Pacific Music - Kid Nesian from PNG

An up and coming reggae singer from Papua New Guinea Kid Nesian (real name Brian Kepi) has collaborated with an international dancehall artist Chi Ching Ching for his latest release ‘Lalomu’. The song is sung in English and Motu- a language of the Motu people native to PNG.



Often compared to a younger ‘JBoog’, 21-year-old Kid Nesian is said to bring a modern twist and edge that helps set him apart from other Reggae artists in the Pacific.


Born and raised in PNG, a nation with over 800 languages, Kid Nesian says he brings his own unique flavour from his region of the world to the Reggae genre.


He released his first single “Stap Wantaim Yu” with record label CHM Superso 12 months ago and has since hit number one on the Pacific Top 20 Charts, and has charted in the Top 10 of the Australian Top 25 Reggae Charts.


The young PNG artist has been played on Reggae radio stations in the US, Europe and Latin America, having dominated radio stations around the South Pacific.


The singer came in second in PNG’s largest reality TV singing competition, Digicel Stars, before releasing his first 2 singles from his upcoming EP, ‘Stap Wantaim Yu’ and ‘Tamine’.


Kid Nesian says he’s excited to be collaborating with the Jamaican dancehall star on his latest release, ‘Lalomu’ which is a Motu/PNG expression meaning ‘I’m Yours’.


“I’m a big fan of Chi Ching Ching’s music,” Kid Nesian says, “so I was super excited when he agreed to jump on the track.”


“His style is so unique and I love the energy and vibe he brought to the song.”


Chi Ching Ching, was the first artist signed to Dutty Rock Productions, the label owned and founded by multi-platinum music superstar Sean Paul.

Check out the single below: