TupuToa Internship Applications Now Open

TupuToa is an innovative internship programme designed to create pathways for Maori and Pasifika students into careers in the corporate and professional sectors where the interns are at the centre of the programme. Applications for the internships are now open and will close May 31st.



TupuToa’s research shows that only 17% of New Zealand’s top 60 firms have an executive who identifies as other than European/Pākehā.


Although Māori and Pasifika comprise around 22% of the general population (a figure which is projected to rise to 30% by 2033), they are conspicuous by their absence from the leadership of corporate New Zealand.


No NZX listed company has a Māori or Pasifika CEO. This lopsided demographic creates a knowledge gap, deprives businesses of the well-established benefits of diversity, and inhibits business growth.


Our future economic and social prosperity requires the development of a new generation of Māori and Pasifika business leaders who are able to recognize and seize opportunities in increasingly diverse markets, both nationally and internationally.


To be eligible to become a TupuToa intern, you must be:


• of Māori or Pasifika descent;


• studying full-time at university;


• available to work full time over the summer university break, and


• interested in pursuing a career in the corporate sector or the professions.


• a New Zealand Citizen or Resident


Tupu Toa creates pathways for Maori and Pasifika students into careers in the corporate and professional sectors. It secures internships for students with its partner organisations, with the expectation that the internship will convert into fulltime employment upon graduation. TupuToa’s partners are among the finest businesses and professional firms in New Zealand.


A TupuToa internship will:


• Equip you to succeed in the corporate sector and provide you with a range of tools and skills to enable you to perform well during your internship


• Teach you to embrace your culture and enjoy the benefits and advantages it gives you in the world of work


• Provide you with training and development to prepare you for wider leadership responsibilities in work and in your family and community settings


• Create an environment of sustained support to enable you to fulfil your career aspirations and become a leaders in business and the community


For more information and to apply for a TupuToa Internship go to: tuputoa.org.nz