Cook Islands Heroes

South Auckland teacher and writer is back with the next instalment of his Pacific Island heroes series: Cook Islands Heroes.



David Riley’s book Cook Islands Heroes is illustrated by Michel Mulipola and presents inspirational stories of achievers who have Cook Islands ancestry.


From legends like Ina, Maui, Ngaru and Ru to historical figures such as Pa Tuterangi Ariki/Sir Thomas Davis, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Mautara and Margaret Matenga.


However he also includes contemporary heroes like Lima Sopoaga, Miria George, Dr Kiko Maoate, Kevin Iro, and Teremoana Rapley.


As the fourth book in the series on Pacific heroes Riley hopes to inspire Cook Islands children, and other Pacific island children, as they read about the challenges faced by and overcome by these figures to be the best in their chosen field.


Other books in the series include We Are The Rock (Niuean heroes), Samoan Heroes and Tongan Heroes.


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