Life after Footy - Legends of the Pacific

The Life After Footy, Legends of the Pacific documentary will offer an exclusive look into the lives of our most iconic Pacific rugby and league players, and how they have coped with life when their epic sporting careers have ended. Airs this Sunday on Prime TV at 9:30pm. Watch the trailer



What is an ordinary life, after the heights of glory in a country that holds its sports heroes above all else?


The men of the Sir Michael Jones and Olsen Filipaina rugby and rugby league era, weren’t just Pacific icons, through sport, they became Kiwi icons, and in turn helped Polynesians solidify a place in the New Zealand community and forge the pacific pride that now exists for all New Zealanders.


Life After Footy - Legends of the Pacific asks what happens to the tough Polynesian guys from the footy field as they face the ultimate test of courage, when their beloved career ends? When injury, under performance or scandal take a toll on a high profile player, how do they cope?


A story of men, each from humble beginnings, but all of them placed in extraordinary life changing environments, with the heavy mantle of cultural expectation that didn't necessarily accept or understand the transformation of their Pacific sons.


Produced and directed by a Pacific team for Prime, Life After Footy - Legends of the Pacific not only shines a light on these extraordinary stories and people, but to share what it means to be a successful Pacific person in Aotearoa.


Sir Bryan Williams, Sir Michael Jones, Olsen Filipaina, Joeli Vidiri, Eroni Clarke, Nigel Vagana, Fred Ah Kuoi, Sione Faumuina, and Pita Alatini are just some of the high profile players who generously share their extraordinary stories in Life after Footy - Legends of the Pacific.


It’s a rare glimpse into the vulnerable souls of Pacific footy and a documentary which ultimately finds the heart behind the heroes.


A tale of the triumph of spirit, of cultural pride and the bonds of brotherhood, this documentary is an intimate portrait of life, after footy. Made with the support of NZ On Air.


Premieres 9.30pm Sunday 15 July with an encore the following Saturday 21 July at 8:30 on Prime.