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Strollers, car seats, and other infant gear are all made by Joovy. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller is also available. To ensure that your Joovy Double Stroller is clean and safe for your children, follow the instructions in this blog post.

What is the Joovy double stroller?

Every parent’s dream comes true with the Joovy Deluxe Double Stroller. Storage compartments with cup holders for parents and a tray for children are included. It is also suitable for children up to 55 pounds or 90 inches in height.

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In addition to the quick-release wheels, its strong steel frame has one lightweight section that can be dismantled in seconds. Choose the ideal double stroller with the Joovy Deluxe Double Stroller!

Why Do I Need a Double Stroller?

The need for a double stroller is obvious to mothers of twins, yet many parents who have twins within a few months of each other try to save money by merely utilizing one stroller. In some cases, this can be accomplished.

As an example, my husband and I often go on a walk with our elder child while I push the stroller.

When you’re on your own with two kids, what do you do? Is jogging with a stroller an option? What’s it like to go on errands with two children?

Buying a double stroller will save you money in the long run if you sell your old stroller and put the proceeds toward it. It’s worth the effort.

Double strollers come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s have a look.

Double Strollers: Safe Use Guidelines And Tips

With two or more little ones growing, learning, and exploring all day, safety is always a concern when we’re looking for a double stroller. Most of us prioritize safety above all else because we want the best technology to support our lives and keep us going strong throughout the day, whether it’s an advanced video monitor or a well-designed diaper bag. With kids in tow, it’s essential to have a mode of transportation for them, and the stroller market has plenty to offer.

Over time, the development of the double stroller opened up new possibilities for parents of multiple young children, including twins. Parents and children alike are put at risk by pushing a stroller with one arm while holding a baby with the other. While driving a single stroller with a little infant in a hands-free sling or body harness may sound like a solution, it is only a short-term fix that will be rapidly outgrown. There is a long-term answer in double strollers, and today they are available in a variety of models to accommodate a variety of hobbies and lifestyles.

While stroller safety recalls still occur on a regular basis every couple of years for various reasons, product-design dangers are infrequent in the broader scheme of things. For the most part, double strollers have been proven safe through extensive research and development. If you’re still unsure about which double stroller is best for your family, it’s a good idea to check out a product recall list like this one.

Why Double Strollers Are Just As Safe As Single Strollers

Although there isn’t any conclusive evidence that double strollers are any more or less safe than single strollers, there are some general guidelines and concepts that we need to keep in mind to keep our children safe and avoid unnecessary mishaps.

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Double Strollers Can Be More Stable

It’s important to keep in mind some simple physics when it comes to any strollers, but doubly so for double strollers. Except for identical twins, there is likely to be weight discrepancy between the children in your double stroller; tipping can be an extremely significant hazard, and it’s our obligation to make sure that we don’t place our children into the double-stroller configuration that the product does not support.

Note that not all double strollers are made in the same way at this stage. Side-by-side sitting allows both children to have the same view, footrest, and seat height. Some parents prefer this arrangement. Some parents prefer the thinner and more nimble tandem type, which allows for two children to ride side-by-by-side but limits the vision and seating space for one of the children. While certain double strollers are made to be used while jogging or running, the majority of them are not meant to be used in this manner and should not be. When shopping for a double stroller, keep in mind that the style of the stroller will naturally indicate where the children will be sitting.

More Room For Storage

Storage is another important safety advice, and it’s a function that we all want. With children, you constantly have to carry more luggage. Our totes are stocked with baby wipes, diapers, snack packs, crayons, and other essentials, so we tend to carry a lot of them with us at all times. Another safety step that relies on our sound judgment and some basic physics is figuring out where all of these items can or will go in your new double stroller. Even hanging a purse from the handlebars of a stroller might lead to an accident, thus a separate container is always needed for heavy baggage.

Safety With Toys And Attachments On Double Strollers

Furthermore, it is essential to make sure that any toys, entertainment, or sun visors are securely attached to the stroller so that they don’t shift or clash with the children on board.

Protecting Babies From The Sun In Strollers

When it comes to the sun, make careful to check all angles to ensure that both children are protected from the rays. Even though we feel fine, skin and eye damage might occur extremely quickly for them. In addition to the strollers, any dark fabric or metal surface exposed to the sun for a lengthy amount of time can become extremely hot. Use extreme caution to avoid burns to both yourself and your children.

Always Supervise Babies And Children In Strollers

Ensure that the children in the double stroller are always buckled in, and utilize the hand-breaks to ensure a smooth stop. Set up the stroller with your free hands and make sure it is secure before putting children in it; if you’re repacking the stroller, make sure all children are safe and out of the way before putting them back in. Loading and unloading a stroller isn’t a graceful operation until we get the hang of it (and even then, on a bad day! ).

Lastly, be sure that any attachments you use, including car seats, are compatible with your double stroller before you use them. Your children’s needs may change as they get older, and using products on a whim can lead to unexpected catastrophes. Before purchasing a double stroller, think about what your children may need as they grow or change and see if your product choices will accommodate them. Additionally, this is a lifesaver for children with special needs who need a place to keep their specialized equipment in the stroller.

In the absence of these safety precautions, you’re free to look around at double strollers at your leisure! Caregivers who have numerous young children can enjoy a new, easier world of mobility if they take the time to select the ideal one for their needs.

Why You Should Keep It Clean

Because infants’ immune systems are still developing at a slower rate than adults’, it’s critical to keep everything they come into touch with clean and free of germs. Strollers are frequently used by parents, so it is essential to clean them on a regular basis.

How Often Should You Clean It?

The more time you put off cleaning your stroller, the more difficult it will be in the future. After each use, it’s a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning. If you’re pressed with time, make it a nightly ritual to get it ready for the next day.

This does not imply that you must always bring out the major guns. Pay attention to the details. Remove sand and mud from the tires. Clutter and sticky residue from your child’s fingers should be removed from the fabric.

Doing so will reduce the frequency with which you’ll need to perform a thorough cleaning.

Steps on How to Wash Your Joovy Double Stroller

First, remove the seats and fabric from both sides of the stroller. So that each element can be cleaned individually, remove it so that only the metal frame remains.

For this step, you’ll need two buckets. Use soap or detergent (we recommend Joovy’s brand Double Stroller Soap) to clean one bucket of warm water. Do not forget to put part of the soap into an empty bucket, as we will return our unclean seats to the same bucket when they have been cleaned!

In the first bucket of warm soapy water, carefully scrub each cloth piece with your hand before moving on to washing and drying.

Once the cloth has been thoroughly cleaned, it should be soaked in soapy water to remove any accumulated dirt.

As a last step, use a toothbrush to clean the areas around handles and wheels before returning the unclean seats to the bucket and washing them with soap or detergent once more.

Step 6: Rinse the seat coverings one more time with warm water and pat them dry as much as possible without placing too much pressure on the damp sections.

Use an old lint roller to remove any remaining fuzz balls before placing everything in a low-heat dryer to dry.

Due to the drying process taking a few hours, you should plan properly.

The fabric handles on your Joovy stroller can shrink or warp if washed in hot or boiling water, which might damage them and make them unsuitable in the future. To avoid this, we recommend washing your stroller in cool water whenever feasible.

How to take the wheels off a Joovy double stroller

The first step is to remove the front wheel by loosening the bolts. They can be found at the handlebar stems on either side of the wheel. Back wheels are no exception!

The second step is to remove all four wheels from their metal axle equivalents at the back or, to be more precise, the plastic axle caps that attach onto those metal axles.

With both hands firmly on the two new protrusion-like ends (referred to as “axle nuts”), push down on them until they pop out of the bolt head. Then pull up on the wheel if you were trying to remove it from the vehicle, and the wheel will come loose.

To remove the metal axle cap assembly from the upright pole-like support piece of your frame, first remove the two bolts that are located in front of each handlebar stem with a Phillips screwdriver or open ended wrench, and then wiggle it back and forth until there is enough room for it to come free from the base plate.

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It should now look like an Oreo cookie when both halves have been removed from their packaging, but without the gooey brown filling pieces! Disengage the plastic bolt head by prying up on the bottom (you can use either a flat head screwdriver or the blade of a kitchen knife if you need to)

Using your fist, tap the bolt head once it’s been loosened all the way. This should dislodge the plastic washer beneath it and allow it to be reconnected.

The upright pole-like support portion of this frame should be thoroughly cleaned with dish soap, hot water, and a little amount of mild liquid bleach. Before reassembling, allow the glue to dry completely.

How long does Joovy double stroller take to assemble?

For two adults working alone, it takes about 30 minutes, but if both are working together, it might be as short as 15 minutes! It’s a good idea to have a copy of these instructions on hand just in case you get stuck.

Sparkly Clean

Keep your infant safe and your stroller functioning smoothly with these tips on how to clean a stroller. Do you agree that the task seems less overwhelming now?

Stroller cleaning will make your life so much easier, maintain it germ-free, and extend the life of your stroller! The price of your stroller will go up if it’s clean and well-maintained when you decide to sell it when you no longer need it.