Knowledge applicable to the industry

Ross Wilson recently graduated from Wellington ICT Graduate School with a Master of Professional Business Analysis, and while he knows he needs a bit more experience under his belt to reach his long term goal of information systems consulting, he says enrolling into the one year programme was probably one of the best decisions he’s ever made.



Before enrolling, Ross, whose mother hails from Muri Beach in Rarotonga, was working in admin roles which he says weren’t really challenging for him, “I wasn’t happy with it”.


The Wellington born and raised 34-year-old wanted to enter an industry that not only challenged him intellectually but looked to be growing exponentially.


“So I looked around at various industries to see which one suit some of my strengths and where there’s some possible growth and IT was the obvious industry,” Ross recalls.


“The ICT industry is a high paying industry, filled with highly skilled people and growth in the foreseeable future seems to just be limitless really and business analysis was quite attractive to me because of the variety,” he adds.


Ideally Ross wants to get into information systems consulting.


“I like going to new clients and figuring out what’s happening in their business and then documenting that and coming up with a solution.”


Studying at WICTGS gave Ross the confidence to know that he’s on the right track towards that goal.


“Before I signed up to it I did a little bit of research and had a look at the type of competencies that business analysts need just generally speaking in the industry and the curriculum actually fit with it really well,” he says.


The one-year (180 point) Master programmes are designed to build on existing talents and skills, providing hands-on experience and real world projects to prepare students to take on jobs in the ICT industry.


Completed in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months, the programme is delivered by Victoria University’s School of Information Management (Victoria Business School).


The Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn) Ross found would equip him, being from a non-tech background, with a strong, industry-focused qualification.


He gained skills in business and systems analysis, databases and analytics, management and IS strategies.


And while studying, there were quite a few experience days in business analysis roles, where Ross found that everything business analysts did on a day-to-day basis was being covered in the curriculum.


“It was really positive to see that what we were learning wasn’t just a bunch of theory, it was applicable in the industry.


“And you learn some extra stuff as well.


“You do a bit of management accounting and global business and various other things just to give you a high level view of business at large.”


Ross hopes to see more Pacific and Māori take advantage of what WICTGS has to offer, as there were few while he completed his Masters.


“I was a little bit surprised to be the only Pacific guy in the programme guy or girl, but there were a couple of Māori in the UX design course.”


Ross says in general it was an incredibly diverse bunch of people from different ethnicities and countries and he’s confident that more Māori and Pacific students are entering the field.

Wellington ICT Graduate School are offering two full tuition scholarships for Māori and Pasifika students for 2019.


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