sobakawa-inspired motifs are also available in a smaller throw size.

Eco-conscious people should find the cushion appealing because all buckwheat hulls are farmed organically. An inner liner protects the hulls from the elements. Simply unzip the cover from the liner and wash it separately. There are ways of machine-washing the liner. But doing so would require removing all of its parts, as submerging them in water may cause damage.

The pricing of the Cooling Pillow is reasonable. Within 30 days of the delivery date, PineTales allows returns if the cushion is in excellent condition.

The Futon Shop Organic Wool & Buckwheat Pillow

a cost of $52 plus the cost of transportation ($60) $68 for a Queen; $80 for a King

Filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls and wool that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard

Density: Moderately Stiff

Who it’s best for:

  • the type of person who would rather have their pillows filled on one side than the other
  • Those whose tastes in lofts are ever-changing
  • People who wake up in the morning with neck stiffness or ache.


  • Buckwheat hulls and breathable virgin wool are used as fill.
  • With a dual-chamber construction, you may change the pillow’s structure to suit your needs.
  • Each and every one of the components is organically certified.

The hulls in buckwheat pillows can be added or removed to produce the desired loft level. The dual-chamber design of The Futon Shop’s Organic Wool & Buckwheat Pillow elevates this characteristic even further. The hulls can be positioned in the middle, like a typical pillow, or on the sides to form a sloping curve for buyers. For those who suffer from chronic neck pain, the extra lift can help realign the spine and alleviate discomfort.

Buckwheat hulls and ultrafine virgin wool are mixed together to form a fill that is softer than most other buckwheat pillows on the market. Hull cooling is enhanced by the wool’s moisture-wicking capabilities. Overall, this cushion is a wonderful choice for hot sleepers because to its permeable cotton fabric. It’s also a good choice for eco-conscious consumers, as all three ingredients are certified organic.

The hulls can be added or removed to customize the loft of your buckwheat pillow, as is customary with these pillows. Pillow protectors can be purchased for a modest additional fee if you choose not to remove the hulls before machine washing. There are a variety of sizes available, including standard, queen, and king, as well as travel-friendly options.

Compared to industry standards, this pillow’s price and shipping costs are affordable. All purchases are backed by a 30-day money return guarantee.

How to Choose a Buckwheat Pillow

Before purchasing a buckwheat pillow, we recommend evaluating the construction, size, and pricing of several brands and models. There are some crucial distinctions to keep in mind when purchasing buckwheat pillows today.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are a great draw for many people since they are so easy to modify. To vary the thickness and support of the cushion, hulls can be added or deleted; bulk hull shipments are available from most brands at moderate prices. Extra hulls can be had for anything from $5 to $15 a pound.

Buckwheat pillows are also a great option for those who like to use only natural ingredients in their bedding. Organically produced and harvested hulls and organically grown and harvested cotton covers are typical features in many of the models. If you come across a buckwheat pillow that claims to be organic, be careful to check for certifications. Products created from organic materials can be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

You should also be wary of other claims concerning buckwheat pillows. The stiffness of the cushion can’t be changed by increasing the loft, as some manufacturers say. A stiff to very firm feel is maintained by the natural hardness of the hulls of the buckwheat, which can be modified for loft. Due to its thickness and stiffness, buckwheat pillows are also less than optimal for many stomach sleepers, despite some brands claiming their pillows are good for all sleep positions.

When it comes to purchasing buckwheat pillows, we recommend focusing on the following factors instead.


Adjustable loft is common in buckwheat pillows. An outer cover with a zipper allows for easy access to the interior, and the hulls are stored in a lined pouch. For those who sleep in a variety of positions, this level of personalization is especially beneficial, as side sleeping typically requires more loft than back sleeping.


Because buckwheat hulls are so firm, these pillows are ideal for back and side sleepers alike. There are no sinkholes, ensuring a robust support for the head and neck area. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, you can enhance the pillow’s support by adjusting the loft by adding or subtracting hulls.

Ratio of Stability

Buckwheat pillows often range from firm to very firm in firmness. Some people enjoy the firmness and support of the pillows, while others find them to be too heavy and obtrusive. A few pillows, like Sachi Organics Rejuvenation Pillow, use a combination of buckwheat hulls and soft material that gives extra cushioning.

Insufficiency Release

For side sleeping, a higher pillow loft is needed to keep the head and neck in proper alignment with the spine. Buckwheat pillows’ high hull content makes them ideal for side sleepers. As a result, back sleepers don’t need as much loft to relieve pressure on their bodies.


Standard, queen, and king sizes are common for buckwheat pillows offered in the United States. Traditional sobakawa pillows from Japan are also available in smaller sizes from some brands. It’s difficult to find a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls in a body pillow, although some manufacturers do carry them.


Price ranges for buckwheat pillows range from $50 to $150 for queen or king size. Choosing a smaller, more traditional sobakawa size can often save shoppers money. When purchasing hulls in bulk, you should expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15 per pound; in some situations, purchasing shipments of 10 pounds or more will result in lower per-pound costs.

High-Quality Components

Although buckwheat hulls are extremely long-lasting, the pillows will ultimately flatten, necessitating the purchase of at least one bulk hull. In addition, have a look at the cover. Standard cotton, organic cotton, and rayon from bamboo are all common materials for buckwheat pillow covers.


The hulls conform to the body like a glove. A buckwheat pillow’s firmness is compared to that of a beanbag by many. This is due to the fact that the hulls are so small, which allows the pillow to conform to the head and neck for better support and relieve of pressure.

Control of the Temperature

These pillows’ ability to maintain a constant temperature is a key plus. A consistent flow of air is maintained throughout the cabin since the hulls do not collect heat like other materials (such as foam). The covers of most buckwheat pillows are also made of permeable fabrics.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buckwheat Pillows?

Buckwheat pillows are known for their customizable loft, sturdy support, and overall longevity. However, buckwheat pillows can be too firm for some people, so we recommend doing a sleep trial before you buy one to make sure it won’t be too stiff for your neck and head.

Buckwheat pillows have both advantages and disadvantages.

  • A buckwheat pillow’s loft can be altered by removing or adding hulls to the inside. For those who want a thicker pillow one night and a less lofty pillow the next, these pillows are perfect.
  • Buckwheat pillows have a long lifespan thanks to the tough hulls. Extra hulls are available from most manufacturers in bulk.
  • A buckwheat pillow’s flexibility and inherent firmness make it an excellent support option.
  • These pillows are good for hot sleepers because of the hulls’ ability to maintain a stable core temperature. Additionally, most buckwheat pillows are wrapped with breathable cotton or rayon from bamboo covers, as well.
  • A typical complaint regarding buckwheat pillows is that they are overly stiff. You won’t be able to change the hardness by adding or subtracting hulls, unlike the pillow’s loft.
  • You may notice a distinct, earthy smell for several days after unpacking a new buckwheat pillow because of the hulls’ earthy scent.
  • In addition, buckwheat pillows have a large potential for noise. Some people find the rustling sound the hulls make as they adapt to their heads and necks to be distracting when they’re trying to sleep.
  • Buckwheat pillows are more expensive than other kinds of pillows. Models in the standard and king sizes often cost $50 to $150.

Who Is Best Suited to a Buckwheat Pillow?

A buckwheat pillow is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cushion that is exceptionally firm and supportive of the head and neck. You may set the thickness of your pillow to your liking each night thanks to the adjustable loft of these pillows. Additionally, buckwheat pillows may not be suitable for the following people:

  • Side sleepers benefit from a high buckwheat pillow because it conforms to the head and neck while yet providing firm support for proper spinal alignment. Side sleepers often experience more pressure while using pillows that are more flat because of the danger they pose to spinal alignment. If you suffer from neck ache, a buckwheat pillow that doesn’t sink in too much is ideal.
  • Buckwheat pillows with medium loft are best for back sleepers, according to a recent study. There are less pressure points around the shoulders because their head and neck are on an even plane with rest of the body.
  • Buckwheat Allergies: Buckwheat allergies are rare, but not unheard of. Buckwheat pillows can also serve as comfortable alternatives for people with allergies to latex, down, feathers, and other pillow fill materials.
  • People with Buckwheat Allergies: Buckwheat allergy sufferers are rare. In addition, persons who are allergic to other types of pillow fill, such as latex, down, or feathers, often find relief from their symptoms by using buckwheat pillows.

Who isn’t appropriate for this position:

  • The Buckwheat Pillow is not for those who prefer plush pillows since, even when filled with wool or cotton batting, the hull fill is fairly stiff. It’s one of the most controversial aspects of their character. Some people adore the cushions’ extraordinary firmness and support, while others find them irritatingly uncomfortable.
  • Most stomach sleepers like a pillow with a low to medium loft. If the pillow is too thick, it might cause the head and neck to rest in an awkward position. A fluffy feel is also preferred by stomach sleepers. Buckwheat pillows may be a good option for stomach sleepers, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
  • As the hulls conform to the head and neck, a gentle rustling sound will be made. People who are quickly awakened by noise may find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Which Buckwheat Pillow Sizes Are Available?

Buckwheat pillows come in a wide range of sizes, including western and traditional ones. Buckwheat pillows, on the other hand, are not as commonly available as other types of pillows, so your options may be limited if you have a limited budget. Buckwheat pillows come in the following sizes:

  • Although there is considerable variation from brand to brand, the normal dimensions of a rectangular cushion are 20 inches broad by 26 inches long. For those who prefer to sleep in one position for the majority of the night, the regular pillow size is a good fit.
  • A super standard is 20 inches broad by 28 inches long, making it the largest of the standard sizes. People who like the usual size but want a few more inches of room should consider this size, but it isn’t very common.
  • An average queen pillow measures 20 inches wide by 30 inches long, depending on the manufacturer. As with standards and kings, queens are very common and easy to find. If you’re looking for a medium ground between standard and king sizes, this is a good option.
  • These pillows are typically 20″ wide by 36″ long. This size is ideal for persons who often change their sleeping positions or toss and turn during the night. Two king-sized pillows will not fit on a standard-sized bed if you and your partner are sharing a mattress.
  • Buckwheat body pillows are hard to come by, but if you’re interested, you can find them on eBay from time to time. As a result of the moldable hulls, these pillows are ideal for side sleepers and those who enjoy cuddling up with a cushion at night. Buckwheat body pillows, on the other hand, can weigh more than 20 pounds when filled to the brim, making them difficult to move around.
  • Many buckwheat pillow brands offer “Japanese” or “personal” versions that are a bit smaller than the standard, in keeping with the traditional sobakawa design. As knee and leg bolsters, they’re a great option if you don’t need a lot of room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buckwheat Pillows

How much do buckwheat pillows cost?

In a regular or queen size, a buckwheat pillow can cost between $50 and $150, which is on the high end of the price spectrum for pillows. Bulk hulls cost anywhere from $5 to $15 a pound, and most manufacturers provide them at that price point.

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How do I clean a buckwheat pillow?

The first step in cleaning a buckwheat pillow is to remove all of the hulls; we recommend using a solid container like a plastic bucket or bin for this. Cotton, rayon from bamboo, or other machine-washable materials will be used for the majority of models’ covers, making them simple to care for at home. Do not even think of washing the hulls.

Where can I buy a buckwheat pillow?

Although buckwheat pillows were once hard to come by, their rising popularity in the United States has made them more widely available. In order to get a traditional-sized Japanese-made pillow, you may want to check into purchasing it from a Japanese-based company.

How long do buckwheat pillows last?

Buckwheat pillows may endure a long time with proper care and upkeep. Longevity is frequently hampered by cover deterioration. You may need to change the cover if the fabric wears out over time. Buckwheat pillow manufacturers often sell extra hulls in bulk since the hulls are so resilient.

Are buckwheat pillows adjustable?

The loft and support of buckwheat pillows can be easily adjusted. To modify the pillow’s thickness, simply add or remove the hulls. The firmness of most buckwheat pillows can’t be changed, regardless of how many hulls are used.

Do buckwheat pillows have an odor?

When the pillow is young, the hulls may have a unique, earthy odor. The hulls will lose their odor with time, but it could take up to a week or more for the smells to go away completely.

Is buckwheat environmentally friendly?

Compared to other pillow kinds that require synthetic ingredients, buckwheat pillows can be made entirely from natural, plant-based components. It’s common for buckwheat pillows to be organic, which means they are grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Also, the cotton used in the cover’s construction may be organically certified provided specific standards are met.


The benefits of buckwheat pillows have made them popular around the world. Buckwheat pillows, on the other hand, can be purchased online. Amazon offers a wide variety of brands from which to pick.

Choosing the right buckwheat pillow is essential because not all of them are the same. Most of them, though, have hulls in bulk so that you may restock if you need to. In addition, if you like a less firm cushion, you might choose a pillow that incorporates buckwheat hulls with other materials.