Starting University the Nesian way: UniBound Summer

UniBound Summer is a free five week academic enrichment programme held from January 15 – February 16 to prepare Māori and Pacific school leavers for university studies. Designed to prepare students to achieve at the University of Auckland (UoA) it also helps them get a fast start within the University. 



The programme, which gives students academic preparation in numeracy and literacy, gives students a University 101 guide to getting a handle on studying at UoA.


You learn where and how to do things on campus, along with working on prefects in tech, culture or research.


Students get team building activities and peer mentoring, as well as off-campus learning activities such as field trips to the Marine biology lab, sports days and intercampus visits- including a two-night overnight stay in University accommodation for the full University experience.


All while you learn about Maori and Pacific cultures and knowledge, with HOP cards for travel provided during the 5-week programme.


Watch Sesimani ‘Ahio’s UniBound experience below:



Registrations are open for all Māori and Pacific students who have shown interest or already applied into a University of Auckland accredited programme.


In addition to this, UniBound Summer is also open to students of Māori and Pacific descent who did not achieve University Entrance or get an offer to the University: they will be considered for a place in UniBound Foundation—part of the Tertiary Foundation Programme (TFC) which is Part 2 of the UniBound programme. Applications to the TFC will be made for relevant students during UniBound Summer. The UniBound team will provide pastoral and academic support during the TFC.


Acceptance into the UniBound Summer programme does not imply that application for admission to any other University programme will be accepted.


Register Now at or click on the image below. Registrations close 14 January.