This FROvember we are celebrating the FRO in all its forms from all times, all places in all its beauty.


 1. A good place to hide things
“Today at school, I hid my girlfriend in my afro so we can talk”


2. Big puffy hair
“I can’t find my fro pick”


3. One of the most awesome hairstyles in the world when you wear it right.
If you wear it wrong, then it may be recipe for disaster.
Fun to put your hands in, great for cool pictures and AWESOME with Raybans.


4. A place to store personal possessions.
“Do you have a pen?”
“Yes, I think I do have a pen in my fro. Here you go.”
“Thank you. My, that fro sure comes in handy.”
“Yes, I store lots of things in it.”

5. Very cool hairstyle popular in the 70’s. Amazing frizz factor.
Take Judith for example. her hair frizzes and sticks up more than most.
'man u gotta watch for judiths fro it almost knocked me out!' 


You can see all the fros shown this month here