LIT artworks by Pacific artists to illuminate Beresford Lane this October

Eight Pasifika artists will provide images for 2mx1m lightboxes that will stand like beacons in Beresford Lane during the first week of October



The project, funded by Auckland Council and delivered in partnership with TAUTAI, is a part of Artweek Auckland.


The two-sided lightboxes in the central city location will feature a range of media, with artists of Pacific heritage shining a light on the world they live in.


The subjects explored are diverse and include the value we place upon labour, how the natural environment shapes cultural motifs, the impact of experiences growing up, our connections to family and community, and the mundane materiality that underlines cultural productivity.


The featured artists are:

Asinate Moa, Siliga David Setoga, Shane Tuihalangingie, Edith Amituanai, Chris Charteris, Raymond Sagapolutele, Salome Tanuvasa and Matavai Taulangau.



Learn more about some of the featured artists below:



Matavai Taulangau from Mt Roskill




About me:

Brought up in a typically large Tongan family, every individual contributes to the stability of our daily living. So from a young age I was surrounded by ‘work’. It was only natural that I would witness hard work and struggle throughout the household. I acknowledge and appreciate the lessons taught to me whilst growing up in such an environment where sacrifices were made to benefit each other.


My Work: 

I take interest in the idea of labour, particularly focusing in my community and culture. By observing the ‘work life’ with a documentary approach I hope to draw out certain socio-political issues that affect my community. I explore the values in the activities of production and its history; while observing traditions and aspects that are associated with it that seem to be highly acknowledged. I am interested in how these productions benefit and affect the sustainability of the culture.


About my involvement in Artweek:

With Artweek I shine a light on what isn’t so much recognized and acknowledged.

Chris Charteris from the Coromandel Peninsula



"This is not about culture, it is all about culture.


“It’s not about the environment but it is about the environment. It’s not about the shells. It is about the patterns we derive our cultural forms from." – Chris


Read more about Chris


Raymond Sagapolutele from Manurewa





“I am the son of migrant Samoan parents, working as a freelance photographer, and studying to complete an MVA at AUT. My work is based around my experiences as an Aotearoa born Samoan and the themes and stories that punctuate my upbringing and connections to my aiga and wider circle of friends.


"With Artweek I see this as an opportunity to work within the narrative of communicating with the wider audience of Tamaki Makaurau.” – Raymond

See more of Raymond's work



Salome Tanuvasa from Mount Wellington & Panmure



About me and my art:

I am a Samoan Tongan artist living in Auckland born and raised in Aotearoa. My art practice deals with materials from spaces around me, I then formulate actions with these materials to perceive a new understanding around the process of language.


My involvement in Artweek:

I have extended my drawing practice around mark making, playing with office supplies and the mundane materiality that underlines cultural productivity.


Read more about Salome



Edith Amituanai from Ranui, West Auckland



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