Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Proposal story


John Maumau
To be wed in January 2011


“Tahleah and I have had a long- distance relationship, with her in Sydney and me in New Zealand. I decided to propose during a visit to Australia, after only six months together. I bought a second-hand hard cover novel. I glued all the pages together and carved out the inside. During my visit to Sydney, I met Tahleah and some friends for dinner. When dinner was over, I took her outside to give her a gift before I returned to New Zealand. I got down on bended knee and opened the book; in the carved hole was a ring. I said: ‘Tahleah Lindsay Basher, will you marry me and begin a new chapter of your life with me?’ and she said ‘Yes, I would be happy to spend my ever afters with you,’ it was like a fairytale.


Proposal story


Heber Gasu
Married in December 2004


“Natalia’s dad is a former heavyweight boxing champ so you can imagine how I felt when I asked his permission to marry his daughter. Thankfully her parents happily accepted. We were childhood sweethearts, although we didn’t really know it at the time. We had been together almost 2 years and I was ready to make her my wife. I filled 20 helium balloons, each with a note about why I loved her, and tied them to a bottle of bubbles outside her house. Inside one was a note telling her to be ready in evening, her coach would be ready to pick her up at 6pm. That night, a stretch limo, with me inside, pulled up to her house. It was filled with red roses and a single white rose. She was so surprised at what I had done. We drove to an airfield and a helictopter was there to meet us. It took us on a tour over the city before dropping us at Huntington Lodge where we dined on seven courses. We had the second floor of the restaurant exclusively to ourselves. After dinner I sang her a song, and held her hands, I knelt down and presented the ring I had had designed. She just cried, but managed to say yes. The limo then met us there afterwards and we were taken on a tour of the city.”