NZ-made stories for learning Te Reo

To help children learn Te Reo Māori the Eardrops Company has released three audio stories (100% Te Reo Māori) and three bilingual audio stories (English/Te Reo Māori) to celebrate Māori Language Week.



These unique, New Zealand made listening stories are about a rāpeti (rabit) called ‘Eardrop’ who loves to listen to sounds – and feature music, laughter and real world New Zealand sounds.


Quality recordings are woven gently into these captivating stories with young listeners in mind.


The Eardrops Company creates educational stories that teach sets of everyday sounds (30 sounds per story), build listening skills and aim to extend concentration spans in children.


Founder and Author Liz Donnelly says her son suffered from glue ear as a preschooler, “I realised there were no quality audio resources available to help him learn the sounds he’d missed.”


This was the start of Eardrops – a simple idea to record real world sounds and create stories from them so that children could learn what things actually sound like.


With the help of a team of educators, this idea evolved into Eardrops.


In 2016 Liz was awarded an AMP Scholarship, which enabled her to produce the Eardrops stories in Te Reo Māori.


It is something, she says, she’s long wanted to do, “Te Reo Māori is such a beautiful language”.


“I’m proud to be a member of this village and my mission is to keep creating quality resources for the children of Aotearoa.”


The three bilingual stories have been created to teach 200 words of Te Reo Māori to English speaking children.


Using the talents of voice artists Naomi Toilalo, Ngawai Herewini, Matu Ngaropo and Whatanui Flavell the stories were brought to life in Re Reo.


Te Reo Māori translation was carried out by Juneea Silbery and Hania Douglas.


Dr Jayne Newbury, Co-Director of the Child Language Centre at the University of Canterbury says the stories are a wonderful resource for young children, “It would be helpful to encourage children’s listening skills and language development”.


Stories are available to download or buy on CD at


Hear a sample of the stories in this video below: