Faitau Friday - reading materials to look out for

Faitau means read in Samoan, It’s important to keep the mind sharp, and reading is a good way to do this. Reading develops the mind and helps it to grow its ability. Check out these titles from Pasifika authors that will keep you informed, entertained and thoroughly engaged.



Samoan Queer Lives

Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Yuki Kihara


Samoan Queer Lives is a collection of personal stories from one of the world’s unique indigenous queer cultures.


The first of its kind, this book features a collection of autobiographical pieces by fa`afafine, transgender, and queer people of Sāmoa, one of the original continuous indigenous queer cultures of Polynesia and the Pacific Islands.


Featuring 14 autobiographical stories from fa`afafine and LGBTIQ Samoans based in Sāmoa, Amerika Sāmoa, Australia, Aotearoa NZ, Hawai`i and USA. Includes a foreword and introduction by co-editors Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Yuki Kihara.


Each story is accompanied by a portrait.


“I’ve never really tried to be either a girl or a guy. I’ve always been me. And I suppose being me is fa`afafine.


Then, all of the expression I put in my work is I. It’s not colored by any gender of any kind.


I’ve never been cautious of what is man or woman, how I see my perspective of any situation, and it was not ever politicised or in a contest where a fa`afafine or a man or a woman is treated in any way.”





The Inventor

By Reina Vaai

Illustrated by Kate Kay


Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries all around the world.


A young inventor is hoping to change this.


Can you guess what her first invention will be? Find out!





Polynesian Ancestors – Te Ui Tupuna – Voyages Through the Ages

By Dr Joseph Williams


The book tells of the journeys that took centuries from five nations in four voyages across oceans and lands to the distant isles of Polynesia.


This include voyages from: Taiwan to Indonesia, Melanesia to Savaii; Taiwan across the Ainu islands off the coast of Japan, the Eleutian islands off Alaska and Canada to Hawaii and Rapa Nui; Egypt to India, Indonesia, Melanesia to Savaii and the Marquesas; The Con Tiki Tribe of Peru, across the Pacific Ocean to Tuamotu and Rapa Nui; Raiatea to Aotona and Aotearoa; - in epic voyages which could only be described as ‘The Great Polynesian Saga.’


This story is the migration voyages of the ancient Polynesian Ancestors, Te Ui Tupuna, down through the ages, from Avaiki Nui to the final destination in Polynesian Isles of Aotona and Aotearoa.Dr Williams dedicates the book to the memory of the Cook Islands’ first Prime Minister, Sit Albert Henry, who was known as Papa Arapati.




My Gagana Series 1: Tusi faitau for all the fanau

By Dahlia Malaeulu

Illustrated by Darcy Solia


The Mila’s My Gagana Series 1 are a result of author Dahlia Malaeulu's combined love for her tamaiti, her Samoan Culture and her passion for learning.


The first versions of the stories were created as resources for her own tamaiti to introduce, build confidence and strengthen their overall connection to our Samoan culture through learning basic Gagana Sāmoa.


Since then the Series has developed into six stories, with the first three stories to officially be launched in May 2019.


Based on relatable everyday contexts, each story is filled with engaging Gagana Sāmoa learning opportunities for all tamaiti and can be used to introduce or develop understanding of basic Gagana Sāmoa concepts.


The stories also provide a tangible resource for our fanau to support the development of Gagana Sāmoa within their own fanau and are easy resources for all faiā`oga to use and develop their own confidence when exploring basic Gagana Sāmoa.


With the goal of providing accessible resources that promote our Gagana Sāmoa amongst future generations and those who are first teachers in the lives of our tamaiti, these stories have been purposely written and designed for everyone.


This is why we believe that the Mila’s My Gagana Series are ‘Tusi faitau for ALL the fanau’.


The My Gagana Series 1 set includes Malia Shares, Lagi Spies and Mase's Room.





Issue 73 out soon!