Fitting in to Uni life

New students at the University of Auckland began their first semester of their first year fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed. There is a group of new students, however, who were already used to the hustle and bustle of university life, thanks to Unibound.



Monique realised before she even began her degree, what most first years realise at the beginning of their degree, that university was vastly different to secondary school.


This realisation can make or break a student.


To make them means they thrive in the environment where the onus of learning falls more or less on their own heads.


To break them, however, means they bow to this pressure and often fall behind. It’s often not made obvious compared to secondary school level, where teachers are constantly monitoring students.


Monique and the 2016 cohort, all bachelor degree-bound in 2017 this year, were lucky enough, to know exactly what’s in store for them.


Their first year is more about their education and less about getting the hang of a life free from the constraints of secondary school.


That’s because they’ve already had a taste of what that’s like, thanks to Unibound.



“Unibound prepared us for what university life would be like - the early morning wake-ups, travelling to the city, the workload and importance of due dates for assignments,” the New Zealand-born Samoan said in an address to proud parents, on behalf of her peers at their Unibound graduation in December.


Unibound is regarded as a godsend; especially for Maori or Pacific students leaving school whose exam results weren’t what they had hoped, therefore needing an alternative pathway into university.


As a certificate in Academic Preparation the 2-semester, full-time programme starts in Summer school and finishes at the end of Semester one.


Unibound prepares you for academic study, which boosts your confidence to be a more successful student at university.


It will also help with entry into the Arts or Science undergraduate programmes.


Monique, who’s now in a Bachelor of Arts looking to double major in Anthropology and Pacific studies says the programme was instrumental in starting her academic journey.



“It’s so different to high school,” says the former Auckland Girls Grammar student.


“Unibound left me more comfortable and confident in myself.”


The Kiwi-born Samoan says she made a lot of new friends during the programme who will be starting the next step of their journey together as undergraduates.


“It was an amazing experience, and really helped as a bridge into tertiary study,” she recommends it to anyone who needs it and fits the requirements, “it’ll help you a lot if you’re thinking of studying.”



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