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As part of the regeneration programme, Tāmaki Regeneration Company has already helped more than 200 local people into jobs. A Tāmaki College graduate who gained work experience through the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub is excited to have started his apprenticeship.



Alex Eagle, who is of Cook Island heritage, started his carpentry apprenticeship in January 2018. But he already has his sights set on the end goal.


“I just want to get my apprenticeship done so I can be the boss. Building is like a hobby for me. It’s great because I get paid to do what I enjoy.”


As part of his final year at Tāmaki College’s Trades Academy, Alex spent a few months working one day a week for Bridge City Interiors and Construction.


While he was on work experience, he helped construct a new recreation centre at St Kentigern College in East Auckland. Seeing a completed project that he worked on gives him a real sense of achievement, the 18-year-old says.


Previously, Alex had worked part time at a supermarket, but he prefers the hands-on nature of construction. “This work is better, and my family are really happy.”


Alex’s potential was first noticed by Andy Cowan who interviewed him for the work experience position. Andy works for the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) and the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub.


“I’m proud of Alex,” Andy says. “He’s worked hard and proven to himself that he can do it. “Now there’s no more school, he’s really stepping up and growing in confidence every day.


“A huge thank you to the team from Bridge City who have made this pathway possible for him.”


The Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub, which places Tāmaki people into jobs and training, has given Alex a $1000 scholarship to help pay for his tools. He qualifies for the NZ Government’s fees-free scheme which will cover the first two years of his apprenticeship.


Alex is now working at the Commercial Bay site in central Auckland. The multi-level office tower is under construction opposite Britomart Transport Centre.


Working on such a big project is great, the Glen Innes resident says. “I’ve learned heaps on this site and had more experience handling power tools.


“Some of the guys here also worked on the St Kentigern College site. They’re friendly so they’re not hard to get along with,” he says.


Bridge City foreman, and Alex’s new boss, Mitch Black says Alex has a great work ethic.


“We’re working extra hours at the moment to get the job done. Alex is normally the first one to arrive and he’s always the last one there to lock up.


“He’s been onsite for a while now so he’s picking things up and learning new skills. He’s doing really well and he’s a good laugh as well, which helps.”




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