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Do you have no idea how to secure your refrigerator with a lock? The best spot to put the fridge lock is in the most convenient location. Use an adhesive to attach the lock panel to the fridge door. Apply adhesive to the side lock panel and align it with the other lock panel to complete the installation.

You don’t have to allow your food to be consumed without your consent, whether it’s your family or your friends. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your food has been tampered with before you begin your day. This guide will show you how to secure your refrigerator with a lock.

Can You Lock A Fridge Without A Lock?

If you’re traveling with an RV fridge, baby-proofing your home or living in dorm quarters, you may have a number of reasons to lock your fridge. Is there a way to secure a fridge without a lock?

If necessary, you can secure a refrigerator without a built-in lock. Fortunately, there are a number of devices on the market that are simple to use, cost-effective, and simple to install. According to your needs, you may choose from a variety of fridge door locks. There are many various kinds of locks out there, so let’s have a look.

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Cases When It Is a Reasonable Solution to Lock Your Fridge

If your children or someone you live with has a health concern (for example, they must rigorously follow a certain kind of diet), locking the refrigerator is usually (but not always) a good idea because having unfettered access to the fridge could harm their health.

First, let’s look at a few examples.

In order to avoid permanent brain damage in a child with phenylketonuria (PKU), their diet must be strictly adhered to at all times. Unless you have this disease, you’re undoubtedly storing food in your refrigerator that could be detrimental to your child.

In the case of a deranged person who must adhere to a strict diet, locking the fridge is a reasonable and legal option. Even if your mother has been diagnosed with severe cognitive impairment (confirmed by a psychiatrist) and type I diabetes, limiting her carbohydrate intake will be critical to her health.

To top things off, she may also be able to get her hands on your insulin stored in the fridge.

Refrigerator locks can also be used to prevent your roommate or roommate’s spouse from robbing your refrigerator. To put it another way, it is perfectly legal to use a lock to deter your roommate from stealing your food from your fridge. For example.

For those who have their own fridge at work, they can keep it locked to keep their coworkers or others from getting in. Locking up your own possessions is legal, after all.

I would argue against placing locks on your fridge in other cases, such as preventing binge eating or getting your youngster on a healthy diet. My first step would be to avoid doing that (I’ll show you some options later).

What You Need

You’ll need a few things before you can effectively lock a fridge. Prior to starting the tutorial, it’s a good idea to get them ready. Most of them may be purchased at your local hardware store or online.

Refrigerator Lock

Choose a lock for your refrigerator that does not necessitate drilling in order to be installed (learn more lock installation kits here). A brass padlock is included in some locks that already have VHB tape, lock panels, and the padlock itself. The lock panel’s optimal dimensions are 2.5 inches by 3 inches in width and height.

A 30 mm solid brass padlock is all that is required to provide your complete safety. ‘ A strong cable arm should secure the fridge’s door and side to the lockset. Choosing a refrigerator lock that is resistant of lower temperatures and high humidity will help prevent rusting and corrosion from taking place.


VHB tape is used as an adhesive in most fridge locks. There are, however, some locks that do not include a keypad. Using super glue as an alternative if your lock doesn’t contain adhesive is a viable option. Look for a super glue that has a somewhat slower bind, so that you can align the lock panels before the adhesive dries up.

Epoxy resin is another option. A resin and a hardener are required to make an epoxy resin. Look for a resin epoxy that cures within 24 hours rather than others, which can take days. Regarding the quantity, the common pack size is enough to secure the refrigerator lock.

Cleaning materials & marker

Alternatively, you might use epoxy resins. A resin and a hardener are necessary for an epoxy resin to function.. Make sure you choose a resin epoxy that dries in 24 hours rather than alternatives that can take days to harden. This pack size is sufficient in terms of amount to secure the fridge lock.

What to Do

Step 1: Find a good spot where you can put the fridge lock & clean the fridge

To avoid electrocution, you must first disconnect your refrigerator before installing the lock. Empty it to avoid spills while you’re following along with the tutorial. Warm water can be used to clean it. After that, you may start looking for a suitable location to install the fridge lock.

In most cases, the lock has to be within two-thirds of the fridge’s upper portion. Make a note of the location with a marker so you won’t lose track of it later. Wipe off the entire refrigerator, except for the back, using a moist towel.

Step 2: Put the lock panel on the fridge door using an adhesive

A glue must be applied to the rear of the lock panel before installation can begin. Finally, set the lock on the door of the fridge that was previously identified as the location. Keep it in place on the fridge door for a few minutes to ensure it’s permanently attached.

Step 3: Install the side lock panel by applying adhesive to it and aligning it with the other lock panel

To make a padlock hole, align the side lock panel with the prior lock panel. The steel arm must be placed underneath the door’s arm. While holding the side lock panel in place, apply pressure to the adhesive to help it adhere to the panel. A padlock can be used to test whether the lock panel is secure enough by inserting a padlock and pulling the lock panel.

Types of Refrigerator Locks

When it comes to refrigerator locks, there are four main varieties to choose from.

  • Using a padlock, you may secure your fridge.
  • Refrigerators have a built-in key lock that keeps things secure.
  • Strap Locks for the Refrigerator
  • It is possible to unlock a refrigerator without a key.

A wide variety of locks are available, ranging from the most powerful to the weakest.

Secure your home from intruders by installing locks that require a key to access, such as those designed to deter teens and adults. A simple touch of a button unlocks the plastic strap-style locks, which prevent little children from accessing your fridge.

One thing they all have in common is that they don’t require drilling or the use of any equipment to install. They cling to your fridge with a high-quality adhesive.

In addition, you can save money on your electric bill by using any of them. If you lock the fridge every time you leave the room, you won’t have to worry about cold air escaping and running up your electricity cost.

The lock should be installed high enough so that youngsters cannot get to it, no matter what method you use to secure your refrigerator. It’s possible that your youngster will hit the button on the strap lock on your refrigerator if you install it low enough for them to reach.

Top Refrigerator Locks 2022

Below you’ll find a comprehensive comparison of the finest refrigerator locks available for the various models.

Safety 1st Refrigerator Door Lock

There are plastic straps that link the two halves of this strap-type lock, which secures the two halves together and prevents them from moving. The adhesive side of these locks clings directly to your fridge, so there is no need to damage your appliance in order to install them.

When you press the button, the strap is released from one side of the mechanism, making it very simple to operate.. In order to keep toddlers out of the fridge for their own safety, this type of lock is utilized. It is not used to keep adults out.

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Child Safety Strap Locks

Like the last door lock, these locks are designed to keep youngsters out of refrigerators for their own safety. This refrigerator door lock contains adhesive on the back of the strap units that stick effectively to the fridge and do not come off easily, making it an excellent choice for refrigerators.

In addition to the fridge, you can use these door strap locks on cabinets, garbage bins, toilets, stoves, and your dishwasher machine. This set comes in a convenient four-pack. That’s why, if you’re looking to baby-proof your home, this four-pack is exactly what you need!

Guardianite Premium Refrigerator Door Lock

With a key, you can lock this refrigerator’s locking mechanism into one side of the unit, with a cable inserted into the unit’s locking mechanism.

If aesthetics are important to you, this style of lock is superior than the padlock-based locks you’ll find elsewhere. Because the locking mechanism remains in a constant position, it is simple to operate with with one hand.

One of the toughest refrigerator locks available, this one is ideal if you need to store pharmaceuticals in your fridge or if you need to keep an RV fridge closed while you travel.

Computer Security Products Refrigerator Door Lock With Padlock

A padlock is provided in the package with this type of refrigerator lock, which includes two bolts that link to each other.

You can use these locks on a single-door refrigerator to keep the door from slamming shut with a padlock attached to the door.

With a double door refrigerator, you will secure each of the bolts to both doors and then lock with the padlock to ensure that no door can be opened.

If you want to keep medicines and alcohol out of the hands of criminals, these are the best locks for your fridge.

Consider the dangers of your children taking medicine that was not given to them, and a refrigerator lock is a must. Additionally, you could protect their life by shielding them from the dangers they face.

You may notice that the padlock slides around as you open and close the refrigerator, causing the door to scratch and bang. The door of an RV refrigerator will be damaged if you use this product.

20piter Refrigerator Lock

These fridge locks are identical to the padlocks above. Locking power is about the same between the two.

These refrigerator locks are unique in that their locking mechanisms are integrated into one side of the machine, with the cable inside enabling you to lock into place with the key.

Locks without padlocks dangling from them are far more aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, this type of lock ensures that no harm is done to the refrigerator by a padlock swinging about on the cable when you’re attempting to open and close the door.

As a result, I prefer this compact lock to the padlock variety. You won’t ever misplace the lock because it’s permanently tied to the rest of the system.

Because the locking mechanism is fixed, it is possible to activate these refrigerator locks with with one finger. When you’ve got something in your hand that you want to put in the fridge, this is a huge aid.

Using these locks, you can ensure that no one can get to the harmful substances in your fridge. Your RV refrigerator will not jiggle around if you secure it with this method.

Choosing this type of refrigerator lock from the beginning is a fantastic idea because it will keep your toddlers out until they are adults. In order to keep my children from betraying my trust, I utilize this form of lock.

The older they get, the more likely they are to try new things. My fridge is also where I keep all of my alcohol.

Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch

A plastic strap joins the two sides of the lock on a refrigerator strap lock. Similar to a cable tie.

The plastic strap connecting the lock’s two halves secures the refrigerator strap lock. Similar to a cable tie.

Strap locks on refrigerators are secured by a plastic strap that links the two halves of the lock together. Similar to a cable tether.

Toddlers should never have access to your refrigerator which makes this type of lock essential in babyproofing your home.

This type of lock is vital in babyproofing your home because toddlers shouldn’t have access to your refrigerator.

Even if you don’t keep medications or alcoholic beverages in your refrigerator, you should still keep them out of the reach of children so they don’t consume too much.

Install the lock on the refrigerator at a height out of reach of children.

As a bonus, these refrigerator strap locks can help ensure that the door closes properly each time.

However, if you’re traveling with a group of adults, this type of RV refrigerator lock won’t prohibit them from stealing a cold beverage from the fridge.

COMPX ELOCK 150 Refrigerator Lock

The Compx Elock 150 is a refrigerator lock that uses 4 to 14 digit pin codes to unlock it rather than a key. eLock, battery pack, and latch are all components of the system.

As you may set up 250 separate user codes for various users, this is an access-controlled lock.

Using this lock to secure a refrigerator or freezer in a restaurant or a laboratory can be really helpful. Refrigerator locks simply don’t get any better than this when it comes to security.

As a result, you will be able to track down exactly who accessed the fridge and at what times. You’ll be able to see a history of the last 1500 unlockings using this lock. LockView 5 can be used to download and view these documents.

This refrigerator lock is powered by AA batteries, which are not included.

It measures 4.40 (H) x 8.40 (W) x 2.13 (D) inches in total.

Considerations When Picking A Fridge Lock

There are a few things to think about before making a decision on a fridge door lock.

There are many considerations when selecting a fridge door lock, such as whether or not you have children or a partner who need access, or if you live in a dorm room and just want to keep your goodies away from your roommates.

A variety of locks are available, each with a different level of complexity to work, so you need to choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Keep in mind that some locks require more labor to install than others, which may include drilling into your refrigerator. For a double-door fridge, you need to make sure that the door lock is compatible with the appliance.

Possible Consequences of Putting a Lock On the Fridge

Your mother, child, or other family members may have a negative reaction if you restrict their access to your fridge by putting a lock on it. As a result, I advise you to refrain from doing so unless absolutely necessary.

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We can see some of the outcomes of these actions:

  • It’s frustrating and angry for your loved one to be locked in the fridge since they don’t grasp what you’re trying to do. Dementia patients have a greater risk of falling because of this. As a result, they may walk around the house (if they are able to leave it), or they may opt to go to the grocery store.
  • Dementia patients and elderly children who are trying to get around the lock could do damage to the fridge. It’s not something kids do on purpose, and explaining what’s going on can often assist.
  • It’s possible that your loved one will lose faith in you if you lock the fridge, especially in the case of older children and adults. As much as you want to protect them, if you don’t explain the situation and offer emotional support, your loved ones may feel confused and fearful.

Always make an effort to explain your actions to a close family member or friend. Restricting access to food because you believe someone without a mental illness consumes it in an unhealthy manner is disrespectful and impolite. There are various other options besides locking the refrigerator, which you can learn about in the following section.

Because of this, you should think twice before locking the refrigerator, since doing so could result in a variety of issues. If following a rigid diet isn’t a priority, consider and give these other options a shot:

  • Don’t keep junk food in the refrigerator. The simplest method to boost the health of a loved one is to stock the fridge with only nutritious foods and snacks. Remove sugary treats from your diet.
  • Teach your child to read and write. Education is the finest course of action if your child does not have to follow a rigorous diet. The fridge doesn’t need to be locked if you do it correctly. Set a good example for your child by teaching them the fundamentals of a healthy diet from an early age.
  • Room, not fridge, should be locked. For those who still want to limit access, you may want to try putting the refrigerator in a separate room and locking the room instead of the refrigerator. You won’t be tempted as much this way because the fridge is out of sight.
  • Have two refrigerators. It’s also a good idea to have two refrigerators: one for the dieter and one for the rest of the family. With only one fridge locked, you may leave the other one unlocked. As a result, there will be less frustration and irritability because the person will always have access to food.


What are the types of refrigerator locks?

In addition to the padlock-able fridge locks, there are also button strap and clip strap fridge locks available. The button strap fridge lock includes an automatic latch system, however its adhesive is susceptible to weakening. In contrast, a clip-strap fridge lock can be used to secure a refrigerator with two doors.

Why must freezers have locks?

In the event that you have children, they may open and close the freezer door without securing it properly. This would cause your food to become bad. A freezer lock is an easy solution to this problem.

How can I stop my child from opening the fridge?

Use a mini-fridge lock to keep your refrigerator safe from children. You can prevent your youngster from opening your fridge by securing the handle. Check the locks on your refrigerator at your local hardware store.


Please tell us if you found our tutorial on how to lock a fridge helpful. Afterwards, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about who is stealing your food. In addition, you’ll be able to keep your fridge’s contents hidden from prying friends and visitors.

Why don’t you tell your friends about this tutorial? To keep the food thieves away from their refrigerators, of course. As a bonus, we’d love to hear how securing your fridge has helped your life. Let us know what you think by commenting below.