$5000 Saved for Christmas

Family man James Mohetuki says the NZCU Employees’ Christmas Club account has been amazing. It’s not only helped him create good saving habits, but has also been there in times of dire need. However the best part is the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and relief at Christmas time knowing full well that he’s sorted.



“The credit union has been really good to me and my family,” says the 35-year-old NZ-born Niuean.


Having been with NZCU Employees for going on 10 years now James marvels at how times have changed since he first joined.


“I had no kids when I started with the credit union, but now I’ve got three.”


Three children who always benefit the most from his Christmas Club savings.


“As my kids are getting older their tastes are getting more expensive, so it’s good to have that money so I can actually accommodate for what they want- well try to.”


It’s nice to be able to provide for his family during one of the most expensive times of the year.


However it doesn’t come without hard work says the Fletchers Construction Site Traffic Supervisor.


$100 is taken out weekly from his wages for Christmas Club, and James admits sometimes he thinks perhaps it’s too much. But he perseveres.


“When the idea first came out and I first joined, I used to think ‘look at all that money going into my savings I could be spending it right now’.


“But at the end of the year once you get the money you’ve been saving it’s more satisfying.”


He says he would justify the amount going out by weighing it up against how much he would waste on rubbish otherwise.


Furthermore it has taught James the importance of keeping up with, and even keeping ahead of, his bills.


“I try to work out my normal bills during the year, and get ahead of them so I don’t have to dip into my Christmas account,” he advises.


For James, who says the Christmas Club funds also keep his wife happy, it’s a relief just knowing it’s there if they need it.


He’s thankful to everyone at NZCU Employees for always being helpful, especially Sheryl- who was the first person to tell him about Christmas Club.


He even credits her for his good savings habits.


However he says the credit union and its staff have been there for him since he joined, with an attitude that’s never made him feel like he couldn’t ask for help.


“I’m really appreciative and it’s humbling to have people who will help you like that, especially when you’re in need and you’ve got no one to turn to- they’re here.”


When asked what he’ll spend the almost $5,000 he’s saved up over the year, James laughs as he replies, “Oh just the norms, spend it on the kids.”




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