NZ manufacturer sets up in Samoa

Wiring company Fero, who start operations on the first of November in Samoa, are urging other businesses to look at doing the same.



The company provides wiring for the technology sector and a quarter of its finished product is sourced from China, but from Monday it's going to be made in Apia at the former Yazaki premises where the same kind of product was made.


Fero General Manager, Sam Fulton says, "we see Samoa as the best kept secret in manufacturing I think there is a lot of opportunity to look close to home and not go to the standard Asia, China, Vietnam or Taiwan manufacturers".


When the Japanese company closed its operation here earlier this year, more than 700 people lost their jobs.


Greg Fulton, managing director of Fero told 1 NEWS, "they were purpose built premises for our industry the wiring industry the quality they have been producing up here has been exceptional they haven’t had a quality issue for four years so we know they can do it really well".


Problems with quality and the challenge of distance were some of the reasons to relocate from China.


Sam Fulton told RNZ that Fero's signed up 75 former Yazaki employees, in the next two years it intends to expand to 200 staff, "We're looking at an initial kick-off with between 50 and 70 staff. It's our goal to be employing 200 staff within 24 months.


"There's a bit of dependency on the amount of work that we can secure for the plant and we'll be looking towards the Australian market for that."