Tongan league team takes win and fans take to South Auckland streets

Despite a jovial stadium crowd, following a much-anticipated rugby league game between the Toa Samoa and Mate Ma’a Tonga. The crowd of fans largely supported their respective teams peacefully in Hamilton, however in South Auckland Tongan fans attacked each despite Tonga’s 32-18 win over Samoa. Watch match highlights and a coordinated siva tau (Samoan haka) and sipi tau (Tongan haka) from the teams below



Tonga came away with the victory on Saturday night following a good match between the two Pacific island nations.


There had been calls for calm for most of last week following skirmishes between the two communities, from community and political leaders, to police and the players themselves.


In fact ahead of kick off the players joined in unity for prayer, before a coordinated siva and sipi tau challenge- which encouraged the 17,000+ crowd of supporters. The display of unity brought with it a positive force. 

The Challenge:

Things went relatively well in Hamilton, despite a security guard being 'king hit' outside of the venue and taken to hospital, and four arrests during the game – three for pitch invasions, and one for being drunk.


With a further 20 people evicted from the ground for bringing in prohibited items or for intoxication.


Beyond this fans were well behaved during the game at Waikato Stadium, where Tonga proved too good for Samoa as they powered to a 32-18 victory.


Samoa never once managed to overtake and lead in points despite an absolutely solid effort- at one point taking the scores to a draw.


Afterwards fans were reported to leave in high spirits, good sportsmanship seen as Samoans and Tongans celebrated in the stands.


The NZ Herald reported a police spokeswoman advised there had been no incidents reported in or outside the ground as of about 8pm.


However in South Auckland footage emerged of a night of shocking violence as Tongan supporters clashed using weapons following the Mate Ma’a Tonga's victory- it is unsure what started the row which saw 29 people arrested for disorderly behavior which largely took place between 10pm-2am following the game.


Match Highlights: