Joseph Parker still WBO heavyweight champion

Lupesoliai La'auli Joseph Parker beat mandatory challenger Hughie Fury by a majority points decision to retain his World Boxing Organisation (WBO) heavyweight title, which Fury side is looking to contest


It was a largely uneventful bout that took place at Manchester Arena on Sunday morning New Zealand Standard Time.


And despite being close, at a glance, it was a clear win for Parker. However reports of Fury’s team planning to take legal action over the scoring of the 118-110 fight have been made.


Two of the judges at ringside scored it 118-110 – effectively 10 rounds to two in favour of the New Zealander – with a third making it a 114-114 draw.


It was a majority decision against the cousin of former world champion Tyson Fury and despite claims the score was wide with some bias it’s not an unwarranted score as Fury danced and glanced much more than he was aggressive.


Parker, as the aggressor and landing virtually all of the heavy blows, controlled the attacking side of the fight and therefore appeared more than deserved his victory.


Parker certainly thought so, “I put on a lot of pressure and landed some big shots,” he said.


“It was a close fight, but I thought I came out on top.


“Hughie didn’t hurt me.”


Referee Marcus McDonell told off Parker for going in with his head down during charges and had a word to Fury for slapping with the back of his gloves around the fifth round, which heated up with Parker landing some powerful shots.