Pacifc Media Network takes PMN 531 formerly 531pi nationwide

Pacific Media Network (PMN) owned and operated by the National Pacific Radio Trust celebrated the launch of the nationwide broadcasting PMN 531, formerly 531pi, bringing the sounds of the Pacific across New Zealand on January 14, 2019.



Chairman of the National Pacific Radio Trust Tiumalu Peter Fa'afiu appeared on PMN 531 to discuss the launch and upcoming changes at PMN, which is part of PMN’s strategy to get a greater reach and depth into Pacific communities across New Zealand.


“It’s about time that the 531 part of the business expanded out to the national networks,” he says.


“We needed to get access to our Pacific peoples, particularly out in the regions, which are growing.”


According to NZ Census 2013 most Pacific peoples (93% or 274,806 people) lived in the North Island.


Almost two thirds (66% or 194,958 people) of those who identified with at least one Pacific ethnicity lived in the Auckland region, and 12% (36,105 people) lived in the Wellington region while only 7% of Pacific peoples (21,135 people) lived in the South Island in 2013.


Canterbury was the South Island region where the largest number of Pacific peoples lived (12,723 people or 4% of all Pacific peoples).


But as more Pacific people move further out into the regions, PMN chief executive Patrick Lino says it’s important for Pacific people to hear their own voices on air. The launch of PMN 531 nationwide and the move towards digital online content allows PMN to reach Pacific communities far and wide.


“We’re going to increase our language show hours and try adding a bit of bilingualism to the language programs. We’ve found a lot of Pacific people have been isolated from the programs because they don’t speak the language,” he says.


“It’s about our people, and serving our people by focusing on what we do best, Pacific content.”


Since 1993, PMN 531 (formerly Radio 531pi) has been serving Pacific communities a mix of news, views, information and talk back all blended with a mix of Pacific music and now broadcasts to


Whangarei 103.9


Hamilton 103.4


Rotorua 103.9


Taupo 104.0


Hawkes Bay 103.9


Taranaki 103.6


Manawatu 103.4


Wellington 103.7/104.1


Christchurch 104.1


Dunedin 103.8


Invercargill 103.9


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